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Swimming Elephant @nrgcub

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- Swimming Elephant (@nrgcub)
Aaron wahl naked dick @nrgcub


Dresden Monarchs football player Aaron Wahl decides to let it all hang out during the postgame celebration.

Tradieboots big bear truckie @nrgcub


Big bear Truckie.

Sicilianobeef get more beef @nrgcub


Get more BEEF

Servicebear visit servicebear follow the @nrgcub


Visit ServiceBear & Follow The Feeding Frenzy

  • Cock Sucking, Cum Spewing, Man on Man Action ~ Every Hour 24/7.
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Nycpride2015 scrotus bearsofnyc stockybears @nrgcub

#nycpride2015 #scrotus #bearsofnyc #stockybears (at Pier 26)

Nycpride2015 @nrgcub


Walking thru alphabetcity cramping save me at @nrgcub

Walking thru #alphabetcity cramping. save me (at ECC Lower East Side)

Johnnyawesome19 a homeowners work is never @nrgcub


A homeowners work is never done……

Johnnyawesome19 ahhhhh i love summer @nrgcub


Ahhhhh I love summer……

Johnnyawesome19 good morning everybody @nrgcub


Good morning everybody!

You’re just all too cute. Keep snapping those selfies

Go go bear ginch gonch cop outfit at bearracuda @nrgcub


Ginch Gonch Cop outfit at Bearracuda Vancouver last week. Photos thanks to Dusti Cunningham diablodivine​

Rubitdown85 just because a friend said i should @nrgcub


Just because a friend said I should post more, here you go :)

Thosecolouredlights this is what strip mortal @nrgcub


This is what strip-Mortal Kombat gets you!


Tbt to our time in tidalwave2015 how i wish we @nrgcub

#tbt to our time in #tidalwave2015 how I wish we were there and not cold and muggy NYC

Leoninecub a selection after a nice shower why @nrgcub


A selection after a nice shower! Why not?!?

Leoninecub still like staying in my bed tumblr @nrgcub


Still like staying in my bed! Tumblr boys lets all cuddle in bed!.. Also! Nipple piercing yay or nay?

Tidalwave2015 had a wonderful time as always with @nrgcub

#tidalwave2015 had a wonderful time as always with @dominicanmacho thanks for the week long vacation

Harrypotter hogswartsexpress bears at @nrgcub

#harrypotter #hogswartsexpress #bears (at Hogwarts Express from Kings Cross Station - Universal Studios Florida)

Lush bathbomb tattoos bear at parc soleil @nrgcub

#lush #bathbomb #tattoos #bear (at Parc Soleil Suites by Hilton Grand Vacations)


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