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Huffingtonpost 24 women bare their scars to @orgasmictipsforgirls


24 Women Bare Their Scars To Reveal The Beauty In Imperfections

“It’s a reminder that we can heal no matter what happens to us.”

Photos by: Damon Dahlen

No strings attached a while back one of my @orgasmictipsforgirls

No strings attached

A while back one of my coworkers (who I never really saw/interacted with at work regularly) asked for my number and said he’d liked me for the longest time. We ended up hooking up at his place the next day. Then he left the job and I never heard from him again.

He texted me about 3 weeks ago and it was totally random. He doesn’t have his place anymore (and I still live with my family) so we knew that hooking up would be a lot more difficult if we wanted to again (and we both did).

Last night I was at a house party in the same neighborhood as the friend he’s staying with… I enticed him enough to come out, even though he claimed to have a horrible headache. So he met me by my car. I claimed that I just wanted a kiss.

We ended up in the back seat of my car to make out. it was amazing. I don’t have any emotional connection with him but he just turns me on so much when we are together i can’t even stand it. Things started to get serious so I had to call my friend and ask him to bring me my purse (i always have condoms on me!)

We ended up fucking in the back seat of my car (something i’ve always wanted to do!) and it was incredible. I’m getting turned on just thinking about it again! He’s just really good at what he does (and it turns me on that he always tells me how much he enjoys my kisses or my touch or whatever I’m doing).

Definitely a night I won’t forget… i already want to text him to hookup again (we don’t talk regularly and when we do talk, its because either one of us wants to hook up).

i’m not sure when the next chance for us to get together is going to be, but i’m going to text him sometime this week and tell him that I don’t want it to be another 5 months! I definitely won’t be able to stand it. He’s the only guy I’ve ever had this kind of relationship with… just hooking up, without really talking outside of it. whenever we text, it’s usually sexting and you know what, i love it. i don’t feel like i’d want more with him, and he’s in kind of a complex situation at the moment to want anything more either.

This whole experience with him has given me some kind of new confidence i never thought i could have… i have horrible self-esteem issues but he just makes me forget about all of that because he really enjoys my body and doesn’t care. it’s such a turn on!

Just wanted to share this story… it makes me feel really naughty and i love it!”

I love my butt even if i do have some confidence @orgasmictipsforgirls

I love my butt, even if I do have some confidence issues.

Sometimes i take pictures to build my confidence @orgasmictipsforgirls

Sometimes I take pictures to build my confidence when I’m feeling down about my body.

Lingerie polaroid @orgasmictipsforgirls

A polaroid my boyfriend took of me on our last night together before we tackle long distance. I actually really like how it turned out!“

Drawing of an orgasm @orgasmictipsforgirls

‘Draw what an orgasm feels like.’

Illustration: Stuart F Taylor. Source:

Sending nudes turn on @orgasmictipsforgirls

“I’ve been a fan of this blog for a while and I just wanted to share something that I recently found turns me on. I have a long distance boyfriend and he only comes down to visit occasionally. I’ve recently found that sending him nudes is a huge turn on for me! I never sent pictures to my other boyfriends but I recently got some cute underwear so I just sent him a few pictures and then realized that I got super wet! Now I send him pictures all the time and we both get turned on! It’s kinda weird but I’m glad I figured it out.”

Sugerissweet @orgasmictipsforgirls



Long time no see sex story @orgasmictipsforgirls

Long time, no see…

I’m still trying to wrap around my head about what happened because this is seriously like something out of a movie…

Background: I work at a farmer’s market. Last weekend, I was helping out a customer pick out a dipping oil; as I was asking him my usual questions while his head was down, I realized that he looked A LOT like an old friend that I met after graduating from high school at a barbecue through a mutual friend. (For the sake of this story, I’ll call him Tim). I suddenly called out, “Tim?” and he looked up at me, and we just stared at each other until he recognized me. He bought some marinade and I gave him my number, seeing as he got a new phone. We made plans to hang this past Monday.

I drove over to his house where I met up with him after he got off work. We got dinner and started catching up, the conversation nice and easy like 5 years ago, which was the last time we spoke. I just thought, “Hm.” as he paid for dinner. We went back to his place and drank some wine in his kitchen while deciding what to do next. We migrated to his room to watch stuff on Netflix because it was a lot cooler in there. As we were sitting on his bed, drinking wine and watching Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, we eventually held hands and transitioned into cuddling. He kept trying to tickle my knee because he remembered that I was tickling there, but nothing happened. I didn’t stop him though because it felt pretty damn good.

