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only Daddy can @onlydaddycan

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Amber, 31 yrs, in Rockville, MD who enjoys the company of older men. Looking for a real life encounters to express the fantasies reflected in my tumblr... ask me anything, talk to me, I promise not to bite ;) - only Daddy can (@onlydaddycan)
He knows im wet even before he checks @onlydaddycan

He knows I’m wet even before he checks

Histexastoy fill up every hole i need it @onlydaddycan


Fill up every hole. I need it.

becoming a star at the swap party

Daddy calls this rutting when hes about to cum @onlydaddycan

Daddy calls this rutting, when he’s about to cum so he gets it in nice and deep

Gettingbusyintheoffice lusting and thrusting @onlydaddycan



Alina Li

An Osaka office tradition

What I was taught during my internship

Mantra daddy trains me like this from day 1 @onlydaddycan


Daddy trains me like this from day 1

Daddy likes to suckle for hours @onlydaddycan

Daddy likes to suckle for hours

Execbimbotrainer take that load deep you dirty @onlydaddycan


Take that load deep, you dirty girl…

Daddy doesn’t like leakage

Daddy knows ill do anything for a chip @onlydaddycan

Daddy knows I’ll do anything for a chip

The modern courtesan you cream yourself all @onlydaddycan


You cream yourself all over his grown up cock as he leans down next to your face and as he cums inside you he whispers to you how much he paid your step-dad for the pleasure of your company for an hour.

Travelingdad6969 the teaching started with @onlydaddycan


The teaching started with watching him cum … using her young breasts to do it .. a week later she was sucking him dry … and within the month .. daddy was fucking her SO good !

#startedyoung #training #daddyknowsbest

Begging for daddy to show me off in public @onlydaddycan

Begging for Daddy to show me off in public

When im tumbling @onlydaddycan

When I’m tumbling

Why stop at 3 daddy loves it when i push my @onlydaddycan

Why stop at 3? Daddy loves it when I push my limits

Hockeypuck77 juliequebec i love baby seed @onlydaddycan



I love baby seed

Daddy loves filling you with my seed. 

Being a good hole for Daddy

Texas toys daddy handle it bitch swallow and @onlydaddycan


Handle it bitch, swallow and stroke, take care of Daddy and his friends

Daddy wants me to be the best bitch at the daddy/daughter gangbang party

Daddys friends get very handsy when we have play @onlydaddycan

Daddy’s friends get very handsy when we have play time

The modern courtesan there are things you find @onlydaddycan


There are things you find yourself doing with the rationalisation that you won’t see him again so if debasing yourself in this way is what it takes for him to give you that cock you so desperately need at that moment then it’s worth the price or your dignity.

during these moments I’ll do anything to be a “good girl”

Bigboobbasement real girls suck tit and @onlydaddycan


Real girls suck tit!

and Daddy says sluts like me suck anything near the mouth

Daddy likes how wet i get when plugged i just @onlydaddycan

Daddy likes how wet i get when plugged, i just like sparkly things

Experienceisbest when she told him she wanted @onlydaddycan


When she told him she wanted to have unprotected sex in the sauna, he asked why. She told him it was the smell of the warm wood that turned her on. The truth was that she’d read that conception was helped by higher temperatures. She’d know soon enough if that was right. Today, her pussy was so wet and she felt so desperate to have an older man’s cock in her. That could only mean one thing. Ovulation.

it also helped he had a line of men waiting their turn to enter as well

Iowa ed your body cant deny that you are a @onlydaddycan


Your body can’t deny that you are a slut!

logic i can’t deny

Dirtychild5 look at the camera sweetie show @onlydaddycan


“Look at the camera sweetie.. show the filthy old perverts what a nasty little slut you are for Daddy  That should get the guys hard and wanting to have a group party with you.  Are you up for a gangbang with Daddy and his friends?”

“Oh yea!”

“I told them your first gangbang was $1,000 a head.  I think they will forget the cost when they see this video of you pet!”

