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Be kind to me



How about a quick bite before bed @orgasmictipsforgirls

how about a quick bite before bed

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Just the 70 sex positions to be getting on with @orgasmictipsforgirls

just the 70 sex positions to be getting on with then

Success at almost twenty five i had to share @orgasmictipsforgirls

Success… at almost twenty-five!

I HAD to share this with you. Despite having some amazing sex and solo time, orgasm just never quite happened for me with either. I’d sometimes get SO close… but just not there. Being treated for depression with SSRIs didn’t help much, either. It got to the point where it was incredibly frustrating: I felt like there was something I wasn’t doing “right”, it was all I could think about during masturbation, and it’s bothered a few of my partners in the past, which made me feel worse about it in turn. It got to the point where, still being orgasm-less and about to turn 25, I just started assuming that I couldn’t ever get off.

But earlier this week, I had my apartment to myself, got a little tipsy with dinner, and just decided I felt like busting out a vibrator for some me-time. So I pulled out my Hitachi Magic Wand, started going at it without thinking much about the “goal”, and just enjoyed masturbating for the sake of masturbating. And then it started feeling more amazing than usual, and then out of nowhere, I finally had my first orgasm! It wasn’t the mind-blowing, world-shattering first one I’d been expecting, honestly, but it definitely was one! I had to just lay there on my bed for a second to recover before I could do anything else (by which I mean immediately try again ;D).

Thank you SO much for everything you do on your blog. Your honesty and positivity, as well as giving others an outlet to share their own experiences, has helped me so much in learning about and accepting my own sexuality.

Now if you’ll excuse me, my birthday’s tomorrow, I have the day off, and I have a few early presents to give myself courtesy of my Hitachi. <3″

Yay, congrats! And, happy birthday ;)

Sex story in the kitchen i had been out partying @orgasmictipsforgirls

Sex story: in the kitchen

I had been out partying with a group of friends including a guy I was kinda hot for – I’ll call him Joe. We all went back to my place for drinks after, and whilst everyone was in the living room, I went to the kitchen to wash up some glasses so there were enough to go around.

The next thing I know, Joe has come in, and stands behind me so close I can feel his breath on my neck. Without saying a word he starts kissing down my neck sending shivers down my spine. I let out a sigh and push my ass back into him, and I can feel his cock is already getting hard through his jeans… making me instantly wet. He then slides his hand up my thigh, up my skirt, between my legs, and starts to rub my clit through my panties. I know he can feel how wet I am because he lets out a little moan before pulling the fabric to one side and sliding his fingers inside me. Still nuzzling against my neck, he starts firmly rubbing my g-spot, hard and slow, until I’m tingling all over and my legs begin to shake so much that I have to lean forward on the kitchen counter to support myself.

I can feel his other hand unbuttoning his jeans and tugging his boxers down, and then his fingers slide out of me, and then the tip of his hard cock rubbing against my lips, pushing against my entrance. The teasing is already almost too much, when his hands pull my hips into him and his cock is suddenly deep inside me. The pleasure is so sudden and shocking I struggle not to cry out so our friends in the next room can’t hear us. He reaches around and starts to rub my clit while his cock throbs inside me and keeping quiet gets even harder.

He starts to fuck me hard and fast while firmly rubbing my clit, I feel like I’m going to explode almost instantly. My legs are like jelly and I can feel a hot wave going all through my body. I look up, and catch sight of our reflection in the window above the sink. It turns me on so much to watch him fucking me, the naughtiness of seeing myself taken from behind against the kitchen counter, the wild look on his face, that I push myself back against him hard, as he fucks me harder and harder. He grabs my hips roughly, I feel his cock twitch inside me, and as he comes he presses down hard on my clit, which sends me over the edge I have to bite my lip to stop me screaming as I had the most delicious orgasm. We stand there for a moment trying to catch our breath before adjusting ourselves and finishing rinsing the glasses, then we walk back into the room with our friends like nothing had happened!”

This blog is so amazing and has given me @orgasmictipsforgirls

This blog is so amazing and has given me inspiration and courage. I was feeling beautiful and wanted to capture the moment 😆 This community and blog has helped me see myself as beautiful. Thanks for that! 💜”

Dazyfay princess @orgasmictipsforgirls



Psa girls dont rush into making yourself cum @orgasmictipsforgirls

PSA: girls, don’t rush into making yourself cum quickly! Typically I cum within a few minutes or so but tonight I decided to try to spend as long as I could and it was the best orgasm I’ve ever had! I spent over an hour edging and just taking care of myself and making myself feel good and it was amazing. Highly recommend breaking out of your normal masturbation habit and just taking care of yourself! You’d be surprised with how good it feels xx”

I just have to share this but last night i went @orgasmictipsforgirls

I just have to share this, but last night i went skinny dipping with a friend! We snuck into a pool after closing and it was dark and it was great, until some guy yelled at us to get out cause it was after closing time. Thankfully he didn’t see anything!”

Goodbye for now sex my boyfriend and i have been @orgasmictipsforgirls


My boyfriend and I have been together for 5 months now, and he left for vacation today. The day before he left, we agreed to meet up and go to the gym to spend time with each other before he had to go. Before I left the house to go to the gym, he texted me saying his mum and sister had an unexpected appointment at the spa, and invited me over.