After deciding to watch a second movie and finishing off the first bottle of wine, Tim got up to grab his auxilary cord from the living room to connect his laptop to his TV. He came back and closed his door, which was a huge hint that something else was going to happen. We resumed the movie and drank out of the second bottle (Please note that even after the first bottle, I was pretty much sober because I had had dinner earlier) Not even halfway into the second movie, we started making out. He quickly found out that my ears are my Kryptonite and he was like, “You like that?”, which made me even more wet than I already was. Clothes started coming off and I said at one point, “If you wanted to go grab a condom, now would go be a good time to get it.” He said he didn’t have any, but luckily I had some on me. I went to go grab them from my purse. When I went back to his room, I flipped off the lights and that’s when things got even better.

We resumed making out and we fell back onto his bed. We had to keep it down because his brother was asleep in the room next to us, so that made things more interesting. After a decent amount of foreplay, which included him fingering me and going down on me and me giving him a handjob, we stopped before actually doing it to discuss if this was something we both wanted to do, which it was. We both figured things were going to go down this road anyway, but it was nice that we checked in with each other.

I even went on top while we were fucking, which was something that even surprised me because I never went on top with my ex. In the aftermath, we were catching our breath and were like I don’t do this that often, just kind of smiling and laughing.

I’m seeing him again after he gets back from a work thing in the Bay area! We’re getting dinner after I get off of work :)

Sorry it doesn’t sound as sexy as your usual stories, but I just had to share because I haven’t had sex since February and I’m just really happy I got laid and it was with someone I knew.”

My other half loves the tan line i got this @orgasmictipsforgirls

My other half loves the tan line I got this summer. What do you think?”

Just a little something because this blog is @orgasmictipsforgirls

Just a little something because this blog is helping me accept my body and I was feeling good tonight ;D”

Study break my boyfriend and i have been going @orgasmictipsforgirls

Study break

My boyfriend and I have been going out for six months, and we are still both in college. We get so busy we don’t usually have time for sex.

We went to his apartment to study because exams were coming in and we just needed to get this stuff over with.

But, instead of studying we just didn’t give any fucks anymore. We were horny, so what else would we do. Next thing you know clothes just start coming off, books were tossed on the floor and sex was happening. To be honest I didn’t need any foreplay, I just wanted him inside me, school has been so stressful I all that mattered was being fucked hard. But he started licking my pussy anyway, which was the best feeling ever, and as the feelings got stronger and stronger I could feel myself forgetting about school, work and all that other crap. And when he finally put it in it was like an instant release, we were just moaning like crazy, not giving a fuck about his roomates. I swear it was like fucking fireworks. We both came and holy shit, I’ve never cum so hard, until he lay beside me, and we tried to recover afterwards. And I just had to tell you about it, because I’ve never ever felt so good about sex!”

First time eaten out @orgasmictipsforgirls

Eaten (m/f)

I’m 18 and a virgin who’s never really done anything and last night I met up with a 23 year old guy who is just cute as can be. Him and I clicked in every way imaginable and I had a genuinely great time talking to him and everything. Anyways we headed back to his place and were cuddling and watching some shows and he was holding me so close against him that I could feel his dick pushed up against my ass and any time he stroked my arm my heart just started POUNDING in my chest.

Me being me, I’m awkward and shy, so I totally ignored how he kept pulling me closer and closer until he started biting my ear lobe - I melted right there, and I’m usually very quiet, but he made me start breathing so hard I knew he could hear.

He let out a quiet chuckle and turned me over on my back and got on top and started kissing me so passionately and I was instantly sopping wet. 

Slowly he started moving his hand down in-between my legs and started to rub my pussy through my pants and next thing I know is they’re off and across the room. He looked me in the eyes and asked if anyone has ever gone down on me to which I replied “no”, and he smirks and let out this sexy laugh while he said “well you’re not going to be able to say that anymore…”

 He pushed my legs up over my shoulders and went down and started gently licking my clit and got progressively more into it: teasing, licking harder, sucking, and nibbling a bit. Finally as I felt I was about to burst he slid a finger in me and started pumping fast and hard. I could barely keep myself at a quiet moan, but I had to because his window was open and a roommate was home.

