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Celebrating Older Men @oldergaymen

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I am a gay man in my sixties and this blog is where I will collect pictures and anecdotes that celebrate the beauty and eroticism of older men. It is a blog to share the things that give them pleasure. erotic or otherwise It may contain nudity, explicit sex pictures or references. It is not suitable for underage men. - Celebrating Older Men (@oldergaymen)
Are these ok getting all your gear off is great @oldergaymen

Are these ok?

Getting all your gear off is great and so are you fred.

Relaxin sd 22613 @oldergaymen

Relaxin SD 22613

Jimbo1 love oh yes please @oldergaymen


Oh yes please

Thanks for your submission naked n the garden is @oldergaymen

Thanks for your submission. Naked n the garden is something I lilke.

Thanks for sending me your pic you look so sexy @oldergaymen

Thanks for sending me your pic, you look so sexy.

U would love it i wood @oldergaymen

u would love it ;}

I wood

Might fine thanks for submitting @oldergaymen

Might fine. Thanks for submitting