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Perfect Orbs @perfectorbs

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God's greatest creation: Woman. Man's 3 greatest inventions: the automobile, the television and breast implants. Not necessarily in that order. - Perfect Orbs (@perfectorbs)
Who is this beauty @perfectorbs

Who is this Beauty??

Fuckyeahfaketits too perfect to be real more @perfectorbs


Too perfect to be real. 

More perfection at

Womeninporn tylene buck @perfectorbs


Tylene Buck

Anybody have a name on this perfect babe @perfectorbs

Anybody have a name on this perfect babe?

Fuckyeahfaketits too perfect to be real more @perfectorbs


Too perfect to be real. 

More perfection at

Brenna mckenna what gorgeous fake fuckballs on a @perfectorbs

Brenna McKenna. What gorgeous fake fuckballs on a fit, slender beauty. Can you imagine the conversation she had with her surgeon…“Doc, I want to be larger than softballs, but smaller than soccer balls, and I want them to look like balls stuck on my chest.” Perfectly Job Baby!

Stella starz bimborules bimbo express @perfectorbs




Bimbos always dress for success.

Now here’s a fantastic example of how you can be both an executive AND a bimbo stella-starz

Yes, it would be an acceptable shape and size for my business. And you would call me your bimbo then? *giggle*

Phenomenal female form gracie finlan @perfectorbs


Gracie Finlan

Phenomenal female form i got this @perfectorbs


I got this congratulatory pic from a follower for hitting 50,000 ……damn nice and sexy submission


Fakeboobsworld lilly roma @perfectorbs


Lilly Roma

I love fake boobs too much to decide on THE perfect pair, but Lilly Roma definitely has A perfect pair. While I love the totally fake, pornstar, basketballs-inserted-in-my-chest look, Lilly’s are a little softer looking. Made all the better in the Hands Up! position.

Monica monroe posing for playboysk here she @perfectorbs

Monica Monroe posing for Here she supposedly has 800cc implants, but recently made herself even more perfect by getting an upgrade to 1400cc basketballs.

Just sexy chicks charley atwell @perfectorbs


Charley Atwell

Johndwrite fucking gorgeous giant tits on a @perfectorbs


Fucking gorgeous. Giant tits on a tiny body.

Ukn0wuwantit i received this fan sign today @perfectorbs


I received this fan sign today!! Holy fuck I want to see the rest! Thanks babe.