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a blog for women that's all about sex, masturbation, orgasms, relationships and body positivity! sex advice & FAQs | videos | audios | stories | links | ask - orgasmic tips for girls (@orgasmictipsforgirls)
Feeling sexy love to explore my body @orgasmictipsforgirls

Feeling sexy. Love to explore my body.”

When blogs give you the confidence to post sexy @orgasmictipsforgirls

When blogs give you the confidence to post sexy selfies…

Thank you for giving me the confidence to embrace @orgasmictipsforgirls

Thank you for giving me the confidence to embrace this body! 1st time ever taking photos of myself like this!”

Love your blog thanks for helping me love on @orgasmictipsforgirls

Love your blog! Thanks for helping me love on myself 😘💕”

This blog made me feel so confident about my @orgasmictipsforgirls

This blog made me feel so confident about my body, so here’s to positivity!

I felt cute this morning and wanted to show @orgasmictipsforgirls

I felt cute this morning and wanted to show someone without being judged😇”

I love taking sexy pictures of myself now and i @orgasmictipsforgirls

I love taking sexy pictures of myself now, and I love your blog!

Itty bitty titty committee reporting in @orgasmictipsforgirls

itty bitty titty committee reporting in ✌”

Its been hard for me to feel good about myself @orgasmictipsforgirls

It’s been hard for me to feel good about myself, especially in queer women’s spaces, as a trans girl, but I felt like you of all blogs would accept me!

The lighting in this pic makes it look like i @orgasmictipsforgirls

The lighting in this pic makes it look like i have a flat stomach and i have no one else to show this off to!

Felt like my body looked hella fine @orgasmictipsforgirls

Felt like my body looked hella fine! 😀”

Demacir brividi d m c @orgasmictipsforgirls



~D. M. C.®

Uteropolis sexetc micdotcom watch this @orgasmictipsforgirls




Watch: This revolutionary multimedia project is teaching the world to become cliterate 

Just in case you had questions about the clitoris.

My high school’s (I was in high school last year) sex ed textbook didn’t mention the clitoris

Feeling frisky tonight @orgasmictipsforgirls

feeling frisky tonight! 😉”

Feeling sexy in my boyfriends shirt your blog @orgasmictipsforgirls

Feeling sexy in my boyfriend’s shirt ;) Your blog is amazing btw!”

I bought this bra a couple of days ago along with @orgasmictipsforgirls

I bought this bra a couple of days ago along with its matching underwear and I’ve been wearing both underneath my clothes all day. My secret knowledge that I’m wearing matching underwear has given me such confidence and made me feel so sexy and wet all day I thought i needed to share it…”

new lingerie is the bestest

I cant post this on my own blog but i can @orgasmictipsforgirls

I can’t post this on my own blog… but i can totally leave it here! xx”

There are good days there are bad days but @orgasmictipsforgirls

There are good days, there are bad days, but always you have to love yourself! <3 “

I love your blog and i love my butt @orgasmictipsforgirls

I love your blog and I love my butt :*

Recently discovered this blog plus a few other @orgasmictipsforgirls

Recently discovered this blog plus a few other women-positive porn blogs, and I must say my masturbation game has been A+ ever since!

Go you ;)

I really like my breasts not only are they nice @orgasmictipsforgirls

I really like my breasts. Not only are they nice to look at, but I just like to hold and squeeze them, not just sexually. Like in a comforting way. Love having them!”

Yay boobs! I feel the same :)

Thanks for helping me appreciate my body more @orgasmictipsforgirls

Thanks for helping me appreciate my body more. Love your page!”

First orgasm movie theater @orgasmictipsforgirls

So I’m 22 and a virgin. In the part of the world where I live, society is pretty conservative and sex before marriage is almost unacceptable. But today I had my first orgasm from someone other than me and I wanted to share it…

We live in different cities and so don’t see each other for months. Today he came to see me and we went out and went to a movie. Of course, we couldn’t keep our hands off each other (and the place I live in is conservative about PDA too) so whatever we had to do, had to be done in the darkness of the cinema hall.

