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Pooka curse up the stairs above the bedroom @pooka-curse


Up the stairs, above the bedroom door, theres a small crawl space. They found it once, by accident. Jokul had been laughing, helping Hyde paint the old wall when he’d dislodged a board, and they’d found the small attic. 

It had one window, plenty of cobwebs and one temperature. Cold. 

On days like this, he’d squeeze through the little opening into the attic, closing the board behind him and shutting out all light save for the light that came from that one window. 

It was calm. And it was quiet.

In a wordless, unspoken agreement apart from utterances of approval in his own mind, 

They didn’t bother him here.

Pooka curse finally finished this doodle @pooka-curse


Finally finished this doodle, inking all that black was hard >< 

Happy with how it turned out though!

Pooka curse its safe to say im lost without @pooka-curse


It’s safe to say I’m lost,
Without you in my arms,
So I call your name and I pray you might,
Come and watch over me like the pale moonlight,
Until the sun comes back around


Future!AU for Jokul. 

300 years after Jack and Aster abandoned him and Hyde, many things have changed. 

Mother Nature saw the precious balance as tipped by the humans. too much polution, deforistation and overpopulation was destroying the planet. Without Jack, and the Guardians at the weakest they’ve ever been, she unleashed the winter court on the planet plunging it into another ice age. 

A mass extinction was caused, 70% of the Earth’s life obliterated in less then a century. The Earth reduced to a ball of ice and snow, a mere belt of green around the equator all that remained of a world since past. 

Humans were pushed to the brink. Reduced to small settlements, tiny villages of the remnants of mankind. Faced daily by monsters that only children seemed to be able to see, mankind did all they could to survive. 

They believed

Monsters became real, physical beings that they now could fight back against instead of cowering from shadows.

Too weak to withstand the new hoards of winter spirits, outnumbered and outgunned, the Guardians turned to doing all they could and helping keep the humans alive. They lived with them, taught them what little magic humans were capable of doing, helped defend them from nightmares, wendigos, and all other manner of things that now went bump in the night. The aim of the game was to keep the humans alive. 

Unable to cope with Jack’s absence, the entire unraveling of his world and the slow unraveling of his own mind, Jokul pushed the fearlings that infected him deeper. In the 150 years since the start of the ice age, he learned to control them, even wield them, but at a cost. His frostbite worsened, his eyes bled to black more and more and each time a little more of himself was lost. 

He gave up hope of Jack’s return, and gave everything to keep mankind from being buried beneath the snow. 

Pooka curse still undefeated with my back @pooka-curse


Still undefeated
With my back against the ropes
Still undefeated
You can knock me down with body blows
But you cannot break my hope


In the 300 years after Jack and Aster’s absance, Hyde never gave up hope of their return. 

He told human’s stories. Of his mate, his kit, their bravery and their smiles. He told of the time that Jack defeated Oden, of Aster’s strength for one so young and of the joy he’d felt when Jack had agreed to let him mark him as his mate; A bond that once forged was a lifelong commitment

Hyde did not blame Jack for his absence, because though Jack was no longer with them, he could still feel the grief his mate felt at being torn from him with no way of returning. He felt Jack’s struggle to reach him and Jokul, the frustration, the rage and empty sadness that boiled within his fair haired partner. Hyde did his best to sooth the ache that Jack felt with his own memories of how Jack made him feel, projecting the love and comfort back along the bond that had been pulled taunt but remained strong and unbroken. 

It wasn’t much, and Jack would only be able to feel the barest echos of his emotions, but it was all he could do and he would do it for his mate. 

He fought as best he could against the oncoming winter. But like all the other guardians he fell when faced with the pure rage of mother nature. His eye was destroyed, and scars littered his body from the battles that followed as the world slowly turned to ice and snow. 

Weakened, and with no spring to herald, Hyde’s powers waned. To protect the Warren from the spread of the ice he put it on lock down, barring all entrances to protect the life that still bloomed there for when the Earth was once more healed. His magic began to fail him, no longer able to call forth the plants from below the soil when there was three feet of ice and snow in the way. Everything he had went into healing the sick and injured, till all he had in the way of strength was his bulk. 

Regardless, Hope stayed strong. 

Hope that Jack would one day find his way back to them, Hope that Aster was growing well and Hope that Jokul would not be consumed by the fearlings that raged within him. 

Hope they would survive this.

Pooka curse merry christmas jokuls @pooka-curse


Merry Christmas!


Jokul’s reindeer is better. His comes with a little helper!

Pooka curse the guardian of fun punk au @pooka-curse



Punk!AU boys for Pooka-Curse

I hope this week is a better one.

I love this. No jokul bby dont cry ;A;

fuck, these two will be the death of me <33

Thank you so much <3

Pooka curse bringing down the giant wanted to @pooka-curse


Bringing Down The Giant

Wanted to practice painting and make a new wallpaper for my laptop, so made this thing. 

