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Dash the Dog @pigfun

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Woof! I'm Dash the Dog, and this is my blog. I'm 23, Londoner working in London, I work at a gay fetish store called Regulation, also resident photographer at the Eagle London bar. I blog about my sex life and various adventures with pictures and stories. I've made a little gallery of me at the top for... - Dash the Dog (@pigfun)
Oh look it is me thanks sumisoadictoalsexo tied @pigfun

Oh look it is me! Thanks @sumisoadictoalsexo

Tied up outside the regulation-london stand at Folsom

Caution tape bondage on chest hair amusing and @pigfun

Caution tape bondage on chest hair, amusing and painful in equal amounts.
What a cheeky erection. 
I said it.
Cheeky erection. 

Noodlesandbeef how to make a triskelion knot @pigfun


How to make a triskelion knot harness

In honor of Folsom, I’m finally putting up a tutorial for the gorgeous triskelion knot harness from my wedding.

You will need:

  1. 20-feet of rope
  2. Patience

The triskelion knot is formed by pushing three loops through each other, then tying the loose ends around your back to form an asymmetrical harness.  The resulting harness is a gorgeous, unique, and very affordable piece of bondage.  I spent $5 on this.

The GIFs (ripped from this video, highly recommended you just watch that) show tying the knot with a single rope.  For a more masculine look, try doubling up the rope like innerbear or quadrupling the rope like alpha (pictured above).

Its masterclass time again this time adam is the @pigfun

It’s Masterclass time again!

This time Adam is the Posterdog! And this time, we’re teaching rope bondage, waxplay and a few other didgerydoos! See you there!

The alley yes please sir @pigfun


Yes, please, Sir

Nicetightgag youre just wasting air struggling @pigfun


You’re just wasting air struggling like that.

my boyfriend is is under the kitchen table right now blowing me and this BC GIF is making me hard ;) 

Rubbertopboys sling time @pigfun


Sling Time 

Really hot @pigfun

really hot!

I want to eat his chest @pigfun

I want to eat his chest

Graypup bath time yipie adorbs @pigfun


Bath time…. Yipie


Artdecademonthly glory hole servant just some @pigfun


Glory Hole Servant

Just some guys havin’ a little fun at the local BDSM place!

Originally from, and just posted a higher res over at  Please consider supporting if you like my stuff!

Spikepup93 kinkyboyfrance ill be a black @pigfun



I’ll be a black and yellow pup at Darklands (Antwerp - Belgium) this week-end. *Wag insanely my big yellow tail*

Thats an awesome combination of gear, wow :O

I need to make a colour commitment like this!! 
My gear colours are all over the shop. I like too many colours! 

Puploki id been lusting after regulations sub @pigfun


I’d been lusting after Regulation’s sub suit for a while and always resisted (like I need any more rubber!) but with a sale on, I gave in, being the weak-willed person that I am.

I bought an extra-small sized one off the peg and the fit is pretty good and tight except around the shoulders and neck – I guess it’s difficult to accommodate everyone in a standard pattern, but the slight bagginess is taken care of with a collar so not too much of a big deal. The jock I bought at the same time is really comfy too – Regulation have a great cut with lots of, ahem, room that looks great.

Wearing it does feel wonderful, with a great sense of vulnerability, ready to be used as a little fuck toy with all its holes available :p


I love hearing when the place I work at does a good job :D 

Regulation london we have all the bits to make @pigfun

regulation-london We have all the bits to make this piss contraption work, right? 

Hawtphotography quick bts shot from my shoot @pigfun


Quick BTS shot from my shoot with @mrhotshoe, my fave #pocketgay and #utterlysexy #gayotter 😍

I did a proper photoshoot with HAWT Photography. This was only  kinda behind the scenes one but i love it. I dedicate this naked cub Totoro version of me to Nickie Charles! 

I was hogtied in full recently it was hot @pigfun

I was hogtied in full recently. It was hot. 

Hawtphotography could not hold back had to @pigfun


Could not hold back - had to lick these #hawt #sweaty pups!
#gayboys #gaylondon #gaypup #gaypuppy #kink #gaykink #musicvideo #dorianslifeishard #hawtlifeishard

Recently with Magic :D 

Bootbrushpup sweet little rubberpig excited to @pigfun


Sweet little rubberpig, excited to be boxed-up and left to stew in his own perversity…

Embrace your fetish!

