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Nude Daddy @nudedaddy

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Sex with dad. If you are under the age of 18 you must leave this blog immediately! THIS BLOG IS NSFW! All content is of guys age 18 +. I post what is hot to me, what I find interesting, and sometimes funny. I claim no ownership of any material posted here and if you would like some photo or video removed send me a message. I post and reblog what I find hot right then. Send me a photo or many. I won't publish unless you want me to. - Nude Daddy (@nudedaddy)
It was nice to have a gay uncle to confide my @nudedaddy

It was nice to have a gay uncle to confide my homosexuality too. When I came out him, he was more than accepting and helpful. The first thing he helped me with was becoming a bottom. When he penetrated me, I thought the pain would send me into shock, but overtime I learned to love his dick. We’d fuck on his bed, on the floor, in the shower, in the pool, anywhere we could! I soon came to realize I was no longer in love with men, but I was in love with my uncle and his big, meaty cock!

Dad and i have been going camping like this since @nudedaddy

Dad and I have been going camping like this since I was a teenager

When he handed it to me all the color left my @nudedaddy

When He handed it to me all the color left my face. He never said a word and i was too terrified and shamed to offer up an explanation. What was there to say, really; the likeness of the drawing to my stepfather was uncanny. It was one of my better ones but i should have destroyed it as i’d done with all the others before it. Clearly, He’d been in my room. Why, I don’t know, but He’d snooped around enough to find it. And now i was fucked.
Mom was gone and we were alone. He grabbed me by the shoulder and led me to His room - to His bed - shutting and locking the door behind Him. At first i thought it was going to be just another beating. But the way He was touching me this time sent shivers through my body.
It happened quickly and i was too scared to try and leave. He undressed me first and sat my naked ass on the bed while He undressed. His Daddy-cock was already hard and dripping precum. It was a monster: thick, long and veiny-hard. As much as i wanted to explore His thick hairy body with my hands and mouth it was His cock that i most wanted to touch but i was too scared to move. 
He crawled on top of me and mounted me as a Man would a woman, spreading my legs and lifting my ankles over His shoulders so that my tight boy hole was exposed. i couldn’t believe what was happening. He rubbed His precum over my dry hole before trying to penetrate it. It was like battering a brick wall and He stopped immediately, realizing perhaps that i was a virgin. Our eyes locked. He looked at me quizzically, pausing momentarily before slowly placing His large hand over my mouth. i stared wide-eyed at Him as He pressed His weight down on me once more and thrust His cock inside me. I clenched tightly around the thick head of His cock and screamed in agony; His hand pressed firmly on my mouth as He continued to fuck me.
It took several minutes for Him to open me up enough to get it all inside me. i was crying and shaking my head no but it only seemed to excite Him. He fucked me that night, hard and deep. It seemed like it lasted forever but eventually He shot His load inside me, His heavy balls slapping loudly against my ass as He pounded His release into me. 
He never said a word.
My stepfather fucked me two more times that night before my mom came home. i hid in my room, leaking His cum throughout the night, but by the morning i wanted more.

I always love the noises daddy makes when he @nudedaddy

I always love the noises daddy makes when he shoots his load deep into my hole

Thats it son daddys inside you all the way @nudedaddy

“That’s it, son. Daddy’s inside you all the way now. You did well. You were tight. I had to get a little rough with you. You understand, of course. Stop struggling and just breath. Calm down. Listen to my voice. I know it’s thick and it hurts but your pussy feels so good on my raw dick, and that’s what you want, isn’t it? To make Daddy feel good? Yeah? Yes Sir? That’s better …:
“Be still and concentrate on my dick. Go on, squeeze it with your pussy. Oh fuck yeah! Good boy … Do you know what’s happening right now? Your milking the precum out of Daddy’s cock. Your tight little pussy is making Daddy want to fuck you, baby. You want that, don’t you. Yeah? Of course you do …”
“You want this big hairy Daddy to fuck you like a little princess? Yeah? Well maybe later, baby. Right now you’re going to bend over and take it like a whore, understand? Daddy doesn’t have time to be gentle and your tight little cunt is driving me crazy. Shh! Stop your whining and listen to me: there’s nothing you can do to stop me. I know you understand that. Sweet, soft boy … oh yeah … I love opening you up, son. I’m going to cum inside you; I’m not pulling out. So you’re going to hold it in for as long as you possibly can. And when you come back tonight and Daddy fingers your pussy there better be something in there for me to feed you. Now bend over and prove to me that you’re worth my time.”

