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Occupy Wall Street Posters @occupyposters

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Occupy Wall Street posters, signs, creative actions and interventions around the world. - Occupy Wall Street Posters (@occupyposters)
Angry pacifist @occupyposters

Angry Pacifist

Dynamicafrica womens day south africa august @occupyposters


Women’s Day South Africa - August 9th

AUGUST: Celebrating African Women

Occupy sandy @occupyposters

Occupy Sandy

All power to the people @occupyposters

All Power to the People

Artesany marcha zapatista algo se mueve en el @occupyposters


Marcha Zapatista. Algo se mueve en el Sur!!

Occupy hanukkah on etsy @occupyposters

Occupy Hanukkah on Etsy

The rolling jubillee peoplesbailout strikedebt @occupyposters

The Rolling Jubillee
#peoplesbailout #strikedebt

Occupy sandy @occupyposters

Occupy Sandy

They only call it class war when we fight back @occupyposters

They only call it class war when we fight back.

Rise up brooke mcgown @occupyposters

“Rise Up,” Brooke McGown

All roads lead to wall street peter drooker @occupyposters

“All roads lead to Wall Street," Peter Drooker

S17 @occupyposters


All roads lead to wall street @occupyposters

All Roads Lead to Wall Street

Follow the money and all roads lead to wall st @occupyposters

Follow the money… and all roads lead to Wall St.

Austerity isnt working nice play on this old @occupyposters

Austerity Isn’t Working. Nice play on this old poster.

Why occupy wall street @occupyposters

Why Occupy Wall Street?

By signsofrevolt @occupyposters

By @SignsOfRevolt

S17 ows @occupyposters

#S17 #OWS

Thepoliticalnotebook its the anniversary of @occupyposters


It’s the anniversary of the Occupy movement, a movement which I made an effort to document over the course of this year through photography submissions from people who had witnessed or participated in rallies and protests across the US (and even across the pond, I received a few Occupy Londons, an Occupy Bristol, and even an Occupy Dublin). Above are just a handful of the photographs I collected from people. If you want to see the full collection, it’s housed here on The Political Notebook and also here on Pinterest

Here are some longreads, old and new, on Occupy, its origins and its future.

Photos: [1] Occupy Philadelphia Day 59. Eviction protests. Michael Albany. [2] Zuccotti Park. Fall 2011. Jack Massey. [3] UC Davis. Pepper spray cop. Brian Nguyen. [4] Occupy London, October 2011. Tahlia Hein. [5] Zuccotti, Fall 2011. Luis Antonio Thompson. [6] Zuccotti, Fall 2011. Bianca Farrow. [7] NYC, Fall 2011. Ceridwyn Asher. [8] Occupy Dallas, Fall 2011. Chris Wang. [9] Occupy London, November 30th. Allan Shaw.

Thehoopoe art seen by lake merritt in oakland @occupyposters


Art seen by Lake Merritt in Oakland, California. It says: “COMPAÑER@, I know You are HURTING but You are STILL ALIVE You will SURVIVE and together we will dismantle the systems that broke our HEARTS. RACISM RAPE POVERTY WAR HOMOPHOBIA SEXISM BORDERS STDs.

Oslo red square @occupyposters

Oslo Red Square

The cost of health care by woody pirtle @occupyposters

The Cost of Health Care, by Woody Pirtle

99 nothing to lose @occupyposters

99% Nothing to Lose

Lol cats may day @occupyposters

General Strike May 1 FTW.

Call in sick may 1st general strike m1gs @occupyposters

Call in sick. May 1st General Strike. #M1GS

Million hoodie march @occupyposters

Million Hoodie March.