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Dash the Dog @pigfun

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Dash -23- Londoner, Fetish Strapworker, Photographer, and all around filthy bondage obsessed kinkster-pup. I blog about my sex life and various adventures with pictures and stories. Lots of porn reblogs too. - Dash the Dog (@pigfun)
Beautiful photo @pigfun

Beautiful photo. 

Victorhenselcoe self portrait colliers wood @pigfun


Self Portrait, Colliers Wood

Something from my photography blog :) 

Sdspitbull ears plugged blindfolded boot and @pigfun


Ears plugged. Blindfolded. Boot and wrist restraints padlocked. Wrists padlocked together under the sling and boots padlocked to the support chains. Pallet wrapped in place. Mouth stuffed full with a fat piece of sponge and all of it snugly duct taped down. I can no longer even anticipate what will or will not happen next.

Cock and balls exposed for both abuse and edging. Ass plugged…. then without warning pulled and then I’m being fucked. Hard. Almost. Almost. Then it stops. The plug goes back in. Not a fucking thing I can do about any of it. Grunt. Make noises. Muffled pleas that I cannot even hear a response to.

How many times now? I keep drifting out in between and I’ve lost track……. 

Lonelystarhao gayboykink the kinky bf @pigfun




Rope tutorial #1:
For this harness, use a rope that is +/- 12-15 meters.

1. Find the middle of the rope and tie two knots from there on: get a small loop at the end and the space between the two knots has to be big enough to fit a head through.
2. Get your sub’s head through the two knots.
3. Add more knots along the length of the body. The more knots you tie, the more rope is needed. Try to place the knots with equal spacing inbetween for a symmetrical look.
4. Pass the two ends of the rope via the groin to the back (make sure it isn’t too tight at the tailbone)…
5. …where you pull it through the small loop.
6. When pulled through, pass the loose ends to the front via the chest.
7. Pull through to the space between the upper knots and go back again.
8/9. Go back and forth like 6/7. until you got your harness completed all the way down the torso. 
(Picture 9 doesn’t show the bottom rope sideways, like shown in 14.)
Make sure the ropes are tightly tied evenly along the body, for comfort and best results visually.
10. When done pulling through the spaces between the knots, get to the back and intertwine the ropes, so one is going up and the other going down.
11. Get your sub’s hands between the loose ends of the rope.
12. Wrap the rope around the wrist vertically a couple of times…
13. …and finish off by wrapping around the rope between the wrists.
14/15. Ta da!

Mistakes are to be made, errors make up good lessons.
No rights can be derived from the foregoing information.

Look! My boyfriend made y'all a little bondage tutorial, so get your ropes out and try it out on your boy or girl! I’d love to see some pics of your harnesses, haha.. ^-^

Just experiment a little with the basis and I’m sure you can come up with improvisations/alterations that look just as hot and are just as restricting. =)


Wow @pigfun


Brick13 working on speeding ticket @pigfun


working on speeding ticket

Ideal saturday night @pigfun

Ideal saturday night! 

Pigfun mrkristoferweston academy men @pigfun



Academy Men Straight Jacket Scene

im entering porn soon and i so hope this is a thing that happens to me

Redskinbd your cell mate has made it apparent @pigfun


Your cell mate has made it apparent that he’s not going to use the toilet anymore. you’re his toilet.

Bondagecanals depravpig folsom europe @pigfun



Folsom Europe Berlin par Patrick Frauchiger
Via Flickr :

Look whom I’ve stumbled upon again: @pigfun!

Oh fuck I never realised this photo of me made it on to tumblr either! 
Looks awesome :3

Batskin semi trans suffocation i need som @pigfun


Semi-Trans suffocation

I need som trans rubber gear! 

Mentalaberration guard pup see how alert he @pigfun


Guard pup. See how alert he is!

Love a hot pup! 

Mentalaberration someones just seen my toy @pigfun


Someone’s just seen my toy trolley…

omg what porn is this, i love all of it!

Mentalaberration thats not drool i love @pigfun


That’s not drool…

I love these head harnesses. 
I feel like making one! 

