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a blog for women that's all about sex, masturbation, orgasms, relationships and body positivity! sex advice & FAQs | videos | audios | stories | links | ask - orgasmic tips for girls (@orgasmictipsforgirls)
Thought my ass looked fucking superb today so i @orgasmictipsforgirls

“thought my ass looked fucking superb today so i took a picture!”

I felt really good about myself the other day and @orgasmictipsforgirls

I felt really good about myself the other day and i wanted to remember that feeling, so I took my first ever “sexy” photo… thought i would share.

This bra is hell to wear but it makes my boobs @orgasmictipsforgirls

This bra is hell to wear, but it makes my boobs look great :)”

I just wanted to say that no matter what you look @orgasmictipsforgirls

I just wanted to say that no matter what you look like you’re always beautiful. And I really hope the entire world knows that they are all amazing wonderful people. This site has given me the courage to show myself in a way that I’ve never done before…naked…I don’t ever do this I never have but I just feel confident enough to do it today :D so thank you!”

Pre shower tan lines @orgasmictipsforgirls

Pre-shower & tan lines.

Ive never liked my body thank you for making me @orgasmictipsforgirls
I’ve never liked my body, thank you for making me feel beautiful. <3″
Hey i have been going back and forth deciding @orgasmictipsforgirls

hey i have been going back and forth deciding whether to submit this or not and i figured what the hell… i have been struggling with my weight and self-confidence since i can remember. I haven’t had alot of sexual experience i feel because i wasn’t comfortable with myself and my sexuality. this last semester i studied abroad in europe and i started experimenting with clothes, alcohol, and even boys. i have gained SO much confidence in such a short time span. Not only that, but through reading the stories and tips on your blog helped me beyond belief. So here is a picture celebrating my new found bravery showing off my body and embracing my sexuality.”

I was feelin sexy after my shower tonight @orgasmictipsforgirls

I was feelin’ sexy after my shower tonight 😉”

Touching myself in my new favorite thong @orgasmictipsforgirls

Touching myself in my new favorite thong 😏”

Got some new panties today for 3 and just @orgasmictipsforgirls

Got some new panties today (FOR $3!!!) and just wanted to share!

Feeling myself today who said gingers arent @orgasmictipsforgirls

Feeling myself today. Who said gingers aren’t sexy? Oh yeah… no one!”

Thought my ass looked cute even though i have @orgasmictipsforgirls

Thought my ass looked cute, even though I have the WORST tan lines haha

This blog has made me feel so much better about my body so THANK YOU!!!”

Feeling extra confident today so i decided to @orgasmictipsforgirls

Feeling extra confident today, so I decided to show off a bit 😘”

There has never been a time in my life when i can @orgasmictipsforgirls

There has never been a time in my life when I can honestly say I’ve felt proud of and comfortable with my body, and consequently, a lot of my time, far more than is healthy, is spent worrying about my meals and exercise, not being good enough for anyone, etc etc. but I recently came across the quote, “so much of your twenties can be wasted on worrying what others think”, and I decided that I didn’t want to fall into that. 

I’m so grateful for your blog because you share this kind of mindset and I get see other girls that feel similarly too! So with my radical new attempt at being nothing but positive, I wanna share my beautiful body with you guys 💕🎉”

Sex gif @orgasmictipsforgirls

show me how you do it

Im finally starting to appreciate my breasts and @orgasmictipsforgirls

I’m finally starting to appreciate my breasts and all of my body now, thanks in large part to this blog. <3″

Stagnantflux dont play in her garden dont @orgasmictipsforgirls


don’t play in her garden & don’t smell her 🌸

Yesiamyourgoddess waking up in a good mood @orgasmictipsforgirls


Waking up in a good mood

Im a tiny girl and that was always my greatest @orgasmictipsforgirls

I’m a tiny girl and that was always my greatest insecurity, but this blog has given me so much confidence. Thanks for continuously embracing the human body!”

My first time submitting i hope this is okay i @orgasmictipsforgirls

My first time submitting! I hope this is okay. I guess you can obvs see what turns me on right next to me on my closet doors… xP”

Joeguys luke hunter ignite models @orgasmictipsforgirls


Luke Hunter @ Ignite Models

Ive always wanted to post naked photos but never @orgasmictipsforgirls

I’ve always wanted to post naked photos but never had the confidence, until this blog! Thank you!”

Average butt @orgasmictipsforgirls

the average photo of all the cute butt snaps you’ve sent!

