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Just random cool stuff that I like around the net (mostly boobs, Star Wars, Celebs and Comics. Sometimes all at the same time). Most posts are going to be NSFW, which means it is safe to assume it is for the over 18 crowd. If that is not you...turn away now. You have been warned. All images were found in my journey through the world of the wide web and this thing they call the internet. The images are not mine and are owned by the people who own them, so i take no credit for them. If one needs to be removed for any reason, please let me know. Will always take submissions if you want to send me something to post. Also check out my other photo blog: - Random Nudes and Stuff (@nudesandstuff)
An anonymous submissionand to answer her @nudesandstuff

An anonymous submission……and to answer her question….yes i do like them!