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my name is chelsea and i am a non-binary gender black gurl. i use they/them pronouns. i've met my white people quota so go away.  - i am a person! (@popca)
B99daily if i may do a third toast itll be @popca


If I may do a third toast, it’ll be focused primarily on the mango yogurt. 

Varsityqueerleadercaptain @popca



CultureYOUTH: Uzo Aduba

omg !!!!!!!!

Dailyswgifs according to colliders @popca


According to Collider’s sources, Gugu Mbatha-Raw (Beyond the Lights) has joined the ‘Star Wars: Episode VIII’ cast. There are no details about what role she might play yet.

At the beginning of September, it was reported that Gina Rodriguez, Tatiana Maslany and Olivia Cooke were on the shortlist for the female lead. It’s also possible there’s more than one female lead and the other actresses are still in the running for the other part.

Npr something rare is happening in the world of @popca


Something rare is happening in the world of ballet: At the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C., two African-American dancers will be the leads in The Washington Ballet’s production of Swan Lake: Misty Copeland, soloist with American Ballet Theatre, will dance the dual role of Odette and Odile, while Brooklyn Mack of The Washington Ballet will dance Prince Siegfried.

Copeland and Mack have something in common that is also rare for young African-Americans: teachers who saw their potential early on and broke the unwritten rule that all ballet dancers must look alike.

Who Gets To Dance In ‘Swan Lake’? The Answer Is Changing

Photo credit: Emily Jan/NPR

Celebritiesofcolor alfie enoch photographed by @popca


Alfie Enoch photographed by Stephen Busken

Fionagoddess angela bassett attends the @popca


Angela Bassett attends the premiere screening of FX’s ‘American Horror Story: Hotel’ at Regal Cinemas L.A. Live on October 3, 2015 in Los Angeles, California.


:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) <3 <3 <3 Black Love <3 <3 <3

Imthehuggernaut cinematic masterpiece @popca


Cinematic Masterpiece.

Creamyfaerie from the end of last year to this @popca


from the end of last year to this spring, i wrote a book called with award winning author Tonya Bolden called “This Kid Can Fly” chronicling my life from 3 years old as an immigrant from antigua (an island in the caribbean) up until now, where i’m a teenage disability activist, artist and writer. you can find out a lot more about the “disability activist” part and a lot more about me and my life in this book. i’m so happy to be sharing this with you guys and i hope you guys pre-order this on amazon if you can 💞💕💖💞💕💖💞💕💖

Some photos while being at bold @popca

some photos while being at BOLD!!!

Thexfiles i cant do this alone @popca


I can’t do this alone.

Iamamiwhoamiawoman kill bill siren @popca



Melaninartcollective angela pilgrim mango @popca


Angela Pilgrim

“Mango Butter in my Fro” 2015
9 x 7 in.

Hand Pulled- Four color Screenprint on Cotton Fabric

African American

Bodyglttr am i or am i not glowing @popca


am i or am i not glowing

Princessnijireiki singer actress activist @popca


Singer / Actress / Activist Q'orianka Kilcher attends the ’Love Song To The Earth’ Press Conference at the National Press Club on September 24, 2015 in Washington, DC, following her performance at the ’Rally for Moral Action on Climate Justice’ on the National Mall.

Sept91990 hey tumblr i know this isnt a cute @popca


hey tumblr. i know this isn’t a cute picture of me, but i just got surprise surgery. i feel awful, and im gonna be out of work for 2 weeks. anything you can do would help me with the medical bills and rent. i had my gallbladder taken out, the surgeon said he has never seen someone with so many stones and that hes surprised i dealt with the pain for so long. im super emotional and i can’t stop crying, and the pain is also no fun. i’m in a really tough spot and any help i would appreciate so much, if you can’t donate, can you please reblog? i’m feeling very helpless/hopeless. thanks. <3¤cy_code=USD&bn=PP%2dDonationsBF%3abtn_donateCC_LG%2egif%3aNonHosted

Asenseofselfshop come to my etsy store and @popca


Come to my etsy store and support an autistic artist trying to get by!

There are new mazes up on my store as of today! Visit the link above to see these and many more!

