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panties down for daddy @pantiesdownfordaddy

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Things that make my panties wet. Sissies, chastity, beautiful cocks and anything else. - panties down for daddy (@pantiesdownfordaddy)
Saythankyoumaster straight from the tap @pantiesdownfordaddy


Straight from the tap.

Boywife19yo in between meetings and @pantiesdownfordaddy


In between meetings, and teleconferences with Japan, Daddy likes to come back to his office and find his babygirl waiting under the desk

so hot!

Wasacuck wear his seed proudly @pantiesdownfordaddy


Wear his seed proudly.

Msterg a caged gurl is an obedient gurl the @pantiesdownfordaddy


A caged gurl is an obedient gurl… the way it should be.

Submittomistress taking her sissies ass @pantiesdownfordaddy


Taking her sissies ass

Bottomtrainer loves when i am sucking my @pantiesdownfordaddy


* loves when I am sucking my Daddy’s cock..and he touches my softly*

Dominiqueq ladies once again proof that your @pantiesdownfordaddy


Ladies, once again proof that your gurl doesn’t need to be released from her chastity in order to discharge…… gurls can discharge while flacid and while in chastity, you need to aim for this state, there is something so deeply satisfying when your gurl discharges from strap-on penetration alone.

Sindyfanny the hottest thing is when a man @pantiesdownfordaddy


The hottest thing is, when a man eats your pussy, you know he’s about to fill you with warm dick.

Daddly hmmmm always read my msg @pantiesdownfordaddy




Cute sissy begging for a milking @pantiesdownfordaddy

Cute sissy begging for a milking.

Bobbi ttbm still squirting through the chastity @pantiesdownfordaddy


still squirting through the chastity

Unsuspectable crossdresser not me but youve @pantiesdownfordaddy

Unsuspectable Crossdresser

Not me, but you’ve seen me do this before. This should be the only way a sissy is allowed to cum.


Diaryofasissyslut he plants his seed @pantiesdownfordaddy


He plants his seed.

Lickitgemini caged and sexy in red @pantiesdownfordaddy


caged and sexy in red !!

Sissyterri i love this @pantiesdownfordaddy


I love this !!!!! 

Diaryofasissyslut good morning daddy @pantiesdownfordaddy


Good morning, Daddy.  

I lie back on the bed like he said and prepare @pantiesdownfordaddy

I lie back on the bed, like he said, and prepare to lift my heels over his shoulders.  In a moment, any boyish thoughts will be driven firmly from my head by rock hard man cock.

All sissies should be chastised and fucked with @pantiesdownfordaddy

All sissies should be chastised and fucked with real cocks, this is so correct.

Sissypantyboi4master it should be about masters @pantiesdownfordaddy


It should be about Masters pleasure.

S19000 permission to suck @pantiesdownfordaddy


Permission to suck.

S19000 something to think about @pantiesdownfordaddy


Something to think about.

Sissyincorporated guess which one would be @pantiesdownfordaddy


guess which one would be me…..

Shaven and in chastity so correct @pantiesdownfordaddy

Shaven and in chastity, so correct.

Her clitty should be in chastity @pantiesdownfordaddy

Her clitty should be in chastity.

Sissyjeniffer2012 such a cute photo and those @pantiesdownfordaddy


Such a cute photo and those panties are really nice a swell.

Sissyatyourservice daddys favorite position @pantiesdownfordaddy


Daddy’s favorite position: with my ass proudly up in the air as I look at him, begging for His cock inside me.

Sissyatyourservice show daddy his cum before @pantiesdownfordaddy


Show Daddy his cum before you swallow it.

Subnorway the ultimate submissive feeling to be @pantiesdownfordaddy


The ultimate submissive feeling. To be fucked while you dick is locked up. All your focus can stay on Masters cock.

Incestdreams i love how pretty i feel when @pantiesdownfordaddy


I love how pretty I feel when Daddy has me dress up for him.

Sweetnathalietv one more time whatever you @pantiesdownfordaddy


One more time: whatever you want your sissy to use for, no matter how you want her to look, how much freedom you want for yourself and how much control you want over her, it always, always starts with a ‘click’…

Sweetnathalietv redirecting have your gurl @pantiesdownfordaddy


Redirecting: have your gurl focus on her cunt instead of her clit. Caress the first, frustrate the second.

Sissyatyourservice few things are more @pantiesdownfordaddy


Few things are more exhilarating then feeling Daddy’s cock filling up your ass with his hot cum.

Panties down for daddy @pantiesdownfordaddy

Panties down for daddy :)

Her sissy clitty is leaking all over her daddys @pantiesdownfordaddy

Her sissy clitty is leaking all over her daddy’s couch. I bet she enjoys her punishment.