I felt sexy today and i realized these shorts @orgasmictipsforgirls

I felt sexy today, and I realized these shorts matched my favorite bra, so…

First orgasm bath faucet masturbation @orgasmictipsforgirls

My first orgasm (while awake, anyways)

“I started masturbating at a very young age and even though I had tried and tried for 8 years, I could never give myself an orgasm (and I’m a virgin, so it really felt like I’d never have one). I would occasionally get small ones in my sleep even when I wasn’t having a sexual dream, but I never felt fully satisfied with them and wanted to know what it was like to have felt good every single second even before I came. I had tried everything; electric toothbrush, humping, shower heads, penetration, rubbing my clit, and nothing ever felt good; in fact, it never felt like anything. It just felt like touching skin.

Thankfully, while taking a bath the other night, I remember something I saw about letting water from the faucet hit your clit in the tub and decided to try it. I put my legs up on the handles to adjust the temperature and moved myself as close to the faucet as I could, and oh my fucking god.

Within seconds, I was moaning uncontrollably and I felt all of the breath leave my body. I had never been able to make myself moan or whimper or pant before and those sounds alone made me even hornier. My arms were starting to shake and bend and I was having trouble supporting my upper body before I even came. My legs were kicking the walls and I started furiously rubbing my clit within a minute. My orgasm was so intense that I lost all control of my body and knocked over every bottle in the shower and almost cried from how amazing it felt.

I’m getting turned on just typing this. So, thank you for giving me that amazing idea that helped me give myself my first orgasm! I’m definitely going to be taking baths a lot more often now ;)”

Lesbian sex dream @orgasmictipsforgirls

I was just hanging out with a friend when we started brushing elbows, pressing thighs, making glances… eventually we made this intense eye contact and I nodded before just getting up and straddling her.

I remember making out and thinking, ‘wow, finally’, because I’ve been sorta attracted to her for a bit now. She would make these'ugh’ and ‘right there’ noises that were really low and growly and sometimes ridiculous enough to get me laughing, but not enough to distract me from kissing her and grinding a bit against her, my hands rubbing up and down her thighs.

She groaned and I slipped down to ravishing her jaw with my tongue and teeth, and then nuzzle her throat before opening her flannel one snap button at a time.

Pop. Throat.
Pop. Sternum.
Pop, pop, pop.

When it was fully open, I pushed her down and licked slowly over her breast until I found the nipple. It was small and peaked already, and I made eye contact before taking her left boob in my hand to massage and tease and sucking the right gradually harder and harder. She was moaning like a girl in a tape and had fistfuls of my hair in her hands, it was so fucking hot, I could already feel how wet and turned on I was.

So I decided to see how she was… by letting go of her breast and tracing down, down into the shorts she’d be grinding against desperately, tracing over the wetness of her panties…

…and then I woke up, and remembered I’ve never even kissed a girl (or anyone!) before.

And I can’t get off, due to family being around, so I decided to submit here for the first time… ugh, even just typing that up, unf.

Hope you enjoyed like I did.”

My boyfriend is a hottie from the college i @orgasmictipsforgirls

My boyfriend is a hottie from the college. I remember the first day I snuck him inside my home. My mom wasn’t in town. So I asked him to come over. I was nervous because our relationship was just a month old at that time.

I’m his first girlfriend, so I knew he was totally inexperienced about sexual stuff! I wasn’t really expecting too much… maybe a few kisses here and there.

But when he entered my room, I got totally turned on.

I pounced on him (literally!). We kissed for God knows how long. He gradually unbuttoned and unzipped every bit of my outfit as we went. The next I think I know, I’m almost naked and a little shy.

He was on top of me, still wearing all of his clothes and kissing my neck and going down to my nipples an teasing them with his tongue. Hot waves ran up my spine each time. Then he made his way down to my stomach and started kissing my bellybutton. It made me so high that I started started to moan. He pinned my hands down by my side and kept teasing my stomach with little kisses and licks. I was getting more and more wet.

He suddenly stopped and stood up, and started undoing his shirt. He just loosened his jeans but did not take it off.

Then all of a sudden he was between my legs licking my clit.. it was sexy as hell and he was GREAT at it.

Then I went on him and opened his pants and undies until he was fully exposed. I was a little nervous about giving a blow job… but I did. I took his dick inside my mouth and the way he moaned! O.M.G.

We spent all afternoon fooling around and using our hands on each other and everything. It was so sexy and awesome and perfect.”

Ive been in a quasi long distance relationship @orgasmictipsforgirls

“I’ve been in a quasi-long-distance relationship for the past few months (meaning that my significant other and I agreed we wouldn’t start a relationship until he gets back to our university mid-August) and let me just say, the distance has been utter torture. We met fairly late in the school year and for a while I was hesitant to hook up with him because he’s a really good friend of my roommate/best friend…but that’s a whole story entirely.