I am autistic and I have sensory processing disorder and severe anxiety. It is hard to do things that other people may take for granted so I recently decided to dedicate time to figuring out what will help me get through the day more easily. I made a few prototypes and finally came up with a design for a sensory marble maze that works both physically and emotionally.

The hand crafted marble mazes I make are perfect for sensory regulation, tactile stimming, fidgeting, and relieving anxiety. They are also helpful for people who have trichotillomania, dermatillomania, and/or are recovering from addiction. The mazes keep your hands busy as well as keep your tactile sensory needs fulfilled so you can regulate your body and mind.

The mazes are very portable and fold up to fit in your pocket easily. They are made of flannel (that has been washed in unscented soap) so they are soft to the touch. You can manipulate the marble inside to make it move around through the maze and it slides smoothly.

I make these mazes with patterned fabrics that are not only for kids because it is important for adults to be able to use stimming or fidgeting to regulate themselves too. These marble mazes excellent for anyone of any age!

I am so excited to share them all with you! See you on etsy!
Also check out the store’s Tumblr here and Facebook page here.

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My Holy Trinity + slaying in blue 👗

I like this

Chubbycartwheels chubby cartwheels at alley33 @popca


Chubby Cartwheels at Alley33 August 8th 2015.   No matter what you think, fat models slay the runway too.  Photos by Beth Olsen Creative.

Nicolebehariewce nicole beharie @popca


Nicole Beharie

Nicolebehariewce sleepy hollow star nicole @popca


Sleepy Hollow Star Nicole Beharie dials up the heat at Playboy

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Every item is wrapped in love energy from me, because while I don’t have many yet, I love all of my followers :)) <3

Let’s see what you can win:

1st Place:

These stones:

  • 1 piece of serpentine
  • 1 piece of Lapis
  • 1 piece of Goldstone
  • 1 piece of Red Jasper
  • 1 piece of (large) Amethyst
  • 1 piece of rough Quartz
  • 1 piece of Quartz I found on the top of a Rocky Mountain :)
  • 1 piece of (small) Black Tourmaline
  • 1 piece of Crazy Lace Agate
  • 1 piece of Blue Lace Agate
  • 1 piece of (rough) Citrine
  • 2 pieces of Selenite
  • 2 pieces of (small) Amethyst
  • 2 pieces of Tigers Eye
  • 2 pieces of Fire Agate (rough)
  • 2 pieces of Salt Stone
  • 7 pieces of natural forming Geodes

These candles:

  • 2 Orange Pillars
  • 2 White Tapers
  • 2 Brown Tapers

These Books/Decks:

  • Ascension Cards Oracle Deck
  • Mythic Tarot Deck (The book is not in the best shape, but the cards are in excellent shape)
  • Aura Energy for Health Healing and Balance
  • The Element Encyclopedia of Secret Signs and Symbols

These tools/misc:

  • 1 Quartz Pendulum
  • 1 Rose Quartz Point Necklace
  • 9 Containers/wicks for candle making
  • 1 Quartz worry stone
  • 1 Cloth White Chord
  • 1 Cloth Yellow Chord
  • 1 Cloth Blue Chord
  • 1 Cloth Red Chord
  • 12 Baggies of varying sizes
  • 1 Velvet Black Pouch
  • 1 Sheer White Pouch
  • 1 Mixed Herb Smudge Stick
  • 10 Mini Incense Testers
  • 1 Glass Jar
  • 3 East Coast Sea Shells
  • 1 West Coast Sea Shell
  • 1 Pouch of Crushed Sea Shells (east coast)

2nd place:

I will give you a free reading of any kind, and a shout out on my blog :)

Now, there needs to be some rules:

- Do NOT tag this as a giveaway (Please and thank you! :3)

-Must be following me ( darkworkofart​ )

- Must be in the US (I’m sorry! If you aren’t in the US, you can still try for second place)

- Reblogs count as entries only, although you may like it to bookmark.

- Reblog as many times as you would like (please be mindful of your followers)


WINNER WILL BE ANNOUNCED ON SEPTEMBER 23!!!! (exactly 1 month :)

LAST DAY!!! Get in while you can!!! <3

I am going to be picking at 11:59pm, reblog as much as you would like before that!!

