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Nuremberg Trials @nurembergtrials

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Questions? This blog is dedicated to the Nuremberg Trials that took place at the end of WWII. This site will be focused on the defendants (during and even before the trial) and feature mostly pictures and gifs but also extracts from books about the trial or somehow related to it and the defendants. This is not a blog that glorifies the Allies or claims the trial was legal, fair and without fault BUT THIS IS NOT A BLOG THAT GLORIFIES ANY CRIMES OR CRIMINAL ACTIVITIES, EXTREMIST IDEOLOGIES OR PARTIES/MOVEMENTS and we, its owners, do not support any such things. Oh and there will be humor (funny gifs and pictures and comments) so if you find that tacky...too bad! - Nuremberg Trials (@nurembergtrials)
Nuremberg courtroom being remodeled before the @nurembergtrials

Nuremberg courtroom being remodeled before the start of the trials 1945.

Frick streicher funk and speer at the start of @nurembergtrials

Frick, Streicher, Funk and Speer at the start of another day in court

Prisonernumber7 did he believe in a master @nurembergtrials


“Did he believe in a ‘Master Race’? Hess smiled. He had never used the expression. ‘These expressions were employed by German propaganda for foreign consumption. They were not used in Germany. Anyway, I do not believe in this concept’.”

- Eugene Bird, The Loneliest Man in the World

Franz von papenl and arthur seyss inquart @nurembergtrials

Franz von Papen(L) and Arthur Seyss-Inquart ,listening to the court proceedings

Prisonernumber7 heidiwolf tetrismusic @nurembergtrials






Baldur von Schirach, don’t know what year.

1945/1946 Nuremberg Trials. Schirach looks so good here cause he lost all his baby fat, haha, from his HJ days.

mystery solved! lol
Göring also lost a lot of weight during the imprisonment

Good god…one of those two is Hermann G? Damn, stress DOES stuff to people!

The other man in the photo is Nuremberg psychologist Gustav Gilbert.

Historyisstrangerthanfiction streicher looks so @nurembergtrials


Streicher looks so effing intense in this one.

Wilhelm keitel whispering something to ribbentrop @nurembergtrials

Wilhelm Keitel whispering something to Ribbentrop during a court session

Baldur von schirach testifying at the nuremberg @nurembergtrials

Baldur von Schirach testifying at the Nuremberg trial

Hess and ribbentrop having lunch during a break at @nurembergtrials

Hess and Ribbentrop having lunch during a break at Nuremberg.

Defendants in the nuremberg trial from l to r top @nurembergtrials

Defendants in the Nuremberg trial

from L to R top row : Jodl, Papen, Seyss-Inquart, Speer, Neurath

              front row : Frank, Frick, Streicher, Funk 

Wilhelm keitel entering the courtroom before a @nurembergtrials

Wilhelm Keitel entering the courtroom before a court session during the Nuremberg trial

Frick streicher funk and speer alone at the back @nurembergtrials

Frick, Streicher, Funk and Speer alone at the back during the Nuremberg trial

Rudolf hess joachim von ribbentro baldur von @nurembergtrials

Rudolf Hess, Joachim von Ribbentro, Baldur von Schirach and Erich Raeder(hiding behind the file)during a session of the Nuremberg trial

Hugo sperrle heinz guderian hans juergen stumpff @nurembergtrials

Hugo Sperrle, Heinz Guderian ,Hans Juergen Stumpff and Erhard Milch spending time together during the Nuremberg trial

Rudolf hess testifying at the nuremberg trial @nurembergtrials

Rudolf Hess testifying at the Nuremberg trial

Speer talking to seyss inquart during a session of @nurembergtrials

Speer talking to Seyss-Inquart during a session of the Nuremberg trial

Some of the defendants during the nuremberg @nurembergtrials

Some of the defendants during the Nuremberg Trial.

Alfred Jodl, Albert Speer, Wilhelm Keitel , Joachim von Ribbentrop & Fritz Sauckel , Karl Donitz, Erich Raeder

Joachim von ribbentrop and wilhelm keitel during @nurembergtrials

Joachim von Ribbentrop and Wilhelm Keitel during the Nuremberg trial

English secretary typing transcripts from the @nurembergtrials

English Secretary typing transcripts from the Nuremberg Trial

Frauvonribbentrop prost mahlzeit worst @nurembergtrials


… Prost, Mahlzeit….

worst sense of humor award goes to whoever had this idea

Dr martin horn talks with his client joachim von @nurembergtrials

Dr. Martin Horn Talks with his Client Joachim von Ribbentrop

Reporter sends telex messages from a meeting of @nurembergtrials

Reporter sends telex messages from a meeting of the Nuremberg Trials

Defendants during the nuremberg trial excuse the @nurembergtrials

Defendants during the Nuremberg trial. Excuse the ugly watermarks but look at special snowflake Jodl, the only one with orange headphones straps !

Baldur von schirach during and before the @nurembergtrials

Baldur von Schirach during and before the Nuremberg trial

Frauvonribbentrop von ribbentrop entered the @nurembergtrials


Von Ribbentrop entered the execution chamber at 1:11 a.m. Nuremberg time. He was stopped immediately inside the door by two Army sergeants who closed in on each side of him and held his arms, while another sergeant who had followed him in removed manacles from his hands and replaced them with a leather strap. It was planned originally to permit the condemned men to walk from their cells to the execution chamber with their hands free, but all were manacled immediately following Goering’s suicide.

Von Ribbentrop was able to maintain his apparent stoicism to the last. He walked steadily toward the scaffold between his two guards, but he did not answer at first when an officer standing at the foot of the gallows went through the formality of asking his name. When the query was repeated he almost shouted, ‘Joachim von Ribbentrop!’ and then mounted the steps without any sign of hesitation.

When he was turned around on the platform to face the witnesses, he seemed to clench his teeth and raise his head with the old arrogance. When asked whether he had any final message he said, ‘God protect Germany (Gott schütze Deutschland),’ in German, and then added, ‘May I say something else? (Darf ich noch etwas sagen?)

The interpreter nodded and the former diplomatic wizard of Nazidom spoke his last words in loud, firm tones: ‘My last wish is that Germany realize its entity and that an understanding be reached between the East and the West. I wish peace to the world. (Mein letzter Wunsch ist, dass Deutschland seine Einheit wieder findet, dass eine Verständigung zwischen Ost und West kommt für den Frieden in der Welt!)’ As the black hood was placed in position on his head, Von Ribbentrop looked straight ahead. Then the hangman adjusted the rope, pulled the lever, and Von Ribbentrop slipped away to his fate…

Die angeklagten lachen über einen @nurembergtrials

Die Angeklagten lachen über einen Übersetzungsfehler. Selbst das Sicherheitspersonal und die Anwälte können sich das Lachen nicht verkneifen.

The defendants laughing about a mistranslation. In fact the guards and lawyers can’t refrain from laughing.

Blick auf das richtergremium view of judges @nurembergtrials

Blick auf das Richtergremium 

View of judges panel 

Wilhelm keitel und alfred rosenberg unterhalten @nurembergtrials

Wilhelm Keitel und Alfred Rosenberg unterhalten sich nach einem Verhandlungstag.

Joachim von ribbentrop sitting and baldur von @nurembergtrials

Joachim von Ribbentrop (sitting) and Baldur von Schirach

Karl dönitz im gespräch mit seinem anwalt karl @nurembergtrials

Karl Dönitz im Gespräch mit seinem Anwalt.

Karl Dönitz talking with his lawyer. 

Der nürnberger gerichtssaal court room of @nurembergtrials

Der Nürnberger Gerichtssaal

Court room of Nuremberg Trials