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Night inscriber happy naked reading yall @nudereadingissexy


Happy naked reading y’all!
(Appropriate book, yes?)

Jegography oh tis naked reading day nearly @nudereadingissexy


Oh, tis Naked Reading Day, nearly missed it! The last one apparently; the last officiated by Nude Reading Is Sexy at least.

Well this year I have just started reading New Life and New Civilizations: Exploring Star Trek Comics. As the name rather gives away, it’s a book about Star Trek comics, a collection of essays which pretty comprehensively examines all the various series there have been, from the sixties until now. I’m barely past the intro, but it has contributions by some of my favourite authors, and explores something I’m interested in, so I’m looking forward to it.

Rhaigeless my naked reading day celebration @nudereadingissexy


My naked reading day celebration! I’m reading The Coldest Girl In Coldtown by Holly Black. Really fun vamp book if you like that sorta thing.

Hugesuccess sorry to be a little late to the @nudereadingissexy


Sorry to be a little late to the party, but here’s my final submission for Naked Reading Day. A recent whiskey tasting guide and an even more recent bourbon acquisition (American Whiskey, Bourbon & Rye by Clay Risen, and Booker’s, respectively. I recommend both heartily for fellow whiskey enthusiasts).

Gilbert oh today is naked reading day i may @nudereadingissexy


Today is naked reading day! I may not have the time to make a new post so here are some previews post from past years! Remember #readingissexy but #nakedreading is mind blowingly beautiful!

Smuttkitten nothing better than bukowski @nudereadingissexy


Nothing better than Bukowski.

Happy naked reading day im currently reading @nudereadingissexy

Happy Naked Reading Day!

I’m currently reading Coma by Alex Garland as it’s my boyfriend’s favourite book and he took this year’s photo for me.

I hope you all have fun today!

Nakedreading @nudereadingissexy


Since this will be the final naked reading day i @nudereadingissexy

Since this will be the final naked reading day, I of course had to go with Harry Potter.

I know this series means a lot to a lot of people and I LOVE that.

For me, it is was the beginning of my journey through other lands. I wasn’t a big reader until this series came along. It did something so magical for me and I will never forget that. I know I wouldn’t be the reader I am today if I’d never picked these up.

So thank you J.K.Rowling and thank you Harry Potter!

I love you both ever so much.

Happy Naked Reading Day y’all!


School reading @nudereadingissexy

school reading

No caption just a regular guy here @nudereadingissexy

No caption. Just a regular guy here.

Sorry for the delay but i was on vacation on the @nudereadingissexy

Sorry for the delay, but I was on vacation on the D-day and it was not technically possible for me to send you a picture…

Here is anyway my 2013 and first contribution.

On the picture, I am reading Hermann Hesse’s novels, since Siddhartha and The Glass Bead Game had been my traveling books during my trip in Asia this summer.

Mcshortstack a little late but i get points @nudereadingissexy


A little late, but I get points for Questlove’s Mo’ Meta Blues and for-real-blind-as-a-bat nerd glasses, no?


Emmafred getting in on this naked reading @nudereadingissexy


Getting in on this Naked Reading Weekend at the last minute. I had full intentions of doing this ON Naked Reading Day, but I had orientation for my grad program and social obligations that left me with no time. So - here I am! Reading stigma research articles naked! (Feat. Stella)

Im reading created in darkness by troubled @nudereadingissexy

I’m reading ‘Created In Darkness By Troubled Americans’, which sounds awfully depressing, but in fact, is a compilation of some of the funniest bits of 'McSweeney’s Humor Category’ and it is, without doubt, one of the funniest things ever written. As a writer, this book has reduced me to giddy tears AND made me astonishingly jealous. Incredible.

Submitted by Mof

Justmadforasentence happy belated naked reading @nudereadingissexy


Happy Belated Naked Reading Day!

It’s a yogi 3-way this year folks, I’m joining forces with Margaret Atwood’s Moral Disorder!

here is my 2012 submission and 2011 submission for your enjoyment

special thanks to the two lovely founding ladies: hennypotter & abinational   xoxo

Hope its not too late reading my favorite still @nudereadingissexy

hope it’s not too late. reading my favorite, still life with woodpecker.