I started grabbing his hair so tight in my fist, I was begging him to let me cum, and he started going even harder with both gripping my thigh as hard as he could and I ended up cumming all over his fingers and he kept going until I begged him to stop.

He ended up gently licking my pussy clean as I came back down from the high, and came up to kiss me, asking me if I liked the taste of my pussy on his lips as much as he did. I was so breathless and happy and he didn’t even ask for anything in return, other than to cuddle while we went to sleep. I’m beyond excited to go back tonight but I just wanted to share the experience because your blog helped give me the confidence to get out there and experience things that I otherwise would shy away from. Thank you so much!”

So long august here are your stories from the @orgasmictipsforgirls

So long, August! Here are your stories from the last month about your, um, wet hot American summers ;)

Just wanted to say thank you to you and your blog for getting me through my first year of getting myself off. I had no idea girls could do it, I thought only boys did. I can’t believe I went through EIGHTEEN YEARS of my life believing that I couldn’t explore myself sexually. So thank you for giving me the power, confidence and freedom to not feel like I needed to wait to find a boy before I could orgasm!”

Thanks to your blog, I think I just achieved my first orgasm! I was just rubbing my clit and watching the videos on here then all of a sudden, I got this warm feeling all over and I started having contractions, and it just felt so so good. Thank you for making this blog, you are amazing. I’m on an SSRI (zoloft) and it makes it so much harder to reach orgasm compared to someone who isn’t. You’re a miracle worker, thank you.”

I browsed your tumblr for like an hour and I waited till I was super wet. I got in the shower and went to town AND I CAME SO HARD HOLY SHIT. It’s like twenty minutes later and I’m still shaking.”

Getting off while high? Best thing ever and I wouldn’t even have thought of it until reading your post about it. Thanks fam.”

I love this blog - it’s made me realize that taking pictures of my body can make me feel beautiful and sexy too. I always had it in my head that it was just about stringing the other person on, but I’ve learned that the pictures can be a confidence boost if you send them to someone you trust, or even if you keep them to yourself. ^_^ Thanks so much!!”

You posted a photoset a few days ago that showed a load of different sex positions, and let me tell you my boyfriend and I have been having a FANTASTIC time referencing those pictures. Many many thanks to you guys. This blog is wonderful :) xx”

I just wanted to thank you for your explanation on orgasms post. I found your blog through the Cosmo article, and I always get super horny when reading it. I got the courage to buy a vibrator a few months ago, and was getting frustrated because I wasn’t experiencing this massive OH WOW moment (damn you smutty novels for the false expectations!) However, I did some investigating today and discovered that I actually was getting myself off! I just know myself too well so it’s happening a lot quicker than I expected! Now I’m going to try and slow things down and make the pleasure last longer. But seriously, thanks so much!”

Going through your blog and you are so crazy nice to all your followers. Some people may just look at your blog as a silly sex blog, but you are honestly helping so many people get higher self esteem and learn that they are normal in their desires/lack of desires and everything in between. You the realest.”

I just want you to know that my girlfriend just showed me this blog and after a few SECONDS of scrolling, we realized the reason she can’t get me off is possibly in part due to my being on an SSRI! So thanks for educating and keep on trucking.”

i love this blog. I haven’t been reading recently since I lost pretty much my entire sex drive due to depression/various chronic illnesses. but today I was having a rare moment of horniness while high and came back not expecting much (haven’t had an orgasm in over a year)… but hoo the positivity and encouragement and just plain sexiness on this blog helped me along to orgasm. it made me feel so nice bc i haven’t been able to engage in this self-love and fun for so long :)Thank you so much for your awesome blog. It gives me confidence and makes me feel sexy too!”

I am 26 and thanks to this blog I masturbated (really) for the first time with confidence (and a vibrator). I am more confident about myself & love to get myself off & not be sexually frustrated all the time. I also want to thank you too for getting the word out with thigh squeezing to get off. I’ve been doing this since kindergarten & never really knew what I was doing until recently! Thank you, so, so, much.”