Anyways, we didn’t have sex before we parted ways for the summer because I was still feeling unsure about the whole situation, even though I’m not unfamiliar with one-night-stands and booty calls. He was really respectful of that as well; quite honestly, it made me like him even more. 

Well, as the summer has gone on, I’ve become more comfortable with the fact that I want him (desperately). We text and snapchat almost every single day, and I have to admit, I’ve kind of fallen in love. All of this has led up to this week/night. Earlier this week, he made some comment about wanting to tear my clothes off, to which I replied saying, “…what if i did it for you…”. I wound up completely naked while he sent pictures captioned with all the things he wants to do to me, how his pants were getting tighter and tighter, how absolutely gorgeous I looked. Pretty empowering stuff, let me tell you. But thats not all.

Tonight we were having a Skype date because he finally has cell service/wifi and gradually, pieces of clothing go missing. I don’t remember how it all started (probably with a witty innuendo or admission of some fantasy) but we started masturbating over the webcam. I’m trying to stay as quiet as possible, but I couldn’t help the heavy breathing and occasional whimpers. Just hearing him tell me how beautiful I was and how much I turned him on, well, I nearly soaked the bed with how wet I was. I watched his shoulder muscles flex as he stroked himself, and eventually he let me see his cock (which I hadn’t before). He tried his best not to cum before me, but after begging him to finish, he snuck off to the bathroom with its easily cleanable surfaces and I watched him as his stomach muscles tensed and cum covered his hands, thighs, and cock. It was absolutely gorgeous. I continued to watch him play with himself as my own hand moved faster, my breathing getting heavier. And after some encouragement from him, I came too…quite an accomplishment considering that I’ve never cum in the presence of a partner… After that we were both pretty exhausted, especially considering how late it had gotten, so we said our goodbyes and now I’m sharing the story!

I know it’s not nearly as juicy as some of the posts I’ve read on this blog, but this has all been a huge step in my relationship and I had to tell someone:) Hopefully our first time is as memorable as tonight!”

Pussy eating gifs @orgasmictipsforgirls

I’m in love with the taste of you.

I just found your blog and its amazing to find a @orgasmictipsforgirls

“I just found your blog and it’s amazing to find a sex advice page just for girls and for all orientations! So thank you. I just wanted to share a sexy story of mine from a couple of nights ago….

My girlfriend just started an online college course so she was up late studying while I slept in our bedroom. I was woken up by her roughly kissing me in frustration at her computer.

I love love love when she does this so I was sleepily enjoying it. Anyway I start to wake up fully and we just lay in bed and talk while she every now and then kisses me roughly in frustration.

So I’m getting super turned on by this but as it’s late we decide to go to sleep and we kiss and say goodnight.

Not a minute after this she exclaims “ugh I just need to taste you!” And pulls down my pyjama pants and moves my thighs apart and starts licking me.

I let out a surprised moan and reach for the top of her head in surprise while she keeps licking me. She is doing all the moves I like and it feels amazing! I’m actually getting wet just thinking about it.

She then starts trying some new moves out on me and I LOVE them. She sucks my clit, which she has only really done during 69 and then starts penetrating me with her tongue.

Soon enough she incorporates the two of them together, massaging my g-spot with her tongue while sucking my clit. At this point I’m drowning in pleasure, squirming and arching my back it’s feeling so damn good and Im having continuous orgasms as well as cumming in her mouth.

Then I feel a large build up and I start moaning “don’t stop!” As a massive climax fills my body and I relax into the bed.

It was definitely one of the best orgasms I’ve ever had (and she is REALLY good) and I think I have a new favourite oral sex style!”

So im kind of in love with my new bra and just @orgasmictipsforgirls

So I’m kind of in love with my new bra and just wanted to share it with somebody! This is the first place I’ve ever felt comfortable sharing. I’m trying to learn to love my body this year, and hopefully this is the start to more submissions and real confidence-building!”

Ive always been shy about my body but this year @orgasmictipsforgirls

I’ve always been shy about my body, but this year I’ve gained a lot of confidence in how I look. Accepting myself day by day has made me a lot happier overall! 💘”

Porn4ladies awwh all dressed up and @orgasmictipsforgirls



all dressed up and nowhere to g… aw, thanks bro!

The lock box this summer i had one of my @orgasmictipsforgirls

The lock box

This summer, I had one of my favorite sexual experiences.

I was secretly hooking up with one of my co-counsellors at the day camp I was working at. He had been on vacation for the past week so we hadn’t had sex in a while, but I was working late at the camp that week and he had another job in the evening so it was hard for us to find time. One day, while the kids were playing a game, we discussed when we could hang out again before the summer was over. He offered to have me over to his place in a week, but I didn’t want to wait that long. So instead, I came up with a plan.

