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Hand crafted knives brought to you by Logan Pearce. - Pearce Knives (@pearceknives)
Happy thanksgiving @pearceknives

Happy Thanksgiving!

Another custom hunting knife my ceros model in @pearceknives

Another custom hunting knife! My Ceros model in desert ironwood. :)

I am considering doing an evolution of a railroad @pearceknives

I am considering doing an ‘Evolution of a Railroad Spike Knife’ like I did for my wrench knife on here a few months ago. That would be cool, right?!

A blue hunting knife that i finished logan @pearceknives

A blue hunting knife that I finished!

Logan Pearce

My wrench knives of awesomeness this is what @pearceknives

My wrench knives of awesomeness! This is what happens when you graduate with a degree in awesome. ;)

New because its awesome wwwpearceknivescom @pearceknives

New! Because it’s awesome. @

Custom knife knife @pearceknives

Custom knife knife!

Damn straight @pearceknives

Damn straight!

The evolution of my wrench knife from beginning to @pearceknives

The evolution of my wrench knife from beginning to end. :D

Kiridashi damascus knife pearce knives @pearceknives

Kiridashi damascus knife! Pearce Knives~

The video i made on how to make a neck knife just @pearceknives

The video I made on how to make a neck knife just hit 100k views. You can watch it here:

I hope you guys are having as awesome of a week as me!

The finished railroad spike tomahawk in all its @pearceknives

The finished railroad spike tomahawk in all its glory!

The last railroad spike tomahawk i finished bam @pearceknives

The last railroad spike tomahawk I finished. Bam! Pure awesomeness, but not as awesome as the one that I will be finishing soon. I will be doing a work in progress of my next one on my instagram account found here: or @pearceknives

(Super creative name, I know.)

I will be doing a few work in progress knives on here as well, but I am thinking about making my instagram account 75% work in progress stuff with a mix of my normal finished knives.

Could be the worst instagram account ever! But it will be mine.

Happy fathers day its been a pretty awesome @pearceknives

Happy Father’s Day! It’s been a pretty awesome weekend for me. I hope you all are having just as much fun as I am. ;)

I heard this knife could cut through stupidity and @pearceknives

I heard this knife could cut through stupidity and tomatoes! I could have used it this last week! grin emoticon I threw in some damascus under the forged finish and thought the blue mammoth tooth would really set it off.

Does the tooth look familiar? I was told it was taken from one of the mammoth that appeared on the Land Before Time.

I’m afraid it isn’t dish washer friendly. It’s been a long time since this mammoth tooth brushed it’s teeth, so it probably wouldn’t be a great idea to throw it into the dish washer.

Okay…okay. I’m done now. But! I will be here all week.

My new sidekick knife that i put up on my website @pearceknives

My new sidekick knife that I put up on my website. It is soooo awesome! You can find it @

It has a forged finished blade with purple pearl. :D

Logan Pearce Knives

2015 knives illustrated buyers guide has my @pearceknives

2015 Knives Illustrated buyer’s guide has my karambit knife in it! I was excited. :D

A failed heat treatment poor railroad spike @pearceknives

A failed heat treatment. Poor railroad spike knife. :P

The evolution of this knife @pearceknives

The evolution of this knife. :)

My splattered camp knife i will post another @pearceknives

My splattered camp knife. I will post another picture of it soon. ;)

What tutorial or wip would you like to see i @pearceknives

What tutorial or w.i.p would you like to see?

I know I ask that ever so often, but since I will be finishing a video or two here in the next few weeks, I figured I would get your thoughts! You can comment it or send me a message. :D

Pearce filigree hunting knife i put 550 pieces of @pearceknives

Pearce filigree hunting knife. I put 550 pieces of silver on this damascus hunting knife, using Russian filigree techniques. I usually do more piece of silver, but I like how this looked!

Wrench karambit knife in green burl its pretty @pearceknives

Wrench karambit knife in green burl! It’s pretty awesome. :D I thought I would let you guys see both pictures of it. ;)

Logan Pearce Knives

After a lot of thought i have decided to come out @pearceknives

After a lot of thought, I have decided to come out with a second version of each one of my Remnant knives. I am calling it the ‘Rust & Ruin’ version of them. Obviously. there won’t be any rust and hopefully they won’t get ruined. But! I get asked a lot to do a rougher version of my normal Remnant knives.