When youre deep in your rut you can do things you @nudedaddy

When you’re deep in your rut you can do things you never imagined. His cock was the biggest thing you’d ever seen; you wanted it, needed it, it was your everything. Your hole was tight and had never taken anything close to him. But it didn’t matter. He said he’d start off slow, let you control how fast you two went. But you were going to take his cock, take it all the way. He wanted to be nice, at least for those first moments he was deep inside of you. As soon as your hole had taken him all the way he’d then take you however he wished. The mix of gentleness and aggression, of power, turned you on. You’re little cock chubbed, leaked pre-cum, and you’re hole… your pussy became insatiable. When you straddled him you knew you weren’t going to take this slow, you needed him. In those first few seconds you let the head slip in. It was an amazing feeling, stretching your hole wide. You knew you needed him in his entirety. You took a breathe and your hole just opened up and without a thought you slammed your pussy down around his massive manhood. It felt amazing to be his faggot, to be cunted by him, to cunt yourself on him. You had found your proper place.

You sensed your son has a crush on you the way he @nudedaddy

You sensed your son has a crush on you. The way he is always holding your hand, telling you how handsome you are, trying to catch you naked in the shower, cuddling with you. You thought it was a prepubescent phase and would pass and you had no interest in him that way. But one day a year or so later you come home from work and when you walk into the living room you are shocked to see him naked and presenting his spread open ass-pussy for you and the look on his face says he took a really big risk and he is so hopeful looking it’s cute. And you look at his body and notice his tiny hairless pussyhole and suddenly your cock is throbbing hard in your pants and you just think of how beautiful and sexy he is and something drives you to take out your cock and you know you’re gonna fuckn’ breed that hole on your son. Wordlessly and roughly you suddenly find yourself pushing your leaking cock head against his tight hole and you are wildly excited and it never felt more right and when you are balls deep in his ass, you bend toward his face and you kiss him deeply and passionately and you know you love your son…..and his hot tight pussy.

From the way this pussy is gripping my fingers @nudedaddy

“From the way this pussy is gripping my fingers you’re ripe and ready for a deep breeding aren’t you bitch?”

Thats it baby boy take a deep breath in as you @nudedaddy

“That’s it baby boy, take a deep breath in as you push back & slide down Daddy’s big hard cock. It’s okay son, this is what you were made for. Fuck, your sweet little boyhole looks so damn sexy stretched tight around my shaft. That’s it baby, just let it happen. Daddy’s taking your cherry. That’s my good boy. Your little rosebud is stretched to a tight, red ring. Just a little push more & it’s gonna pop.”
“Oh, Da-daddy, it’s too big, you’re tearing me open.”
“It’s okay baby, that’s what a son’s cherry is made for, to be spread & split by his Daddy’s cock. Now show Daddy how much you love his big dick. Push back just a little bit more. Do it for Daddy. Show me what a big boy you’ve become. Daddy’s got you, son. Once you’re broken in you won’t be able to get enough of my dick. Now push back, baby.”
“Arrghh! OH DADDY!”
Oh fuck son, that’s so fucking sweet! Your cherry just popped baby boy. Your boycunt is opening up, so fucking beautiful. Now ride it son, ride that cock & let me see those cunt lips peel back and open up the rest of the way. You’re Daddy’s pussyboy now. In a few minutes that burning is gonna turn into a deep, hot tingling & you’re gonna cum harder than you ever have before.“
“Daddy, it’s so big. You’re filling me up. Oh fuck Daddy, it’s starting to feel so hot deep inside. I, I can’t breathe!”
“It’s okay baby boy. That’s your boycunt waking up. Stop playing with your cocklet, pussyboy. You’re only going to confuse yourself. Now ride that cock, son. Ride Daddy’s cock & fuck yourself until you cum!”
“Oh, Dah-Daddy! I can’t stop.”
“Don’t stop baby boy. Daddy’s got you. Just let go & open up for the cock that made you. Cum for Daddy, pussyboy. Milk the cock that made you with your cunt. Oh fuck, you’re gonna make Daddy cum!”


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