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Swimming Elephant @nrgcub

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NYC native loving life I'd prefer people with a great upbeat look on life! - Swimming Elephant (@nrgcub)
Alexsbears my man i love him @nrgcub


My man, I love him

Theonlyjaystar therabitt megabaerchen @nrgcub





Naughty pics shhhhh

Hammer geile!! 😜👅💦🐷👍🏻😛



Theonlyjaystar noneck bear bored @nrgcub


#noneck #bear #bored

Chubbycub78 walkerall a well fucked hole @nrgcub



a well fucked hole

Wide and wet dripping with cum

Stlbeartender old butt good @nrgcub


Old butt good :)

Stlbeartender i cant wait to see the rest of @nrgcub


I can’t wait to see the rest of the photos from my shoot

Stlbeartender helloits me @nrgcub


Hello…it’s me 😅

Pupdozor 2nd set of trying on my puppies @nrgcub


2nd set of trying on my puppies @pupslapshot‘s gear
with @berlik taking photos

Soccerguy19 woo i finally hit 1000 followers @nrgcub


Woo I finally hit 1000 followers thank u guys so much

Soccerguy19 as requested @nrgcub


As requested

Tuckhasthoughts tuckhasthoughts the hotel @nrgcub



The hotel had a jacuzzi.

Happy Black Friday! Come get some steals and deals on this Ass!!😉

Happy thanksgiving 2015 i hope everyone is having @nrgcub

Happy Thanksgiving 2015 I hope everyone is having a beautiful day with family and friends.

Thebearfilms windsorman519 i know the guy @nrgcub



I know the guy getting fucked

We love filming those two sexy bears!

Bostoncub22 bearberlycrusher rugby gear @nrgcub



Rugby gear, wrestling singlet, and jockstrap, and one strong, fat bear.


Bostoncub22 i i i need this man @nrgcub


I. I… I need this man…

Hadrianx no big dipper lyrics please my butt @nrgcub


No Big Dipper Lyrics Please.

My butt after giving piggy-back rides to baby bear

My mcm is always my one sexy boyfriend wvcubster @nrgcub

My #Mcm is always my one sexy boyfriend @wvcubster (at Green Acres Mall)

Herdaddyandhisprincessshowingoff daddy about to @nrgcub


Daddy about to shower yummy!!!!

Jaxmanil triad love cubs justplaingreatsex @nrgcub


#Triad #love #cubs #justplaingreatsex

Foxbear marc is always pretty @nrgcub


Marc is always pretty.

Gigasunderwear daredevil8699 gigasunderwear @nrgcub




For a special treat, I have some pics from a special guest.  Not me or underwear related per se, but fun and crazy hot all the same.

Probation officer getting off.

Video to come… ;)

i’ve see the pictures but never the video. anyone have a link?

Sadly, it was taken down by Tumblr. Sorry all!

Stushi roll send help im naked and sleepy @nrgcub


Send help. I’m naked and sleepy.

Stushi roll first ever tummy tuesday @nrgcub


First ever Tummy Tuesday!

Ipatback very chill weekend with friends @nrgcub

Very chill weekend with friends

Rubitdown85 its been quite a while i think i @nrgcub


It’s been quite a while… I think I am ready to bottom, anyone interested?

Tuckhasthoughts tuckhasthoughts happy daddy @nrgcub



Happy Daddy Day!!

Okay but how perfect are these photos

Trying out this diy pomade i did at far rock @nrgcub

Trying out this DIY pomade I did (at Far Rock)

Xxxcubcouple my boyfriends ass is like home to @nrgcub


My boyfriends ass is like home to me 😻

Imthehuggernaut so im finally starting to feel @nrgcub


So I’m finally starting to feel better. I thought I’d try out some poses with the new body harness.

Xxxcubcouple mmm love being inside my mans ass @nrgcub


Mmm love being inside my mans ass

Tuckhasthoughts you wanted ass shots ill do @nrgcub


You wanted ass shots?! I’ll do it! But only for the attention 💁🏼🙋🏼💋

Aaron wahl naked dick @nrgcub



Dresden Monarchs football player Aaron Wahl decides to let it all hang out during the postgame celebration.

I will be reblogging this sexy fucker for all eternity.

Bearsandbeers mess room and horny from last @nrgcub


Mess room and horny from last year.

Bearsandbeers friday is jock day @nrgcub


Friday is jock day

The weekend starts soon at rockaway beach @nrgcub

The weekend starts soon!! (at Rockaway Beach Surfing Area)

Loadmenow i logged on to a chat sight and was @nrgcub


I logged on to a chat sight and was immediately sent a chat request by a regular friend of mine telling me his wife was out of town and asked if I was available to come over. Never to turn down a daddy, I said yes.