The polished clean look on knives made from everyday objects is the signature mark from the generations of my family before me. While most of the Remnant knives are of my own creation and design, I have kept with making them as clean and polished as possible.

This second edition of each type will have a forged finish on the parts that I don’t grind and an etched blade that will create a patina on them. I will continue to polish the handle though, but I love the contrast.

At the moment, I only have three of my Remnants thought up for this series, and this Rebar is the first. Mainly, because it is requested so much. I will make it available on my website soon and periodically put up the new versions of the rest as I come up with them.

I think it will be really fun and nice addition to what I already make!

A splash of awesomeness just for you guys @pearceknives

A splash of awesomeness, just for you guys!

I mixed a forged finished blade with purple heart @pearceknives

I mixed a forged finished blade with purple heart wood for this knife. I had a few people wanting to see some purple heart. I hope you like it! :D

Logan Pearce

Im baaaack with a damascus hunting knife that @pearceknives

I’m baaaack! With a damascus hunting knife that has amber stag for the handle. Really it is more of a bird and trout knife, but you get the picture. ;) ;) It’s only around 7" long, so it’s perfect for that type of job.

My rustburner knife made by the best knifemaker in @pearceknives

My Rustburner knife made by the best knifemaker in the world!

Wait…can I say that about myself? Don’t tell anyone I said that..

Logan Pearce

Rasp cleavers are on my bench this morning it @pearceknives

Rasp cleavers are on my bench this morning! It looks like it will be an awesome day. :D

I hope you all had a great 2014!

What would you guys like to see me make this year? If you have something you would like to see me make, just let me know. :)

Merry christmas everyone @pearceknives

Merry Christmas everyone!

The 3rd place prize for my facebook sweepstakes @pearceknives

The 3rd place prize for my Facebook sweepstakes going on now! To join in go here:

My silver filigree dagger is on page 80 of the dec @pearceknives

My silver filigree dagger is on page 80 of the Dec 2014 issue of Knives Illustrated! How coooool.

Horseshoe knives these are my 2nd place prizes @pearceknives

Horseshoe Knives! These are my 2nd place prizes for my annual give away that I hold on my Facebook and on my dA account. The two are separate, so you have two chances to win!

Facebook giveaway:

dA giveaway:

I hope you guys like them. :D

Two of my rasp bowie knives will be given away @pearceknives

Two of my Rasp Bowie Knives will be given away along with around 12 other knives. I hold an annual sweepstakes on my Facebook page and on my DeviantArt page, as I have for a number of years now. You can play by going to the links!

Facebook Sweepstakes:

DeviantArt Sweepstakes:

Less than 2 days before my annual sweepstakes @pearceknives

Less than 2 days before my annual sweepstakes begins! Details of how to win some free stuff will be released on 11/12/14.

This year things will be slightly better. My sweepstakes goes on for a month. So I will have a ‘door prize’ type give away every week for people who have entered into the contest. 

The weekly prize will be a wrench knife like the one pictured here. It is a bit smaller than my normal wrench knives. I thought the smaller size was cool for this type of deal.

Happy halloween and what do i give out for candy @pearceknives

Happy Halloween! And what do I give out for candy on this day? Knives! :o

For some reason the parents like that more than the kids. lol.

And I have also found out that I’m a terrible pumpkin carver. xD But oh well. 

In twelve days my Facebook sweepstakes starts. I will be posting up the pictures on here as well, so I will post a link to it when the time comes if you want to play.

Logan Pearce~

My beautiful wrench knife @pearceknives

My beautiful wrench knife!

My hunter orange knife i wanted to make this @pearceknives

My Hunter Orange knife! I wanted to make this hunting knife available for a limited time. So I had Caleb take some pictures of it for you all to see once I was ready to make to for sale. I hope you guys like it.

Logan Pearce Knives

Rebar knife by logan pearce knives and just @pearceknives

Rebar knife by Logan Pearce Knives! And just think, it is even more awesome in person. :o

Jerry fisk and logan pearceme forging some @pearceknives

Jerry Fisk and Logan Pearce(me) forging some damascus. I don’t get to post a whole lot of pictures of me actually working, so here is one!

