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Nylon fetish photos hand-picked by a phone sex operator. Photos of women in stockings and pantyhose, from teasing to almost explicit... Send your favorite nylon pictures (and credit, where known) to sabrinamorgan at gmail dot com. Need more nylon, or curious about calling me? Have a peek at my blog, Sabrina in Stockings or call me and let's explore your nylon fetish on the phone: 1-888-99-NYLON ( $2.50/min, 21+ ) var gaJsHost = (("https:" == document.location.protocol) ? "https://ssl." : "http://www."); document.write(unescape("%3Cscript src='" + gaJsHost + "' type='text/javascript'%3E%3C/script%3E")); try { var pageTracker = _gat._getTracker("UA-1318214-5"); pageTracker._trackPageview(); } catch(err) {} - Nylons (@nylons)
My soles in cuban heel stockings @nylons

I have very narrow heels, and I find them ridiculously sexy. It’s hard to photograph your own feet with a cameraphone but love wins out every time.


Detail of the cuban heel.

Pantyhose covered ass @nylons

Our nylon-wearing bitch from yesterday is back, and so is her ass. (Joe, this one’s for you.)

Bitchy woman in pantyhose @nylons

She looks so imperious I’d swear she was making some POV femdom clips. Tease and denial, or humiliation? Maybe both - there are more pics here.

Sexy legs and feet in pantyhose @nylons

This photo was too cool not to blog, but I think the pics of her actually putting on her nylons are my favorites for sheer fetish sex appeal.

Sexy teen pantyhose jeans @nylons

Sneaky, sneaky, wearing pantyhose under jeans. (My smiling girls in pantyhose theme continues…)

Happy cute pantyhose amateur @nylons

She’s got such an enthusiastic smile in these pictures; you can tell she’s having fun wearing pantyhose. Here’s part 1 and part 2.

Vintage boudoir nylons feminization @nylons

Does this look like the start of a feminization fantasy to anyone else?

Brunette secretary upskirt tease stockings @nylons

Look closely and you can see her stocking tops. (You can view more of Anastasia here, if you’re too shy or too direct to peek underneath her skirt.)

Lace stocking tops @nylons



Theme of the day: Ingrid Klein

Teen tease opaque nylons heels @nylons

She looks like she could get you into trouble.

Emily marilyn nylon masturbation @nylons

You should see what she does to the other stocking.

Audrey in ff stockings @nylons

Audrey - one of my favorite stocking enthusiasts

Tease in glasses upskirt stocking tops peek @nylons

Sweater: check. Glasses: check. Upskirt flashing of stretched stocking tops: Check. Verdict: Oh hell yes.

Teen teases in stockings @nylons

Oh, like you wouldn’t do anything for her. Admit it.

Teasing blonde in stockings and heels @nylons

It’s worth clicking through. This English blonde truly knows how to tease.

Redhead stripping pantyhose @nylons

Is she putting them on, or peeling them off?

Emily marilyn fully fashioned stockings @nylons

Emily Marilyn’s slender legs show off filmy, delicate nylons to best advantage, don’t you think?

Wrinkled nylon soles @nylons


Leonie flexes her pretty feet, just before going on stage

Blonde in sheer pantyhose @nylons

Yes - those are sheer, glossy pantyhose. Click through to see how sheer.

Stockings panties spanking @nylons



This is from a protest against sexual harassment (!!) that took place today in Kiev, Ukraine.


(via fetish4)

December 17 @nylons


To Sex Workers Everywhere

December 17 - International Day To End Violence Against Sex Workers

because you need to be reminded

Tease lingerie stockings @nylons


Somehow, these stockings look familiar…


Femdom tease stockings @nylons

It looks like she’s taunting him, interrogating him… Perhaps demanding her cuckold look and acknowledge why she’s so dressed up.

I love the casually aggressive thrust of her hips.


This photo reminds me of a little slut named Britni

Domme black pantyhose heels @nylons


Leighton Meester on GQ Magazine December 2009

Female masturbation pantyhose @nylons

Wearing nylon makes me want to slide my hand under my skirt just like this.



64 more days, Darling!


For some reason i see her as watching a man @nylons

For some reason I see her as watching a man, naked, vulnerable, perform for her…




Alice costume lace top stockings @nylons

Go ask Alice? I wouldn’t recommend it.

(via fuckyeahpalegirl)

Love her seductive expression beautifully @nylons

Love her seductive expression.



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