Every Tuesday and Wednesday, the ten counsellors take the sixty some kids to a field in the city to play sports and games for an hour or so. Near the field is the camp’s “lock box” — an old out of use bathroom that the city now rents out as space for camps and other organizations to store things. The camp uses it to store balls and nets and other sports equipment for the kids to play with when we take them to the fields. While the kids were playing in the fields, he snuck away to the lock box with the key and texted me to meet him there. A few minutes later, I walked away from the field and to the lock box. When I got there, the lock was on the door, unlatched.

I opened the door and entered the room and found him waiting for me. To be honest… it was absolutely disgusting in there. The toilets were dried up, the sinks were covered in dust, the floor was covered in dirt. But something about how dirty it was really turned me on. Something about the sneaking around really got me going. He grabbed me and pushed me against the door frame of the stall and kissed me as i stood on my tippy toes to reach him.

He pulled down my tank top and my bra and grabbed my boobs. I dropped to my knees on the filthy ground and sucked his dick. When he was really hard, he pulled me up, turned me around, leaned me against the door frame and fucked me from behind. When we finished, we both got dressed—our clothes now covered in dirt. He headed back to the field, and a couple of minutes later, I headed back in the opposite direction. We both went back to playing soccer and tag with the kids like nothing had ever happened.”

Doing this kind of turned me on really badly @orgasmictipsforgirls

Doing this… kind of turned me on really badly.

Two handed handjob oil massage @orgasmictipsforgirls

coconut oil + two hands = extra-special handjob treat.

Your blog has taught me so much and made me feel @orgasmictipsforgirls

Your blog has taught me so much and made me feel so much better about myself. Thank you!”

Hpbms tlcrmt my body and i fought for @orgasmictipsforgirls



My body and I fought for years and we both won.

This is my first submission ever, I am very nervous. Body positive blogs have taught me so much. I have learned to love myself through the pictures I have been taking. Now I can grab my cute belly in a loving way. Now peace has been achieved.

— I am so glad that you are no longer warring with your body. We need to learn to love ourselves more. We are what we are, and that is a beautiful thing. I love the heart shape your hands are making on your cute belly. Thank you so much for choosing to participate in Body Positivity Monday. Xoxo, T

Holy crap, I was reblogged on thepureskin O.o

All the boobs at once @orgasmictipsforgirls

All the topless pics you’ve ever sent in, all at once! That’s a lot of boob.

Massage from boyfriend story @orgasmictipsforgirls

Massage night

My boyfriend and I have known each other for almost 2 years but we haven’t officially “dated” until about 6 months ago. In that time we’ve been everything; friends, friends with benefits, back to friends, and now dating.  We know each other really well already which makes for a great relationship to begin with.   Anyway, a few nights ago, I was having really bad shoulder and back pain (I’ve just recently got back into working out and it was just general soreness). I asked him to massage my back and he agreed after he jokingly whined about it.

I was face down on his bed, still fully clothed, him only in his boxers, and he sat on top of me and started to rub my shoulders.  When he did, I felt him hard through my denim shorts, and as he was massaging he was also grinding himself into my ass. He started nibbling on my ears and biting my neck, which drives me up the wall crazy.  I slowly turned into a moaning mess with the combination of his cock grinding into me and the massage I was still happily getting.  I started to grind back on him and wiggling my ass side to side which made him groan and I felt his dick get even harder.  

“This is better than a back rub, huh?” He breathed into my ear.

I really couldn’t form words, all I could do was sigh and moan as he continued. When I tried to grind on him more he pushed me into the bed and said, “Shh. Relax. You don’t need to do anything.”

He then went away from the shoulders and reached around to my boobs, pinching, massaging, and teasing my nipples till they were hard and I was shaking.  He went back to my shoulders and back, alternating between them and my boobs. At this point I was dripping and begging him to touch me in between my legs, to which he greatly obliged.

Still grinding into me he slipped his hand into my shorts and began rubbing my clit through my panties, which increased my moaning and shaking. This lasted for about 15 minutes, him grinding on my ass, whispering dirty things into my ear, teasing me with his fingers, biting and licking me on my neck and back.  Unfortunately, his roommates came back to the house and we had to stop before they could hear us in his room (I’m pretty loud when it comes to anything related to sex).  Needless to say, it was probably one of the best massages I’ve gotten and I hope we can do it again so I can return the favor.”

Too good @orgasmictipsforgirls

too good!