Upto this point, we had never done anything more than making out. We were just holding hands and stealing the odd kiss here and there when he began to nibble my ear and then proceeded to nuzzle my neck. By this time my panties were SOAKING WET and I was really turned on. I began to touch his thighs and he put his hand into my top and began playing with my boobs. I was gasping in pleasure.

A few minutes later, he guided my hand to his crotch where i could feel the hardness of his cock. This was pretty much my first time touching a guy’s dick :P I felt it and began rubbing it through his jeans. He continued kissing me and playing with my boobs.

He whispered in my ear, ‘Darling, you have no idea how beautiful you are. You make me so hard.’ I kept rubbing his cock frantically. His hand reached for my butt and he began tracing the outline of my panties over my tights. I had to really stop myself from moaning, it felt SO good.

He took out his other hand from my top and started rubbing my thighs. After a while, he placed his hand on my pussy, and looked at me. I nodded. He began to feel around my pussy and clit.

Then he began rubbing my clit, while whispering things like ‘I love you so much. You are so beautiful in everything you do. I’m so lucky to have you…’. I kept rubbing his cock and we were both kissing passionately. I was going crazy. after a few minutes, I exploded into orgasm, breathing hard and fast. It was a million times better than masturbation :) It was so beautiful and romantic and amazing. After that we just cuddled and watched the rest of the movie together :)”

Your blog has made me learn to love my body the @orgasmictipsforgirls

your blog has made me learn to love my body the way it is. i might be overweight, but im still sexy as hell!”

These are the kind of good morning texts i send @orgasmictipsforgirls

These are the kind of good morning texts I send to my boyfriend.

I submitted a photo here months ago and you @orgasmictipsforgirls

I submitted a photo here months ago and you actually uploaded it. I was completely embarrassed at first - I knew I didn’t put my face in it and it was anonymous, but still. Seriously though, when I realized it actually had notes, I felt a little less self conscious. Your blog is great and it really did help me overcome a great deal of shyness. Thank you!”

After losing 20lbs i finally feel confident @orgasmictipsforgirls

After losing 20lbs I finally feel confident enough for this!

Sweetie, I’m sure your boobs were just as delightful before, but I’m glad you’re feeling confident!

Took some pictures of myself today and i wanted @orgasmictipsforgirls

Took some pictures of myself today and I wanted to share :)”

I worship your blog im the horniest person i @orgasmictipsforgirls

I WORSHIP YOUR BLOG! I’m the horniest person I know and make sure to scroll through your feed at least once a day ;)”

For a long time ive been really uncomfortable @orgasmictipsforgirls

For a long time, I’ve been really uncomfortable with the idea or being sexy or attractive. I would get super embarrassed if my boyfriend said I looked hot. I was so worried about not being attractive enough. After I started following your blog and seeing your posts about body/sex positivity, I realized I was doing things all wrong, and that I should feel good about myself for me. I’m not 100% feeling myself yet, but I’m on the right track, and I wanted to say thank you :)

(plus I think this bra is really, really cute.)”

Feeling good today @orgasmictipsforgirls

Feeling good today!

I was feeling so sexy during my morning walk @orgasmictipsforgirls

“I was feeling so sexy during my morning walk…. can’t wait to get home.”

Mia malkova jessie andrews girl crush @orgasmictipsforgirls

To the anon asking about the Mia Malkova scene, I think the one you’re looking for is with Jessie Andrews. It’s called girl crush :)”

Thanks! If you’re curious you can find it here somewhere

Sex story mom next door @orgasmictipsforgirls

Sneaky sex!

“So yesterday I had one of the hottest experiences with my boyfriend. We were over at his house (we both just turned 18, but both still live at home) and his mom was there. Usually we don’t fool around at all if she’s home because their rooms are right next to each other and it would be awful if we got caught doing anything… inappropriate.

But yesterday, we were both feeling soooo horny and what started as cuddling and kissing turned into so much more. We started making out and he had his hands all over my ass which I LOVE and then he stood up (we had been laying on the bed) and pulled me to the edge of the bed. He kissed me and then he flipped me over so I was standing with my feet on the ground and my upper body and face down on his mattress.