Hruff hardmaster999 awesome new bondage mat @pigfun



Awesome new bondage mat from Fetters Uk

pigfun once again :)

Thanks Dibbler ;)
I only just stumbled upon this 
(From the fetters shoot over the summer for the bondage board)

Sarmoti4me on my want list he just needs @pigfun


On my “want” list!

He just needs a collar.

These were the bonus glamour ones lol @pigfun

These were the bonus glamour ones… lol 

Organising my photos and found this one from when @pigfun

Organising my photos and found this one from when we got to the flat we were staying in for Folsom this year. We were pissing about with the camera and the chem gloves! 

Ooooooo so shiny @pigfun

ooooooo so shiny

Puploki emsedonyk puploki in his new @pigfun



@puploki in his new Carrara

Thank you @carrarachastity!

Thats one hot sub @pigfun

That’s one hot sub. 

Serious male bondage more all male heavy @pigfun


More all-male heavy rubber, leather, metal, and tape bondage at

Serious male bondage more all male heavy @pigfun


More all-male heavy rubber, leather, metal, and tape bondage at

Serious male bondage @pigfun


wow this is such an incredibyl horny photo. I just wish that guy was wearing an orange prison jumpsuit rather than this kinda holocaust variety. Nonetheless, this picture gave me inspiration and i totally came over it. 

Serious male bondage more all male heavy @pigfun


More all-male heavy rubber, leather, metal, and tape bondage at

You’re not going anywhere son. 

I did in fact actually go to folsom europe a @pigfun

I did in fact actually go to Folsom Europe a couple months ago but totally forgot to post any photos from the adventure. Here’s one of me and what i was wearing during the street fair taken by Chris Jepson. If you didn’t notice, green was definitely my theme. You’ll have to excuse me for looking slightly tired, I stayed out a little too late domming a certain super cute sub and paid for it the next day somewhat…

Trikoot enjoying my folsomeurope berlin @pigfun


Enjoying my #FolsomEurope, Berlin style.

Trikoot he does not know what is waiting for @pigfun


He does not know what is waiting for him…

Insatiable pig ablacknight keep reading i @pigfun



Keep reading

I don’t write on here often… But
p: I recently discovered my inner pig. What it means to be a pig and use that label. I want to connect with like minded pigs. I’ve talked to some great guys… One I’d love to know better. I’d like to see his kinky side. Find his inner craving. Serve his desires and perform his duties. Is it possible to love a pig? Or is it just fun to watch? Let me know what you prefer, what your duties are. What your tribute is.

Therubberdog this is a serious piece of @pigfun


This is a serious piece of equipment!

I see these kinds of crazy contraptions all over Tumblr but never any information on how actually sells  / designs these things! 

Its funny when youre in love and youve been @pigfun

It’s funny when you’re in love and you’ve been with someone your super in love with for a certain amount of time. Above is me what I’m wearing right now, bored at home alone posing in front my laptop, and the one below is one morning about a week ago with my boyfreind. 
We’re so incredibly silly when we’re together I love him so much- we’ve been together one year. I try to be kind of as honest about the person I am on this blog of mine, but just a little insight. Just not to appear to try and be too much of some kind of sex-fiend I am so silly and crazy when I’m with the person I love. 

Fullrubbergimp happy boi @pigfun


Happy boi

Holy crap i didnt even see this get posted i @pigfun

Holy crap I didn’t even see this get posted. I posed for this during fetish week. Came out amazingly. Wish I actually got to own them chastity shorts but oh well hey Ho I got a got a pretty picture :)

Regulation london coming soon its me in @pigfun


Coming soon. 

It’s me in the hogsack I made again. ^_^

Shootinmypit the only way i can really get into @pigfun


the only way i can really get into my workout is if i edge and take selfies while i do so. FOR YOU MY FAGS!