Shokushu princess sometimes im too mesmerised @orgasmictipsforgirls


Sometimes i’m too mesmerised by my own boobs


Ive felt super confident lately so i thought id @orgasmictipsforgirls

I’ve felt super confident lately so I thought I’d submit! I love your blog ^.^”

Squirting story @orgasmictipsforgirls

“I’ve got a story to tell.

I’ve been really horny the last few days. I already masturbated twice today, somehow without feeling less horny afterwards. So I decided for some more self-love, and started lazily fingering myself. I got extremely wet really fast, already dripping down on my sheets. At this point I decided to lay some towels underneath, which, in hindsight, was a pretty smart idea. I didn’t squirt, but came really close to an orgasm without actually reaching it, and spend a good half an hour edging. I only needed to touch my clit once and I came hard not able to hold back a scream. It was one of the strongest orgasms I’ve ever had. My clit was more swollen than ever before, and I absently continued rubbing it.

I have never been able to squirt just from playing with my clit before. But it only took me a few minutes until the familiar feeling of arousal grew. I squirted some, and couldn’t stop. I edged a few times, never allowing myself to come. At this point I was a moaning mess in my bed, covered in sweat and grinding my hips. It felt like a continuous orgasm for at least fifteen minutes, until I couldn’t hold it in any longer and allowed myself to come. The orgasm was just as powerful as the first one, but so incredibly different in the same time. It crashed down on me like a wave, and I couldn’t make a sound. It didn’t felt like the usual explosion of lust and arousal, but more like the most peaceful moment of my life. Everything went quiet, I froze, and it seemed like time was standing still. I honestly have no idea how long I was in that state, it could have literally been minutes.

I was literally completely smeared in white stuff between my legs all the way over my buttcheeks. I’ve never been so wet, and my clit has never been so swollen.

Anyways, that was probably the best masturbating session of my life, so I though I’d share. :)”

Sex toy shopping @orgasmictipsforgirls

Sex toy shopping!

This isn’t really a sexy story, but I do think it’s kinda hilarious. :)

I’ve always been the most experienced out of all of my friends; and when asked and when needed, I try to share my “wisdom.” When my friend Isabelle* (*name changed) asked me after a couple drinks what a glory hole was, I was able to give her an answer. And when Maria* called me at midnight on a Wednesday during midterms asking what to do if her first time hurt, I was the girl who assured her that it would be okay, go slow and use lube, and that foreplay was her friend.

So when Maria, Isabelle, and I returned home from our universities for the summer, I expected lots of late night gossip seshes and college stories over Starbucks–here’s what I didn’t expect:

Vibrator shopping.

It was a nice, not-too-hot Saturday in June, and we were at Isabelle’s house, trying to decide what to do that day. The mall and the town Starbucks were already checked off. The previous night was a crappy movie marathon. I refused to be bored on my well-earned summer break.

“So, what do you guys want to do?” I asked, stroking Isabelle’s cat and reclining on the couch.

“Actually…” Isabelle trailed off, then looked at Maria, who nodded in a supportive way. “We kind of wanted to ask you something.”

“Sure,” I said, propping myself on an elbow. “Bring it on!”

“Could you take us vibrator shopping?” Isabelle asked, blushing but eyes hopeful.

I was at a momentary loss for words. To be fair, I did possess a vibrator, but I bought in a backdoor sex shop in my incredibly liberal college town. I didn’t know where I would find one in my glorious home city.

Maria broke the silence. “We figured that if anyone had one, it would be you. Besides, I’m too damn lazy for fingers, and, and…”

“Fantasizing never works for me!” Isabelle blurted out.

“No, no, I understand, everyone’s different. We can do that today–I know where we can go,” I lie.

After searching “sex shops in _____” I find a store open that appears to be less sketch than the other Google search results (stores with names like “hoochie supply co.” and “dick festival” just didn’t seem reputable) and we hop on the subway. Maria, who is normally 100% chill, looked jittery, and Isabelle looked super excited, like a little kid going to the circus.

“Can we get ice cream too?” Isa asked.

A couple of subway stops and line changes later, we had arrived at our destination–a really trendy, upscale, crowded street in the middle of the city.

I checked the address on my phone, and sure enough, two blocks up, was a sex shop. I started making my way to the entrance and noticed Maria and Isa standing on the sidewalk, staring at the store like a cavern housing a monster.

“Fine, suit yourselves,” I told them, and basically marched in.

It was the most ostentacious, brightly-lit shop I’ve ever seen. The website was sleek and sophisticated, but the store had shelves upon shelves of obnoxious-colored dildos, dozens of vibrators, and hanging from the ceilings were blown-up sex dolls and condoms. They even had a food aisle with genitalia-shaped pasta.

“Shit,” Maria muttered behind me. My friends had followed me in.