Sdspitbull wanna spend sunday afternoon @pigfun


“Wanna spend Sunday afternoon cuddling and watching Netflix-?”

“Not really…”

“OK! Me neither!”

can’t we have both the amazing bondagey sex then the netflix? :D :D 

Wow grrr @pigfun


Tonight i shot and co designed the poster for the @pigfun

Tonight I shot and co-designed the poster for the Masterclass. I wanted to do a shoot with the rest of the guy in it ( dieselpup Ox ) , but I was told I was charge of the artwork last night and the deadline is Monday, so that will happen next time!
Anyhow it’s a class to learn how to tie up your kinky ones and do some fun evil stuff to them. 

Next class: Rope Bondage (as usual) Sounding, Electro. 

My friends sometimes perv on me and then send me @pigfun

my friends sometimes perv on me and then send me the photos after 

Mrsleather how we ship slaves @pigfun


How we ship slaves….

regulation-london Simon, i have an idea for a reply to this…

Bondagebudsf love that his head gear is @pigfun


LOVE that his head gear is directly connected to his balls.  Zero wiggle room.  And the tit clamps, further restricting his range of motion. 

Bikerdawgca tightsensation two more images @pigfun



Two more images of our bondage wall designed for SLM Copenhagen.

Can I try?

Theboyrook do not open til christmas always @pigfun



Always ten feet behind, always ten feet below.

worship & adoration.

Me and my wonderful boyfriend dean at @pigfun

Me and my wonderful boyfriend Dean at Deconstruction this year gone. He was working at the event which explains non-specific fetish gear. I love him so much. 

Drubtwopointoh i designed the original chicago @pigfun


I designed the original Chicago Rubbermen Logo many, many years ago…

And it’s now being adopted around the globe as a sort of universal emblem. I could not be more surprised and shocked!

Holy fuckery duckery

Mrkristoferweston my poor pup gets thoroughly @pigfun


My poor pup gets thoroughly used by Trenton Ducatti

Grrrrrrr @pigfun


Grrrr love me some hot sling bears @pigfun

Grrrr love me some hot sling bears

Mrkristoferweston mr international leather is @pigfun



Hawtphotography when i see a hot hairy @pigfun


When I see a hot & hairy #wolfpup bum, I have to inspect…
@mrhotshoe 😻

Magic how have I only just found your tumblr!! 

Hawtphotography found in a gayrubber @pigfun


Found in a #gayrubber #workshop. #pickledtwinksemen aka rubber glue. Obvs.

lol, this is MY jar of glue that I use to glue together stuff when I’m working upstairs in the workshop! Jason keeps moving it all about the place. I labelled it  myself! 

From when i was jumping around the shop floor of @pigfun

From when I was jumping around the shop floor of regulation-london during fetish week. I had actually just been looking at the pair of chastity shorts on the counter that I was going to be wearing for the rest of that day
Thanks @hawtphotography for the photo! (Follow him on tumblr, he’s a sexy cub photographer that takes sexy pictures of sexy guys!) 

Lilscruff arf arf omg tooo arfing cute @pigfun


arf arf

omg tooo arfing cute

Evolengas omg @pigfun

evolengas OMG 

Was having a play in lightroom with one of the @pigfun

Was having a play in lightroom with one of the other shots  from my time with iamangrybadger.
Quite happy with how it came out. 
Enjoy! I certainly know I did ;0

(Reblog don’t repost - love your tumblr community!) xx 

My bound butt about 1 year ago playing with @pigfun

My bound butt, about 1 year ago playing with iamangrybadger

Noodlesandbeef brandedbulltank @pigfun




You are my pup for 24-hours.  I own and control you.

Reblog with what you’d hope I would do to you?


You may do whatever you want to do to your pup. He is your property. Yours to control and to influence. Your pup wants and “hopes” for nothing, only that you claim him as your own and never let him go. 