I want to say that sex story ‘Getting on…’ just made my day and I’m probably gonna read it again 100 times! It’s surreal! I’m also a completely inexperienced, insecure 27-year-old girl (I often feel ashamed and frustrated about it). Having first sexual experience with a hot celeb happens only in my dreams and that guy was so nice and his reaction and everything, it gives me hope! I’d really love to talk to that girl but I know she wants to stay anon, that’s why thank you for sharing the story!!”

“That ‘getting on famously’ story was amazing! It’s inspired me so much! I am an 18 year old Latino girl living in a small town in Australia, guys rarely like me or ask for my number or Anything (I guess I’m an acquired taste? I kind of stand out here.) but the story inspired me to have more confidence as I am a virgin, it can be a bit hard not to feel unattractive in this town, I can’t wait until I move to a big city though! Sorry I just really felt like sharing!! Thanks to the girl who shared!X”

Just bought myself some sexy lingerie for myself to share with the girl I’m with. Thanks a ton to your blog which has been monumental in my sexual evolution.”

Basically, I’ve always thought there was something wrong with me for not being able to orgasm. I followed your blog and thought ‘sure. why not try again?’ I tried EVERYTHING. Finally, I tried the using the bathtub tap and I came! it wasn’t AMAZING but it was definitely an orgasm. I just had to tell you.”

Usually during me-time I need porn to get myself off, and even then I barely reach orgasm. But reading some of the things on this blog sent me over the edge without the need for my usual visit to PornHub. Keep it up girl!”

I just wanted to let you know that I was always super shy and self conscious about my body and masturbatory habits but now I feel very comfortable and open because of your blog and it has even helped me relationship wise. So I just figured you deserved some recognition and a thank you!”

Up to seven or eight months ago, I was so uncomfortable with my body that the thought of actually touching myself was my number-one mood killer. Then, I found this blog, and gradually worked my way up from rubbing my clit to gently fingering myself and then learning the ‘fun way’ to use a hairbrush. Right now, I’m here to report that this blog has helped me reach my next masturbation milestone: first g-spot orgasm! Had jelly-legs for a good half-hour after. Thanks for all you do!”

Thank you for making this blog! I have 0 sexual experience (hell, the farthest I’ve been with a guy is a kiss on the cheek and with girls I’ve just cuddled) but since seeing this blog a lot of my questions have been answered! Thank you so much!”

I absolutely LOVE your blog. i typically check it out every night before bed ;) I also find your FAQ extremely helpful. I was feeling a little self-conscious about my seemingly *weird" labia and searched around your blog for a little reassurance. the pictures of all different ones really helped (can’t say i’ve seen too many different ones in person!) Definitely helped me feel a little more normal. Thanks for everything you do here!”

Oh my god… thanks to you and your blog… I just squirted for the first time today (twice!!!) I really want to tell my boyfriend but… err I don’t know how he’ll react to it… hopefully he finds it hot?!?!”

I was home alone today and took the opportunity to masturbate- mind you I’m barely able to have two orgasms at a time, but usually only just one -and when I was finished I started rubbing my clit even though I was oversensitive still, and I didn’t even feel an orgasm but I squirted and soaked my underwear! This has never happened to me!”

Because of your blog, I discovered I like grinding on a pillow or something when I masturbate. And now, I really love grinding on my boyfriend when he’s hard. but last night was even better. he tied my hands behind my back while we grinded on each other, occasionally playing with my nipples. it was so hot, I get wet just thinking about it.”

I just wanna say thank you so much for this blog as someone who only has a dad as a parent this is the greatest thing - you’ve taught me to love myself :)

Your blog really boosts my self confidence and puts a stop to my personal doubts. Thank you.”

Thanks to this blog’s tips on giving hand/blow jobs, I went down on a guy and he was all like “you’re really fucking good with your mouth” ;) So proud of that!”

Your blog has made me maybe too confident i think i look at my self and dance in the mirror way more than i should 😂😂”

Hello ~ I just wanted to say that I tried pillow humping for the first time and just WOW! I’ve tried different methods – and have orgasmed and squirted from them, but man the pillow method. I was like nothing else I’d ever tried and I came so hard I was wobbly legged afterwards! Actually wobbly legged!!! It was great and it’s all thanks to you and this wonderful blog <3″

I just had my first orgasm! It took a few minutes of penetration and rubbing and I got there, it felt amazing and it’s still lingering. I also squirted the first time, man it was great.”

