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People are attracted to rape and forced sex fantasies for the most varied reasons. For me, it's about taking a perfectly normal woman and changing her. Testing how far she will take before breaking down and losing all inhibition and sense of morally right or wrong. Join me in these dark corners of my mind. Disclaimer: This is all fantasy for mature readers (18+). - Broken down cunts (@pervert-br)
Sensualhumiliation the signal of his complete @pervert-br


The signal of his complete possession over her…

Sensualhumiliation very attractive cleavage @pervert-br


Very attractive cleavage…

Sensualhumiliation she was the last doll @pervert-br


she was the last “doll” auctioned that night… The so called “hidden treasure”.

A former, elegant, successful, smart, feminine and mature NYC lawyer. Kidnapped in the way to the court’s parking lot, and driven against her will to that secret place where abducted women are transformed in sex merchandise.

she was crying in (gagged) silence, while she was waist up covered with the green cotton dress which had forced to wear, altough waist down absolutely exposed, forced to stand chained on slutty 5,5 inches heeled shoes.

she was just hearing the bidders increasing the prices for her, making her feel step by step really like an object and even much more possessed and controlled than ever in her entire life…  

Ftbaljock00 anyone who has ever met me knows i @pervert-br


Anyone who has ever met me knows I hate to drop the “F” bomb but once in a while it slips. “Feminism.” It is just the first thing that comes to my mind when I see this.  

Ftbaljock00 another human cumrag captured at @pervert-br


Another human cumrag captured at the perfect moment.  Embrace the natural habitat by accepting you are an inferior useless cum dump to all men,

Dirtygirlzwhitewedding tell me again that im @pervert-br


Tell me again that I’m the most beautiful bride you’ve ever seen.

Sensualhumiliation ready for him @pervert-br


ready for him…

Yeskaipo busty ewa sonnet 1 @pervert-br


Busty Ewa Sonnet 1

Just love a nicely trimmed bush @pervert-br

Just love a nicely trimmed bush.

Ripclothes find more rip clothes gifs at @pervert-br


Find more “Rip clothes” gifs at:

Ripclothes find more rip clothes gifs at @pervert-br


Find more “Rip clothes” gifs at:

Kinkythiings karlee grey @pervert-br


Karlee Grey.

Thebookofporn i love to shake your boobs baby @pervert-br


I love to shake your boobs baby

Ironic testicles gianna michaels @pervert-br


Gianna Michaels

Missdanidaniels little jet setter @pervert-br


Little jet-setter. ✌🏽️💙✈️

Labrujita oh my gosh this is quite an @pervert-br


Oh my gosh, this is  quite an indictment of marriage…that cage does mean something…

Illuminatipatriarch eva green camelot 2011 @pervert-br


Eva Green - ‘Camelot’ (2011)

Sensualhumiliation the lieutenant carter had to @pervert-br


The Lieutenant Carter had to go along with her battalion to the official parade that Saturday morning. But she never thought that sickly secret admirer (who followed her everywhere, stalking her since weeks) was steeled and finally decided to kidnap her as she headed to the barracks. Although the woman was an experienced soldier, his captor overpowered her, taking her gun and subjecting her by force into his van, where he bound and gagged her tightly.

And in the house of the kidnapper, she was tied into his bedroom and there he took his time to undress her slowly and let her beautiful breasts fully visible to him. Just after he went for his video camera and told her that she will be filmed during her training as sex slave for him…

Sensualhumiliation captured undressed bound @pervert-br


captured, undressed, bound and exposed…

Velvet74sub sensualhumiliation kidnapped @pervert-br



kidnapped, undressed and ready to be driven to one unknown place !


Thehotgrls gorgeous aubrey star and a big cock @pervert-br


Gorgeous Aubrey Star and a big cock

Sexgifbay sexy gif from sex gif bay @pervert-br


Sexy gif from Sex Gif Bay

Bondage 56 ryan ryans for helpless heroines @pervert-br


Ryan Ryans For Helpless Heroines

Tanialesb amain @pervert-br



Fiend64 tarkins prize @pervert-br


Tarkins prize!

Thats what tits are for @pervert-br

that’s what tits are for

Summer part 2 @pervert-br

summer, part 2

Summer part 1 @pervert-br

summer, part 1

Donebutwitherrorsonpage topless tuesday @pervert-br


Topless Tuesday…

Sensualhumiliation super sexy @pervert-br


super sexy

Whorespain youre makeup is perfect for where @pervert-br


You’re makeup is perfect for where I’m taking you.

Whorespain i think youre ready for round 2 @pervert-br


I think you’re ready for round 2.

Femdomhotwifecuckoldinterracial one of my @pervert-br


One of my masturbation fantasies has me captured and impregnated by a tribe of black men while on an African Safari with my husband.

I can pretty much cum in like two minutes to that one!

Mouthbadger sophie star @pervert-br


Sophie Star

The office doesnt pay much but they have the @pervert-br

The office doesn’t pay much, but they have the best perks.

Whorespain i dont care that you dont want to @pervert-br


I don’t care that you don’t want to.

Fatslaves pig cunt diane @pervert-br


Pig cunt Diane

Sensualhumiliation exhibited against their @pervert-br


Exhibited against their will…

Daddyisanympho daddy and whore @pervert-br


Daddy and whore.

Sarpedom good little fucktoys it all @pervert-br



It all happened so quickly; one day she was just a horny girl fingering her cunt and giving herself multiple orgasms over the fantasy of the submissive girls online…

Next thing she knew she had submitted to a dominant man. Just for the thrill of talking to him at first, but everything had moved so quickly and she felt like her cunt was controlling her, and he somehow knew exactly how to control her cunt.

So here she is, collared and leashed and making her way up to His bedroom to begin her training. It feels like a dream. She will be bought quickly back to reality when He’s fucking her sluthole as a vibrator buzzes away in her sloppy whore’s cunt.

A story some cunts who talk to me will find very familiar.
Myfavoritemilfsexposed @pervert-br



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Missdanidaniels favorite quote ever @pervert-br


Favorite quote ever. #IWishIWasASpy #OrABondGirl #FuckThatIWannaBe007 #007xxxPlease

Now that’s a quote to live by.

Your move xxx lovely submission @pervert-br

your move ;) xxx

Lovely submission

Sensualhumiliation the recently captured @pervert-br


The recently captured soldiers, have been forced to stay naked, and now her enemies (breaking any single war rule) are forcing them to serve in a sexual way…

Irisfuckdoll iris thought shed be fine after @pervert-br


Iris thought she’d be fine after she lost her passport, after all, its Russia and she has papers proving her identity from the Embassy, but one “lost” document and now she’s detained as an american spy, subject to brutal “interrogation” techniques by her captors where all her fuckholes are stuffed airtight :)

Sensualhumiliation stripped @pervert-br


…Stripped !

Itorturehertits happybdsm gotta love a chick @pervert-br



Gotta love a chick you tie by the tits and still looks at you like that

Filosophic1 drink up ladies @pervert-br


Drink up ladies

Ukbdsm two amateur submissive housewives @pervert-br


Two Amateur Submissive Housewives

Pornographers handbook max bellocchio il @pervert-br


Max Bellocchio, Il destino

Pornographers handbook claire castel arranged a @pervert-br


claire castel arranged a surprise for her husband, involving him getting bound to a chair and a bunch of horny young men

more tease whoring