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This site is NSFW and should only be viewed by those over the age of 18. Shown here will be images of or pertaining to the Penis. The images will range from the artistic to the sacred (the Lingham) to the erotic to the funny and more. Part of my philosophy here is that many societies or cultures deny or repress the normal functions, pleasures and sensations of the Human Body. These images will come from photographs, drawings , paintings or cartoons. I assume all of the items here are in the Public Domain. If an item you own the rights to is here contact me and I will remove it. Also, occasionally, I may include writing on the penis or related subjects that I read in books, magazines etc. I am also a practicer and promoter of Non-Sexual Nudism. 0 - penis nude (@penisnude)
Sacredpleasure in this love posture she @penisnude


“In this love posture, she gently receives his lingam in her yoni.”

Antonio m borghèse mars musée du @penisnude


Borghèse Mars,
Musée du Louvre, Paris

Fragrantblossoms edmund teske male nude @penisnude


Edmund Teske, Male Nude, Davenport, Iowa, Composite with Landscape, Topanga Canyon,1942 and 1953; print 1973, Gelatin silver print.

Daisyloversedo real beauty is what you see when @penisnude


Real beauty is what you see when your eyes are shut , when the senses have closed , the mind has retired and the ego has been permanently locked away , at that time you are face to face with divine love ❤️it’s like jumping out of the mind ; kicking off the matter . There is no fire but the fire is there . There is no external light but you still see light . There is nobody making a sound , but you still hear the sound . There is no substance for life , but one is still alive . It has nothing to do with body , mind , senses or emotions.

Dkwyck anonymous painting of a male nude 1920s @penisnude


Anonymous painting of a male nude, 1920s

Paganaltarovsex pagan altar ov sex @penisnude



Jeromeof painter and model lucian freud @penisnude


Painter and Model - Lucian Freud

Lilit69 gervaise @penisnude



Cactuslands michael kirkham @penisnude


michael kirkham

Explore blog the great adrienne rich on the @penisnude


The great Adrienne Rich on the dignity of love and how relationships refine our truths – spectacular read.

Nakedcouples both 20 woohoowithyou @penisnude


Both 20+

woohoowithyou // barenaughtiness

Nakedcouples 24 21 @penisnude


24 & 21

Nakedcouples him 18 her 18 @penisnude


Him~18 Her~18

Memfrog plate xxii a roman gladiator faces off @penisnude


Plate XXII. A Roman gladiator faces off against a phallus with the head of a dog. _Musée royal de Naples : peintures, bronzes et statues érotiques du cabinet secret_ 1836

The author says this was a votive object which the ancients saw as having the power to extend hexes.

Velved jamie mccartneys genital casts @penisnude


Jamie McCartney’s Genital Casts

Cloptzone notice this is a nobodyshame zone @penisnude


NOTICE: This is a #NoBodyShame zone.

#NudeOn #Nudity2015 #ProudNudist

Bnekkid83 relaxor keep calm @penisnude


         #Relax(or Keep Calm)… ;

           [*]REBLOG if you naturally agree that the penis is just another part of the human anatomy that every man should be proud of.It’s not as bad or shameful as some people think.Just like the hashtag I use to describe it…It’s very cool!!

[*]…and the bushes are beautiful too!!

Cloptzone notice this is a nobodyshame zone @penisnude


NOTICE: This is a #NoBodyShame zone.

#NudeOn #Nudity2015 #ProudNudist

Mybooksandmore a cartoon portrayal of the @penisnude


A cartoon portrayal of the pressures that society often exerts on us to achieve certain often unnattainable goals.

Much of this pressures comes from capitalism and advertising as people are often (if not always)  pressured to buy certain products (cosmetics, weight loss and plastic surgery to name just a few.)

Nudeforjoy weiners are ok @penisnude


Weiners are ok.

Herebeapirate always check out the goods before @penisnude


Always check out the goods before committing. 

Thetonyfocus copyrighted by thetonyfocus 2014 @penisnude


Copyrighted by TheTonyFocus 2014 

100artistsbook antique erotic one of von @penisnude


antique-erotic: One of von Gloeden’s most well-known and memorable models, the splendid Sicilian from Taormina known as Il Moro, in a glorious large copy of this fine photograph c1890.

More male art at and

Jegographicworks two bodies boy girl from a @penisnude


Two bodies: Boy Girl

From a series of abstract nudes. See the full series on my website. Prints also available via Redbubble.

Masakhane thismighthurt a lesson in dildo @penisnude



A lesson in dildo related safety.

Some important information on sex toy safety. A lot of people don’t know that you can get an STI by sharing sex toys. Therefore it’s important to use a condom even with a sex toy.

Tracy M, Sex Educator

Masakhane its not so much about sexual @penisnude


It’s not so much about sexual performance as it is about getting to know your partners body or bodies. Communication is key in experiencing great sexual pleasure!

Masakhane an awesome infographic from fenway @penisnude


An awesome infographic from Fenway Health about barrier methods to prevent STIs (and pregnancy, in the case of the condoms!). Some more tips: You can cut an external condom down the middle to create a dental dam. Remember to take the inner ring of an internal condom out if you use it in the anus. And try gloves out! They can make fingering feel great without all of the cuts and cuticles that our fingers often have! gk

Masakhane its always helpful to be reminded @penisnude


It’s always helpful to be reminded that all of our bodies are beautiful and normal and that difference is something to celebrate!  This message not only applies to body shapes but also anatomy.  Just like faces, every penis, vulva, and breast is different, and that’s OK!  Bodies are nothing to feel shame about.


Masakhane condoms are awesome and help the @penisnude


Condoms are awesome, and help the spread of STIs and unintended pregnancies.To increase pleasure, you can put a drop of lube inside the condom or use ribbed or studded condoms! Make sure to get a good size for you–there are snug condoms, regular, and extra large–and those sizes refer to the size of the bottom ring (so, width, not length). gk

Introvertedart accurate @penisnude



Vvendys 2699 for a watermelon @penisnude


$26.99 for a watermelon???

Purrypixel good legitimate information about @penisnude


Good, legitimate information about female condoms. I never would have guessed there was so much positive!

Mattbors condoms 101 erika moen more comics @penisnude


Condoms 101 - Erika Moen - More comics at The Nib

Fuckyeahsexeducation oh joy sex toy introduced @penisnude


Oh Joy Sex Toy introduced a new yes no maybe so sex list!

If you’ve followed my blog for any amount of time you probably know that I am in love with Scarleteen’s Sexual Inventory Stocklist so I am loving a new one and a great explanation for how to use it.

I may have to eventually make my own list, me being me I’d want to add a list of different kinks and fantasies as well. 

What are some other ways we can improve these lists?

Amorphousbee 3 sho hans 3 @penisnude


<3 sho & hans <3

Waxingmoonrise outake 2 me @penisnude


Outake #2. Me.

Tlcrmt dear t inspired a bit by the morning @penisnude


Dear T,

Inspired a bit by the morning light.

– What a stark and simple image. So beautiful! Thank you for sharing your inspiration. Happy BPM! Xoxo, T.
Freespiritsunited @penisnude


The difference between truly connecting with someone and “F**cking.”

The less you need to be loved from others desire @penisnude

The less you need to be loved from others - desire vs need…

Brianjamie chris zellermayr by brianjamie @penisnude


Chris Zellermayr by brianjamie

Jihelle photo paul freeman @penisnude


photo Paul Freeman

Andreii tarkovsky the celluloid closet 1995 @penisnude


The Celluloid Closet (1995)

Dir. Rob Epstein & Jeffrey Friedman