Celebritiesofcolor john boyega for gq style @popca


John Boyega for GQ Style

Princessnijireiki black and white artist57 @popca








Why the fuck was this comment necessary?

don’t you know it’s black people’s responsibility to carry everyone’s pain. It’s our cross to bear

Ain’t it funny how Black Americans never get considered as displaced indigenous peoples?

And after spearheading several battles against white supremacy and winning rights for lots of marginalized folks, are still expected to LABOR for others still?


non-black people making ugly comments. also way to erase people like me: BLACK INDIGENOUS

“so no one cares” = white ppl & white supremacist infrastructure/rhetoric still don’t care about black lives & demonize/persecute/prosecute black activists & survivors, buuuut I’m more resentful of the black community & being forced to view black people as people than I am upset by black suffering & death, and I feel entitled to exploit black suffering & to free black labor to boost my own visibility, because how dare those black people do & make & have something, anything for themselves without me getting a piece, how dare I not take priority over those people, how dare I not be more successful than them, how dare I not always win?

allllll condensed to under ten words. good shit.

and you know what? not only does this erase black ndns— not only is this profoundly condescending, entitled, elitist antiblack bullshit— hell, not only does this act like non-native black people haven’t been here supporting native activism & speaking out against white supremacist violence and particularly police brutality— why in the fuck does it always have to be a competition? why in the fuck are we always non-black folks’ low fucking bar, that they feel some kind of way about if we don’t “stay in our place” beneath them?

I’m tired of being betrayed by people whose backs I have and who are supposed to have mine. I’m tired of trying to reach out to communities I am a part of, that I have a right to claim, and having them turn around and slap me, my family, my ancestors, their lives and legacies and deaths in the goddamn face.

Y'know, being native American, there’s a lot of truth to it. There are horrible injustices that are do e to the natives that no one talks about. And while it still sucks and is horrible that blacks get killed by racist police pigs, natives do too and no one ever mentions the natives. Native Americans get treated like shit outside of their tribes but no one talks about it. I am native American, and this greatly upsets me that my heritage is mocked and hated and ignored, and then when someone points it out we’re suddenly white supremacists who just want to devalue the black community. You fought for your recognition, why can’t we fight for ours?

…alright. alright. I thought I was done with this conversation, but I wasn’t. but I am going to be nice.

I’m native. I’m black. I am black ndn. my father is black ndn. his mother is black ndn. her mother was black ndn. I’ve got black and native blood from all of my other 3 grandparents as well, each; but in that bloodline alone, not even including my grandmother’s father (a residential school survivor), I’m uninterrupted 4th-5th generation black ndn.

my family have been vocal & physically present activists in both the civil rights movement and the a.i.m. from the beginning of those causes, fucking heavy with the panthers and russell means alike, and we were making waves long before them in radical movements, the arts, academia, and healthcare.

I am a legacy.

just so we’re all clear and it’s all laid out on the table.

I don’t tend to pull rank & credentials on people, because it’s gross, and my ass is an urban ndn for a reason (re: my great-grandfather– he left okie for a reason, he left alabama for a reason, and he left illinois & indiana for a reason; I don’t do my forebears the disrespect of undoing choices to protect their & my safety for sake of blood quantum/on-res authenticity pissing contests). but apparently, it’s necessary.

because being native american

if your “truth” is to throw other disenfranchised peoples under the bus in order to “fight for yours,” people who didn’t hurt you, and who weren’t and aren’t and have never been the perpetrators of native devaluation & victimization (even when they participate in it– black people aren’t perfect; but native & first nations peoples, even when they’re antiblack, aren’t the initiatators of antiblackness in america so much as infected by it)– who have, in fact, been victimized by the same people who hurt non-black natives, your truth is shit.