Getting to his house in record time, he let me in and we giggled the whole way up the stairs to his room. He gave me a pointed look and sly grin as he closed the window. Some teasing banter lead to kissing, which lead to him backing me into his bed. He knows I like it a bit rough in bed so he pinned my arms down and made out with me slowly. My impatient upward grinding against him earned me a little moan and a frustrated grunt as he took off the tshirt I had worn in anticipation for the gym.

After the pesky nuisance of clothes were taken care of, I took him in my hands and went down on him until he dragged me back up to sit on him. Liking to tease, I dropped down until I could feel only his tip inside and moved up as if to leave completely. I loved watching the impatience take over until his blown pupils were locked on mine and he put his hands on my hips and coaxed me to sit.

We spent a glorious hour in his bed shifting from me riding to him on top of me…to doggy style and back to him on top. After I had lost count of my orgasms and he finally decided to cum and we got cleaned up, he decided he was going to miss my boobs on the trip.

The licking and sucking got me horny really quick but he had another surprise for me that day. I’ve had a previous exboyfriend put oh so eloquently that “It smells all weird and tastes kinda funny” down there and ever since been very self conscious. I had never let my boyfriend go down on me despite his insistence that he did not mind.

He managed to convince me and proceeded to give me one of the best orgasms of my life, for which he will certainly regret considering I’ll be asking him to do it again much more often.

Needless to say, send off sex is the best kind of sex we’ve had so far, and we can only anticipate how good welcome back sex will be!”

I just got off for the first time by pillow @orgasmictipsforgirls

I just got off for the first time by pillow humping! Usually I cross my legs and do it like that but it takes me 3 mins max. With the pillow it took like twenty, but it felt unreal!

I dreamed that i was on my hands and knees and my @orgasmictipsforgirls

“I dreamed that i was on my hands and knees and my boyfriend had his hand in my hair and he pulled me up towards him and he was growling stuff into my ear like “you are such a fucking slut for me. Fuck baby your pussy feels  so good. you are such a good little girl for me.” Then he let go of my hair and i caught myself on my hands and i started moaning into the mattress.

And he slapped my ass so hard and i yelled
“daddy i need it harder. Please fuck me harder” so i moved my hips back to meet his. But he grabbed my hips and stopped completely and i groaned when he pulled out and sat up against the headboard. He gestured for me to come over and whispered “come here baby, show me you deserve it.”

i crawled across the bed to him and i put the tip in my mouth and he put his hands instantly in my hair and started fucking up into my mouth. I choked a few times but i was mostly able to control it. He pulled me up suddenly and kissed me hard and pulled me so i was straddling his lap. he put his mouth close to my ear and he whispered “what do you want?” Then he started kissing along my jaw and down my neck. I was shivering and letting out small moans so he stopped and stared at me with stern eyes and he said “i asked you a question. Do you need me to remind you who the boss is?”

I looked up at him and shook my head before i sucked in a breath and shifted in his lap causing his dick to slightly rub against my pussy. I let my head fall on his shoulder and i started kissing his neck but he was being tough and wasn’t giving in so i told him what i wanted to ride him and have him fuck up into me. He immediately grabbed my face with both hands and told me i was so dirty and kissed me and i started grinding on him. I put the tip in and i looked him in the eyes as i slowly took it all. His lips parted slightly and his shoulders slumped down and his head tilted back for a second. I kissed down his jaw line and i lightly bit his shoulder as i started riding him and he grabbed on to my hips and started thrusting up into me and i was moaning everything possible into his chest.

I reached up and grabbed onto the top of the headboard and put my mouth right by his ear and i was whispering to him how fucking good it felt. And when he was about to cum i put him in my mouth and he came down my throat and i swallowed it all. They he pushed me down and started eating me out and fingering me at the same time. When i came he put his fingers into my mouth and told me to taste myself so i did and then we made out for a little bit and then fell asleep.

I have discovered a weird turn on i have is the @orgasmictipsforgirls

I have discovered a weird turn-on I have is the thought of someone watching me while I touch myself. I just find it so hot. And by the way I adore your blog!”

Ive been following this blog for a while now and @orgasmictipsforgirls

I’ve been following this blog for a while now and I finally have something worth submitting :D

I’m 18 and have had previous boyfriends but things have never really gone past making out because I’ve never felt to comfortable about myself, but recently I’ve been seeing a guy who’s been a really good friend of mine for a few years so I know he had sex with his last girlfriend, so I’ve been a bit shy about doing anything much, but last night he had a small house party just a few of us drinking, eating pizza and playing games.

I’ve stayed the night before and although stayed in the same bed just slept, so last night everyone else slept downstairs and we stayed up in his room, nothing happened until the morning because we were both a little drunk and really tired. But after everyone left the next morning things really heated up! 

It just started with heavy making out but then he started to feel me over my jeans and asked if I was okay with him going further, because I was just so turned on and he makes me feel so comfortable I said yes and he started to finger me and OMG!!! It was sooo good! Basically, long story short, he gave me my first orgasm!”