I was home all alone the other day and I decided to switch up my normal masturbation routine. I got a old electric toothbrush and used the bristles (clean of course) like I read on your blog. And oh my god. I had never screamed like that before. I went on and off for over an hour with countless orgasms. Thank you orgasmictipsforgirls!”

Omg I think I had an orgasm in my sleep last night. I remember having a dream about using a vibrator or something then reaching orgasm then waking up and it feeling really good down there. And then I rubbed my clit a little to check if I actually had one cos usually it gets sensitive after orgasm and it was. Omg it was great. I need more sex dreams lol.”

I just read this story and honestly? is so beautiful! <333 it make me wanted to find someone like that. someone who made me feel all this feelings… <3|

Honest to god this blog is incredible. for years when I masturbated I would use fingers and never rally reached orgasms but still enjoyed the pleasure I gave myself. this blog taught me all about clit stimulation and how to reach orgasm through that and oh my god my life has been changed forever I can make myself cum soo fast it’s unbelievable thank you thank you thank you!!”

So I’m 19, and I’ve been masturbating a couple times a week since I was about 17. Today I was scrolling through your blog and decided that I was going to try something new. I used my vibrating face washer (without the brush part attached) and put it right on my clit. I usually have a very sensitive clit and have to be careful, but it felt soooo good I could barely see straight! I didn’t last very long before I had the weirdest, longest orgasm of my life, and it’s all because of this blog!”

Thanks to Tumblr I feel like I have a much better understanding of sex and how the male and female genitalia work, how STDs can be prevented and the proper way to engage in safe sex instead of having some teacher try to shove abstinence down my throat using pictures of genital warts. So thank you very much👍🏼”

Today for the first time I actually moaned aloud during orgasm! I don’t know why but since I found your blog masturbating has become way more intense so idk if it’s true that your blog is the cure-all to people who are quiet in bed or if it’s just placebo but I wanna thank you anyway!!! WOO HOO!!! 😁😁😁”

Thanks to your blog I just had my first multiple orgasms! I never tried it before because it seemed like a fictitious “fake porn” think but holy shitt. I started in the tub with the faucet and decided to combine the faucet with my electric toothbrush (WOW) and then moved to my bed w/ the toothbrush. The first one was huge and I kept going and the second one was a little smaller. Then it was crazy, I had a little third one and an even smaller fourth one. Just do it home alone, because I ended up screaming!”

I used an electric razor but took out the blades so it would just buzz and put that against my clit, because I was curious to see how it would feel. And God damn, it felt amazing. In 5 minutes, I came. But i kept going and i applied a bit of pressure and then it happened. I squirted so much, it felt so strange but so incredibly good at the same time. So i wanted to thank you for the tips & ideas!!”

I came across your blog when I saw it on a list from the Cosmo mag…and it’s the best thing I’ve ever done! My BF and I have always had a great sex life, but due to both of us being busy at work and moving to a new area, we couldn’t find the time for one and other lately. Then, last week when I discovered your blog, it just set alight the sex goddess in me! Everyday this week we haven’t been able to keep our hands off each other.”

Hi, i just wanted to say something.. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU FOR MAKING THIS BLOG (ive only been following you for about three months but it feels like longer). This blog has helped me with so many things. Like:
a) Achieving my first orgasm (on my own and with my bf)
b) Figuring out that I’m a squirter
c) Giving my bf one of the best blowjobs he’s had (he told me :D)
Anyhoooo Thank you for deciding to make this blog when you did. 😘😘”

I think I just had my first orgasm (or at least, the closest I ever got), thanks to you! I’ve been trying to climax for a long time. Couldn’t by myself, couldn’t with my ex-boyfriend… It always made me feel so broken. Like if I wasn’t normal. I enjoyed sex, I just couldn’t orgasm.

But I stumbled upon your link to this article about having your first orgasm step-by-step about a month ago. The first time I tried, it didn’t feel different from usual, or almost nothing new, so I gave up.But today, I was bored and decided to give it a shot again with my vibrator. Goodness gracious, that was amazing! Right from the start, it felt too good to be my usual getting off, so I kept going, and kept going. I became so sensitive?? And oh my God was that good. I became really tensed, but there wasn’t this kind of relieving so many girls describe where your body relaxes after the orgasm. It just felt good, and then less good. I kept trying and it did that cycle another time before I stopped because I had to do something.The something I had to do included physical efforts so now I feel nauseous (like if I just beat my PR for a sprint) and kinda fuzzy. It’s so weird!But thank you for helping me discover my own body and learning to love it. Thank you so much.”