My filigree work @pearceknives

My filigree work!

Nuuuu not another work in progress picture of a @pearceknives

Nuuuu! Not another work-in-progress picture of a horseshoe rasp. 

I’m afraid so.

I figured I would get this one out of my system before jumping to deep into my artsy stuff. I hope you are all having a great week!

On another note, my Rasp Santoku sales have ended and has been removed from my website. Will you ever get another stab at it? 

Probably not.  But fear not. I’ve got all kinds of cool stuff coming up soon. 

Logan Pearce Knives

A fighting knife made out of a large file the @pearceknives

A fighting knife made out of a large file. The handle is wenge. This will be my last Remnant style knife for a little bit. I’ll be doing some damascus and stuff for the next ones. I really hope you guys enjoy them. :)

Logan Pearce Knives

A custom rasp santoku that i just finished i @pearceknives

A custom Rasp Santoku that I just finished. I thought it would be fun to make a santoku kitchen knife out of a horseshoe rasp. In person it is pretty sharp looking.  It also has more curves than I could show in the picture, but that is just my lack of photography skills. lol. This model will be available on my website starting tonight. It will be on there for a week and then I will be taking it off on the 23rd. So it will be a limited run type of deal.

I know, I haven’t been hitting you guys with a lot of awesome stuff here lately, but that will change in about a week and a half from now! 

I’ve been working on a few things for the last few weekends that I think will be awesome. My fingers are crossed and I’m hoping my luck continues to hold out. If all continues to go as it has been then you guys should get a kick out of them. I’ve been doing a little bit of experimenting with a few things. One is rarely seen and the other has never been seen before. So I’m pretty excited about it! Buuuut you’ll have to wait a little while before seeing them.

Logan Pearce Knives

My pearce knives facebook hit 75k likes today i @pearceknives

My Pearce Knives Facebook hit 75k likes today!

I promised you guys a kitchen knife about a week ago, but I haven’t had time to finish it yet.  I plan on putting some time into it tonight. So I will be posting it here in the next few days.

This is my Reaper version of Jerry Fisk, MS Custom Knives Sendero hunter. His knife show is next month so I will be making my version of his hunting knife for the guys coming to the show. Hopefully they like it!

Logan Pearce Knives

It isnt a very big knife its around 6 7 @pearceknives

It isn’t a very big knife. It’s around 6-7" overall, I believe. I didn’t measure it, but I will soon! I needed to make something that I could use really hard and not worry about it being dirty, but I needed it to be smaller than what most of my knives are.

The weather is awesome today! So awesome that I’m probably going to go mountain biking before I forge this evening. If the video game Destiny is even half as good as I hope it will be then all of my Sundays after it’s release will probably be spent indoors. lol.

The next knife I post will be for kitchen uses! It’s been a little while since I’ve posted anything of that style. Thhhheeeennnn, you guys and gales will get to see what I’ve really been working on in my spare time! It’s going to rock.

Pearce knives

I got a late start today but here is my current @pearceknives

I got a late start today, but here is my current treasure trove of forged goodies. I still have a lot of work to do to them, but still! Only 5 more hours of forging to go and I won’t feel like the day was wasted. I’ll have a finished picture of something fun soon.

Nothing awesome, but still fun!!

Logan Pearce Knives

Hunter orange finished the blade is 1080 and @pearceknives

Hunter Orange, finished!

The blade is 1080 and the handle is orange/black G10. I’ve got a few fun things in the forge at the moment that I plan on getting nearly finished this weekend, if everything goes right. 

The weather is suppose to be cool~ish this weekend, so maybe it won’t be too terrible. I think you guys will like what I have in store!

Logan Pearce Knives

I finished this simple tactical knife today @pearceknives

I finished this simple tactical knife today. Emphasis on the simple. ;) lol

Logan Pearce Knives

It was a little more bright on the beach than i @pearceknives

It was a little more bright on the beach than I had originally thought. lol. If only I had some sunglasses.

Oh wait…

Annnnyways! I’ll be hitting you guys with some knives pictures soon. I should be posting one around Sunday. I hope you all are having a great week!