Menthol penguin slyhands its a nice morning @pigfun



It’s a nice morning to take your pup for weekend walkies with a little game of fetch thrown in!
Pup Koby and Pup Jesse
hoto by Sly Hands
London, UK

Did I reblog this already? The blue suit is amazing so you can have it again anyway :P

speaking mostly as a pup in the pup community but also as a photographer…
it’s times like these the pup hoods can just leave.
Jesse is gorgeous. He has a beautiful face with a cheeky smile, and this is a wonderfuly shot photograph. There was an extra layer of potential which this photo can’t get to because the hood stayed on. It would have been way more powerful to see Jesse staring lovingly up at koby than seeing this hood which deletes all his emotion and replaces it with something essentially fake and blocking. (this is not a critwique of the image by any stretch, but more of pup culture in general, some hoods work, some hoods don’t, and they deffo have a time and a place) 

So basically i never made an announcement but for @pigfun

So basically, I never made an announcement but for the last sic months i’ve been working in the workshop of @regulation-london learning to be a strawroker- that’s someone  specialises in making harnesses, collars, restraints etc. 
Now recently, I made my first rubber item, which is what the pictures are of, it’s me in a hogsack, which I made! YAYS! Now I don’t know how may of you have ever tried making anything out of latex but it’s quite tricky to start out with and this thing was not easy because it has some satanically curvy seams. It took the help of about 5 people at different times over one saturday and 4 lunchbreaks to finish this off and it’s actually come out rather well. It works quite effectively as a piece of bondage equipement, and the only thing we want to do to it is add some strapwork to make it more restrictive. Some of you may recognise the design which I adapted from another hogsack design which I posted last summer that was given to me by my good friend @xibalban7. Anyway, that’s all for now. Yay for learning and things!

Mascular ian james 2015 22 i was so @pigfun


IAN & JAMES | 2015 - 22

I was so excited when Ian and James agreed to do a shoot with me. I was introduced through a mutual friend. Such beautiful men, and as husbands, such great chemistry, We laughed a lot, and the photos just kept getting better. Amazing guys.

omg, I know Ian and James, I take photos of them at the eagle sometimes. They are stunningly gorgeous human beings and i am so happy you’ve been able to photograph them. 

I love this muzzle @pigfun

I love this muzzle.

Been back at the gym two months now its going @pigfun

Been back at the gym two months now. It’s going well and I feel amazing! 
Also you can see my two recent wrist tattoos in this photo, i’ve had those nearly a months now too. Grrrr ;)

Gaggedbear silently waiting and waiting for @pigfun


silently waiting…. and waiting… for boss cubs return.. did he have a choice?

Mrsleather beating dolan wolf in his fetters @pigfun


Beating Dolan Wolf in his Fetters Max-Security Locking Shorts

The Wolfpack in London miss you Dolan!

Recently at the eagle this is my magical harness @pigfun

Recently at the Eagle This is my magical harness that we made before Berlin.

Victorhenselcoe masterclass advertising october @pigfun


Masterclass Advertising October 2015

New Advertising for the Masterclass I gone and done.
Learn to tie up your friends! 

I love oyster pants @pigfun

i love Oyster pants.

Oh look it is me thanks sumisoadictoalsexo tied @pigfun

Oh look it is me! Thanks @sumisoadictoalsexo

Tied up outside the regulation-london stand at Folsom

Caution tape bondage on chest hair amusing and @pigfun

Caution tape bondage on chest hair, amusing and painful in equal amounts.
What a cheeky erection. 
I said it.
Cheeky erection. 

Noodlesandbeef how to make a triskelion knot @pigfun


How to make a triskelion knot harness

In honor of Folsom, I’m finally putting up a tutorial for the gorgeous triskelion knot harness from my wedding.

You will need:

  1. 20-feet of rope
  2. Patience

The triskelion knot is formed by pushing three loops through each other, then tying the loose ends around your back to form an asymmetrical harness.  The resulting harness is a gorgeous, unique, and very affordable piece of bondage.  I spent $5 on this.

The GIFs (ripped from this video, highly recommended you just watch that) show tying the knot with a single rope.  For a more masculine look, try doubling up the rope like innerbear or quadrupling the rope like alpha (pictured above).

Its masterclass time again this time adam is the @pigfun

It’s Masterclass time again!

This time Adam is the Posterdog! And this time, we’re teaching rope bondage, waxplay and a few other didgerydoos! See you there!

The alley yes please sir @pigfun


Yes, please, Sir

Nicetightgag youre just wasting air struggling @pigfun


You’re just wasting air struggling like that.

my boyfriend is is under the kitchen table right now blowing me and this BC GIF is making me hard ;) 

Rubbertopboys sling time @pigfun


Sling Time 

Really hot @pigfun

really hot!

