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that powerlifter in San Francisco @phoenicianbear

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It wasn't supposed to be like this... I was going to share my porn, but other guys have way better collections, so I've just been putting up pictures of myself. I'm single and living in San Francisco; "Phoenician" is because I lived in Phoenix for a long time, not because I'm Persian or something... I'm actually closer to Georgian and Irish. - that powerlifter in San Francisco (@phoenicianbear)
Matthews progress report lazy bear 2015 @phoenicianbear

Matthew’s Progress Report Lazy Bear 2015

Matthew scott greg burger photography @phoenicianbear

Matthew Scott
Greg Burger Photography

Glad you all like it there will be more like this @phoenicianbear

Glad you all like it! There will be more like this taken at Dore Alley.

Matthew scott by greg burger 29 28 @phoenicianbear

Matthew Scott, by Greg Burger
29, 28

Gbmorphs power brute 515 @phoenicianbear


Power Brute


Matthew scott by greg burger 32 @phoenicianbear

Matthew Scott, by Greg Burger

Tilted selfie silliness @phoenicianbear

Tilted selfie silliness

2015 04 11 @phoenicianbear


Nippletheory matthew matthew matthew be safe @phoenicianbear


Matthew Matthew Matthew be safe.

Nippletheory oh matthew totes adorbs @phoenicianbear


Oh Matthew, totes adorbs!

Roobain corwincub was going through some old @phoenicianbear



Was going through some old photo shoots and found some good outtakes from the Matthew Scott shoot. 


LOL these are great!

36yo 58 250 bsd 405515515 lbs @phoenicianbear

36yo, 5'8", 250#.  B/S/D - 405/515/515 (lbs.)

173cm, 113kg. B/S/D - 184/234/234 (kg)

Dancing my ass off at bearracuda but first lemme @phoenicianbear

Dancing my ass off at Bearracuda… But first lemme take a metaselfie.

Corwincub new bearracuda poster featuring the @phoenicianbear


New Bearracuda poster featuring the handsome Matthew Scott I designed this morning. Yes that is Christeene in the background.  

Noodlesandbeef yay matthew noodles and mark @phoenicianbear



Matthew, Noodles, and Mark at #WhereTheBearsAre

Cutecubs want his ass @phoenicianbear


want his ass

Late night blurry bear @phoenicianbear

Late-night blurry bear

Matthew by blake little cropped @phoenicianbear

Matthew, by Blake Little (cropped)

Bearmatt doing tricep carls with carl @phoenicianbear

BearMatt doing Tricep Carls (with Carl)

Matthew 206kg 455lbs all time max was 233kg @phoenicianbear

Matthew - 206kg / 455lbs

All-time max was 233kg / 515lbs, hoping to have evidence of that soon.

Aznchaser gulobear nippletheory matthew @phoenicianbear




Matthew Scott via FB (hot men just seem to kind of accumulate around him, like silt).

Matthew with Jeff in the third… the heaven!

So hot

Bearmatt is on patrol and will provide protection @phoenicianbear

BearMatt is on patrol and will provide protection upon request.

Thebigbearcave new other set @phoenicianbear


New Other Set

Blurry matthew gym selfie @phoenicianbear

Blurry Matthew gym selfie

Matthew from san francisco by scott iverson @phoenicianbear

Matthew from San Francisco, by Scott Iverson Photography, for Bearracuda Sydney

Heading to the gym heavy leg training day @phoenicianbear

Heading to the gym… heavy leg training day.

Me and the legendary daddy mack at bearbucks @phoenicianbear

Me and the legendary Daddy Mack at Bearbucks

Me and my poster in front of castro bearbucks @phoenicianbear

Me and my poster in front of Castro Bearbucks (18th and Castro in SF)

Thebigbearcave what happened i thought @phoenicianbear


what happened? i thought everyone was alone with their laptop in a dark room worshiping this guy still??

I do deeclayr, this one hyere be the NEW Bear Jeff. can’t wait for more of this guy. Submit or post them PLEASE ♥♥♥

Oh, I’m still around…  When Scott Iverson ( asked me to do a photo session with him for Bearracuda last April, I had no idea it would turn out so well or be so well-received… so thanks to him and all of you who reblogged me and showed up at the dances.  If they ask me back for a new 2014 photoset, I’ll jump at the chance!

As for declaring me “the new Bear Jeff”… To be very, very clear:
my friend, the real Jeff, STPBear himself, is still around and just as gorgeous, beefy and hunky as ever.  So while I take it as the highest compliment imaginable that any of you would put me alongside such an iconic bear, let’s please remember that Jeff is a real guy, and he will never be replaced by me or by any other “new” face.

Big Beefy Bear Hugs!

Bear Matthew AKA Phoenicianbear

Matthew the powerlifter of the opera by noel @phoenicianbear

“Matthew: The Powerlifter of the Opera”, by Noel

Whatthecub nichbchsr phoenicianbear happy @phoenicianbear




Happy Halloween!


Omg. Big arms, big chest, big gut. A deadly triple threat. :: swoon ::

Halloween reblog!