His bed is perfectly at waist level so this was a fairly natural position. He pulled down my leggings and said how badly he wanted to fuck me, I told him that I wanted him so bad and he said we should give it a try. We ended up having AMAZING sex with his mom ONE ROOM OVER! It was so risky and hot oh my god.

He even got rough with me and pulled my hair and choked me a little (not dangerously just being dominant) it was SO HOT. I came twice and he had to keep shoving my face into the mattress to muffle my moans. The best part is, we didn’t get caught!

I know this might not be the best story you’ve had on here, but I’m really happy about it right now and I want to thank you for showing me that I can be sexual and learn about my body without feeling bad about it. Thank you! Thanks for letting me share!”

There are no good girls @orgasmictipsforgirls

So eleventy-lots of you were asking where the GIFset from the other day was from…

Well, the video’s here! Or find the full thing in HD (and more) at WowGirls.

I was just feeling myself @orgasmictipsforgirls

i was just feeling myself.

Backlit couple photo romantic @orgasmictipsforgirls

I know this is a little different from your normal submissions, but my boyfriend and I (both 19) decided to take some back lit pictures together. It’s really fun to do! I totally recommend trying something like this.”

Masturbation hands no vibrator @orgasmictipsforgirls

Manual transmission

I just had to share with someone because this is too great a thing to keep to myself :)

So this weekend I came home from college to spend my 20th birthday with my family and go to a dentist appointment the following day. On my drive down I realized I had forgotten something very important in my dorm room: my vibrator. I was a little upset, since this meant I probably wasn’t going to get the end-of-birthday orgasms I had planned…. Oh was I wrong.

I’m the kind of girl who was convinced my clit was ‘broken’ or something, because I had never been able to get off without the addition of a vibrator. My hand just never did it for me. Either the pressure wasn’t strong enough, I couldn’t find the right spot, I couldn’t get a good rhythm, or I just plain got frustrated that it was taking so long and gave up to reach for my vibrator. (Although, it has gotten me many quick and amazing orgasms, which I kinda need since my roommate has a tendency to come back from class early so I have to make the most of my time alone.)

So I was kinda upset with myself that I forgot my vibrator at school and was ridiculously horny, because I kind of always am nowadays. So I was looking through this blog and reading some stories and it got too bad for me to not at least touch myself a little bit to relieve a little bit of pressure.

It still wasn’t doing much for me. I was just kinda bored and horny and not having much fun. I kept my pants on because I was lazy and was just doing everything underneath my blankets and then I decided I was just gonna go for it. I took off my pants and my panties and kicked off the comforter so that I could get a better feel for what I was doing and decided that I was going to at least make a solid attempt to get myself off with just my hand. If I didn’t get off that was okay as long as I tried. It was my birthday and I deserved some self pampering.

So I conjured up one of my favorite things to fantasize about, oddly enough it’s being tickled don’t ask me why, and I just went for it, trying out different directions and pressures, trying to rub my clit while I had a finger in two inside of me, not much was working until I started to rub in broader strokes, getting my inner labia involved a little. I also discovered that I kinda like the sensation of my tummy fat jiggling with the movements of my arm and hand.

My arm was getting tired and it was getting harder to go on, but I had never felt this close with just my hand before and I didn’t want to stop. I took a pause, cracked my knuckles and stretched out my arm and went for it again. Back to the same wide movements and firm pressure when suddenly I couldn’t stop. No matter how much my arm and wrist hurt it was like I couldn’t stop myself…

…and finally I felt this amazingly pleasurably sensation come over me and I came by my hand for the first time! My legs started shaking and flailing and I writhed under my own touch and it felt AMAZING. It was such a different sensation than I get when I use my vibrator. it felt like a whole body experience. So for science I tried it again and came again within seconds. Happy Birthday to me!”

