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My Pink Fog I have loved lingerie for as long as I can remember. As a child, pre-adolescent, when other little boys were off playing baseball I would be over on the playground with the little girls pushing them in the swings. That way I got a glance at their petticoats and every now and then a peek at their panties. On a lucky afternoon, in an out of the way place, a naughty little girl would maybe even lift her skirt and give me more than just a panty peek. Always cotton, always white - always wonderful. A lifelong addiction was born. Then the period of discovery - adolescence! I discovered that there was more to lingerie than white and cotton - there was NYLON and LACE, and there were bras, garter belts, stockings, girdles, slips, night gowns - and colors, so many you can't even try to list them. It was wonderful. And then the really big discovery - even though I was a boy, and it was socially unacceptable - I COULLD WEAR LINGERIE! Life was good, really, really good. And now many years later, and still socially unacceptable, I wear lingerie everyday and am in love with everything lingerie, it is like being in a pink fog of nylon, silk, lace, and satin. This blog is just to share some of the things in lingerie that I enjoy. To keep it to some reasonable scope and size, I have imposed a parameter - everything I blog will have some connection to pink. (And I am the soul judge as to when a color is pink) - Pink Panty Fog (@pinkpantyfog)
Ajl0058 yes a few times @pinkpantyfog


“Yes … a few times.”

Littleprincessgrace trying body confidence @pinkpantyfog


Trying body confidence again

Legsintertwined annantan intimités wow @pinkpantyfog




Wow.  Absolutely beautiful.

Lolipie am i cute enough to be forgiven yet @pinkpantyfog


Am I cute enough to be forgiven yet, Daddy? (゜´Д`゜)

Jesssicalindsey449 i want her lingerie @pinkpantyfog


I want her….. lingerie. 😉