“no one talks about,” “no one ever mentions,” “no one talks about it.” tell me who no one is? tell me who these people are talking about black lives and not talking about natives– not my black ass– and then tell me how many black activists have built up their movements by implying someone would care, if only non-native black folks were ndns? give me a name. give me a number. give me a single date. give me a quote, from someone who will put their real damn name on it, and will say so unprovoked & unharmed by the people they feel like throwing under the bus, using as a tool to shame people with.

because that’s what “cigarette news” did.

black people built up #blacklivesmatter. black people built up ferguson. black people built up #sayhisname & #sayhername. because it was black blood being spilled in the streets. and where were you? who was “no one” then? who said, name me who said, “if only we were native, someone would care?” who said it?

no one! not a one person.

no one is saying native visibility isn’t a worthy cause. no one is saying native genocide shouldn’t be visible. no one is saying to ignore native issues when all they’re saying is “stop killing our children, stop killing us because of our blackness.”

no one ever said that.

but that’s what you did just now. that’s what @devoted2mariah did in their tweet. that’s what all the non-black natives saying, “oh, but they had a point” on this post are cosigning onto.

you said, if black people are “getting” something– some visibility, some discussion point, some issue that people literally had to be tear-gassed, shot down in the streets, have their buildings burned, riot for, in order for those screams to even be acknowledged outside of black twitter & black ig & black tumblr– you want your damn piece. you said, “you got yours, so where’s mine?”

and when that labor, and that bloodshed, and that suffering wasn’t given over to the people who would piggyback & leech on those movements for free or willingly– because fuck #nativelivesmatter, fuck #brownlivesmatter, fuck #alllivesmatter, when the reason that’s even a catchy hashtag, the reason it sticks in anyone’s memory, is because of the uphill organization & battling to get #blacklivesmatter on the radar to begin with is because of black death & black pain– fuck riding on our coattails and stealing some of our spotlight in our own discussions because y’all wanted the express elevator to the microphone– that’s when it becomes, bitterly, “well, someone would care if we were black.”

resentful actually-aesop sour-grapes “if only someone loved you” amateur hour antiblack disney villain bullshit.

if your fight for recognition plows over black people, native and non-native alike, because of some imaginary “if-onlys,” as if black recognition wasn’t something we paid for in black blood & bone & unmarked graves every day– as if we weren’t ignored and silenced, including by people like you– as if the black community & black activist community don’t consistently act as the spearheads & front-runners of activist movements and expanding discussions like the ones specifically going on against racialized police brutality right now (so long as you don’t steal our pain for your profit, stand on our backs & spit on us in the process)– “your fight” is fucked.

your fight is making me & mine into collateral damage. your fight is utilizing mockery & hatred & ignorance of my people’s heritage to give yours (ours– except for my black blood, of course, because don’t those blacks know when they need to get out of our way?) a boost.

while acting like the black people doing the dying are the selfish ones.

your fight is unjust.

and it’s solely because of your conduct. not because of your cause.

Wereinfinite niggasandcomputers @popca




blue blue 💙💙💙

she don’t need them games on your phone

She’s so beautiful

Sophiaslittleblog i just recieved another @popca


I just recieved another donation this morning!!!! Thanks for your support guys! Lets see if we can make it to $450 by the end of the day!!!!

Superheroesincolor ta nehisi coates to write @popca


Ta-Nehisi Coates to Write Black Panther Comic for Marvel

Ta-Nehisi Coates can be identified in many ways: as a national correspondent for The Atlantic, as an author and, as of this month, as a nominee for the National Book Award’s nonfiction prize. But Mr. Coates also has a not-so-secret identity, as evidenced by some of his Atlantic blog posts and his Twitter feed href=""NYtimes

[ Follow SuperheroesInColor on facebook / href=""twitter / href=""tumblr ]

My day started out well even though i was in pain @popca

my day started out well even though i was in pain. it started in the middle of the night and i knew what the day would bring. but i was still in high spirits. but now it’s the middle of the day and my high spirits aren’t allowing me to ignore the pain. it hurts a lot. it could last a few more hours or a few days. sometimes i think this particular pain will one day last forever. but i always hope it doesn’t.