What can only be described as a moment of silence lapsed before I strode towards the vibe aisle, remembering what we came here for.

“What’s the cheapest one?” Maria asked, as if I worked here.

“Ummm…” I picked up a couple of the smaller, less complex ones, and compared prices; I handed her a six-inch long blue one, and she gingerly took it.

“This is fifteen dollars, that’s the cheapest one I’ve seen so far. They have it in green and and in pink, but I don’t think your vagina will really care.”

Meanwhile Isa was at the back of the store where the movies and costumes were displayed. She held up a DVD titled “Foreign Exchange Fun” and studied the back cover.

“Guys, I don’t think I’ve ever heard of any of these movies.”

I gave her a minute to finish reading.

Isa looked up, her eyes wide. “These weren’t in movie theatres, were they?”

I shake my head. “Damn shame,” Isa whistles.

“Alright, I take the blue one you gave me, let’s get out of here,” Maria says, heading to the cashier. Isa ended up getting the same design but in green. It was after they bought their items did they realize it wouldn’t fit inside their purses.

“Hey! Your purse is definitely big enough for both of ours,” Maria pointed out. This was true. I have a giant teal bag that I carry around for when I take my sketchbook with me or need to carry books around at college.

“Ugh, fiiiiiiiiiiiiine. I’ll carry your contraband,” and drop them in my bag. “I feel like such a mom, taking you shopping and then carting your shit around for you.”

“Yeah, but you’re like the best mom,” Isa says. “You were so brave in there.”

“There’s nothing to be brave about–it’s not like anything in there was going to hurt us, for God’s sake,” I reply.

“Except the BDSM shelf,” Maria says dryly, and we all laugh a little too hard.

And like most summer adventures, it ended with ice cream.”

For a long time i had trouble seeing myself as a @orgasmictipsforgirls

For a long time I had trouble seeing myself as a sexual being, and I still often struggle with the idea of presenting myself as traditionally femininely “pretty”, I’m not totally sure why.  So not long ago I decided to go for it and got some professional boudoir photos taken.  I bought some gorgeous lingerie and made an appointment.  I was nervous, but the gal was terrific - very encouraging and professional, and I LOVE how they turned out!  If you can afford it and can find a great photographer, I highly recommend doing something like this.  It helped me see myself in a way that I’d long struggled with.

P.S. Love, love, LOVE this blog!  :)”

Id prefer to stay anonymous ive never @orgasmictipsforgirls

I’d prefer to stay anonymous, i’ve never submitted anything before. But I bought my self a set the other day, and I love the way it looks ✨”

So great!

The best roleplay partner ive really been @orgasmictipsforgirls

The best roleplay partner!

I’ve really been wanting to share this for a while so I decided, why not today! So, I’m 18 and a virgin and I’ve been pretty big on sexual roleplays lately. Usually, I meet people on Omegle and we RP there, sometimes we move to my chatzy room and continue there or we add each other on skype. The majority of my experiences were with guys and men who were less than stand-up people. Even though it’s “only roleplaying” I often found myself in scenes that didn’t sit right with me and when I spoke up, they would get mad at me. And I know this is “only people on the internet” but words hurt, and stick with you. So eventually, I just started being a Yes-Man of sorts. I went along with any scene and anything they wanted. But, about 3 months ago, I met a guy, let’s call him V.

I met V on Omegle like I met most of the other guys. I found out he was 20. We through around ideas for a while then started a scene. We really clicked so we moved to chatzy, then added each other on skype so we could contact each other when we want to do scenes again. I started off being very Yes-Man, with him, never really implementing my own ideas and going along with what he wanted in the scenes. Both sexually and in life in general, I’m more submissive in my mannerisms. V and I began talking outside of our scenes. At one point in our conversations, he brought up something about anal sex and I expressed to him that I didn’t like the idea of it and he was shocked to hear that, as in nearly every scene we had done, there was an element of anal sex. He told me that he was sorry that he had brought it into the scenes since I didn’t like it and that he wished I would have said something. From there, I started learning the importance of communication in relationships. Before every scene that we do, we have a talk. We talk about what we want and what we don’t want and he asks me to be brutally honest. I know, it sounds like, “what a drag” but honestly, it turns out being so sexy, telling him the things that I want to happen in the scene and hearing him do the same.

I feel like my online relationship with V is helping me prepare for my real life sexual relationships in the future. Communication is so important in roleplay and I’m so glad I’m learning it now than waiting until I’m in a real life relationship and having to learn the hard way. I just wanted to share this and I hope this helps someone!

By the way, I LOVE your blog! Been following all throughout high school and it’s actually the reason I got into sexual roleplaying in the first place! Stay amazing!”