I want to eat his chest @pigfun

I want to eat his chest

Graypup bath time yipie adorbs @pigfun


Bath time…. Yipie


Artdecademonthly glory hole servant just some @pigfun


Glory Hole Servant

Just some guys havin’ a little fun at the local BDSM place!

Originally from, and just posted a higher res over at  Please consider supporting if you like my stuff!

Spikepup93 kinkyboyfrance ill be a black @pigfun



I’ll be a black and yellow pup at Darklands (Antwerp - Belgium) this week-end. *Wag insanely my big yellow tail*

Thats an awesome combination of gear, wow :O

I need to make a colour commitment like this!! 
My gear colours are all over the shop. I like too many colours! 

Puploki id been lusting after regulations sub @pigfun


I’d been lusting after Regulation’s sub suit for a while and always resisted (like I need any more rubber!) but with a sale on, I gave in, being the weak-willed person that I am.

I bought an extra-small sized one off the peg and the fit is pretty good and tight except around the shoulders and neck – I guess it’s difficult to accommodate everyone in a standard pattern, but the slight bagginess is taken care of with a collar so not too much of a big deal. The jock I bought at the same time is really comfy too – Regulation have a great cut with lots of, ahem, room that looks great.

Wearing it does feel wonderful, with a great sense of vulnerability, ready to be used as a little fuck toy with all its holes available :p


I love hearing when the place I work at does a good job :D 

Regulation london we have all the bits to make @pigfun

regulation-london We have all the bits to make this piss contraption work, right? 

Hawtphotography quick bts shot from my shoot @pigfun


Quick BTS shot from my shoot with @mrhotshoe, my fave #pocketgay and #utterlysexy #gayotter 😍

I did a proper photoshoot with HAWT Photography. This was only  kinda behind the scenes one but i love it. I dedicate this naked cub Totoro version of me to Nickie Charles! 

I was hogtied in full recently it was hot @pigfun

I was hogtied in full recently. It was hot. 

Hawtphotography could not hold back had to @pigfun


Could not hold back - had to lick these #hawt #sweaty pups!
#gayboys #gaylondon #gaypup #gaypuppy #kink #gaykink #musicvideo #dorianslifeishard #hawtlifeishard

Recently with Magic :D 

Bootbrushpup sweet little rubberpig excited to @pigfun


Sweet little rubberpig, excited to be boxed-up and left to stew in his own perversity…

Embrace your fetish!

Sdspitbull wanna spend sunday afternoon @pigfun


“Wanna spend Sunday afternoon cuddling and watching Netflix-?”

“Not really…”

“OK! Me neither!”

can’t we have both the amazing bondagey sex then the netflix? :D :D 

Wow grrr @pigfun


Tonight i shot and co designed the poster for the @pigfun

Tonight I shot and co-designed the poster for the Masterclass. I wanted to do a shoot with the rest of the guy in it ( dieselpup Ox ) , but I was told I was charge of the artwork last night and the deadline is Monday, so that will happen next time!
Anyhow it’s a class to learn how to tie up your kinky ones and do some fun evil stuff to them. 

Next class: Rope Bondage (as usual) Sounding, Electro. 

My friends sometimes perv on me and then send me @pigfun

my friends sometimes perv on me and then send me the photos after 

Mrsleather how we ship slaves @pigfun


How we ship slaves….

regulation-london Simon, i have an idea for a reply to this…

Bondagebudsf love that his head gear is @pigfun


LOVE that his head gear is directly connected to his balls.  Zero wiggle room.  And the tit clamps, further restricting his range of motion. 

Bikerdawgca tightsensation two more images @pigfun



Two more images of our bondage wall designed for SLM Copenhagen.

Can I try?

Theboyrook do not open til christmas always @pigfun



Always ten feet behind, always ten feet below.

worship & adoration.

Me and my wonderful boyfriend dean at @pigfun

Me and my wonderful boyfriend Dean at Deconstruction this year gone. He was working at the event which explains non-specific fetish gear. I love him so much. 

Drubtwopointoh i designed the original chicago @pigfun


I designed the original Chicago Rubbermen Logo many, many years ago…

And it’s now being adopted around the globe as a sort of universal emblem. I could not be more surprised and shocked!

Holy fuckery duckery