i was able to be on the couch and send some emails from my phone. i closed my eyes. i’m thinking about what this works means and how often the message is to always be on the go. i think about what sounds like an order from seasoned organizers telling us fresh faces that if we’re in the office, we aren’t working. that to do this job means we need to be in the streets always meeting people. and sometimes i can do that. and other times, it is impossible. other times a meeting might mean i have to have send several short video snapchats to a young person. it might mean millions of text messages. it might mean a phone call. it might mean using skype or whatever video messaging service young folks are using now. sometimes i can’t leave my bed.

sometimes i’m at work and my body decides it can’t move anymore and i have to just sit and focus on my breathing. so if i have a one-on-one with you i might have to cuddle with my blanket and talk slowly and low so that i can keep my energy. and sometimes it just means i am not fucking talking to anyone!

i am a Black, disabled, non-binary gender & queer person who is often in pain and still needs to make money in order to live. everyday something is going on with me and it will never stop. sometimes i can ignore it. sometimes i can’t. either way, i need to be respected and to be able to do this work in a way that allows me to live freely. i need to do this work in a way that puts me in conversation with other disabled people and to figure out what we both need to make it work in harmony with each other.

and right now, i must rest again or i might pass out. 

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My sister and her family are about to be evicted. They’re very behind on their rent and I’m not able to help them as much as I used to because I’ve incurred more living expenses over the past few months. Please give what you can or boost! They need the money by next week. There’s really no one on our mom’s side of the family who will help her. 

I’m willing to offer editing services for donations for them! Just hit up my askbox.

Thanks to everyone who donated and boosted so far! We raised eighty dollars since yesterday. My sister says she has until tomorrow to pay the landlord. Anything you can spare would help so much. Like I said before, I’ll exchange editing services for donations. I’ll even tack on one shot fanfic commissions for any fandom I’m familiar with. Thanks, friends!

Thanks again to everyone who has helped out! My sister is still pretty far from her goal. If they get thrown out, they’ll have to go to a shelter. If you can spare anything at all– even just a couple bucks– it would add up. And if there’s anything at all I can do in return, let me know!

Northwestdaily north out and about in calabasas @popca


North out and about in Calabasas 18.9.15

wow they let her hair out of that tight ass ponytail

D pi the schomburg centers annual fall open @popca


The Schomburg Center’s annual Fall Open House is an opportunity for our audiences and patrons to access and engage with our collections, exhibitions, and programmatic offerings in an evening full of talks, performances, films and art.

This year’s program, The Black Fantastic, will focus on the following themes: radical storytelling and black speculative fiction; black futurism; protest; and black survival.

Meet our librarians, archivists and curators as you take a fantastic journey through the Schomburg’s collection of manuscripts, visual art, photographs and moving images.

Evening Schedule:

[6 - 8PM]
Film program by Black Radical Imagination
Reading from contributors to the anthology, “Octavia’s Brood:” Science Fiction from Social Movements
Special performances and guided tours of our new exhibitions, Unveiling Visions: The Alchemy of the Black Imagination & Black Suburbia: From Levittown to Ferguson

[8 - 9PM]
A Conversation with N.K. Jemisin

@SchomburgLive | #BLACKFANTASTIC (at United States National Arboretum)

Celebritiesofcolor rami malek out in beverly @popca


Rami Malek out in Beverly Hills


Blaqueivy lightskinlivinglavish mango hoe @popca




Lmao my mom looks so tiny next to me #blackout #BLACKDON’TCRACK

mom? hol up

Mama where???!!!!

these kinda posts never fail to make me so happy and have my jaw drop all at once

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I reblogged this once and found $999 on the floor.

Reblog the Money Susie and you’ll have money coming your way too 💵💵

Holy shit I just won the lottery this really works

How do you find $999 on the floor?

I Reblogged The Money Susie Thats How .

i didnt really believe in things like these but when i saw it on my dash i thought, well, why not, ive really been needing money for the new game i want to buy anyway. and i hit reblog. the next day my mom gave me $100 in CASH and when i asked her why she said that she just felt like increasing my allowance!!i dont know if shes going to keep on giving me $100 allowance so im reblogging again just to make sure

Fuck it

Does it work?!!! Or is it a fraud?!

Those Who Question The Money Susie Will Suffer 500 Million Years Of Debt

Cant Risk It

couldn’t risk it

every time i reblog one of these money posts, i get some money. no bullshit. not payday money, either.