Masturbating under desk at work @orgasmictipsforgirls

Night shift

So I work on reception for this company each day. Usually at the end of the working day someone comes in to take over until 2am, but the other night they didn’t turn up for whatever reason, so I had to stay really late. After about 8pm, nobody was in the office at all, and I was just watching OITNB on the work computer. Eventually I started reading dirty stories on my phone and getting kind of turned on. At first I as super-paranoid somebody would suddenly appear – even though who comes into work at 11pm on a Friday night? – but as time ticked by (11.10, 11.20…) with no sign of anyone, I started to get braver and hornier, and started to touch myself a little under the desk.

By 11.45 my hand had found its way under my tights and panties. The stress I might get walked-in on was somehow making everything more intense and my clit was an aching for an actual orgasm. But I couldn’t get comfy enough. 

I decided to risk it and turned off all the lights in the reception area so it was really dark, apart from the light of the computer screen, and went to lie on the big couch were visitors sit while they wait for an appointment. I started looking for videos on my phone while my other hand was under my panties teasing myself. I was getting so wet.

I dared myself to take off my tights and underwear. I kicked off my heels and pulled them down to my ankles and off and laid back down. Now with my skirt hitched up I was totally exposed. I parted my legs and could feel the aircon between my legs. If someone came in now…

I reached back down… unf. So much easier without underwear! I finally found this amazing girl-girl video and my clit started throbbing harder than ever. I started rubbing myself as fast as I could. In the video one girl was telling the other “You gonna cum for me baby? You gonna cum like a good girl?” and that sent me over the edge. I thought I’d be too scared to let myself go completely but I convulsed involuntarily and let out a moan and the orgasm went on and on and on until I was curled up in a ball.

After I was done I screwed up my tights and underwear into a ball and stashed them in my handbag. I figured I’d stay commando and my panties were all sticky with cum anyway.

But it was still only midnight. Still two hours to go!

After a little while I started to get horny again. I think the adrenaline rush of what I’d just done was still turning me on? (it had definitely the riskiest orgasm of my life and I felt like such a bad girl, but in a good way!) I hitched my skirt up and slid my fingers… yep, I was still so wet. I started to rub again out of curiosity but the feeling started to build up. I couldn’t believe I was going to do this again. But I knew I need to. And I knew I wanted something even more.

I opened the cupboard behind the desk, where we kept our lost property. I pulled out an unclaimed sweater from the bottom that had been gathering dust there for over a year. I took a highlighter pen from the pot on the desk and went back to the couch.

I laid the sweater out and lay on top of it so it was under my hips. I started playing with my clit again, the build up was slower than before (and no porn this time) but I felt even naughtier and it was just as pleasurable. I thought about earlier that day, how all the people I work with had passed through this room, and then the sneakiness of what I was doing now. I thought about someone watching me. Then I took the highlighter pen and pushed it inside me. Fuck it felt so good to have something inside. I started pushing it in and out of my wet pussy. The shape of it was really hitting a spot. I got that familiar need-to-pee feeling but couldn’t stop. I thought about being fucked on this sofa, some security guard catching me and then pinning me down and having me, hard and fast, his hard cock ramming inside me, me rubbing my clit while I took him, murmuring “Fuck me, fuck me harder, I’m gonna cum…”

I felt a jet of warm liquid from my cunt but I kept going. I needed to cum so bad. More warm wetness dribbled down my ass and thighs. My knees were up by my chest and my hand was a blur as I pumped the highlighter in and out of me and then my whole body buckled and I started squirting and cumming all at the same time. It felt like it went on FOREVER, just twitching uncontrollably, contraction after contraction after contraction.

I pulled the pen slowly out of me and one more gush of cum trickled out of me onto the sweater. I looked down to check it had caught all my wetness and fortunately it had! It was literally soaked in juice but as I gingerly picked it up and nothing had gone through.

An hour later, when I was back behind the desk, the through-the-night reception person arrived and I left sheepishly. I walked to my car with my panties and tights still stuffed in my purse and the damp sweater stuffed in a plastic shopping bag destined for my laundry.

The best thing about is it I got paid double the usual rate to stay late but it was a lot more fun than anything I did in the day. Secretly I kind of hope it isn’t the last time I have to do a night shift all by myself…”

Love this photo of myself @orgasmictipsforgirls

love this photo of myself :)

All the portrait sized nudes youve ever @orgasmictipsforgirls

All the portrait-sized nudes you’ve ever submitted, all at once :)

Love your blog and love my ass xxxx @orgasmictipsforgirls

Love your blog, and love my ass xxxx

Sexy tinder date @orgasmictipsforgirls

The right swipe

“Oh my gosh. I have a tinder, but the only guy I’d ever met in real life was a giant disappointment… until last night.

