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Caucasianplantation locals look on mockingly at @ponygirlfetishfavs


Locals look on mockingly at the undignified Western slave girl, naked and ringed like a pig or cow.

Praxis erziehungsfragen da ihm die euter seiner @ponygirlfetishfavs


Da ihm die Euter seiner Verlobten etwas peinlich waren, sorgte er dafür, dass sie in der Öffentlichkeit neugierigen Fragen aus dem Wege ging.

Bondage ponygirls and more a couple of photos @ponygirlfetishfavs


A couple of photos from this pony girl plowing scene got some re-blogging interest and positive comments recently, so here are some more photos.

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The unlikely azoutback pony cart yet another @ponygirlfetishfavs


Pony cart! Yet another brilliant design by Gord! Great for the environment, plus it gave the subs a chance to get out into the fresh aire and get exercise.

Korruptimages from the archiveor back when i @ponygirlfetishfavs


From the Archive…Or back when I didn’t have lights or have any idea what I was doing:

Pony Walk - LittleBitLizbit & Caelyx / _Denna_, KittenInLace & _erufu_

Photo by Korrupt

© Korrupt

Wolli6 die scheuklappen müssen gut sitzen @ponygirlfetishfavs


Die Scheuklappen müssen gut sitzen

Artist unknown @ponygirlfetishfavs

Artist unknown

Et fish new years 2014 year of the horse @ponygirlfetishfavs

E.T. Fish. New Year’s, 2014, Year of the Horse.

Artist unknown @ponygirlfetishfavs

Artist unknown

Coco @ponygirlfetishfavs


Luvbight gadget the purple pony model dee @ponygirlfetishfavs


Gadget the Purple Pony

Model: Dee Luvbight

Rigging: Mick Luvbight

Chastity belt by Access Denied

Location: Pittsburgh, PA 2005

Oa ar15 bondage pony girl @ponygirlfetishfavs


Bondage - Pony Girl

Bondage ponygirls and more barefoot and naked @ponygirlfetishfavs


Barefoot and naked pony girl Sybil Hawthorne in Arizona.

Bondage ponygirls and more pony girl sybil in @ponygirlfetishfavs


Pony girl Sybil in Arizona.

Bondage ponygirls and more bald ponygirl ivy @ponygirlfetishfavs


Bald Ponygirl Ivy Breann on the streets of San Francisco

P0nyplay csd colone 2014 @ponygirlfetishfavs


CSD Colone 2014

Lskrutt not my usual theme but the pictures @ponygirlfetishfavs


Not my usual theme, but the pictures have something I like…

Summer Cummings

Petgirls she thought it would be fun to become @ponygirlfetishfavs


She thought it would be fun to become a ponygirl.

Hazelhoneysuckle my circus pony act and the @ponygirlfetishfavs


My Circus Pony act, and the welt I gave myself at the end, at the Mason Dixie Burlesque Tour show at 2720 Cherokee in St. Louis! Boy, that was fun!! :) Photo by Richard Nichols.

Rryder 50 ponygirls in public san francisco @ponygirlfetishfavs


Ponygirls in Public: San Francisco

Fabulouslyfetish my favourite @ponygirlfetishfavs


My favourite :)

Dorei4ever eine schöne freizeitbeschäftigung @ponygirlfetishfavs


Eine schöne Freizeitbeschäftigung ist der Umgang mit Pferden!

Edwina1890 working pony @ponygirlfetishfavs


Working Pony!

Oa ar15 muscled pony girl @ponygirlfetishfavs


Muscled Pony Girl

Aquestionoftrust ma chienne bien dressée au @ponygirlfetishfavs


MA chienne bien dressée !!! Au pas !!!

Humanpony final update by sirjeff on the best @ponygirlfetishfavs


Final update by SirJeff on the best ponygirl site on the internet. We will miss the updates

Thank You SirJeff

Farmd0g not sure what happened to this couple @ponygirlfetishfavs


Not sure what happened to this couple but Dina and her pony tailed master once had a web site with 100s of pictures of her being a pony girl in public (in Vancouver, Canada).