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Panties as Art @pantiesasart

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Intimate has many uses in the English language. Webster's defines intimate as, "innermost, inward: internal, near or close." Isn't that what the true artist is trying to express? When used in connection with clothing it refers to lingerie. And is there any more form of lingerie more intimate than panties? Hence the name for this blog - Panties as Art - enjoy. - Panties as Art (@pantiesasart)
Pantiesllove pantyland which one would you @pantiesasart



Which one would you?

Kik Pantyland

Cute little matching bums :-)

Joeschmoe5 sandram001 so tender and tight @pantiesasart



So tender and tight

Nowdrivemehome best picture ive seen in some @pantiesasart


Best picture I’ve seen in some time! 

Nowdrivemehome nakedcuddles ive been seeing @pantiesasart



I’ve been seeing recently on tumblr that many girls struggles with stretchmarks (like this post UGH, I hate this fuckboy who said that to her). I obviously have them on my hips, thighs and boobs. I rememeber when I was 12 and my body had started to change to more curvy. My mother noticed stretchmarks on my thighs and was like “wow we need to buy some good cream to make those disappear”. I know it sounds kinda painful but I know she didn’t mean anything bad (but she embarassed me, of course). This is a body image that society spreads. Honestly, I wouldn’t notice stretchmarks if my mother haven’t told me about them. They’re just like freckles or beauty spots. I took those photos because I loved my bra but then I noticed the stretchmarks and decided to write about them :)

This is an absolutely stunning photoset! And the write up is perfect as well. Even my almost 18 year old brother came up to me the other day saying he’d noticed stretch marks on his bum. I got to tell him how everyone has them and they’re nothing bad. There is such an odd stigma about stretch marks but I do think it’s being overcome slowly. :) x

This is incredibly beautiful. 

Notyourn8t feeling free @pantiesasart


feeling free:)

Pantiesllove pretty little panties but whats @pantiesasart


Pretty little panties, but what’s packed in them?


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