Thanks to your blog i feel confident in my body @orgasmictipsforgirls

Thanks to your blog I feel confident in my body and confident to do things with my boyfriend I wouldn’t have thought about doing, so thank you! I love love love your blog”

I just turned 18 and im kinda nervous but i @orgasmictipsforgirls

“I just turned 18, and I’m kinda nervous, but I wanted to share this with you! I’ve always hater my boobs because I thought they were too small, but following this blog has given me a lot more confidence 😊”

I think they’re PERFECT.

Ive always been ashamed of my body because of @orgasmictipsforgirls

I’ve always been ashamed of my body because of people around me always telling me there’s something wrong, like the scars on my thighs or the stretch marks on my hips, but your blog and a lot of work with my mental health have made me so much more comfortable with my body. I really love the way it looks now and I just wanted to share it a bit ;)

(the scars on my breasts aren’t anything bad, by the way – I just get a little wild in bed!)

Sexual feelings the health app on the iphone is @orgasmictipsforgirls


the health app on the iPhone is scary accurate, friends.

Thought id give back since im always on your @orgasmictipsforgirls

thought i’d give back since i’m always on your blog xoxo

So something really hot happened this weekend and @orgasmictipsforgirls

So something really hot happened this weekend and I don’t know who to tell but i wanted to tell someone because it was really fucking amazing.

So, context, I’ve been in a LDR for about a year (together for a year prior to that), and both me and my boyfriend are in college. When we get to see each other, there’s usually a lot of sex involved in the trip.

So, this past weekend, I was staying in his dorm room, and it was around 10pm and we were laying in bed watching Netflix on his laptop. I was in panties, a bralette, and a loose t-shirt, and he had on PJ pants. Suddenly, he like slid the laptop onto his desk next to his bed and said “We’re gonna play a game. close your eyes, no peeking.” I obliged because I was curious and starting to get aroused since he’d been rubbing my back earlier.

He starts out lightly brushing his fingers against my neck, which makes me shiver. Then his hands sort of roamed my body, and he would get really close to my pussy before pulling away, and he would tweak my nipples through the bralette. I was like putty in his hands.

He pulled my bralette down and sucked and nibbled on my nipples, which the latter was new and amazing. Then, he positioned himself between my legs, but before he could do anything, my eyes instinctively opened.

“I said no peeking,” he whispered, and I blushed. “Get on your knees and keep your eyes closed.”

I swear to god I melted. I got on my knees, and he pulled my hands onto my back, which forced me down on my face and made my ass stick straight up in the air. Then, before I could even react, he was taking on of his ties and tying my hands together. We’ve done this before, and I love it, but he’s never taken this much control before, which makes it so much better.

After he finishes tying, He pulls me up so I’m leaning into his chest. One hand was suddenly rubbing against my clit, and the other was kneading my tit and pinching my nipple, and he wouldn’t let me cum, he just wanted to tease me.

He keeps doing this until I’m literally begging him to fuck me, my inhibitions thrown to the wind. Obviously, he did, and I was so out of it and fully enveloped pleasure that whenever we switched positions he would just pick me up and move me how he wanted me.

The whole time, he was nibbling on my ear and whispering dirty things and it was one of the hottest times I’ve ever had sex.

Sorry if that wasn’t super descriptive but I needed to tell someone!”

Its the first time ive ever submitted a nude @orgasmictipsforgirls

It’s the first time I’ve ever submitted a nude pic, but thank you for making me confident and… horny every single time 😜”

Mmf threesome story @orgasmictipsforgirls

The threesome…

“So I had the best sexual experience of my life and I just HAD to share it with you! I’m so sorry there’s a lot of back story.

I had bee trying to get over this break up a few months back. I decided to reconnect with an old friend who I found to be veryattractive. After multiple days of talking, let’s call him Chris, called me sounding very awkward,

“Hey so I know this is an odd question….“ he paused and kind of awkwardly laughed, "But my friend really wants to have a threesome and since we’ve been friends for about six years, you were the first girl I thought of. I totally understand if you don’t want to do it!”

