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Petgirls Photo Journal @petgirls

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Pussymodsgalore pierced pussy with bells @petgirls


Pierced pussy with bells on. Skirt not trousers, panties definitely not allowed when she is dressed, then everyone will hear when she moves!

Shekneelsbeforeme when youve finished come in @petgirls


When you’ve finished, come in by the back door and don’t drip on the carpet.

Slavenorah afraid of the cattle prod @petgirls


Afraid of the cattle prod…?

Lostsexpuppy 26 august 2015 new york city @petgirls


26 August 2015. New York City. sotightandshiny

Soumiscocu promenade de la chienne @petgirls


Promenade de la chienne

Onashortleash thank you for the submission @petgirls


Thank you for the submission.

Peterbirch chloe toy punished for reading the @petgirls


Chloe Toy punished for reading The Big, Bad Book of Spanking Positions, Set 1, 37 of 37. Pure bliss!


Madeinthenude barefoot nobody is truly nude @petgirls



Nobody is truly nude unless their feet are too! That’s because our feet are made for walking. Wearing shoes is like wearing a cast and looks silly against an otherwise unclothed body. Our feet need to breath and move just like the rest of us.

Shoes constrict the feet and wreak havoc on our bodies. Our feet should be wide and strong, tough against the elements and able to move and flex without effort. The toes should splay out to help with balance and allow the ball of the foot strike the ground, not the heel. Walking on the ball of the foot helps strengthen the calf and thigh muscles and keeps our bones in better alignment aiding in proper posture and health.

However, just like how clothing is needed for certain occasions, so to are shoes. But are shoes really necessary when going about our daily lives? Sitting at a cubical? Walking along the grocery store isle? Hanging out with friends at the local resort or bar? Around the the house? I don’t think so!

Go barefoot for a better body.

Text by me. Photo posted by: cannabisthecat

Photo retrieved from: charlottethenudist

Masoumise esprit o visitez wwwesprit ocom @petgirls


Visitez href=""

Kinkissx dirty beast slave on all fours in a @petgirls


dirty beast slave on all fours in a farm

Hellenepopodopolous as the whites arrive at the @petgirls


As the whites arrive at the Re-education Center, they glimpse at what is in store for them.

Onlyallfours foraging is part of learning to @petgirls


Foraging is part of learning to live in the woods

Caucasianplantation in the new wild west the @petgirls


In the new Wild West, the African cowboys frequently skirmished with the scattered tribes of nomadic white savages. Those they took captive were reduced to the status of animals, often sharing the burden of luggage deemed too heavy for the more highly-valued horses.

Masterofo001 das schwei9n 32 bereit für die @petgirls


Das Schwei9n 32 bereit für die Übergabe an einen neuen Nutzer

Peteknowlin application of the horse whip @petgirls


Application of the horse whip

Carolsmaster a very sexy sub @petgirls


A very sexy sub!