My morning so far did jo practice ate breakfast @popca

my morning so far. did jo practice. ate breakfast. had a coffee. blasting kelis in the office. had a glittery brown lipstick on but now i have a sea green because i am a powerful alien ocean witch. 

Jaysun rafi dangelo dynastylnoire @popca







Apparently the devil doesn’t sleep.

omg delete this…


Candy corn creme with candy bits.

Candy corn creme with candy bits.

Candy corn creme with candy bits.

Why don’t people love themselves more?  If I saw a child eating this, I would immediately swoop them up in a loving blanket and ask “Who hurt you, dear young one?”  This is a punishment.  This is self-flagellation of the soft palette.  This is for people who no longer have the will to go on with life.  I am so hurt that this exists.

This very well may be, the Anti Christ. This is evil in it’s purest form.

goodbye cruel world i cannot handle this

Avocadoshawty i needed today i work at a @popca


I needed today. I work at a popular coffee shop in Oakland, and coming home to all these glorious photos of Black folks after dealing with especially vulgar white gentrifiers for six hours reminded me of how powerful, beautiful, and resilient we are no matter what we face. Feeling hella blessed to be a proud Black Muslim. Happy BlackOut everyone! 

Slimeshoujo theythem i love being black and @popca


i love being black and being able to pull off cute things that shopjeen appropriates from us and sells to ugly white people for 100x the price ^__^

Zebablah c bassmeow mariahcareysource @popca




Celebrating 16 years Heartbreaker!

Important history lesson they should teach in school tbh


honestly tho i did a very informal poll of 4 people aged 16-21 and none of them knew what this song was or how iconic this video is!!!!!!!

Redbellied piranha thebadbitchesofamerica @popca






the malek twins both shake their head a lil when they laugh i’m screaming!!!!!!!!! 

redbellied-piranha see the one on the right? he’s the one you should find attractive 

Wow what’s wrong with Rami?

he look like pepe the frog

He’s a frog of color

Dirtycartunes im up @popca


i’m up.

Creamyfaerie blackout with a nonbinary @popca


blackout with a nonbinary, disabled, 14 year old artist and writer with a desire to share love, positivity and melanin all over ♡ sensitiveblackperson lordbape ww3tour gluttens

Style icon @popca

style icon

Mochafleur show up for the black out @popca


Show up for the black out 😎😎😎🍰

babssssss your hair is so good that color is the best on you

Avocadoshawty because black girl friendships @popca


Because Black girl friendships are important and she’s in Chicago and I miss her :’( #BlackOut manisarasvati

Fatqueerbabee blackout @popca



Chongaspice i guess were doing blackout today @popca


I guess we’re doing blackout today so hi !!

Nico incognito pics for the blackout braidout @popca


Pics for the blackout. Braidout. Grandpa sweater cuz it’s about to be fall.

Rebelliousvisions blackoutday my little sis @popca


#BLACKOUTDAY my little sis glo'ing

Offbeatorbit yall had to make blackout on the @popca


Y'all had to make #blackout on the day when I literally haven’t left my apt all day, so here’s one from the weekend. Anyway, I love blackout bc black representation is so important, even if it’s out of a little vanity. It’s survival, tbh. Viola’s speech from last night is still invigorating me, okay. OUR NARRATIVES MATTER ✊🏾

Sophiaslittleblog sophiaslittleblog @popca





Mark your calenders everybody! September 21st is the day that I’m going to launch my campaign to rsise funds for my afrofuturitic,mystery,scifi novel “Cosmic Callisto Caprica & The Missing Rings Of Saturn”.

Get ready guys! Tuesday is almost here!!!!

(insert hyperventilating sound here) My indiegogo campaign is live guys!!!

Likelikelickher all black everythaaannnggg @popca


all black everythaaannnggg!!! 

even my baby, Luna. <3 for whom my love is never-ending.

happy black out!!! :D:D

Badgalconcoction badgalconcoction a better @popca



a better looking photoset ✨💫


Sevynofnone not really feeling it today but @popca


Not really feeling it today, but I’m kinda sorta cute I guess?