Thank you for reminding me that I am sexy and that being naked is so much fun! Also, thank you for introducing me to James Deen. (I mean….damn!!) Just what I like, nice and rough, ending with smiles and cuddles!”

I’m so happy I found you 😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄 I am now a freak in bed with confidence and I’ve never valued sex so much. 🙌👅👅👅👅👅👅💦💦💦”

Your blog is pretty great if I do say so. I just gave a blowjob for the first time today and it was great. I don’t know why I was so nervous because it really was not that bad. Thanks for giving some pointers and courage to do it. My boyfriend also loved it. Thanks again!”

I’m 18 years old and didn’t masturbate before, because I didn’t really think about it. But lately I’ve been super-horny, and considering I don’t have a partner to help me with that, I figured I should start masturbating. But I had no clue what to do, so I looked around on tumblr today and found your blog! After reading through some tips I masturbated and made myself orgasm twice! So thank you so much for helping out and making me more confident!”

Honestly thank you so much for this blog. I’m 19 and prior to finding your blog I really thought masturbation was only for guys. I was so wrong (and I’ve never been happier about that!!)”

If anyone asks, I totally did NOT get off silently to Enemy At The Gates (page seven of the video tag) in a hotel room with my entire family in it. Nope, Nauh. Never happened. *father snores in background*”

Oh my god whenever I stimulate my G-spot it feels so good that my eyes start watering and I start shaking and arching my back and there are actual tears… thanks for all the advice from your blog!”

Hello. I have grateful that you have made this blog. It has help me stop feeling guilty after pleasuring myself. Thank you for helping me understand that it is okay. I started pleasuring when I was really young but my mother would catch me doing it and tell me to stop because it was ‘bad for me.’”

So today I tried your tips on how to orgasm and it was awesome! I sat in my bathtub and fingered myself curving up to the g-spot I guess..? I had that gonna pee feeling and I squirted!! I got really wet and kept going. It was amazing. Thank you.”

Ok so this just happened and you were the first one that I thought to tell. I just started playing with myself like a year ago and I always squirt and I thought I was orgasming but then I found your blog and read the post about squirting and orgasming not being the same thing so I tried again but this time when I squirted I kept going and I’m 99.9% sure I orgasmed and I’m really happy right now thanks for the help :)”

I just wanted to let you know that since found your blog the other day, my “me time” has been bumped up a level ;) I used to just watch porn and use my hands, but now I’m armed with the ridged handle of a hairbrush and an old electric toothbrush! I’ve got to say, .:~*prime shit*~:. right there. So thanks for all your tips/advice and material! I love it!”

I’ve been masturbating for quite a while now but never reached an actual orgasm due to never really being alone in the house or never feeling fully comfortable. But recently I was scrolling through your videos and found an account with nothing but lesbian sex which was great for me. I came across a video of two girls humping on each other so I proceeded to rub myself through my underwear and that went on for about the majority of the video. Towards the end I started feeling better and better and went faster until I felt my body get warm all over and my muscles kind of tensed!! I was kind of in shock but I kept going and I’m pretty sure it wasn’t an orgasm but it was the closest I’ve ever gotten so it wasn’t bad at all. Afterwards I had the urge to just laugh and it felt really nice. So I’m hoping to reach a full orgasm some time soon and I know the journey there is always just as good ;)”

i just saw your post on how some girls like giving blowjobs and i 100% back you up on it. i love giving and its easily my favourite thing about sex, getting my boyfriend off is what gets me off. i’m not at all into receiving oral and because of all that i’ve been told i’m too submissive and not a good feminist and all that shit. my sexual preferences are my business, girls should be allowed to enjoy whatever they want and your blog is just representing that.”

on the subject of the bj posts: it’s not only about making someone feel good (although it of course is amazing and that’s what sex should be for everyone) - the first time i did a bj i, myself, got soo aroused that i actually came! it was fun, even if unexpected. keeping that in mind i still love doing it, not full, throaty bj since i’m not good at it, but having him in my mouth in general makes me so wet and satisfied after!”

Thank you so much for your tips on giving a blowjob! I gave one today for the first time and it was great. It was such a good feeling to be in control like that!”

