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This site is NSFW and should only be viewed by those over the age of 18. Shown here will be images of or pertaining to the Penis. The images will range from the artistic to the sacred (the Lingham) to the erotic to the funny and more. Part of my philosophy here is that many societies or cultures deny or repress the normal functions, pleasures and sensations of the Human Body. These images will come from photographs, drawings , paintings or cartoons. I assume all of the items here are in the Public Domain. If an item you own the rights to is here contact me and I will remove it. Also, occasionally, I may include writing on the penis or related subjects that I read in books, magazines etc. I am also a practicer and promoter of Non-Sexual Nudism. 0 - penis nude (@penisnude)
2 views of my penis @penisnude

2 views of my penis

2 different views of my penis @penisnude

2 different views of my Penis…

I am 9999 sure i would never do this but it @penisnude

I am 99.99 % sure I would never do this but it makes for a nice fantasy to masturbate to…

My legs my penis my body @penisnude

My legs - my Penis-
My body.