I started talking to this guy last week and we really hit it off. Yesterday afternoon, he wanted to meet up. We ended up going to my favorite cemetery–kinda creepy and weird, I know. 

We were talking and talking. I showed him the best view in the valley, you can see everything from that little cliff. He gently took my hand and asked to kiss me, I did the only logical thing I could think of and kissed him. We couldn’t stop, we started making out on the edge of a twenty foot cliff. 

The cemetery has a little creek area with graffiti and it’s all-in-all gorgeous down there. We went to explore down there– probably a bad idea given I’d just met him and he could easily murder me, but whatever. Climbing around in the brush we talked and admired the blue gang tags and crosses decorating the cliff. 

Finally, we settled on this rock, which looked like it was from lion king, and we started kissing. Not just kissing, like hardcore making out he was pulling my hair and kissing my neck and touching my chest. It was all very hot, I couldn’t believe it was real. 

He had to leave soon and it was getting dark, so, we headed to our cars. He leaned down to kiss me good-bye, but we couldn’t stop to the point where he pinned me against my car and was grinding into me. Right there outside a graveyard, across from a neighborhood! He lifted me up by my ass and held me suspended in the air. And me being the awkward person I am said “this is literally the hottest thing I’ve done” and he dropped me, like I monkey slid down his body. 

I can’t believe that happened, it doesn’t even feel real, but I have the hickey to prove it.”

Im a bit nervous about doing this as ive never @orgasmictipsforgirls

I’m a bit nervous about doing this as I’ve never taken pictures of myself before but just the thought of submitting this is making my very f**king wet!!

Myviewofher polaroid fun during our snapchat @orgasmictipsforgirls


Polaroid fun during our snapchat session the other night :)

Huffingtonpost 24 women bare their scars to @orgasmictipsforgirls


24 Women Bare Their Scars To Reveal The Beauty In Imperfections

“It’s a reminder that we can heal no matter what happens to us.”

Photos by: Damon Dahlen

No strings attached a while back one of my @orgasmictipsforgirls

No strings attached

A while back one of my coworkers (who I never really saw/interacted with at work regularly) asked for my number and said he’d liked me for the longest time. We ended up hooking up at his place the next day. Then he left the job and I never heard from him again.

He texted me about 3 weeks ago and it was totally random. He doesn’t have his place anymore (and I still live with my family) so we knew that hooking up would be a lot more difficult if we wanted to again (and we both did).

Last night I was at a house party in the same neighborhood as the friend he’s staying with… I enticed him enough to come out, even though he claimed to have a horrible headache. So he met me by my car. I claimed that I just wanted a kiss.

We ended up in the back seat of my car to make out. it was amazing. I don’t have any emotional connection with him but he just turns me on so much when we are together i can’t even stand it. Things started to get serious so I had to call my friend and ask him to bring me my purse (i always have condoms on me!)

We ended up fucking in the back seat of my car (something i’ve always wanted to do!) and it was incredible. I’m getting turned on just thinking about it again! He’s just really good at what he does (and it turns me on that he always tells me how much he enjoys my kisses or my touch or whatever I’m doing).

Definitely a night I won’t forget… i already want to text him to hookup again (we don’t talk regularly and when we do talk, its because either one of us wants to hook up).

i’m not sure when the next chance for us to get together is going to be, but i’m going to text him sometime this week and tell him that I don’t want it to be another 5 months! I definitely won’t be able to stand it. He’s the only guy I’ve ever had this kind of relationship with… just hooking up, without really talking outside of it. whenever we text, it’s usually sexting and you know what, i love it. i don’t feel like i’d want more with him, and he’s in kind of a complex situation at the moment to want anything more either.

This whole experience with him has given me some kind of new confidence i never thought i could have… i have horrible self-esteem issues but he just makes me forget about all of that because he really enjoys my body and doesn’t care. it’s such a turn on!

Just wanted to share this story… it makes me feel really naughty and i love it!”

I love my butt even if i do have some confidence @orgasmictipsforgirls

I love my butt, even if I do have some confidence issues.

Sometimes i take pictures to build my confidence @orgasmictipsforgirls

Sometimes I take pictures to build my confidence when I’m feeling down about my body.

Lingerie polaroid @orgasmictipsforgirls

A polaroid my boyfriend took of me on our last night together before we tackle long distance. I actually really like how it turned out!“

Drawing of an orgasm @orgasmictipsforgirls

‘Draw what an orgasm feels like.’

Illustration: Stuart F Taylor. Source: