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18+, NFSW!! blog. A collection of photos that thrills me (29y male) and the fantasies they flare. An avid roleplayer (writing) so enjoy making up these tiny stories. - Delectable Photos & Fantasies (@nsfwfantasies)
Lackofprivacy video making her his bitch @nsfwfantasies



Making her his bitch.

Lackofprivacy video misha cross horny @nsfwfantasies



Misha Cross - Horny Couchsurfer

Lackofprivacy video riding the boss finally @nsfwfantasies



Riding the boss finally.

Lackofprivacy video trophy wifes satisfaction @nsfwfantasies



Trophy wife’s satisfaction.

Lackofprivacy video who is the whore him or @nsfwfantasies



Who is the whore him or her.

Lackofprivacy please i wanna watch you @nsfwfantasies


“Please.. I wanna watch you..”

Three way dreamer im pretty sure our neighbors @nsfwfantasies


I’m pretty sure our neighbors watch my girl & I fuck

Where is this from I wonder?

Milftime secrettifffx three way dreamer i @nsfwfantasies




I need another MFFF soon. That’s exactly how my one and only MFFF ended

Mmm this got me wet


Milftime slowly turnaway with every thrust my @nsfwfantasies



With every thrust, my lips get wetter..

🔥👍 so wet

Hornythoughts looks like such a fun toy have @nsfwfantasies


Looks like such a fun toy.

Have any of you used this?

Hornythoughts keep it going @nsfwfantasies


Keep it going.

Everthekinkier milftime unnffff @nsfwfantasies





The reward for a good massage @nsfwfantasies

The reward for a good massage??

Hornythoughts this is how great porn is @nsfwfantasies


This is how great porn is made. Just two friends, in a bedroom, with two pink dildos and horny assholes.

Still my favourite type of porn, simple anal masturbation.

Hornythoughts she was clearly too drunk so he @nsfwfantasies


She was clearly too drunk. So he found someone else to play with…

Wetnreadyteen18 tinattickles oh wow you feel @nsfwfantasies



“Oh wow, you feel so hard, Jake.  And the way you keep making it throb and twitch inside me feels so good!  Keep that up and I’ll be cumming in minutes. mmm”

He tried to force a smile, but it came out as more of a grimace.  He was glad she was enjoying it, but “minutes” were not in the cards, as that twitching and throbbing were the first spasms of his premature orgasm…


Smellslike8teenspirit pink is the warmest colors @nsfwfantasies


Pink is The Warmest Colors.

Sexygirlshairy nice busty milf with hairy pussy @nsfwfantasies


nice busty milf with hairy pussy

Hornythoughts she wont stop after just one @nsfwfantasies


She won’t stop after just one orgasm.

It feels way too good for that.

Sarahxwritesstuff i knew i shouldnt have let my @nsfwfantasies


I knew I shouldn’t have let my step daughter lure me into sex with her boyfriend. I have no inhibitions after a few glasses of wine. Now look at me.

Weddingdayerotica a princess waiting @nsfwfantasies



A princess waiting.

Melissasdirtydiary as dad thrust into me i made @nsfwfantasies


As Dad thrust into me, I made sure to text my husband. The text read: Hey honey, you shouldn’t wait up for me. My father is keeping me late at work and I think I may end up being here all night. I love you. Night.

Sarahxwritesstuff my dad likes to make sure im @nsfwfantasies


My dad likes to make sure I’m really wet.

Sarahxwritesstuff i know my brother is about to @nsfwfantasies


I know my brother is about to cum when he groans and grips me tight.

Hornythoughts riding riding riding until @nsfwfantasies


Riding, riding, riding…

… until you cum!

Exploding again and again.

Hornythoughts intimacy two down one more to @nsfwfantasies



Two down one more to go.

Sensualsinners httpsensualsinnerstumblrcom @nsfwfantasies


Showing her best friend how to suck a fat boytoy cock.

Sensualsinners httpsensualsinnerstumblrcom @nsfwfantasies


href="" class="tumblr_blog"

She was getting addicted after her first taste of cum. A gorgeous proud socialite.

