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Big men, bears, dads, chubs, cubs and bubbas with big nipples and big chest anatomy. No twinks. Not just the usual fat white men. Very often NSFW and completely gay, so scram if you can't take that or if you're under 18. My other Tumblrs: "Bear and City," mostly SFW, And "Extraordinary Gentlemen," mature and bearish men and men of color who self-suck, - Nipple Theory (@nippletheory)
704cub old pic @nippletheory


Old pic

704cub like fuck yessssssss @nippletheory


Like ???


Keahimakua brown round like i just died @nippletheory


brown + round = like

I just died.  FUUUUCK

Not gonna lie i would love to play with those @nippletheory

Not gonna, lie, I would love to play with those.

Notoriousjoev maverickmen furskin i think @nippletheory



Furskin ?

I think this is nasty hot lol call me crazy but i want my tongue all under that foreskin lol

I call bullshit to you maverickmen. Hex is a fuckin F.I.N.E. ass bear and I would eat him out raw if given the opportunity.

Publicjerker public sex 39 20 minutes hd @nippletheory


public sex 39 (20 minutes) HD video

sex with a hot hairy bear at a public beach ! i just shot my load with another man and i wanted to leave home. but i have seen a very hot hairy bear walking at the beach and i followed him in my car to the public shower. he was naked in front of my car taking a shower. he noticed that i was watching him and he seems to enjoy it. he rubbed his cock and showed me his ass. after a while he came to my car and he jerked my cock. he was standing outside my car completely naked and i sucked his cock and i fucked his ass with a dildo ! we had to stop several times as people was very close ! but we continued to have sex in public and then he shot his load on my stomach ! he is a very hot bear and i hope i will meet him again ! filmed with 6 cameras.

watch the full video at my member site or at my clipstore

Good god, the bear is fucking perfection!

My blog is cocksandmoobs thanks again @nippletheory

My blog is cocksandmoobs. Thanks again.

Fuckyes i love to see those things getting @nippletheory

[Fuckyes! I love to see those things getting bigger!]

Bear46 tummy tuesday plus extra panel @nippletheory


Tummy Tuesday [plus extra panel]

My blog is cocksandmoobs thank you thank @nippletheory

My blog is cocksandmoobs. Thank you

[Thank you–wow, great chest!]

Eureka22bull still waters run deep @nippletheory


Still waters run deep.

Inhand17 inhand17 @nippletheory



Incredibly hot kiko via fb @nippletheory

Incredibly hot Kiko, via FB.  


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