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Big men, bears, dads, chubs, cubs and bubbas with big nipples and big chest anatomy. No twinks. Not just the usual fat white men. Very often NSFW and completely gay, so scram if you can't take that or if you're under 18. My other Tumblrs: "Bear and City," mostly SFW, And "Extraordinary Gentlemen," mature and bearish men and men of color who self-suck, - Nipple Theory (@nippletheory)
Inserthere80tumblrcom asked for a video of my @nippletheory asked for a video of my tongue.  I’ve had really bad luck getting videos removed from this tumblr, for no apparent reason, so for now the gif version will have to do. The nipple licking thing was my first thought to keep this on topic, but I’ll try some other ideas.

It’s nice to meet a fellow tongue fetishist–hot blog!!

Goaltobeswole the thickness of ryan hall @nippletheory


The thickness of Ryan Hall

Look at those puppies @nippletheory

Look at those puppies!!

Some damn fine work there sir @nippletheory

Some damn fine work there sir.

Mrrobotico i have terrible selfie lightning @nippletheory


I have terrible selfie lightning. Filters fix everything.

Always reblog status @nippletheory

Always reblog status.

Rambhaam pool time @nippletheory


Pool time

Timarxus gus by tws source @nippletheory


Gus by TWS


Vintage nipplage

Sleepy chaos cub chest day i wish massages @nippletheory


Chest day. I wish massages were cheap. Coz I want one

Enigmacubplus patl3m50 me and my husbear @nippletheory



Me and my husbear…


Enigmacub chubbyjay cute cub hehe @nippletheory



Cute Cub !


Hehe thanks.

The dimly lit picture reminds of some very wonderful time spent together.  :)

Groverpm gpoy on the balcony with liath @nippletheory


GPOY - On the balcony with Liath.

More groverpm with Supple Nipps. On a side note, I love your stances in these photos…so relaxed and natural.  They show the great beauty of your body.

Groverpm gpoy trying the biggest supple nipps @nippletheory


GPOY - Trying the biggest Supple Nipps (No.5 courtesy of iblowmorethanglass )  for the first time. When they came off I put soft silicon tunnels (ø 14mm) on to keep those nips pertky. Feels amazing.

Thanks for alerting me, groverpm.  They do feel amazing, don’t they?? Lately I’ve gone back to using them only, instead of the screw tubes.  I enjoy the leisurely and gentle expansion they provide.

I’ve said it here many times before, but these are the best AND least expensive nipple enlargement/sensitivity enhancer product available!

704cub love the selfie stick bear @nippletheory


Love the selfie stick #bear

Georgepoda indian bear my friend in kerala @nippletheory


indian bear … my friend in Kerala…..

Just some recent selfies @nippletheory

Just some recent selfies…

Sportnut1989 finally time to bust out the @nippletheory


Finally time to bust out the flannel jammies!

Sportnut1989 10 lb from my goal rugby playing @nippletheory


10 lb from my goal Rugby playing weight. Woo hoo!!

Budda6 greasing off b6 @nippletheory


Greasing off “b6”

Hairymeat reblog i know but just look at how @nippletheory


Reblog, I know. But just look at how incredible this is. So many levels.

Yeah, there’s about four or five of my fetishes right there.

More big e tit appreciation i think its very @nippletheory

More Big E tit appreciation.  I think it’s very clear that he gets off on having them played with…

An appreciation of big e langston and his huge @nippletheory

An appreciation of Big E Langston and his **HUGE** tits.

Jackenman bear tum 23 masturbation @nippletheory




Masturbation Motivation!~JackenMan

Drool @nippletheory


Hi oh my godi just found your blog through @nippletheory

Hi :)

[Oh my god…I just found your blog through someone else’s reblog and…here you are in my inbox looking hot as FUCK.  Welcome back sir.]

Phoenicianbear matthew scott greg burger @nippletheory


Matthew Scott
Greg Burger Photography