Your influence over your pup is so complete and your power is to total that the only solitary thoughts your pup has are about he may serve his Master better, how he may make his Master proud and how he may anticipate your needs before you even realize you have them. Every word you speak to your pup hits him heavy in his heart and his chest, your pup so infinitely grateful for his Master’s attention and affections that they alone are enough to move your pup to heartfelt tears.

Your pup gleefully embraces his Master as the absolute authority in his life and the final word on all matters. Your pup is so totally captivated by your words that your words that they alone are enough to change your pup’s internal reality. The word “Master” feels like too weak a word to describe his owner, your pup almost deifying his owner. His Master is completely unmatched in this world in beauty, intelligence, inventiveness, kindness and sheer sex appeal. However, but in obedience to his Master’s orders, refers to you as “Master”, and only that - always. 

Your pup loves you more than any words could ever hope to describe, your pup tries his best, but every time he tries all that all that comes out out are loving whimpers. In his heart he knows that the only way to express his love fully is through his actions and through his service. Every gesture, expression and actions speaks to the infinite love he has for his Master.

Your pup is to submissive to his Master to function independently, relying on his Master to inform him of how to behave, how to think, how to feel. Any amount of time away from his Master feeling too much than your pup can bear, but every time you come back your pup is grateful to have you back that your pup feels compelled to drop to his knees and grovel at your feet in tearful appreciation with the largest smile on your pup’s face. You are your pup’s world, as far as you pup is concerned there is no world outside of his Master with nobody else in it, except whom Master lets in.

Your pup’s obedience is total. He does everything he is told first time, every time. Your pup does not speak with words unless he is spoken to first. He will learn your unspoken commands quickly. He will present himself how you tell your pup to present himself. There will be no need to punish your pup, the pain of disappointing his Master is greater than any other - not that your pup plans on ever letting his Master down.

Your pup’s body belongs to you. Your pup has trained his body his body every day for five years - making himself big and strong for you and only you. All that powerlifting training has given your pup a big, muscular butt - yours to claim for your own use at any time. Your pup’s been getting a lot better at his oral skills too *blush*. Giving his Master pleasure gives your pup pleasure.

At the end of of our big day, after your pup does his nighttime ritual to you, your pup entranced in his ego-less ecstacy of kissing your feet, you tell your pup that he’s  “good pup”. Your pup can go to sleep knowing he has served his Master well and made him proud.


Such a good pup

For a pup to be this way with his Master, the Master must be filled with love, be compassionate beyond words and have the patience of a saint. As much as a pup may see the qualities of god in their Master -Benevolence, Omnipotence, they are in fact human, and must not forget their virtues in the face of an incredible amount power and control. I myself, don’t know whether it is more difficult to be a good Master or good pup. I guess it’s easy if the love on both sides are deep, overwhelming, and true. 

Slipperywhennudedudes gaymenwholovesexyfaces @pigfun



Send me your pics to post on my Blog~sexy with clothes on~naked~or getting fucked or fucking!! Post all to my Blog

I re-blog this every time. Love it, love it, love it…

Oh my gosh, i know this guy! It’s a shame he’s blindfolded because his face is as gorgeous as the rest of him :3 

Regulation london dash the dog aka pigfun @pigfun


Dash the Dog aka pigfun trying out the Spanking Horse

Annnnnd Here i am again on the spanking bench. 
Not all that into spanking myself, but being tied into a bent over position is always hot.

Regulation london dash the dog aka pigfun @pigfun


Dash the Dog aka pigfun trying out the Ladder Back Bondage Chair.

Oh crap! I Totally forgot to reblog this! Yeah this was a hot little play. The fetters bondage chair is awesome, and as one of my main fetishes is to be tied to a chair P.O.W style, this was super hot for me, because there’s straps for pretty much everything- you’re not going anywhere. There’s also a large gap on the actual seat so you can shove things up your sub’s hole. Grrrr. 
It’s nice i get to play with these things but I never actually get to own any of them! 

Vanjockstrapboytoy good little cheat sheets @pigfun


Good little cheat sheets.

Im amazed at how neatly this gagmask has been @pigfun

I’m amazed at how neatly this gag/mask has been applied with tape. It’s beautiful. 

Heres a more clear picture of me in the kneeling @pigfun

Here’s a more clear picture of me in the kneeling stocks picture from the fetters shoot. It’s totally a product picture, like its quite sterile. I think It’s cool nonetheless though

Im in advertising for fetters @pigfun

I’m in advertising for Fetters! 

