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orgasmic tips for girls @orgasmictipsforgirls

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Lesbian tribbing wet panties @orgasmictipsforgirls

On the last night with my girlfriend before summer break, we just had sex but I was still feeling randy so I got on top and started kissing her and rocking my hips. She flexed her leg and I began grinding against it. It got so hot and eventually I was so wet riding her thigh. We both were breathing so hard and covered in sweat but it was the. hottest. thing. ever. Just the feeling of her against me felt SO good.”

So recently me and my best friend whos a girl @orgasmictipsforgirls
So recently me and my best friend (who’s a girl and I’ve had a sort-of relationship with even though I realised I am straight now) started talking about masturbation together. And then we started talking about how we do it. And then we did it at the same time! We didn’t really share details but we both knew what each other were doing under the covers… and I just wanted to share because I kind of liked it and secretly I hope we do it again.”
James deen amateur civilian videos @orgasmictipsforgirls

I’m not a huge fan of James Deen, but recently I’ve stumbled upon a series of videos he made with real amateur girls that applied to the whole deal via his website. There’s something empowering in these videos: the fact that the women wanted it, were brave enough to not chicken out, the way he treats them (I mean usually there’s not that much dialogue in porn and here he turns out to be almost awkward, not something you would expect from a porn star).

Every video starts with cute “interview” of some sorts, just talking, walking around and flirting and this really adds to the quality. I don’t have a problem with the fact that the girls were paid, after all he’s monetizing these videos. I hope some of your followers might enjoy these.

You can see some of them here and here and here!”

Get on top of me @orgasmictipsforgirls

Get on top of me.

Full body orgasm @orgasmictipsforgirls

‘Full body orgasm?’

Something has happened to me a couple of times. I’ve never managed to achieve a g-spot orgasm; I have toys and I enjoy the feeling during sex, but I can only achieve a clitoral orgasm. However, sometimes when I play with a larger toy and try to make it happen, I suddenly get this heatwave, where my heart starts beating really fast and I’m completely out of breath and I almost feel like I’m going to faint. The first time it happened I panicked and stopped, but then I realized that I was actually enjoying it. I also can’t make it happen, it does or it doesn’t. It’s not like an orgasm, I don’t feel it in my core, it’s more like a full body/mind experience, but I’m not sure if it’s like an orgasm?

Last night I slept with a vibrating bullet buzzing inside me. I would wake up every once in a while, completely wet and wriggling around, but no orgasm. But at some point it was nearly three in the morning and the vibration was just too much, and I decided to focus on what I was feeling down there with the vibrating bullet inside me. And suddenly, it happened, and I had to keep myself from screaming, I was breathing heavily, drenched in sweat, and it went on for literally five minutes!

When I came down from the high, I put the bullet on my clit and finished myself off with a dildo because I couldn’t take it anymore. So while it is a very satisfying feeling, it’s not sexually satisfying, so if it’s not an orgasm, then what the hell is it?! All I know is that I love it!”

It’s a mystery but it sounds delicious :)

Strap on lesbian sex @orgasmictipsforgirls

I was wondering if maybe you could make a blog post on strap-ons? I’m planning on getting one for my girlfriend and I to use, but like I’m clueless in like which ones are best. Ya know, like curved or not curved? What material is best? Is it better to get the underwear harness like the RodeOH or just a normal harness with the straps? Also, what positions are good to use when you’re using it during sex? It would also be cool for your followers to give their opinions as well. Thank you!”

I’ve never used one (boo!) so does anyone have any suggestions? Here’s my ask (little answers) and submit (longer ones, links, images).

Masturbation foria @orgasmictipsforgirls

“u get up to anything today?”
“no just watching netflix mostly”


Pizza queen june 26 2015 gay marriage is @orgasmictipsforgirls


Love wins, we made history today, but don’t forget we’re still fighting.

What an accomplishment. God bless the fighters, the campaigners, the organisers, the lawyers, and all the happy brides and grooms-to-be.

No way could i go a month without an orgasm @orgasmictipsforgirls

Is it okay to masturbate in your best friend’s guest room when you’re basically living with her for almost a month?

I’ve checked my Horny Girl’s Guide to Etiquette and the answer is ‘yes!’

(Although if your orgasms are the sheet-soaking kind, then you probably want to do it in the shower instead!)

Tie me up @orgasmictipsforgirls

I’ve been so horny all day.
I think the only way you’ll be able to control me…
…is if you tie me up first.

Dirtyblondefaerie this is just too arousing @orgasmictipsforgirls


this is just too arousing

Lesbian bath kiss @orgasmictipsforgirls

‘Do you wanna take a bath with me?’

Masturbating stoned couch @orgasmictipsforgirls

Baked and alone

I got a little baked with a friend at theirs (a rare treat) and I got home pretty late so I just quietly bummed around my dads apartment.

At one point I  wondered “hey, have I ever masturbated whilst stoned before???” And when it had been concluded that no, I had not, at that point even just thinking about it had been turning me on, so I figured I should give it a shot. my sister and I share a room at my dad’s house and though she was sleeping I didn’t feel comfortable trying to get off with her across the room (eek) so I stole into the living room and settled down on the sofa and shucked my pants off.

Now I’d read somewhere (I think here??) that marijuana can actually decrease vaginal lubrication so IDK what I was expecting when I reached down to start running myself but I was already SO wet  without having touched myself yet, and that’s never happened before.

I just ran my fingers up and down my wetness and bit my fist so I wouldn’t moan because it felt absolutely divine. I hardly touched my clit at all, didn’t have to, I just languished in the slick feeling of my pussy and ended up coming within that minute; one of the those long orgasms, with the little aftershocks. And as soon as I’d caught my breath from that one, my fingers found my pussy once more and I did it all over again

I proceeded to sit there in the darkness, hiking my shirt up so that I could run my hands over myself, and then gave myself another 3 orgasms in the next 20 minutes. I would of gone on like that, I imagine, if my clit hasn’t been so sensitive after that 5th orgasm. It was incredible, I’ve never had that kind from stamina.”


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