Logan Pearce Knives

Myself for once im not beating a hammer or in @pearceknives

Myself! For once I’m not beating a hammer or in front of the forge. Look at me go. lol :p

Logan Pearce Knives

Work in progress picture of the knife that i have @pearceknives

Work in progress picture of the knife that I have been playing with. It’s been raining a lot this past week. I was really happy since it was pretty cool- for August. 

Now it is suppose to storm and feel like 111F degree. Gotta love the heat! 

I hope you are all having an awesome summer! Personally, I’ve sweat off at least 10lbs in front of the forge. >:)

Logan Pearce Knives

Gnome finished its roughly 10 long with wenge @pearceknives

Gnome, finished!

It’s roughly 10" long with wenge for the handle. I’m glad that I was able to finish it! I had a lot of time to do hand sanding, since a storm came through and tried to blow my show away. >.>

But! It will have to try harder than that to get rid of me. It did knock out the power in my city. Anyways! I hope you guys like it. I know it isn’t anything fancy, but it is still an awesome knife.

Logan Pearce Knives

My saturday night project i believe i will name @pearceknives

My Saturday night project! I believe I will name it Gnome. :P

I should have it finished in the next few days. I wanted to leave it as holey as possible since it is Sunday now. ;)

Logan Pearce Knives

For those of you that have been around for a @pearceknives
For those of you that have been around for a little while, then you will recognize my ‘Frost’ knife. It is on the inside cover of Knives 2014. Last I checked they were having a sale on them at

If are just not joining my journey to possibly becoming awesome, then you probably figured out that I love knives. lol. I don’t just like to make them, I enjoy collecting them as well. But what I love even more is collecting books on knives. Knowledge is the reason I’m able to jump around to so many different styles of knives and I personally get it from books and magazines. My aim is to own every knife book in existence. At the moment I have around 250+ knife books or knife related books, not counting the magazines. 

Luckily, I like to read.  Annnd the weekend is finally here! I do hope you guys have a good one and I plan on working on a knife or two this weekend to give you all something cool to look at. Be safe!
Logan Pearce Knives

The last bowie that i made my picture of it was @pearceknives

The last bowie that I made. My picture of it was pretty bad, but luckily Caleb took up my slack and made a great picture of it for me. 

This and Maleficent were the main two knives that I took a week to focus on before the Blade Show. I was wondering what I could do if focused on only a few knives rather than what I typically make in a day.

I plan on taking a few hours out of my day to start making stuff like this. Normally I spend 10-12 hours a day working on my Remnant Knives or pending orders. The rest is divided between designing and the smaller work like twisting wire or something like that where I can be taking a break from physical labor, but still be working on something knife related. Who knows though! I do love making Remnant knives. >.< 

Logan Pearce Knives

Maleficent preview which is what it is pretty @pearceknives

Maleficent Preview.

Which is what it is, pretty much. If you didn’t know I wasn’t happy with the way my filigree came out. I was under a time crunch and had more screw ups than I could live with.

Plus! I still have to make a silver sheath for it. Since I have so much more work to do on the knife, I have taken this handle off. Destroyed all of the filigree work that you guys seen me do and what is on this picture.

This picture was taken before I had a long time to think about what I wanted to do and talked with the owner of this knife, before I went and took it apart. I think the knife is awesome and beautiful. Don’t get me wrong.

I think it even more so now that this doesn’t exist. I wanted this knife to be the pentacle of my current works. At the time, I didn’t feel like it was.

So~ Once I have the knife re-finished and the sheath made, I will show you how I made the sheath which has 4x as much filigree as this handle.

In the end, when I show you my completed Maleficent knife, it will be something that you have never seen before. A step above the knife pictured here, even though they will have the same skeleton. 

That being said, it was a long month+ of progress that you guys saw. In reality that was about 15% of the actual work put into the knife. lol. I hope you guys enjoyed it and things around here will go back to the way it was, where I’m not spamming you with photos on the daily.

Logan Pearce Knives

And my filigree work is finished for this one it @pearceknives

And my filigree work is finished for this one. It isn’t perfect, which upsets me a little bit, but I was under a time crunch while doing it, so I can’t complain a whole lot. lol.

Tomorrow you will see the finished knife!

