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Panty Freek's Panty Paradise

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**This blog is NSFW and for ADULTS ONLY!!** Please leave if you are not over 18 years of age. Welcome to my world. I have had a panty fetish all my life and I am fortunate enough to have hundreds of women model their panties for me which I will share with all of you! In addition to my models, I also photograph my wife (my first and favorite model) and there are plenty of pictures of her on here as well. I have been making my living for 15 years photographing and filming women in their panties. One thing you can count on with me is I will always stay true to the fetish and I will always post content with the purist in mind. I have seen a lot of panty blogs on here, and although many of them are good, they also fill their blogs full of bullshit and material irrelevant to the fetish. This blog will be a combination of my original material, my thoughts and musings, and a collection of material gathered from around the world wide Internets that I find exceptionally titilating. I WELCOME COMMENTS, SUGGESTIONS AND QUESTIONS!!

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