Alisasartofliving gryffindor is old enough now @nudereadingissexy


Gryffindor is old enough now to take a liking to his wizarding ancestry. However, he’s not amused by Naked Reading 2013. 


Alisasartofliving as if i wouldnt @nudereadingissexy


As if I wouldn’t participate…please!

I read. A lot. Dancing Naked at the Edge of Dawn is a silly girl novel that one wouldn’t think much more of than that. However, sometimes you pick up a fiction story that speaks to a very real situation in your life. This story did that very thing in my life 5 years ago. It changed something monumental and I became the heroine of my own life.

Free woman you will always cherish the sea @nudereadingissexy

“Free (WO)man, you will always cherish the sea!” C. Baudelaire. That’s me: Free. Woman. Loving the sea and sailing. And books, for sure.

The best present ive ever received an atlas i @nudereadingissexy

The best present I’ve ever received : an Atlas. I spent and still spending hours looking at it. A motionless journey.

Faroffhappiersea trinidad suicide @nudereadingissexy


Trinidad Suicide

Demurewhore corban suicide @nudereadingissexy


Corban Suicide

Demurewhore calamity suicide seems like even @nudereadingissexy


Calamity Suicide

Seems like even the Suicide Girls are getting in on this weekend :)

Bunnylynch i just ate breakfast if you can @nudereadingissexy


I just ate breakfast =]

If you can guess what book I’m reading I’ll email you more naked pictures of me!!!

Edit: Tim wins, obviously. HPOOTP =D

Greghyatt apparently its naked reading day @nudereadingissexy


Apparently it’s Naked Reading Day.

Killing yourself to live by chuck klosterman @nudereadingissexy

Killing Yourself to Live by Chuck Klosterman. Given to me by someone special and it is a great and entertaining read.

Gesturesketch late naked reading day @nudereadingissexy


(late) Naked Reading Day! 

Although I’ve had laryngitis all week so it’s basically been Naked Reading Week at my apartment.

Cheers, book nerds.

Bro @nudereadingissexy


Noodlepdx for naked reading dayweekend i am @nudereadingissexy


For Naked Reading Day/Weekend. I am almost ready for A Dance with Dragons. Then I’ll join the ranks of anxiously waiting SOIAF fans screaming, “Write faster, fat man!” at George R. R. Martin.

my tumblr

Celebrating naked reading day weekend with the @nudereadingissexy

Celebrating Naked Reading Day (Weekend) with the awesomely aluminum clad, Sex book from Madonna.

Saga nuff said @nudereadingissexy

Saga. ‘Nuff said.

Everythinghasadifferentname im jumping on the @nudereadingissexy


I’m jumping on the Nude Reading Day bandwagon late. 

Anyway, I got it for the articles. 

I cant decide whether or not i like my recently @nudereadingissexy

i can’t decide whether or not i like my recently dyed hair. i suppose taking naked pictures is one way to help the decision process.

Msladycarmen being naked rereading harry @nudereadingissexy


being naked & rereading harry potter books for the hundredth time are two of my fave things. 

Everyone is naked under their clothes @nudereadingissexy

everyone is naked under their clothes [:

Accuratelyawesome yesterday was nude reading @nudereadingissexy


Yesterday was Nude Reading Day, but I’m forever late to the party.

The party is going all weekend long!! Keep them coming, please! This looks like a great choice!

Jegography huzzah its tumblrs naked reading @nudereadingissexy


Huzzah, it’s tumblr’s Naked Reading Day once more! Right now I’m about a third of the way into Kim Stanley Robinson’s The Years of Rice and Salt. It’s an alternate history novel, set in a world where everyone in Europe died from plague, leaving it open to be repopulated by the rest of the world. Every few chapters we skip ahead a generation or few as history unfolds in a new way without Europe’s influence on the world. The stories are strung together not just be a shared history, but by characters, who we follow through various reincarnations. Right now I’m up to the Chinese discovery of the Americas, which is still relatively near to the point of divergence; can’t wait to see how history is retold.

Hennnypotter where there is a will there is a @nudereadingissexy


where there is a will, there is a way. i did not find my cable or a replacement cable. i’m in sebring, fl. they don’t have a best buy. i did, however, find a card reader at walmart. here is ruby’s submission for naked reading day, taken yesterday. she grabbed it because of the cover. after a few pages she looked up at me with this face and said ‘this is not a book about a dog, mom.’ and that is how ruby learned never to judge a book by its cover. but in all seriousness. this book came highly recommended to me by several dear and magical friends. i’m not quite done with it. but every section touches a different part of your heart. if you haven’t yet, consider picking this one up. 