Logan Pearce Knives

Im heating up the metal and silver to solder them @pearceknives

I’m heating up the metal and silver to solder them all together. This is the picture of me soldering my liner on the knife. Tomorrow you will see the finished sides!

Logan Pearce Knives

Almost there i still have to drill some more @pearceknives

Almost there! I still have to drill some more holes and then put the handle material in. I need to add a few others things to it, but it is 75% done. 

At this point, I only have two more photos of my work in progress. On Weds, you will see the ‘finished’ knife, which actually… Well I’ll tell you about it when I post the last picture

Logan Pearce Knives

Now i have been twisting the wires and forming @pearceknives

Now! I have been twisting the wires and forming them to fit my design. Mainly I am just using tweezers and an exacto knife to move and line everything up.

Under every piece I have a bit of solder. So I will heat it up and boom! The whole thing will become one piece. Everything in the world will be right and people will cheer.

Well, maybe not..

Logan Pearce Knives

Now we heat things up here the four pieces of @pearceknives

Now we heat things up!

Here the four pieces of silver are being heated to melting temperature on a fire brick that I use for most of my soldering. Once it has hit it’s melting temperature it will turn into a ball.

After making a few hundred of these and twisted wire I begin arranging the wire and balls on my handle. Tmrw you will see how things look around the half way point of the handle! 

But this is how I make the balls for my granulation and filigree knives and jewelry.

Logan Pearce Knives

After the wire has been twisted i cut the end @pearceknives

After the wire has been twisted, I cut the end piece off that was wrapped around the pen. I cut this piece into 4 pieces that are about the same size. With this length that I have cut and twisted, I will have 4 good sized pieces of twisted wire, that I will go back and make each one individually tighter. I will then curve and manipulate all the wires to fit on the handle in the design I have drawn out.

For each wire, I need at least one silver ball. Since I am getting four wires, I want four balls. I also prefer my handle to be made of the same kind of silver. This process usually spans across a week of twisting, cutting, and etc. before I have enough pieces for the knife handle and sheath.

The handle on this knife will have a little over 500 pieces of silver. The sheath will have somewhere along 3,000 pieces. 

More to come soon!

Logan Pearce Knives

Alrighty i double the wire and place the loose @pearceknives

Alrighty. I double the wire and place the loose ends between a pair of pliers. With the other end, I use a pencil or pen to put tension on the wire as I twist.

It’s simple and easy, yet time consuming. You can use a drill to make it quicker, most people do this with larger pieces of wire stock. You have to keep in mind with these piece of wire that they are extremely fragile and can brake easily while twisting. Because that I do it all by hand.

The best way for me to do it, is on my breaks between filling knife orders or after I am finished up in the shop for the day. Since this can be done in doors, I use my ‘off time’ to continue working. Sadly I only have so many hours in the day and all of the time that I am awake goes into my knives. 

The difference between a hobby or job when making knives is you can clock out or stop when you want. For me this isn’t a hobby or job, it is a career. My life’s work is my knives and because of that all of my time is divided into some part of knife making. Simply, because I love it so much. :)

Logan Pearce Knives

This is how my filigree starts i typically use @pearceknives

This is how my filigree starts. I typically use various sizes of wires, both square and round wire. I try to give my filigree as many levels as I possibly can without deducting from the actual knife.

For the next few days I’ll show you how I personally make my wire for my handles. Every part of my filigree is silver. Not nickle silver or whatever that Russian filigree is typically made from, but either pure silver or sterling silver.

My filigree is usually a mixture of granulation which are the balls that you see on my wire and twisted wires.  

Logan Pearce Knives

Happy 4th of july i hope you guys are having a @pearceknives

Happy 4th of July! I hope you guys are having a great one.

And the slots are completed and I just have to skeleton the handle out as much as possible before I start on the filigree.

Only a few more weeks. lol.

Logan Pearce Knives

Filing the slots for the inserts more to come @pearceknives

Filing the slots for the inserts. More to come!

Logan Pearce Knives

Since i am doing filigree on the front and back of @pearceknives

Since I am doing filigree on the front and back of the handle, I wanted a little more handle material on the knife. With the filigree I’m limited to what handle material I can put on the knife, simply bc the more the filigree the better it looks in most cases.

