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Occupy Wall Street Posters @occupyposters

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Occupy Wall Street posters, signs, creative actions and interventions around the world. - Occupy Wall Street Posters (@occupyposters)
Angry pacifist @occupyposters

Angry Pacifist

Dynamicafrica womens day south africa august @occupyposters


Women’s Day South Africa - August 9th

AUGUST: Celebrating African Women

Occupy sandy @occupyposters

Occupy Sandy

All power to the people @occupyposters

All Power to the People

Artesany marcha zapatista algo se mueve en el @occupyposters


Marcha Zapatista. Algo se mueve en el Sur!!

Occupy hanukkah on etsy @occupyposters

Occupy Hanukkah on Etsy

The rolling jubillee peoplesbailout strikedebt @occupyposters

The Rolling Jubillee
#peoplesbailout #strikedebt

Occupy sandy @occupyposters

Occupy Sandy


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