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Caucasianplantation locals look on mockingly at @ponygirlfetishfavs


Locals look on mockingly at the undignified Western slave girl, naked and ringed like a pig or cow.

Praxis erziehungsfragen da ihm die euter seiner @ponygirlfetishfavs


Da ihm die Euter seiner Verlobten etwas peinlich waren, sorgte er dafür, dass sie in der Öffentlichkeit neugierigen Fragen aus dem Wege ging.

Bondage ponygirls and more a couple of photos @ponygirlfetishfavs


A couple of photos from this pony girl plowing scene got some re-blogging interest and positive comments recently, so here are some more photos.

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The unlikely azoutback pony cart yet another @ponygirlfetishfavs


Pony cart! Yet another brilliant design by Gord! Great for the environment, plus it gave the subs a chance to get out into the fresh aire and get exercise.

Korruptimages from the archiveor back when i @ponygirlfetishfavs


From the Archive…Or back when I didn’t have lights or have any idea what I was doing:

Pony Walk - LittleBitLizbit & Caelyx / _Denna_, KittenInLace & _erufu_

Photo by Korrupt

© Korrupt

Wolli6 die scheuklappen müssen gut sitzen @ponygirlfetishfavs


Die Scheuklappen müssen gut sitzen

Artist unknown @ponygirlfetishfavs

Artist unknown

Et fish new years 2014 year of the horse @ponygirlfetishfavs

E.T. Fish. New Year’s, 2014, Year of the Horse.

Artist unknown @ponygirlfetishfavs

Artist unknown

Coco @ponygirlfetishfavs


Luvbight gadget the purple pony model dee @ponygirlfetishfavs


Gadget the Purple Pony

Model: Dee Luvbight

Rigging: Mick Luvbight

Chastity belt by Access Denied

Location: Pittsburgh, PA 2005

Oa ar15 bondage pony girl @ponygirlfetishfavs


Bondage - Pony Girl

Bondage ponygirls and more barefoot and naked @ponygirlfetishfavs


Barefoot and naked pony girl Sybil Hawthorne in Arizona.

Bondage ponygirls and more pony girl sybil in @ponygirlfetishfavs


Pony girl Sybil in Arizona.

Bondage ponygirls and more bald ponygirl ivy @ponygirlfetishfavs


Bald Ponygirl Ivy Breann on the streets of San Francisco

P0nyplay csd colone 2014 @ponygirlfetishfavs


CSD Colone 2014

Lskrutt not my usual theme but the pictures @ponygirlfetishfavs


Not my usual theme, but the pictures have something I like…

Summer Cummings

Petgirls she thought it would be fun to become @ponygirlfetishfavs


She thought it would be fun to become a ponygirl.

Hazelhoneysuckle my circus pony act and the @ponygirlfetishfavs


My Circus Pony act, and the welt I gave myself at the end, at the Mason Dixie Burlesque Tour show at 2720 Cherokee in St. Louis! Boy, that was fun!! :) Photo by Richard Nichols.

Rryder 50 ponygirls in public san francisco @ponygirlfetishfavs


Ponygirls in Public: San Francisco

Fabulouslyfetish my favourite @ponygirlfetishfavs


My favourite :)

Dorei4ever eine schöne freizeitbeschäftigung @ponygirlfetishfavs


Eine schöne Freizeitbeschäftigung ist der Umgang mit Pferden!

Edwina1890 working pony @ponygirlfetishfavs


Working Pony!

Oa ar15 muscled pony girl @ponygirlfetishfavs


Muscled Pony Girl

Aquestionoftrust ma chienne bien dressée au @ponygirlfetishfavs


MA chienne bien dressée !!! Au pas !!!

Humanpony final update by sirjeff on the best @ponygirlfetishfavs


Final update by SirJeff on the best ponygirl site on the internet. We will miss the updates

Thank You SirJeff

Farmd0g not sure what happened to this couple @ponygirlfetishfavs


Not sure what happened to this couple but Dina and her pony tailed master once had a web site with 100s of pictures of her being a pony girl in public (in Vancouver, Canada).  

Higyaku no miki 沖渉二さんの絵すき 人間馬は好きじゃないけど @ponygirlfetishfavs



Humanpony the harness is based on the iconic @ponygirlfetishfavs


“The Harness” is based on the iconic JG-Leathers Creature harness, It has been developed and refined over many years this has led to it being the best and most versatile harness ever built. As a pony harness it has featured in classic films like Pony Girls at the Ranch, as a bondage harness its versatility has been demonstrated at events like Boundcon and the Folsom Street Fair, but it is as the suspension harness component of the famous or maybe infamous “Creature” that it is best known. You can read about its development in JG-Leathers own words here This truly is one of the great original pieces of BDSM equipment and it really is a work of art.

“The Creature” is my personal favorite ponygirl harness style.

Harnessgirl ponyblonde @ponygirlfetishfavs



Bridle and bit your teresa21 harnessgirl @ponygirlfetishfavs




Spitting horse!

in daily life i am very much into etiquettes and composure, style and controlled behaviour. the idea of being stripped of my pride and intellectual supremacy, drooling like this without being able to control myself makes my knees shiver. terribly hot.

Training a ponygirl involves some of the most powerful fetishes in the D/s lifestyle; it is emotionally complex, visually elegant and sexually sublime … for both sides.

Claire dames @ponygirlfetishfavs

Claire Dames

Harnessgirl wtf am i doin here @ponygirlfetishfavs


WTF am I doin here??!?

Lacking the traditional tack but the ideas @ponygirlfetishfavs

Lacking the traditional tack, but the idea’s there.

Harnessgirl a very good ponygirl as well @ponygirlfetishfavs


A very good ponygirl as well

Ponygirlwildfirespiclove thank you for the @ponygirlfetishfavs


Thank you for the lovely picture humanhorse !

Puppet the model on the cover of rebecca wilcox @ponygirlfetishfavs

Puppet, the model on the cover of Rebecca Wilcox’ s “The Human Pony”.

Chayseblackkink when it comes to pony play i @ponygirlfetishfavs


When it comes to pony play I can be a bit of a stallion -

Sidesights she hated the cold when he made her @ponygirlfetishfavs


she hated the cold when he made her wait

Petgirls another reader submission @ponygirlfetishfavs


Another reader submission.

Darkangelsbride photo by yan mcline @ponygirlfetishfavs


Photo by Yan McLine

Mattkantaka chayse black as a sexy corseted @ponygirlfetishfavs


Chayse Black as a sexy corseted ponygirl for her own site

#Chayseblack #ponygirl

Ashley renee @ponygirlfetishfavs

Ashley Renee