Because of that, I am cutting grooves and putting black lipped pearl inserts in the sides of this knife. :D

Logan Pearce Knives

Now it is time to start filing again i like to @pearceknives

Now it is time to start filing again! I like to use needle files and small files for most of my carving and filing on my knives. They don’t take a whole of metal off at a time, but they are flexible.

Because they don’t take a ton of metal off, if I screw up the mess up isn’t bad. The flexibility lets me do the curves and wings that you see on a majority of my art knives.

Logan Pearce Knives

The two sides have been welded up now im going @pearceknives

The two sides have been welded up now. I’m going to take off the outer wing at the bottom of the handle after I complete my profile grind on the damascus part of the handle that I made earlier. 

Super exciting, I know! :D

Logan Pearce Knives

Ive filed in the wings ill be welding up the @pearceknives

I’ve filed in the wings, I’ll be welding up the sides and cleaning everything up soon.

Now my four pieces have been cut out and clamped @pearceknives

Now! My four pieces have been cut out and clamped together. Using the single precise ground side that you saw yesterday, I keep them all lined up and grind out the sides that are to be mirrored. 

I have edges, wings, and other things that need to be lined up and mirrored. With this I can do it all at once, then pull apart the pieces, weld the two pairs together, and all four sides should be true to the world.

Because what it comes down to, is even if I had a drawn template, I wouldn’t square the sides the same or grind them exactly a like. This way I’m as close to perfect as I can be, since they are all done at the same time. 

This will work for 4 things in the end. It will first be a template for my handle’s final design, second it will be how I keep my ‘wings’ that I will be sculpting with a file all as close to each other as possible, third it will act as a guide for my file (which you will see in a few days), and finally it will be what I solder my filigree to.

It’s almost smart.


Logan Pearce Knives

Im not very good at getting mirrored sides to @pearceknives

I’m not very good at getting mirrored sides to match up. The dagger edges need to mirror each other, as well as the sides of the handle. I’m not great at getting them to mirror. Even when I use graph paper I screw it up.

So! I get a thin piece of metal that has a straight side and mark off the side. I do this four times. Tomorrow it will make more sense. lol

If I were a better maker I probably wouldn’t have to do this, but this method works the best for me.

Logan Pearce Knives

Flat grinding the handle after this i start @pearceknives

Flat grinding the handle. After this I start filing things down. At this point I’m about 15% done with the handle. Still a lot more work to be done.  I make use of every part of my grinder. It doesn’t matter what you use, as long as you know how to use it. I’m not particularly skillful, but I’m relatively clever. Plus I’ve been using the same type of grinder for 20 years. lol.

We haven’t even made it to the hard part yet! 

The good part is I can be in an air conditioned room after this point. Well for this knife at least. Still lots of other knives to be forged.

Profiling the dagger handle @pearceknives

Profiling the dagger handle!

I have cleaned up the damascus a little bit cut @pearceknives

I have cleaned up the damascus a little bit. Cut off the sides and cut it the length I will need for the handle. It has been sitting in acid for a little bit to make my life a little easier.

Tomorrow I show you how I profile it! I’m sure it will be more exciting than a weekend with Batman.

I use to be a knifemaker then i took an arrow to @pearceknives

I use to be a knifemaker…. then I took an arrow to the knee. 

Remember when that was a thing? No? I do love my press that I got from 

For so long I pounded my damascus out by hand, then I used a little giant power hammer, and finally I get to use a press capable of crushing anything I want. It’s awesome! As you can see my mig welding skills mean nothing now that I have the billet in the forge.

And we are pressing out the ladder pattern design into the billet! Oh yeah. Finally done forging this thing. Now we can do some real work.

The handle for my dagger has begun tmrw you will @pearceknives

The handle for my dagger has begun! Tmrw you will see it transform even more. >:)

The guard is pretty much done except for the @pearceknives

The guard is pretty much done, except for the final etch. The handle is next!!

Oooh yeah the guard is getting closer d @pearceknives

Oooh yeah! The guard is getting closer. :D

Mist is on page 59 of this months issue of knives @pearceknives

Mist is on page 59 of this months issue of Knives Illustrated.