*note: yes, ruby can talk. if she can read, it’s not too far of a stretch that she talks, too.

Hennnypotter and i grabbed life doesnt @nudereadingissexy


And I grabbed Life Doesn’t Frighten Me - a poem by Mya Angelou for this year’s Naked Reading Day because:

I’ve got a magic charm
That I keep up my sleeve
I can walk the ocean floor
And never have to breathe.

Life doesn’t frighten me at all.
Not at all.
Not at all. 

Nude reading is fun @nudereadingissexy

Nude reading IS fun!

Cleanwolf happy nude reading day im reading @nudereadingissexy


Happy Nude Reading Day! Im reading Woman in the Dunes currently and my girlfriend is reading Myths and Mysteries of North Carolina. Our dog decided to make an appearance in both

Ms vixen that time of year again naked reading @nudereadingissexy


That time of year again! Naked reading day! I just picked up Gone With the Wind the other day. :)

Gibsongrand happy naked reading day @nudereadingissexy


Happy Naked Reading Day

Vincentvangonads happy naked reading day @nudereadingissexy


Happy naked reading day everyone! (Dottie isn’t really interested in this book at all, I put a piece of fig bar on the page)

Derekwoodsphotography the best part of a good @nudereadingissexy


The best part of a good book is that it teleports you to a whole other place; and, the best part of doing it naked is, the stakes are higher.

Happy Naked Reading day 2013 from Julie and I.

Ellie lane imagery the demands of my @nudereadingissexy


“The Demands of My Imagination” 
(33/52 - August 23, 2013)

Self-Portrait by Ellie Lane
Tumblr | Facebook

Happy Naked Reading Day! I return to Anaïs Nin’s “Henry and June” again and again to satisfy my voyeuristic, masochistic appetite.

Thenightdances happy naked reading day one of @nudereadingissexy


Happy Naked Reading Day! One of my lovely friends gave me this book the other day. I am in love. Some of my favorite books are the ones that were given and shared with me.

I couldnt decide on just one naked reading photo @nudereadingissexy

I couldn’t decide on just one naked reading photo…

Rollins for lifehappy nude reading day make it @nudereadingissexy

Rollins for life…Happy Nude Reading Day. Make it count. <3

I couldnt decide on just one naked reading photo @nudereadingissexy

I couldn’t decide on just one naked reading photo…

Samiwaslike as always veronica wanted to @nudereadingissexy


As always Veronica wanted to participate in naked reading and learn about her cousins in the sewers #nakedreading

I have more frequently reading on my ipad so i @nudereadingissexy

I have more frequently reading on my Ipad, so I featured her here. I thought I would throw some books in there so I wouldn’t be booed offstage.

Audreial i realise 3 pictures might be a bit @nudereadingissexy


I realise 3 pictures might be a bit excessive; I was just so excited about Naked Reading Day that I couldn’t help myself. My current read is on my Kindle, but I felt like some ‘real’ books should make an appearance too. 

Dandelionwine one of the things i love about @nudereadingissexy


One of the things I love about Naked Reading Day is that it also serves as a yearly check in. This is the fourth round and it’s fascinating to remember where I was in 2010, 2011, and 2012, and how those iterations of myself compare to this current one. Everything is a work in progress, and I’d like to think it’s all for the better. Actually, scratch that. I know it is.

The book is Second Nature by Michael Pollan, and is essentially a clever and informative discussion of mankind’s relationship with the earth as discovered through gardening. Or attempts thereto.

I chose the perks of being a wallflower cuz it @nudereadingissexy

I chose “The Perks of Being a Wallflower” cuz it definitely helped me through a difficult time in my life. I don’t think I’ll ever tire of this book <3

Shandeleers talk about some perfect timing it @nudereadingissexy


Talk about some perfect timing! It got lost in the mail, but my #thegoon #kickstarter comic finally arrived today, on #nakedreading day! So I recorded for posteriority. #getit #readmore #readmorenaked #gooblegobble #oneofus #freaks

Samiwaslike i find readingwatching stories @nudereadingissexy


I find reading/watching stories about true crime fascinating.