Theres no watermark, and its sized to fit most screens, so feel free to use it as a wallpaper, just please as usual don’t repost it. 

Pooka curse aghostnotaguardian @pooka-curse




Wendigo Half Breed! Jack Frost. 

Woops I AU’d. I’ll write more about him later once I’ve gotten everything down. 


“Well, shit.”

//She’s got a past with Wendigos and not many of them are good - and this pic is awesome. 8D


"Hey! What’s with you? You look like you’ve seen a ghost.”

Pooka curse its not supposed to go like @pooka-curse


It’s Not Supposed To Go Like That. 


Pooka curse thank manny hes on our side @pooka-curse


“Thank Manny he’s on our side…”


((Psst! Full view c: ))

So about half way through this I realised that it kind of looks like a movie poser / movie wallpaper advertisement, so I’m going to do the same for Hyde’s poster. No idea what the film would be called if the Future!AU was a movie… My ask box is open to suggestions!

No watermark again guys so feel free to use as a wallpaper ect, but please don’t repost. If I find this posted elsewhere heads WILL roll. 

Pooka curse i may have drawn a were koz i @pooka-curse


….I may have drawn a Were!Koz

I have a soft spot for the big, brutal and fluffy okay? 

Were!Koz / Were!Pitch AU I think belongs to Linddzz, either way go say hi :D

Koz I think you maybe need a breath mint or something idk. 

((Also Linddzz if you want the full thing without a watermark drop me an ask))

Pooka curse vday exchange d yay i can @pooka-curse


Vday exchange! :D

Yay I can finally post this and not cry about painting fur anymore orz

My Jackrabbit Vday exchange was fieryhotaru! They wanted fanart for one of their fics, so I drew a piece inspired by this piece, where Aster can’t seem to capture the colour of Jack’s eyes. 

Hope you like it!

Pooka curse finally finished this doodle @pooka-curse


Finally finished this doodle, inking all that black was hard >< 

Happy with how it turned out though!

Pooka curse wanted to get used to inking again @pooka-curse


Wanted to get used to inking again, so drew up Oden Winter (Old Man Winter) from Winter Prince Jack Frost & Jokul Frosti’s UA

Oden belongs to the-guardian-of-fun

Face claim Mads Mikkelsen 

Pooka curse people in a mob whats a mob to a @pooka-curse


People in a mob, 

Whats a mob to a King?

Whats a King to a God? 

Whats a God to a Non Believer,

Who doesn’t


                                 in anything?


Alternate Future!AU

Jokul Concept, the Winter’s Black Knight.


As opposed to the Future!AU where Jack leaves, Jack stays with Jokul and Hyde. 

In contrast to the devastation caused when Mother Nature calls for a cull on mankind in the form of another ice age, Jokul and Jack are able to help build a big enough resistance to Mother Nature, and in the process overthrow the winter court. 

Jack rises from Prince to King, and unwilling to take the crown with Jack, Jokul becomes The Winter Kings right hand. Named Knight, but barely more then a glorified hit man for out of line winter spirits, Jokul fills the role of bodyguard to the new Winter King and the man behind the crown.

Pooka curse carcinodeity so i drew some @pooka-curse



so I drew some Jokul to try out my new tablet and I am definitely not use to its awesomeness. Anyways, Jokul belongs to the brilliant Pooka-curse.


Omg, this is fantastic <3 I absolutely adore your style and Jokul looks so bad ass in it! Thank you so much!

Cracked crown jokul frosti x winter prince @pooka-curse

Cracked Crown- Jokul Frosti x Winter Prince

“Memories of a white haired frost spirit were few and far between, but all of them had been filled with joy and laughter, witty banter and a comforting presence. Each memory was tainted now though, faces and names missing, time no longer fitting together as a memory should, everything disjointed and unreal as if lived through someone else’s eyes or from a nearly faded dream.”


Pooka curse foxiflystudios whered you @pooka-curse



“Where’d you learn to dance, hot stuff?" 

(I like to think that Gingy calls him “hot stuff” one cause he’s a hot little shit and two because it’s kind of contradictory u-u)

Since I’m lame because I didn’t actually RP anything for the Guardian’s Ball. Here’s some art. u_u; I hope I drew Jokul alright, I love is stupid frikken face. I also gave Gingy only two wings cause I’m hella lazy. She can make some disappear if she wants too, yeah that’s it, magic. <.<;;;

And also considering the timing of this pic, congrats Pooka and Sparrow!!! :D *happy dance*

gjhdfjfjkdsksghg This is fantastic! <33 Look at them swanky mo fo’s <33 I adore Gingy, as always <3 

Pooka curse easterelf peppermimint help @pooka-curse




Help, I can’t handle the quality animation-


{the sheer amount of detail in this epic film

This isn’t animation c:

This is modelling / texturing / VFX

Animation is soley the movement of the character.

Modellers / VFX artists deserve love too!


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