I was really hoping that it wasn’t Mist. I mean I was hoping it was 

Filigree Knife by Logan-Pearce

I’m not sad by any means. I’m honored when anyone takes interest in my work. Plus Mist was my first attempt at Filigree. Now that I know I can actually do it, I will be doing better filigree knives, since it was just a trial one. 

More work in progress pictures to come of my Maleficent dagger! I hope you guys are enjoying it and aren’t getting too bored by the pictures. lol.

Almost done profiling the guard @pearceknives

Almost done profiling the guard!

Forging the guard out for my maleficent dagger @pearceknives

Forging the guard out for my Maleficent Dagger!

Grinding the blade @pearceknives

Grinding the blade!

The finished billet she is 20 long and is going @pearceknives

The finished billet! She is 20" long and is going to look amazing. :D

Annnnd more cutting a folding of my damascus @pearceknives

Annnnd more cutting a folding of my damascus. :)

Logan Pearce

Welding the damascus billet @pearceknives

Welding the damascus billet!

And it begins ill show you at least one picture @pearceknives

And it begins! I’ll show you at least one picture every day of how I created ‘Maleficent’, my filigree dagger. While this was over the course of a week, where I didn’t do anything other than work on this dagger, I plan on showing you a picture or two a day. From start to finish, you will get to see the reason for my lack of sleep and hopefully something amazingly awesome at the end. ;)

This is my metal line up for the knife. 1080 and 15N20. 

Hopefully I can keep this from being too boring for you guys. I know it isn’t a picture of a knife, but really it is. :D

My bowie we are on our way to atlanta now i have @pearceknives

My bowie! We are on our way to Atlanta now. I have some other knives I’ll try to post as soon as I can. The picture on this one didn’t come out so great because I was in a hurry.

If you have any questions, send me a message and if you happen to be in Atlanta, GA this weekend stop by the Blade Show and say hi! I’ll be the only person in there reading Bleach manga with the last of my data on my phone.

Im hoping to have a second mist completed by the @pearceknives

I’m hoping to have a second Mist completed by the Blade Show. I didn’t like how my damascus turned out on the first Mist, so I am going to try it again with different filigree work.

I plan on having my most amazing knife ever finished tonight. It isn’t Mist, it is something even more awesome. Almost more awesome than…dare I say it…me!

Finally finished i mixed an antiquing finish with @pearceknives

Finally finished. I mixed an antiquing finish with my stone wash finish. I was really aiming for something rough and rugged looking. I personally prefer the satin or polished finish on this knife, mainly because it contrasts better with the carbon fiber. With any luck I will finish another one soon, but with a polished look.

There is about a week left before the world’s largest cutlery show; Blade Show. I plan on continuing to send knives/orders off until Friday, before I work solely on my knives for Blade. I figure I will only be able to finish 2-3 high end knives for it, but I plan on letting you guys see how things go each day. Wish me luck!

If you have questions, just shoot me a message. I hope you all had a great holiday weekend!

Worst feeling ever okay maybe not ever lol it @pearceknives

Worst feeling ever!

Okay, maybe not ever. lol. It did suck though! 

Work in progress of my karambit d logan pearce @pearceknives

Work in progress of my karambit. :D

Logan Pearce

Work in progress of the karambit that i was @pearceknives

Work in progress of the karambit that I was working on this past weekend. I plan on doing a stone washed finish on the blade with a carbon fiber handle. I’m interested in seeing how it turns out. :D

Logan Pearce

The custom batman batarang as i am heat treating @pearceknives

The custom Batman Batarang as I am heat treating it. This version is The Dark Knight’s version of the batarang. I did change a few things, so it wasn’t exactly like his. Plus I forged it which was entertaining.

The finished version will be up in a few days followed by the video and written tutorial of how to forge your own. ;)

Logan Pearce Knives

The storm missed me and nessmuk is done i still @pearceknives

The storm missed me and Nessmuk is done! I still have to edit the video and everything when I’m not working on orders, so it will be up in a few days. I will try to take a better picture of it once I do.

I hope you are all having a great week and if you have any questions send me a message!

Close ups of my custom filigree knife that i made @pearceknives

Close ups of my custom filigree knife that I made. Awwwwesome!