My favorite of the 3 pictures taken gotta love @nudereadingissexy

My favorite of the 3 pictures taken. Gotta love pseudo-horror retellings of children’s tales, huh?

I never occurred to me naked reading was a thing @nudereadingissexy

I never occurred to me naked reading was a thing!

I think I could get used to this. :)

The words in this book are so big happy nekkid @nudereadingissexy

The words in this book are SO BIG! Happy nekkid reading day!

Ryrnun the fault in our stars came just in time @nudereadingissexy


The Fault in Our Stars came just in time for naked reading!

As a doctoral student i have to read a ton of @nudereadingissexy

As a Doctoral student, I have to read a ton of material every class… That stack is just some of the books for this term. On my hand, however, is my Kindle Fire, where I read most of my non-academic books. I am currently working on “The Hangman’s Daughter”. It’s a pretty good read! :) 

Long time reading first time submitting @nudereadingissexy

long time reading, first time submitting; Bukowski’s ‘Sifting Through the Madness for the Word, the Line, the Way.’

One of my all time favorites hunter s thompson @nudereadingissexy

One of my all time favorites - Hunter S. Thompson “Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas” (Lithuanian edition).

Didn’t find the exact hat but otherwise I’m channeling Johnny Depp.

Naked and reading in a hammock the @nudereadingissexy

Naked and reading in a hammock.

The Resurrectionist by E.B. Hudspeth (It’s good, goes into depth of the possible origins and anatomy of mythical creatures, like Harpies)

Happy naked reading day im currently reading @nudereadingissexy

Happy Naked Reading Day! I’m currently reading Helter Skelter, but I didn’t think it paired too nicely with a smile. So here’s one of my favorite Augusten Burroughs books.

Hugesuccess its naked reading day im stuck @nudereadingissexy


It’s Naked Reading Day! I’m stuck at work, so this photo is from a few days ago. That said, I re-read this book constantly to remind me how awesome it is that I get to hang out in my restaurant all day.

Go Ray!

Noodlebutt couldnt decide on a pic so heres @nudereadingissexy


Couldn’t decide on a pic so here’s the ones I didn’t hate.

This year I chose The Zombie Survival Guide. Not only is this a fun read, but I honestly believe that this book could one day save lives. Because the zombie apocalypse…it will happen one day. Be prepared.

But most importantly, BE NAKED AND READ!


Yrthebossapplesauce yoooo its naked reading @nudereadingissexy


Yoooo it’s naked reading day. 

Yes it is!

Jane eyre @nudereadingissexy

Jane Eyre

Just starting sophie harts the naughty girls @nudereadingissexy

Just starting Sophie Hart’s The Naughty Girls’ Book Club. It seemed appropriate :) Happy naked reading, everyone!

I hope this is ok its about as much as i like @nudereadingissexy

I hope this is OK? It’s about as much as I like photographed, real phobia of it.

The book is Consider Phlebas by the recently lost Iain M Banks, it’s one of my favourite books, I often come back to it and have lost count of the amount of times I’ve read it.

Early morning nude reading anaïs nins delta of @nudereadingissexy

early morning nude reading Anaïs Nin’s Delta of Venus. not too long before that free hand found something to do…

Thoroughly enjoying the sunlight through my window @nudereadingissexy

Thoroughly enjoying the sunlight through my window before work while reading “Paper Towns” by John Green.

Sissarae i asked oliver if he wanted to be a @nudereadingissexy


I asked Oliver if he wanted to be a part of Naked Reading Day and he said, “Well I’m always naked and I’m halfway through ‘Broetry’ so sure, take my picture.”

So nonchalant.

Therealkatiewest happy naked reading day you @nudereadingissexy


Happy Naked Reading Day!

You should all go and get your copy of Babefest. FYI.

Happy naked reading day heres me reading a life @nudereadingissexy

happy naked reading day! here’s me reading a LIFE magazine from ‘68

Abinational oh its naked reading day as you @nudereadingissexy


Oh it’s Naked Reading Day? As you wish.

Gilbert oh you cant not love today i mean who @nudereadingissexy


You can’t not love today! I mean who doesn’t like being naked? Who doesn’t like reading? So why not do them at the same time!