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NSFW If it is not legal for you to view my blog then DO NOT VIEW AND DO NOT FOLLOW me. If you have thoughts about nudity, please share with me. If you are the owner of any material posted on this site and wish to have it removed, please send me a message and I will promptly remove any such photos. Not interested in hookups. Never any child porn. - Enjoying Nudity (@nudeforjoy)
Vintagecharmingbeauties dame helen mirren born @nudeforjoy


Dame Helen Mirren born July 26, 1945: British Actress appearing in Age Of Consent, 1969.

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Vintagecharmingbeauties virginia bell 1950s @nudeforjoy


Virginia Bell: 1950s USA Model.

Showmethereal just things that make me happy @nudeforjoy


Just things that make me happy and you too I hope ;-)!

Vintagecharmingbeauties sharon clark miss @nudeforjoy


Sharon Clark: Miss August 1970.

The body is meant to be seen not all covered @nudeforjoy

“The body is meant to be seen, not all covered up.” - Marilyn Monroe

Now here this take off your clothes @nudeforjoy

Now here this: “Take off your clothes!”

Nudeforjoy i naked nuwd youll never grow @nudeforjoy




You’ll never grow old as long as you remember to play in your birthday suit.

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Nudeforjoy nuwd q how do i avoid getting sand @nudeforjoy



Q: How do I avoid getting sand in my bathing suit?

A: Don’t wear one!

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Madeinthenude friends dont stay dressed @nudeforjoy


Friends Don’t Stay Dressed.

Friends should throw out the clothes. Sure we all have our secrets, but when it comes to the things between friends it’s different.

Friends are people we should be comfortable getting undressed around both actually and metaphorically. For one it builds trust. With friends we are saying, “I trust you enough to show you my body and who I am.” For another there are fewer ways to break the ice and get comfortable than getting nude. In any case, most friendships should be nude in one way or another.  

It might only be metaphorical for some but it’s literal for others. Great friends don’t stay dressed when they’re around each other. 

Text by Made in the Nude. Photo posted by nudiarist2

Photo retrieved from Naked Beach

Celeboobies eva herzigova @nudeforjoy


Eva Herzigova

Nudeforjoy nuwd people are equipped with a @nudeforjoy



People are equipped with a built-in bathing suit.  It fits perfectly and comes in a variety of colors.  It’s fast drying, easy to clean, an 100% natural.  Why wear anything else?

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Annrtnnr wouldnt the world be a better place if @nudeforjoy


Wouldn’t the world be a better place if you could this everywhere?

Annrtnnr new from marvel comicsmrs @nudeforjoy


New!  From Marvel Comics!…………..MRS. FLASH