Dijkstra0 more good rope work ideas ill be @pigfun


More good rope work ideas. 

I’ll be needing a boy to try these on. Volunteers please step forward.

Gaggedforhim a boys view of the world @pigfun


A boy’s view of the world.

Mikeyaj gave in and kind of had a shave and @pigfun


Gave in and kind of had a shave and trim. Nope…..still look a mess lol #gayselfie #gay #gaybear #gaycub #thebeardedhomo #gaybeard #bearscubsandbeards #hairygay #hairybear #hairycub #grrrworthy #hairymen #purebloodedbears #instagay #instabear #instacub #instabeard #hairymen #beardgang #instahairy #hairybeast #cub #bear #beardedboy #hairychest #beefyboys #homobears #stockybears #bearcave #huskymen (at mikeyaj home)


Slavethompson sexblasphemy leather master @pigfun





Slavethompson yes sir @pigfun


Yes Sir

Slavethompson good looming slave animal grrrr @pigfun


Good looming slave animal


Slavethompson these are men i know the couple @pigfun


These are Men

I know the couple in the second picture on the left hand side. 
I have masturbated over the thought ofthem  many times

Photo of me from the deconstruction party at fwl @pigfun

Photo of me from the Deconstruction party at FWL. 
It’s a rare one of me in my chaps! 

Redskinbd whats that you say pull it up @pigfun


“What’s that you say?  Pull it up another inch higher?”

The alley time @pigfun



Gaymanga beautiful cover art for the new @pigfun


Beautiful cover art for the new edition of Aogeba Toutoshi (仰ゲバ尊シ), Jiraiya (児雷也)’s second collection of short manga. Originally published in 2007, the new printing of Aogeba Toutoshi will be released by G-men publisher Furukawa Shobou on August 28, 2015. 

The title of this collection comes from the song “Aogeba Toutoshi” (Song of Graditude), which expresses admiration for teachers, and is frequently sung at graduation ceremonies in Japan. As depicted by the cover art, the title story is about a high school senior who really loves his teacher. 

I’m just enjoying what an excellent study of a male and very masculine japanese face this is

Gaymanga tagagen sweat nipple clamped @pigfun




Nipple-clamped hunk glistening in sweat by Gengoroh Tagame (田亀源五郎). Color illustration for an upcoming English translation from Bruno Gmünder Verlag! Stay tuned.

I just love his chest fluff @pigfun


Trashtooth cody is a sled dog on the internet @pigfun


Cody is a sled dog on the internet and nearly too shy to admit that irl.

Slyhands shoot by sly hands berlin germany @pigfun


Shoot by Sly Hands.
Berlin, Germany.

Southsub this puppy finally has a tail best @pigfun


This puppy finally has a tail! Best birthday present ever. Thank you, bf 😘

Too cute :3

This was back in april my dom asked me to drink @pigfun

This was back in April.
My Dom asked me to drink at least two pints of water before the hour journey it took to get to his, when I got there, I was forced to piss myself in his garden while i was chained to that fence by my ankle (photo taken after chain removed), and then Dom pissed on me. 

Velvetmonstrosity tskinboot super tight @pigfun



Super tight leathers and hogtie….not the most comfortable combination but ok :-P

Omg this looks insanely hot! 

The alley boxed @pigfun



Deviantdogsnaps dieselpup wildcuddler the @pigfun


dieselpup & @wildcuddler  the SF Eagle.

Ahhh we were in a music video together yesterday! All of the awesome times!

Recent times i was mummified in rubber with cling @pigfun

Recent times: I was mummified in rubber with cling film, parcel tape and belts. It was messy but very effective. 

Drubtwopointoh there i fixed it @pigfun


There. I fixed it.

Regulation london some of our boys all rubbered @pigfun


Some of our boys all rubbered up for ‘Wear Your Rubber at Work’ day. 

That’s my man standing on the left above me. Yes we are wearing matching camo gear/rubber, and of course the collar he made me! 

We were playing about with one of the leads i made @pigfun

We were playing about with one of the leads I made at work earlier.
Simon took a picture ^_^