Hornythoughts public highway restroom total @nsfwfantasies


Public highway restroom.

Total strangers.

This is very high on my list.

Her best friend’s father gave her the best ride of her life.

Weddingdayerotica jdbetter she wore @nsfwfantasies




She wore this just to tempt him.

Belladonna @nsfwfantasies


Jessica knew what was coming. She’d attended K9 Beachfest before.

Onedirtymother ever since she broke up with her @nsfwfantasies


Ever since she broke up with her fiancé, her younger sister kept trying to set her up.  Her sister said her boyfriend had the perfect date in mind.

So here they were, out in the middle of nowhere, preparing a picnic.  She was wondering where her blind date was, but she was enjoying her sister’s boyfriends dog.  

The dog was very friendly.  Overly so, she thought.  And why were her sister and her boyfriend smirking at her?

Baconface hayden winters is she going to get @nsfwfantasies


Hayden Winters

Is she going to get titfucked first or is he going to grab those sexy silky hair and push her face down balls deep.

She knew what she wanted right after the @nsfwfantasies

She knew what she wanted right after the photoshoot finishes.

Milking him good @nsfwfantasies

Milking him good

Hornythoughts licking down so beautiful @nsfwfantasies


Licking down…

So beautiful … sucking so good .. who is she?

Quietcharms so fucking good making her his @nsfwfantasies


so fucking good

Making her his bitch

Therewasagirlcalledvelvet master of her domain @nsfwfantasies


Master of her domain…

Savouring her younger brother.

Cindersk kaganmeister he wanted to feel @nsfwfantasies



He wanted to feel powerful, dominant, and conquering.

She wanted to feel spread open, vulnerable, and taken.

They both got what they wanted.

I do so love happy endings!

Nakeddoors bri had seduced a number of older @nsfwfantasies


Bri had seduced a number of older women, even before those women realized they might even be bi. She was quite accomplished for a rampantly feverish 18 year old.

But this was the woman she had wanted more than any. That dark skin, that tiny perfect ass and her spitfire smoldering sexuality, sent Bri to masturbating any time they even spoke. Never mind that Maria had never had a girl before. And never mind it was Bri’s older brother’s wife.

Bri’s clit was already doing a victory dance, as Maria slowly eyed and touched and drank in her little sister-in-law’s sweet, white, curvy body.

This was wanton lust at first sight, from both sides.

And better yet, it was all in the family.

Absolutely fucking gorgeous story.

An older sister who is a model parents who are @nsfwfantasies

An older sister who is a model, parents who are out and a younger brother who she is giving a chance to test her photography skills … the result inevitable :)


An ex model trophy wife alone and aroused in the house. 

Model sandrab after wedding part 2 model @nsfwfantasies


after wedding part 2

model: SandraB
photographer: SandraB (self)

She n
Weddingdayerotica stickygifs submitted @nsfwfantasies


stickygifs submitted toweddingdayerotica:

Here comes the bride.

[Vanessa Cage herself in Virgin Brides.]

Lily knew just how to tame her neighbor when her @nsfwfantasies

Lily knew just how to tame her neighbor when her husband wasn’t around and his wife wasn’t looking.

It started out as simply teasing her shy brother @nsfwfantasies

It started out as simply teasing her shy brother. But once Jessica felt what

Housewife to amateur pornstar @nsfwfantasies

Housewife to amateur pornstar.

No one knew that the whore for the night was his @nsfwfantasies

No one knew that the whore for the night was his sister too and that he finally had her ass like he wanted for the last year.

The best day of her life was the day jane turned a @nsfwfantasies

The best day of her life was the day Jane turned a Cougar for all the neighborhood teens.

It takes very little to turn a trophy wife to a @nsfwfantasies

It takes very little to turn a trophy wife to a cock loving whore.

It felt so good making their boss the bitch for @nsfwfantasies

It felt so good making their boss the bitch for the night at her own house.

She is gonna test them good before deciding who is @nsfwfantasies

She is gonna test them good before deciding who is gonna be her next boyfriend.

