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Polaroid Plumber @polaroidplumber

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Being plumbered makes you famous! - Polaroid Plumber (@polaroidplumber)
Savings and loan @polaroidplumber

Savings and loan.

Penny dreadful @polaroidplumber

Penny Dreadful 

Happy independence day certifiedplumber @polaroidplumber

Happy Independence Day.  #certifiedplumber

Paying for it right now @polaroidplumber

Paying for it right now.

Every woman is about the money this proves my @polaroidplumber

Every woman is about the money. This proves my point. 

High def @polaroidplumber

High. Def.

New jersey living @polaroidplumber

New Jersey living

After 2 hours on backpage @polaroidplumber

after 2 hours on backpage.

Only for the 6 figure club @polaroidplumber

Only for the 6 figure club

Attention grabber @polaroidplumber

Attention grabber

Local @polaroidplumber


Theburninglotus is the only one i reblog she @polaroidplumber

#theburninglotus is the only one I reblog. She needs to let me photograph her. 

You can only choose one which would it be @polaroidplumber

You can only choose one, which would it be?

Your daughter is here @polaroidplumber

Your daughter is here. 

Urbansuburban @polaroidplumber


Condom optional @polaroidplumber

Condom optional. 

Dumb teens and smart phones @polaroidplumber

Dumb teens and smart phones

Ready @polaroidplumber


Any given sunday @polaroidplumber

Any given Sunday

The firm @polaroidplumber

The firm.


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