I was totally taken a back and this very promising experience, I’ve been craving a sexual experience for weeks. I agreed and we set up a meeting time. Waiting for the time to come felt like it was ages. Once I had pulled up to his house, he greeted me with a hug and had to excuse himself to take a shower. I smiled and told him I’d be in the garage waiting for the friend and him to be ready. I sat down enjoying a smoke, I heard the door start shaking. I got up from my chair and opened the door to see a guy I didn’t know, asking him if he was the friend he laughed and told me his name was Ben. Ben was very charming, tried to flatter me, like he didn’t already know he was getting laid tonight.

We got to know each other, and L walked back in.

“So you guys got to know each other huh?” He paused, “are we ready?”

Ben and I smiled and said yes. We all walked to Chris’s room locking the door behind us, not wanting his roommates to walk in on what’s going on. As soon as the door was shut, Chris had me pushed up against the wall, kissing my neck and letting his hands roam all over my body. I break away and go to Ben and start kissing him wildly. It was the kind of kissing you’d do if the world was ending. We moved to the ground, me in the middle of my boys. Ben starts kissing my neck and Chris starts letting his hands roam up my thigh towards my pussy. I was dripping with excitement. I was in complete shock that I was even doing this. Ben started to play with my boobs, sucking and twirling his tongue around my nipple.  Then while Ben was attending to my upper half while Chris was tending to my lower half. He was thumbing my clit while fingering me. I was a wet moaning mess. Ben was biting my neck. Finally I stopped them, pushing Ben and Chris on their backs. I pulled their pants off and started to rub Ben and suck on Chris.

The boys started to twitch and under my touch. Listening to them moan and know I was doing it to them was amazing. I looked at Chris and flat out told him I needed him to fuck me right now. He smiled an looked at Ben and told him the lady has made her choice. We moved to the bed while Chris was putting on a condom, I started to suck off Ben. He’s stuttering and shaking, while I’m going up and down and swirling my tongue on his tip. He couldn’t get enough of me. Then Chris came over to us, spreading my legs he just stood there staring at me,

“How badly do you want me?”

I looked up at him, leaned up, and pulled him down on top of me. He laughed taking my point, he slowly teased my entrance with his tip. Moaning as he plugged into me. As Chris was fucking me slowly but roughly I started to suck on Ben again. As we’re all moaning the boys decide to make it a little more steaming and they start to make out. I moan watching them, wrapping my legs around Chris’s waist, fastening his pace. Then the boys stopped making out and Ben finished in my mouth, with a moan. He got off the bed and went to sit on the chair across the room. It was just me and Chris and I couldn’t be happier. Chris pulls out and lays on his back. With a devilish smile, I climbed on top of him, positioning pussy on his tip. He trusted himself into me and made me scream out. I was so horny and I wanted to make him cum. I started to match my pace with his. With one final thrust he came.

I got off and laid down next to him and asked Ben to join us. Laying together we all fell asleep, and to this day it goes down as the best sex I’ve ever had!“

Im gonna have to call you back @orgasmictipsforgirls

“I’m gonna have to call you back.”

Thanks for all the orgasmic tips @orgasmictipsforgirls

thanks for all the orgasmic tips! ;)”

Chest kissing gif @orgasmictipsforgirls

fun fact, boys chests are sensitive too. it’s not just boobs!

My boyfriend and i have been dating for more than @orgasmictipsforgirls

My boyfriend and I have been dating for more than six months. We have a really good and nice relationship and people have been telling us that we were really cute. And we are. The thing is, both of us like it pretty naughty and kinky when it comes to sex.

He likes to turn me on whenever, wherever (e.g. he slips his hand into my pants and starts fingering me while our friends sit next to us on parties, he texts me dirty things while I’m in school etc.). Also we tried out many positions etc. I had told him that I like it when he’s in control, so he started fucking me more roughly and deeply, also at quite risky times and places (at family reunions after dinner, while everybody’s in the living room and we hit it off to his room i.e.). I love it and I get some very heavy orgasms. Sometimes I even come twice because he has quite the stamina.