Wanted to thank you for the reblogs and, of course, for your fabulous blog –which I will recommend to anyone and everyone. You perform a tremendous service for women everywhere and I only wish I’d found you when I was in my teens/early twenties!”

I just wanted to thank your blog because I used an electric toothbrush today and had my first orgasm. I’m still really happy about it so thank you :)”

“The video you posted with the guy blindfolded so so fucking hot! I orgasmed three times! A new record 💦💦💦”

More nice messages here.

The female body is a beautiful thing @orgasmictipsforgirls

The female body is a beautiful thing.

Typically i am very body conscious but @orgasmictipsforgirls

Typically I am very body conscious, but (post-strength training) I felt very good! Hooray for squishy strong bodies!”

I know somewhere we can be alone @orgasmictipsforgirls

“I know somewhere we can be alone.”

New panties @orgasmictipsforgirls

i got new panties…

Hidden ustulations 749am 29th august 2015 as @orgasmictipsforgirls


7:49am, 29th August 2015

As I sat on my bed, I was awash with an immense feeling of contentment for the first time in months.

Octopus vibrator @orgasmictipsforgirls

More vibrator recommendations!

Just had to tell you that my long-distance boyfriend bought me a Magic Wand and had it shipped to me… and it’s my new best friend! Even better than the showerhead. I love the different settings & it makes me orgasm so easily and wonderfully!!”
I just wanna share that I finally bought my first vibrators today (just in time for college!) And they’re so cute! My favourite is my tiny, purple, waterproof octopus! His name is Tedd ^-^”

I just got my first vibrator off Amazon and I’d been thinking about it for a while but the other night I was on Amazon and just went ‘fuck it’ and got it! It’s cheap but super cute and feels sooo good so thank you!”


I’m 25 and have never owned/used a vibrator, dildo, etc. i have only ever gotten off with just my fingers or grinding a pillow and its been good for me. but after having been following you for at least a year now, i finally got the courage to buy something for myself. and my Shibari Mini Halo has arrived! i was so nervous to use it, i had to work myself up first and then as soon as i put it to my clit my whole body was spasming! i only lasted 30 sec and had multiple orgasms! That thing is a god!”

Thank you so much for the guide to vibrators. My boyfriend and I have been having sex for months with no success (on my end), even when he touched my clit simultaneously with PIV. So we decided to try a vibrator, picked a little bullet one from the guide, and bam. I hold it against myself during sex now, and it’s been a success every time. Thank you so much - orgasms for all!”


I just wanted to thank you. I came across your blog and have read through like, everything, but because of you and people who have written in, I built up the courage to buy my first vibrator. I purchased the Durex Delight vibrating bullet! Since I still live at home I needed something quiet and if I turn my TV’s volume up a bit, nobody knows! I already tried it out and I can’t wait to explore more with it. I’d definitely recommend it for first timers who also live at home.”


I did it! I just ordered my first vibrator! The positive stories of other girls’ first experiences with toys on here really reassured me and helped me get the nerve. I picked a basic bullet from LoveHoney, and hopefully it will be almost silent, as I still live at home with my family! Wish me luck, and thanks again for creating this wonderfully positive blog <3″


I bought my first ever sex toy and OMG I LOVE IT! It’s super small and comfortable to put on your finger and the vibrations are amazing for such a tiny thing! Perfect for girls who want to try something more exciting than just their fingers, and totally not expansive at all ($6 total)! I got it from Screaming O on Amazon and it’s called Fingo Tips and I just want to share this so every girl can experience some amazing orgasms without the fear of buying a sex you online <3″

I am no stranger to taking care of myself, but I have never owned a vibe or anything like that. After reading your post on vibes I finally decided to get one myself. At first I was going to order one on Amazon, but I figured that i’d rather buy it in person so I wouldn’t have to worry about my nosy family. I really suggest going into your local sex shop, it was definitely not as awkward as I thought it was going to be. I was helped by two women who were super helpful. Thanks for all the advice!”

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Really cute set @orgasmictipsforgirls

Really cute set ❤️”

Feeling cute today @orgasmictipsforgirls

Feeling cute today!

Kissing lower back turn on @orgasmictipsforgirls

“For those who adore neck kissing: give lower back kissing a try. I promise you won’t regret it. It’s the hottest thing!”