Reggie met me at the door wearing only a pair of briefs and he was packing. I stripped and followed him as he ditched the briefs. I immediately kneeled and licked and sucked on his cock until he was rigid. He pushed me further down and had me on all fours right in the center of the kitchen. His tongue licked and teased my ass, making me groan in pleasure. Then he got some lube and began inserting his fingers into my tight hole to open me up a little. He was not really interested in getting me too loosened up because he suddenly grabbed my hips and shoved his thick 7 inches into me hard fast and in one go. I shouted out as the sharp pain surprised me and tried to pull away but he held onto me and pulled me back hard. Reggie started fucking me hard and fast.

Usually Reggie and I play fast and usually quick. He pounded my ass like an express train and I thought that would make him cum quickly when suddenly he pulled out. I wasn’t paying attention when another ‘friend’ of his joined us and Reggie says “Your turn”. His mate quickly moved in behind me and shoved his massive rod straight into me making me squeal. Reggie shoved his cock in my mouth telling me to lick it clean. The new friend fucking me soon got into a rhythm of long slow deep strokes. I was a quivering wreck taking cock in both ends like that.

Reggie suddenly pulled out again and walked out of the room. Not that burly guy noticed, he just kept pounding the hell out of my ass. Then Reggie walks back in with more friends. All stripped and every one of them already hard and ready. No introductions as they just walked up to me and presented their cocks to me to suck while Mr. Bear kept pounding my ass. When the other 3 were all fully erect the guy fucking me withdrew and the other 3 all took a turn in pounding my ass.

One of them was a stocky hairy guy with a thick 8 inches and he pounded me fast and hard and was soon spurting his hot cream into my aching ass – the cum helped to lubricate my hole and taking the other cocks became easier. The other two also deposited their load in me and my host spurted his load all over my face and chest which just left Mr. 9 inches to climax. He thrust his thick meat back into my aching hole and started pounding away again. I thought that he would never stop and he pounded me for a good half hour before I felt his already thick cock stiffen some more and felt him blast his load into me.

I was told to go and shower and did so coming back into the room where all 5 were sat watching porn and stroking their cocks. My host said, “Hope you’re ready to start again….”

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Loadmenow i was out for a walk down the @nrgcub


I was out for a walk down the railroad tracks. 20 minutes and not one person, I was thinking nobody ever got outside anymore when I heard the crunch on gravel behind me. I turned as this older guy walked out of the woods and up on the tracks walking towards me.

We did the usual glace at each other, a little small talk about the weather with him moving closer to me every time. He was finally close enough and reached up to feel my cock in my jeans. From the expression on his face he could tell I was quickly getting aroused. He stared in my eyes as he unbuttoned my jeans and pushed them down. He stroked me slowly and it felt good. His hand was big and rough and he knew how to stroke a cock. Then he stopped. I looked down and saw him undoing his pants and him pulling his cock out. Damn. It wasn’t the longest ever, but it was thick. I reached and grabbed his cock and started to stroke him and make him hard. I pushed my pants down more and bent over to take his cock into my mouth. I felt the warm sun on my bare ass as I slowly sucked his cock, making him moan and reach for my cock and ass.

I kept sucking him, trying to get him to cum and could tell he was getting close. I started to suck faster but he pulled my head off his cock. He lifts me up and spins me around. Pushing on my back, he makes me bend over and I reached into my pants and pulled my poppers out. I knew what was coming. I took a few good hits as he was pushing his cock into my ass. I could feel him pushing into me slowly until he was all the way in.

And then it started. He pulled out and then just slammed back into me. Wow, it hurt but in such a great way. He didn’t hold anything back, just kept slamming into me. I pulled my poppers out again and took more hits, it was hard to do with the fucking going on, but they worked. The guy behind me just kept fucking, I couldn’t believe he could go so hard for so long. I was about ready to beg for a break, but he slammed into me once more and held still. I knew what was happening. He was moaning and I could feel his cock jerk inside me, blowing his load deep into my ass. He just held right there for awhile and then pulled out fast. My hole was gaping wide and I could feel some cum run down my leg.

He pulled his pants up and walked off down the tracks. I pulled my pants up and almost fell over from that first step. My leg muscles were like jelly. I was sore but I felt great. I pushed his cum out into my hand and used it as lube to jack off with and shot a huge load all over the tracks in front of me.

I was spent.

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J mobear strangeflavoredbeef j mobear @nrgcub





Mmmm j-mobear.

Thanks enigmacub for sharing this fun compilation!  :)

SAY WHAAT? Is that a Millennium Falcon floaty thingamajig? 😍

It absolutely is an inflatable Millenium Falcon… here’s another picture of it… :)

Ruffhauzer stolen from thegolougo @nrgcub


Stolen from thegolougo.

Beardedjoy basement fuckin @nrgcub


Basement fuckin :)

Jaxmanil i love watching my boyfriends pleasure @nrgcub


I love watching my boyfriends pleasure each other. Better yet is when I join them.

