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Junnnktank carol rojas interviewed for @onlybutts


Carol Rojas interviewed for JUNNNKTANK

Junnnktank jaimie sullivan interviewed for @onlybutts


Jaimie Sullivan interviewed for JUNNNKTANK

Junnnktank new and improved archive @onlybutts


New and improved archive //

Junnnktank janeisha john interviewed for @onlybutts


Janeisha John interviewed for JUNNNKTANK

Junnnktank liv mathis interviewed for @onlybutts


Liv Mathis interviewed for JUNNNKTANK 

Junnnktank katie ann martin interviewed @onlybutts


Katie Ann Martin interviewed for JUNNNKTANK.COM ///// 

Actually, no I have not always felt comfortable in my own skin. I grew up being the weirdo, the girl with cooties. As I got older, I started to realize that people will always say negative things about you and it really has nothing to do with you. I’d rather be weird than a carbon copy of someone else.  I’m very proud of my normal sized breasts. I won’t have a boob job done and I think many other girls should be happy with what they were born with. I also love my jawline, and it’s one of my favorite things to show off in my photos. I think it can capture a wide range of emotions from sadness to passion. I also like to stay away from Photoshop, hoping that the women that view my photos can recognize that I too have my own flaws and they are here to stay.   


Junnnktank hannah lyal bingham interviewed @onlybutts


Hannah Lyal Bingham interviewed for JUNNNKTANK.COM ///// 

I’ve always struggled with confidence in myself, I think most people do. Especially girls. I’ve always said, “Fake it ‘til you make it.’So I would fake confidence in hopes I would actually become confident. I’ve never worried or cared what — others — think of me, all I care is what I think of myself. —That’s all that matters, really. This is my life and no one else’s. I have had some hate accounts made about me or even just people tweet me snarky rude things but I have learned to just laugh because they don’t truly know me and I almost feel bad for others who have to tear someone else down. It’s a waste of time, honestly.


Junnnktank model jackie adragna interviewed @onlybutts


Model Jackie Adragna interviewed for JUNNNKTANK.COM ///// 

I am mostly comfortable in next to nothing; lingerie, swimsuit etc. It is in no way because I may think, “I look so fit” or “I so have the body for this.” It goes deeper than eye candy. I am constantly perplexed that people slam everything to be so sexual or wanting some sort of “devious” attention. Why should I be judged because I am comfortable in my own skin? Isn’t that a good thing? Something we strive for? The natural human form, the one we are all born into is naked and very admirable, if you ask me. I have evolved to see beyond, well, the “tits and ass” and enjoy the actual mystery in a person’s eyes when they appear in such a natural state. I wish we could all walk around one day comfortable in our own skin and not even think twice about anyone else and this subjective competition proving to one another that we are satisfied with ourselves.  


Junnnktank rachel faulkner interviewed for @onlybutts


Rachel Faulkner interviewed for JUNNNKTANK // September 2014

“I have not always been comfortable in my own skin. I truly feel that once I started modeling, it allowed me to open up. As a model, you are often opening up to someone you hardly know anything about (the photographer). When I model or act, I put myself in my own world, and I have an emotional connection with the camera. A photo/video shoot allows me to be myself.”

Read the interview now on JUNNNKTANK.

Junnnktank courtney @onlybutts


Courtney Barnum interviewed for JUNNNKTANK // September 2014

“I like the way modeling makes me feel. It kind of gives me a way out of my everyday life and gives me something interesting to do and to be proud of.”

View the editorial now on JUNNNKTANK.

Junnnktank jordan bunniie by viktor @onlybutts


Jordan Bunniie by Viktor Matthews for JUNNNKTANK // September 2014

“Jordan declared that she wanted a prop and grabbed one of my dining room chairs. I’ve never had a model just grab something and start posing with it before, but I went with it. While she was on the chair facing away from me I was lucky enough to capture it. To me this photo isn’t just a girl looking back from a chair —there is something mysterious happening here. She looks like a person who has seen things.”

View the editorial now on JUNNNKTANK.

Junnnktank emily mei interviewed for junnnktank @onlybutts


Emily Mei interviewed for JUNNNKTANK // September 2014

“I feel like I don’t really care about what people think of me and that helps a lot with confidence. If you like me, you like me. If you don’t, you don’t. I’m going to do what I like regardless of what other people think. I feel like most people aren’t confident because they are afraid of judgement. Be you, be a fool, have fun, and screw what everyone else has to say!”

Read the full interview now on JUNNNKTANK.

Junnnktank inspiration bekka gunther by @onlybutts


Inspiration // Bekka Gunther by Danny Steezy // Read her interview on JUNNNKTANK

Junnnktank j badou editorial for junnnktank @onlybutts


J. Badou Editorial for JUNNNKTANK // August 2014

Is there a more inspiring place to enjoy the summer season then France? We don’t think so. Photographer James Badou and model Nicole Gokhman collaborate to bring this sun soaked and stylish series to the privileged readers of JUNNNKTANK. 

Enjoy the full series now on JUNNNKTANK.

Junnnktank inspiration katee lee read her @onlybutts


Inspiration // Katee Lee // Read her Interview on JUNNNKTANK

Junnnktank inspiration neave bozorgi @onlybutts


Inspiration // Neave Bozorgi

Junnnktank inspiration steph angulo by jared @onlybutts


Inspiration // Steph Angulo by Jared S. Rosenbaum // Read her Interview on JUNNNKTANK