For some reason i always cum the hardest when i @orgasmictipsforgirls

For some reason, I always cum the hardest when I know that my family members are just a room away? The best orgasms are when I’m in the living room on the couch and my parents are in a room right down the hall. It’s exciting, thinking that I could get caught at any moment. I just slip my hand into my pants and rub my clit as quickly and quietly as I can until I can’t hold back and let myself climax. I’d be so mortified to actually get caught but the risk makes it so intense!”

Pool jet masturbation orgasm with friend @orgasmictipsforgirls

Jet set

Yesterday I did something a little crazy, and I had to share with someone! Remember that story about the girl who got high and decided to get off because she was home alone? Well I know how she feels now, except I also had a few other methods to go off of and add to my story.

My friend and I went to get lunch and on the way home we decided to light up. I’m a pretty bad lightweight so by the time we got to his house I was very, very happy. We got into the pool and I felt so relaxed. I bumped up against one of the pool jets at one point and just knew I had to figure out a way to get him to go inside so I could finally see what that would feel like!

We’d gone out the night before so we were both pretty tired. He got out at one point and when I swam over to where he was laying out I noticed another jet. I’m pretty tall, and I found that if I stood in front of it and pushed my pelvis forward a little bit, I could feel the burst of water on my clit. I was still a little high so it didn’t feel embarrassing to just stay like that. We were talking and he had no idea what was going on.

I didn’t mean to stay like that for long but before I knew it I was subtly rolling my hips, moving as close to the jet as possible. I was hoping he’d fall asleep but he kept talking to me, and I urged him to keep talking so I could just zone out as he talked with his eyes closed. By this point I knew that I couldn’t wait for him to go inside. I’ve known this guy forever and there’s nothing between us, but there was just something about getting off in front of someone, being lulled into submission by his nonchalant voice, clueless to what was going on with me as I leaned by the side of the pool and chatted him up. Normally I take like 10-15 minutes to get off but as I looked off into the yard and pressed my breasts into the cement I could feel the usual prick of pleasure starting to rise between my legs. I hoped to god he wouldn’t ask me a question and distract me, but I opened my mouth and shut my eyes, just for a second, as the pleasure mounted and exploded under the water. I tried to keep my breathing in check, so that he wouldn’t notice that his half-baked friend had just had an orgasm before his very eyes! After I rode out the orgasm, the conversation came to a pause and after a bit I got out of the pool to use the restroom. It wasn’t just the water that had me all wet! When I got home, I dug out my vibrator and went at it again. The shock from the scandal of it all got me riled up again.

So there you have it. Pool jets, while high, in front of a friend. Two orgasms in one day. Looks like I have several things to cross off my sexual bucket list.”

1 i absolutely love this blog and have always @orgasmictipsforgirls

#1 “I absolutely love this blog and have always wanted to submit. I’ve recently started taking photos of myself and I cannot believe the impact it’s had on my confidence. I really like this one I took tonight, hope you like it too 😘😘😘”

#4 “Been a while since I’ve took a topless pic, but was really feeling myself, I’ve followed your blog for about a year and your blog has helped my horny self so much… so enjoy 💗”

Porn that focuses on guys for the anon looking @orgasmictipsforgirls

Porn that focuses on guys

For the anon looking for guy-girl porn that focused more on the guy: I was looking for something like this myself a while ago, and I came across ‘straight guys for gay eyes’ or ‘SG4GE.’ It’s pretty much standard guy-on-girl porn but with more emphasis on the guy than the girl. There’s a bunch of them on Pornhub and elsewhere!”


So i lost my virginity last night and it was the @orgasmictipsforgirls

So I lost my virginity last night and it was the strangest night of my life. First of all I was sexting my friend, and then I accidentally sent a (particularly raunchy) message to my sister’s boyfriend.

Then I went round to my friend’s house and we had sex (which was pretty good, but also more difficult than I thought it would be).

After that he and I went to the beach and ran around in our underwear, which resulted in me dropping my car keys in the sand and us searching for half an hour in the dark to try and find them.

When we finally found them we made out for like an hour in my car at the beach carpark and it was amazing.

I just really wanted to tell this to someone!”

Nights like these i enjoy how natural my body can @orgasmictipsforgirls

nights like these i enjoy how natural my body can be 💝”