King carrera waiting on his side of the bed @nrgcub


Waiting on his side of the bed 😘

Asbury park last weekend at asbury park beach @nrgcub

Asbury park last weekend (at Asbury Park Beach)

Tagsbear ready @nrgcub



Yourmajestychris p bacon have not posted @nrgcub


Have not posted anything in a few days so here’s a pic of me fresh out of the pool the other day 😜🏊🏼enjoy!

yourmajestychris-p-bacon what’s the NYC dream you have?
Yourmajestychris p bacon have not posted @nrgcub


Have not posted anything in a few days so here’s a pic of me fresh out of the pool the other day 😜🏊🏼enjoy!

Sunny bears at the beach at jacob riis beach @nrgcub

Sunny Bears at the beach !! (at Jacob Riis Beach, Rockaway, NY)

Tymorrowland lionsmouthh stay sherlocked @nrgcub




The Great Pumpkin House

Every halloween season, the house at 748 Beech Street in Kenova, West Virginia is transformed into the Great Pumpkin House. The owner, Ric Griffith and hundreds of other volunteers carve thousands of pumpkins for display at his home every halloween.

Take me here


ipatback I saw this with my baby!!!
Bearvarian chubbyaddiction kabutocub just @nrgcub




Just a day in the life…  (`∀´)

// remixcub // kabutocub // sleepycub34 // world-of-tazcraft //

I think you need a bigger bed, lol…

Make me a sandwich please!!

Winniethepooh at sandy hook nude gay beach @nrgcub

#winniethepooh (at Sandy Hook Nude Gay Beach)

Wvcubster serving modelrealness at sandy @nrgcub

@wvcubster serving #modelrealness 😜😝 (at Sandy Hook Nude Gay Beach)

Hot and humid summer 2015 @nrgcub

Hot and humid summer 2015

Hefe i need a filter to look tan impromptu beach @nrgcub

#HEFE I need a filter to look tan! Impromptu beach day with the family has been fun (at Blaine’s Pad)

Join me wvcubster at blaines pad @nrgcub

Join me? @wvcubster (at Blaine’s Pad)

Thebigbearcave raw dripping icelandic @nrgcub


raw dripping Icelandic testosterone

At sandy hook nude gay beach @nrgcub

at Sandy Hook Nude Gay Beach

Imbuff cameramagic at blaines pad @nrgcub

#Imbuff #cameramagic (at Blaine’s Pad)

Armexicanos damn i love this @nrgcub


Damn!! I love this

Hexmota blackestelar bottom of the year @nrgcub




Bottom Of The Year!

Daddyandcubby digitalfenix84 keahimakua @nrgcub




brown + thick + nekkid + outdoors = like


Beautiful man

Orchidbear31 qnass30 i would love to fuck you @nrgcub



I would love to fuck you too daddy

Sexy daddy bears who love to get fucked. Fucking sexy

Aaron wahl naked dick @nrgcub


Dresden Monarchs football player Aaron Wahl decides to let it all hang out during the postgame celebration.

Tradieboots big bear truckie @nrgcub


Big bear Truckie.

Sicilianobeef get more beef @nrgcub


Get more BEEF

Servicebear visit servicebear follow the @nrgcub


Visit ServiceBear & Follow The Feeding Frenzy

  • Cock Sucking, Cum Spewing, Man on Man Action ~ Every Hour 24/7.
  • Thank You Followers, Visitors, the Blogs I follow & visit and the Source of this re-blogged post.
Nycpride2015 scrotus bearsofnyc stockybears @nrgcub

#nycpride2015 #scrotus #bearsofnyc #stockybears (at Pier 26)

Nycpride2015 @nrgcub


Walking thru alphabetcity cramping save me at @nrgcub

Walking thru #alphabetcity cramping. save me (at ECC Lower East Side)

Johnnyawesome19 a homeowners work is never @nrgcub


A homeowners work is never done……

Johnnyawesome19 ahhhhh i love summer @nrgcub


Ahhhhh I love summer……

Johnnyawesome19 good morning everybody @nrgcub


Good morning everybody!

You’re just all too cute. Keep snapping those selfies

Go go bear ginch gonch cop outfit at bearracuda @nrgcub


Ginch Gonch Cop outfit at Bearracuda Vancouver last week. Photos thanks to Dusti Cunningham diablodivine​

Rubitdown85 just because a friend said i should @nrgcub


Just because a friend said I should post more, here you go :)

Thosecolouredlights this is what strip mortal @nrgcub


This is what strip-Mortal Kombat gets you!


Tbt to our time in tidalwave2015 how i wish we @nrgcub

#tbt to our time in #tidalwave2015 how I wish we were there and not cold and muggy NYC

Leoninecub a selection after a nice shower why @nrgcub


A selection after a nice shower! Why not?!?

Leoninecub still like staying in my bed tumblr @nrgcub


Still like staying in my bed! Tumblr boys lets all cuddle in bed!.. Also! Nipple piercing yay or nay?

Tidalwave2015 had a wonderful time as always with @nrgcub

#tidalwave2015 had a wonderful time as always with @dominicanmacho thanks for the week long vacation