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my name is chelsea and i am a non-binary gender black gurl. i use they/them pronouns. i've met my white people quota so go away.  - i am a person! (@popca)
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Verda Byrd wasn’t always Verda Byrd. In 1942, she was born to Earl and Daisy Beagle and was named Jeanette, but after her father leaving her mother, and her mother dying in a fatal fall. Byrd was left to take care of her siblings and was eventually put up for adoption.

Along came Ray and Edwinna Wagner from Newton, Kansas. A well-to-do black couple who adopted Jeanette, and changed her name to Verda. Verda was raised in a loving and stable home as an only child, but her parents never told her she was white.

“My adoptive mother, Edwinna Wagner, never told me that she had adopted a white baby,” she said. “She took it to her grave that she had a white daughter.”

Byrd, whose story is now making headlines after Rachel Dolezal’s story, does have a few words about the fake-black woman. And she is not a fan.

“She lied about her race,” Byrd said. “I didn’t lie about my race because I didn’t know.”

Byrd considers herself a black woman. She grew up living the black experience, but not because she was lying about her race, but because she was never told it. Byrd only found out when she researched her biological parents.

“It’s was unbelievable,” said Byrd.

Along with discovering her real background, she also discovered that she also has other white siblings. But they don’t discuss the issue of race.


This woman obviously has more research to do. Either her biological father was passing and listed himself as white or the man she assumes is her biological father isn’t her father. The latter could’ve probably been the reason why “the man she believes is her father” walked out on her mother…an affair possibly. Not farfetched, especially during that time. Plus, ain’t no way in hell a Black couple was able to legally adopt a white child in 1944. 

SN: Y’all know Rachel Dolezal want this to be her so bad.

I agree. There seems to be more story here.

Fam….she looks a lot like one of my aunts. there was a lot of race mixing but they are definitely black

She Black.

there is nooooo way she isn’t Black

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First and foremost, I want to acknowledge the amount of anxiety I have writing this post for all of you to see. There is great shame when it comes to asking for what you need, especially as a poor Afro-Latinx trans person. So often the communities I am a part of (and other marginalized communities) are ashamed and afraid to ask for help even when we are in dire in need of it; even when our livelihood depends on it. However after watching this video by marfmellow​, ecstasy and I have decided to reach out to our community/allies for support. 

We are fighting eviction at the moment. We live in the projects in the Lower East Side and I have been/currently am the only person working full-time in the house. We want to be transparent around how we got to this place in hopes that you all would find it in your hearts to help us get out of this rut we’re in. Our rent was raised earlier in the year and since then, my mental health has hit all-time lows. I have been severely depressed and anxious, and have had multiple mental breakdowns that result in me disassociating. Because of my mental health, I fell behind on a couple months of rent and it’s been a spiral of constantly trying to catch up on our rent but not making a big enough dent in this balance since we have other bills to pay for on top of just trying to survive in New York City (which isn’t cheap). 

So now we’re here: facing eviction if we don’t pay the balance you see above, off. August 1st is 18 days away from now (7/15).   If we raise $145 a day over the next 18 days, we would have raised the total amount due.

We are in desperate need of our community’s help. We’ve tried to pay as much as we can off every month, but it’s not enough and the dollars keep accumulating. We will continue to pay off what we can, but I know we can really put a dent in our debt with all of your help.

Asking for help isn’t easy, but we believe in collective/community liberation and reaching out for help is one of many steps to that goal. If you can donate $1, $5, $50 - anything at all, we ask that you please help us out.

Please spread this and reblog this regardless of your ability to donate. We appreciate signal boosts as well!

Thank you so much for taking the time out to read this and help us out during this hard time.

Any/all donations can be sent to this PayPal:

Much love to all of you.

In struggle,

Lee and Nico

We’ve raised $340 over the last couple of days. We’re super grateful to everyone that has donated, the super encouraging notes people have left us, and for everyone who has boosted this post.

We still have $2,267 to raise by August 1st.
Please please help us if you can. $1, $5, $20 - anything and everything counts.

Thank you so much!

We’ve raised $364 so far! We’ve got a long way to go and August 1st is right around the corner.

If folks could help us raise $1000, that would be great. It would put a huge dent in our debt and we might be able to negotiate staying in our apartment since I get paid this coming week and can put some money towards the rent.

I believe we can do this. But we really need everyone’s help. Times are hard for everyone, but if you can donate any amount of money to help us out, we’re grateful.

We need to raise $336 to hit the $1,000 mark.

Please donate if you can and boost this.

Thank you! Much love.

We’ve raised $404 total! Woo! :)
That means we only have until Friday to raise $596!

Please donate anything you can to help us close this gap and secure our housing.

Signal boost!

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Mirror Gem - TDK T-120, SLP mode, sixth gen, Phillips VR988

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A note of encouragement to all disabled cosplayers: Your disability does not define you, nor does it put a limit on who or what you can cosplay. The sky is the limit, be creative and enjoy yourself!

You are so gorgeous I love this you make great pearl!!

Superheroesincolor gina torres as cleopatra on @popca


Gina Torres as Cleopatra on Xena.

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hey guys! in honor of school being soon and me getting a job, i’ve decided to do a giveaway for you all! there will be 3 winners and it ends on august 25!!

to enter you must follow me and like and reblog this post! ill be choosing random so reblog as many times as you want!

prize 1.
-a kanken backpack, color of your choice!
-set of 12 copic markers
-4 art socks
-moleskine sketchbook or journal
-my old polaroid sun & film

prize 2.
-a mini kanken backpack in ochre/yellow (the bag’s been used twice and since i never use it im giving it away!)
-moleskine sketchbook/notebook
-5 copic markers of your choice

prize 3.
-poster of your favorite art piece (something popular so i can find it online! example- van gogh, monet..)
-2 art socks
-2 copic markers
-seed packets

best of luck to you all! p.s. ill ship anywhere but if it’s super expensive u might have to chip in a lil

20000 notes! you guys are amazing!

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No okay but this is a full tumblr account dedicated to making it look like Steven Universe was a 90’s cartoon recorded on a VHS??? That’s awesome


i never thought i needed this…but i do..

Stephanie beatriz attends the brooklyn nine nine @popca

Stephanie Beatriz attends the ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ FYC Panel at UCB Sunset Theater on June 2, 2015 in Los Angeles, California. [ © ]

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Laverne Cox photographed by Felisha Tolentino for Nylon Magazine

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Leave it to Portland to sell $6.49 pupusas with the words “vegan”, “gluten free”, and “kale” on the package.

what in the…what kind of pupusas are those???


so embarrassing 


Involuntaryadult but youre wrong if you think @popca


but you’re wrong if you think kim wasn’t the prettiest one

In my bedddddddddd @popca

in my bedddddddddd

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Kiersey Clemons (Lucy the robot): Extant {2015}

Black people in sci-fi. Love it.

this is exactly what i mean when i say i want i minimalist afro futuristic look yes 

Oh fuck I know her. Holy shit.

hold up
folks thought extant was good enough for a season 2????

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photos by vongogh


Theres this incredibly negative expectation that @popca

“There’s this incredibly negative expectation that one must always have work as an actor to validate the fact that you are an actor. I don’t agree with that,” - Avan Jogia for W Magazine