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Broken down cunts @pervert-br

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People are attracted to rape and forced sex fantasies for the most varied reasons. For me, it's about taking a perfectly normal woman and changing her. Testing how far she will take before breaking down and losing all inhibition and sense of morally right or wrong. Join me in these dark corners of my mind. Disclaimer: This is all fantasy for mature readers (18+). - Broken down cunts (@pervert-br)
Myfavoritemilfsexposed @pervert-br



***  Let’s have a some fun with this image!  ***

If everyone helps this image by receiving enough reblogs and likes to reach 250 notes by 5:00 PM Eastern time today… we will release 16 great blowjob images of Sandy sucking cock soon after. Some of which are more revealing than this one and we know you have never seen before!

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I logged in fully expecting to release some new photos. Seems to be a pattern here that we feel short…. :-/  We will give you guys until 5:30! So eager to please. :-)

Missdanidaniels favorite quote ever @pervert-br


Favorite quote ever. #IWishIWasASpy #OrABondGirl #FuckThatIWannaBe007 #007xxxPlease

Now that’s a quote to live by.

Your move xxx lovely submission @pervert-br

your move ;) xxx

Lovely submission

Sensualhumiliation the recently captured @pervert-br


The recently captured soldiers, have been forced to stay naked, and now her enemies (breaking any single war rule) are forcing them to serve in a sexual way…

Irisfuckdoll iris thought shed be fine after @pervert-br


Iris thought she’d be fine after she lost her passport, after all, its Russia and she has papers proving her identity from the Embassy, but one “lost” document and now she’s detained as an american spy, subject to brutal “interrogation” techniques by her captors where all her fuckholes are stuffed airtight :)

Sensualhumiliation stripped @pervert-br


…Stripped !

Itorturehertits happybdsm gotta love a chick @pervert-br



Gotta love a chick you tie by the tits and still looks at you like that

Filosophic1 drink up ladies @pervert-br


Drink up ladies

Ukbdsm two amateur submissive housewives @pervert-br


Two Amateur Submissive Housewives

Pornographers handbook max bellocchio il @pervert-br


Max Bellocchio, Il destino

Pornographers handbook claire castel arranged a @pervert-br


claire castel arranged a surprise for her husband, involving him getting bound to a chair and a bunch of horny young men

more tease whoring

Violateherworld so cute as if she has some say @pervert-br


So cute, as if she has some say in what is happening…….

No baby, you are gonna have four cocks using you.

Thesweettouchofdominance nicely used just make @pervert-br


Nicely used. Just make sure you replace the gag when you are done using her.

Torture her tits how much would you love a turn @pervert-br


How much would you love a turn on this floppy-titted bitch?

Bdsmafterthoughts your pussy is throbbing even @pervert-br


Your pussy is throbbing even as my eyes fall on her.

Kittensplayground кр @pervert-br



Bdsmafterthoughts look me in the eyes right @pervert-br


Look me in the eyes right now.

Pitnc piss is the new shower @pervert-br


Piss Is The New… Shower?

Viking210 just a hole for you and your friends @pervert-br


Just a hole for you and your friends to have some fun with…

Bigko71 me gusta follarte pegarte asfixiarte @pervert-br


Me gusta follarte, pegarte, asfixiarte, abusar de ti, usarte a mi antojo y que tu no digas ni hagas nada.

Sensualhumiliation completely immobile @pervert-br


Completely immobile

And to make things better she brings the booze @pervert-br

And to make things better, she brings the booze.

Sensualhumiliation just before of the ceremony @pervert-br


Just before of the ceremony…

Ukbdsm wife chained and abused @pervert-br


Wife chained and Abused

Xsecretloveaffairx every now and then the @pervert-br


Every now and then the warden let’s me have a visit with my favorite group from the prision.

She loves watching me be reduced to cum dump for all of them. Not that I mind either, I always had a thing for the bad boys.

Andhertearsflowedlikewine ashley blue in slave @pervert-br


Ashley Blue in Slave Dolls

Sensualhumiliation very sensual @pervert-br


very sensual…

Sensualhumiliation complete domination @pervert-br


Complete domination !!

Theirownmoms happy early mothers day part 3 @pervert-br



(Part 3 of 3)

Withoutremorse24 this is how i picture you @pervert-br


this is how i picture you

Tohjiro photo norio sugiura model miho @pervert-br


Photo : Norio Sugiura 

Model : Miho Ikeda 

Sensualhumiliation undressed and forced to be @pervert-br


Undressed and forced to be exposed front her captor…

Sensualhumiliation undressed and photographed @pervert-br


Undressed and photographed at her own office !

Classicnudes christina ferguson pmom april @pervert-br


Christina Ferguson, PMOM - April 1983, featured in PMOM pictorial, Christina’s World

Sensualhumiliation captured and then @pervert-br


captured, and then…

Thehumiliater since both holes will be busy its @pervert-br


since both holes will be busy it’s a neat way to introduce yourself 

Themoretheorgier the definition of multi tasking @pervert-br


The Definition of Multi-Tasking

Ukbdsm slave jade has become quite a regular at @pervert-br


Slave Jade has become quite a regular at Amateur-BDSM.Org, to show my appreciation show joins a growing group that gets special thanks. You can view all Slave Jade pictures by clicking or searching the tag Jade

Submitted By: sensationspleasurepain461 (
Another Exclusive.

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Corwinprescott this month on patreon february @pervert-br


“This Month on Patreon”
February 2015

Sierra McKenzie
- Marlo Marquise - Di - Ryanne S - Jenna Kellen

Right now I have what amounts to about 5 months worth of Tumblr posts queued up, but I am now offering instant access to my work as I finish it on Patreon for the support of just $1 a month.   February is Temperance month on Patreon!  We’ve gone indoors for the cold weathers month, and are focusing on exploring erotica in a retro style.

I’ll also be including extra perks for anyone who supports me for more: so far I have a photoshop tutorial with camera raw presets and actions to give certain effects.  I’ll be adding new tutorials once a month!

If you can’t afford to support me fear not, I will still be posting all of my work on tumblr for free as I have always done.

So take a minute and check out my Patreon, and let me know if you have any ideas, or things you’d like to see me do on there.

Bukkake80 art @pervert-br



Dont go anywhere not done with you yet @pervert-br

Don’t go anywhere.. not done with you yet..

Eroticartrainbow @pervert-br


Artist unknown - (If anyone has any further information, feel free to let us know at: Please include the post number when doing so (see instructions on our homepage.

Barbexploring emphasizing the stupidity of our @pervert-br


Emphasizing the stupidity of our bags … and emphasizing the pain …

Ukbdsm cock slut @pervert-br


cock slut

Facials lover more cumshot albums here @pervert-br


More cumshot albums here