Contexxxt kelly asked her best friend since @nsfwfantasies


Kelly asked her best friend since middle school to find out for sure.  Dave had proposed and she wanted to be sure he was the one for her, and would be faithful.  That afternoon, she left the house to run some errands, and left Dave home alone for several hours.  Kristen showed up as requested, and slyly put some flirt into her conversation with Dave.  He was on his best behavior and dodged any topics she could remotely think of a way to turn into an innuendo.  Eventually, crafty as she was, she lured him to the back of the apartment near the bedroom.  Before Dave could realize what was happening, her hands had slid up his stomach, over his chest, and pulled his t-shirt up over his head.  Dave wasn’t sure if she was just that fast, or if he was on some level, willing to cheat on Kelly.  As he felt Kristen fold his shirt behind his head to the bed post of Kelly’s prized ‘princess’ bedroom set, he felt her soft kiss against his lips as his pants dropped to the floor.  He tried to stutter out an objection, but went silent when her soft hand swirled and wrapped around his semi hard cock.  ”Wait… I can’t.” he finally blurted out.  ”I know” she smiled back.  ”She wanted me to find out if you were going to cheat on her.  She wanted me to see if I could get you to fuck me behind her back so she’d know if you were honest and worth marrying.” “So… what are… what are you doing?  I said no.” he stammered back in confusion.

“Exactly.  You’re a good boy.  So now, you’re going to relax, take a deep breath and cum in my mouth while I suck your cock.  Don’t worry, I’ll tell her you were the perfect gentleman and nothing happened.  You’re going to marry Kelly, and be the perfect husband, and every now and then you’re going to unload this gorgeous thing in whatever of mine I want, whenever I want you to.  Got it?  Now shut up and get ready to cum little boy…”

(via littlegirlyone)

Contexxxt sometimes when the photos would show @nsfwfantasies


Sometimes when the photos would show up on your phone, you stopped just long enough before jerking off to wonder if your fiancee would ever put together that you were marrying her, just to be able to fuck her daughter more often.


Contexxxt remember thats your girlfriends @nsfwfantasies


Remember.  That’s your girlfriend’s mom.  Don’t forget to make her cum first.

Contexxxt theres things her husband just @nsfwfantasies


There’s things her husband just wouldn’t do for, or to her.  After a short awkward start to the relationship, her youngest son apparently was more than willing.

Pookiesfamily i dont know why my sister is @nsfwfantasies


I don’t know why my sister is worried. She looks amazing!

Fucking amazing.

Straponspawgs icariusblondes brandi love @nsfwfantasies



Brandi Love

Isn’t she lovely

Straponspawgs love the heels and stockings too @nsfwfantasies


Love the heels and stockings too

She came to confront her husbands mistress only @nsfwfantasies

She came to confront her husband’s mistress only to find herself in her arms, getting stripped. The mistress might very well change her client.

Perfect curves leanna decker @nsfwfantasies


Leanna Decker.

Soyouthinkyoucanfuck @nsfwfantasies



Favorite position ever in life ! I can never ever seem to be pounded hard enough while in this position.. Harder means harder, darn it♡

Then get over here…

Contexxxt every dollar tossed at them was @nsfwfantasies


Every dollar tossed at them, was another 10 seconds she had to suck a stripper’s cock.  Her friends all remembered it as the best bachelorette party ever.  Her husband always thanked them for their collective wedding gift of over $1000, but never new the truth.

Contexxxt 100 she groaned out between pumps @nsfwfantasies


“$100.” she groaned out between pumps on top of his cock.  ”W..what?” he asked, gasping for breath and holding her hips as she bounced.  ”$100… or I tell mom and dad that you got me pregnant.” she smiled back at him.  ”What the hell are you talking about, I’ve never cum inside of you.” he grunted angrily, thrusting his cock up into her.  ”No, but for $100 you can, and I won’t tell.” she snickered.

Annie douglas at 40 ho ho ho indeed @nsfwfantasies


Ho ho ho indeed!