So this particular time we met in town after I’ve been on the concert of a friend’s band to get some drinks. Some other friends were there as well and we were sitting next to each other. I had a relatively short black skirt on with black see-through tights, something he likes on me because I’m pretty tall and have nice legs. His hand was again slipping under my skirt and I got pretty turned on. Our friends had no clue. Half an hour afterwards we hit home because both of us couldn’t wait much longer.

Back at his room we started making out and undressing each other, touching etc. He knows I need quite a bit of time to get wet enough so it doesn’t hurt - he’s quite big and I’m pretty tight. Anyways, he started putting his hands around my throat while we were kissing and I responded by moaning. He realized I liked it - which was a surprise for both of us.

Afterwards, we went on with our “routine”, which means giving each other oral. I was near orgasm twice and he stopped each time, torturing me and oh God, I loved it. He finally thrusted in me in our favourite position, with me lying sideways - the angle is amazing (10/10 recommend). Then he flipped me over and put his hands around my throat again, nothing dangerous though, I didn’t feel any pain or dizziness. It was more the thought of him being in control. I’m quite submissive. He bent down and started whispering some very dirty stuff - that he’s going to fuck me very rough etc. I hit my first orgasm then.

He fucked me harder and harder, his hand always in my throat, forcing me to look in his eyes. He had the most dominant look ever and I get turned on by only remembering how he saw in my eyes, very powerful and in control.

Long story short: I came twice, he came hard and was exhausted af - and we both found a new kink. He grew more comfortable with being the more dominant in our relationship. I do get excited for our future fucks.”

Love how super my butt looks in these pjs @orgasmictipsforgirls

love how super my butt looks in these pjs !!

Thank you for making me more confident in loving @orgasmictipsforgirls

thank you for making me more confident in loving myself

R oughly similar posts here you can ask me for @orgasmictipsforgirls


similar posts here, you can ask me for advice

Finally proud of how i look had to share @orgasmictipsforgirls

finally proud of how i look - had to share ;)

Nothing makes me feel better about my body than @orgasmictipsforgirls

nothing makes me feel better about my body than taking pictures of it in gorgeous underwear ☺️ your blog is incredible, thanks so much for everything you’re doing! x”

Sometimes i feel sexy actually love the body @orgasmictipsforgirls

Sometimes I feel sexy & actually love the body I’m in!

Submission boobs nsfw @orgasmictipsforgirls

Slowly becoming more comfortable with my body…  love the blog!”

I love coming home after work and stripping to a @orgasmictipsforgirls

I love coming home after work and stripping to a good tune. It helps me get into the rhythm for foreplay. “

Wishing i had someone to cuddle with rn @orgasmictipsforgirls

wishing I had someone to cuddle with rn

Starting to find my boobs sexy and i am loving @orgasmictipsforgirls

Starting to find my boobs sexy and i am loving it!

Im in love with my new bra and want to show it @orgasmictipsforgirls

I’m in love with my new bra, and want to show it off! Plus size/big boob gals can have pretty lingerie too!”

Was feeling cute today @orgasmictipsforgirls

Was feeling cute today!

A picture to celebrate my new dildo @orgasmictipsforgirls

A picture to celebrate my new dildo!

A picture of my cute victorias secret bra its @orgasmictipsforgirls

A picture of my cute Victoria’s Secret bra 💕 it’s my fave ☺️”

Your blog has made me really wet 3 @orgasmictipsforgirls

Your blog has made me really wet <3″

This is kind of my weird take on body @orgasmictipsforgirls

This is kind of my weird take on body positivity/loving yourself. I’ve never had a boyfriend, never had sex, (I’m 20 years old). Posting this shit makes me feel like I can participate in the fun stuff people who are in relationships can. So enjoy ✨😎✨”

Thought my ass looked fucking superb today so i @orgasmictipsforgirls

“thought my ass looked fucking superb today so i took a picture!”

I felt really good about myself the other day and @orgasmictipsforgirls

I felt really good about myself the other day and i wanted to remember that feeling, so I took my first ever “sexy” photo… thought i would share.