#lifedream #daddy’smoneymaker

After daddy bought my new tits we started going @onlydaddycan

After Daddy bought my new tits, we started going on long car rides together

He paid for me and he wanted to see my face as he @onlydaddycan

He paid for me and he wanted to see my face as he went deep into my ass, with me spreading my legs calling me a slut for Daddy’s cock

Daddy said this nice couple wanted to take me on a @onlydaddycan

Daddy said this nice couple wanted to take me on a boat ride…I didn’t know it was a yacht filled with couples and playtoys #bestweekendever #shareme #fuckDaddy’sgirl

Dollyvisha it was 130am the early morning of @onlydaddycan


It was 1:30AM, the early morning of her 18th birthday, and she was finally able to let all her father’s friends gang bang her three holes…

daddy has been training me for this moment and i want to make him proud

Daddy felt bad so he took me to a priest so i @onlydaddycan

Daddy felt bad so he took me to a priest so I could make him feel better. This is our first stop of the day now on Saturdays #holyommisions #sharedgift

Spreading rubbing for daddy makes me very wet @onlydaddycan

spreading & rubbing for Daddy makes me very wet

Incestmomscunt dirtychild6 daddy likes @onlydaddycan



Daddy likes sharing my itty bitty baby clitty with all of his dirty old friends

Use her like dirty little whore


Happybimbo air head at the golf course happy @onlydaddycan


Air Head At The Golf Course

Happy Bimbo

#lifegoals #dreamjob

Daddy daughter seduction shes always liked @onlydaddycan


She’s always liked sitting on my lap…but as she’s gotten older, she likes to squirm until she feels my cock getting hard…last night, she was wearing a short little dress without panties…and I could feel he wetness soaking my pants…she kept apologizing, until I made her take them off for me…and took her back on my lap, straddled and facing me…as I told her, “I want to feel your wetness on my cock sweetie, move back and forth until you cum for Daddy”

yes Daddy yes

Hushfordaddy my daughter knows that i use her @onlydaddycan


My daughter knows that I use her holes for my pleasure and she’s so happy to serve.

anything for Daddy

If only handshakes were pussy rubs @onlydaddycan

if only handshakes were pussy rubs ;)

Mydaddyisthebestever daddy likes when i @onlydaddycan


Daddy likes when I entertain his important friends

My sugardaddy likes to see me from different @onlydaddycan

My sugardaddy likes to see me from different angles, heels on, curtains open

How my sugardaddy fucks me @onlydaddycan

How my SugarDaddy fucks me

Iowa ed are you a slut do boys make you wet @onlydaddycan


Are you a slut? Do boys make you wet? “No,” I said. Then daddy said, how come you are so wet now? Do you know what a girl who gets wet when a man sees her is called? She is called a slut. You know you are a slut, a whore to be precise.

Yes Daddy, I’m a slut

Daddy calls me a good girl when i dont spill a @onlydaddycan

Daddy calls me a good girl when i don’t spill a drop after fills my cunny

Guardianoftheendoftime teasing the boys all day @onlydaddycan


Teasing the boys all day long at school made her tiny pussy so wet for her big strong Daddy’s cock.

Travelingdad6969 suckingondaddy baby found @onlydaddycan



Baby found out that she likes to sit on her stepdaddy’s lap and play horsey

When his brother let it slip he was boning his daughter .. he was speechless .. but a few weeks later when she was over … he could not keep his eyes off of her ..

Finally she said “  I know you know, dad told me … u must think me a slut?”

“Well .. most sluts like all the hard cock they can get .. so maybe we should see if you are”

She was


I’ll play horsey with anyone ;)

Dollyvisha oh my god id love to do this play @onlydaddycan


Oh my god. I’d love to do this, play with my cunt and tits in a conservative church, maybe Catholic. This looks so fun! hehe

especially if the priest is watching

Dollyvisha i love this gif so much i love @onlydaddycan


I love this GIF so much! I love seeing a Man fucking His slut and be more normal and typical. He’s not perfectly smooth with a six pack. It’s so yummy. Look at her huge tits bounce as she takes His cock. 

this is what i love pounding into me

Mrblue19 a pretty face and tight pussy is @onlydaddycan


“A pretty face and tight pussy is required to be part of my staff little one. I only chose the best fucktoys for my players. and you my dear are one of them, you are cute the treat. you’ll serve the defensive linesman. all those huge,heavy set,strong males passing you around like a rag doll, savagely fucking any hole that’s available, pumping load after load of cum in cunt,down your throat and deep in your belly…That’s Your post- game assigment little one. but For now, until the season starts,you’ll serve me and the coaching staff. in fact, they are in the showers waiting for me to finish using your tight holes so they can have a go at you. Welcome to our football program, welcome To the team…“


After daddy bought me new tits he gave me a job @onlydaddycan

After Daddy bought me new tits, he gave me a job too…along with my own chair in his office to bend me over and use at his will, i love being daddy’s secretary

Lots of fucking sleeping on my parents @onlydaddycan



sleeping on my parents couch always means late night pussy checks from Daddy, especially after he wakes me with a cock slap on my lips

Im whatever you need me to be daddy whenever you @onlydaddycan

i’m whatever you need me to be daddy whenever you need me