Happicuppa kaosafro falulu that body oh @popca




that body

oh my gosh O___O!!! 

Just…I need a moment

As do I


Popca happy blackout now im going to read @popca


happy blackout!!! now i’m going to read some earthseed verses and essays about emergent strategy!! 

btw these are my new glasses and they are from zennioptical!! it’s a great site for cheap frames & lenses, especially for those of us who are broke as shit. 

Spoonmeb kiarasnaps i lowkey felt like shit @popca



i lowkey felt like shit today but i still tried..happy blackout ✨

Yasssss! Love your hair too. 😊

Lani p stuntin w my queens offbeatorbit x @popca


stuntin’ w/ my queens offbeatorbit x amandla

Today is olamiday blackout @popca


Blackout ♠️

Chillvillainess i wish i could properly @popca


I wish I could properly participate & reblog more for the blackout, but unfortunately I had to run to work after school. So here are some in transit selfies

Happy blackout everyone, keep glowing✨

Zektheterrible blackout @popca


Blackout 🌚✨

Afatblackfairy so i know its blackout and well @popca


So I know its blackout and well I haven’t taken any pictures in a long while and I didn’t take any pictures for blackout so I’m just posting my fav pics of myself for blackout.

I love how me loving myself, especially my brown skin makes people so uncomfortable. I love making racists uncomfortable, I live for it~ <3

Accepttheuncertainty flourishing today hay @popca


flourishing today, hay y’all


Kaylalovestrey my blackhair for tha blackout @popca


My blackhair for tha blackout

Bantubabe this blackout day im happy to call @popca


This Blackout day I’m happy to call myself a published African (Malawian) woman poet. My book ‘soft magic’ celebrates blackness, color, womanhood, manhood, the Diaspora, love in all its variations and the self. Thank you all for your love and support, let’s lift each other! 


my book :

Navigatethestream navigatethestream the @popca



The shadeskateers reunited for my 25h birthday dinner: @dimpleddaze, @fivelettered, and me. What would I do without the love and support of these brilliant black femmes! #latergram #femmesofcolor #femmesofcolorvisibility #blackfemmemagic

reblogging for blackout

Popca please donate @popca



hey, i extended my fundraiser and hell i might extend it again. i also made my goal bigger because youcaring takes some funds away. but i really do want to reach my goal!!!! i’m really trying to make sure i have enough money for tuition at this amazing BLACK ORGANIZING TRAINING THAT FOLKS LIKE ALICIA GARZA AND OPAL TOMETI AND PATRISSE CULLORS (CREATORS OF #BLACKLIVESMATTER) HAVE GONE THROUGH! AND RIGHT NOW MANY AMAZING PEOPLE ARE IN IT NOW LIKE THE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR OF THE DREAM DEFENDERS! FIERCE DOMESTIC WORKERS ORGANIZERS! FOLKS ORGANIZING OUT IN FERGUSON!

lil ol me is standing next to some amazing, great, badass Black organizers in this movement right now and i deserve to be there!!!!!!

PLEASE DONATE SO I CAN CONTINUE ON THIS AMAZING PATH RIGHT NOW! much appreciated. if you can’t or don’t want to donate that is cool, too. all i ask if that folks reblog reblog reblog for me.

I’m at $740!!!!! this is hella exciting. thank you everyone!!! 6 more days to go!

Happy blackout now im going to read some @popca

happy blackout!!! now i’m going to read some earthseed verses and essays about emergent strategy!! 

Driflloon beauty jw anderson ss16 @popca


beauty @ j.w. anderson ss16

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*sees blackout selfies and posts pic before my phone die* They/them

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☁️Happy Blackout Day☁️

Snapchat / iamhannalashay💓

Ya contours always on point. Teach me pls

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my 8 favorite selfies so far this year for the blackout. 👼🏾⭐️✨

Zebablah ill make this a blackout selfie @popca


i’ll make this a #blackout selfie

Zebablah when bae styles you @popca


When bae styles you 💁🏿

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I have a lot of insecurities about my face. my acne prone skin. the lack of definition in my jawline. the crookedness of my eyes. but *kendrick lamar voice* I love myself. one day at a time.

(they/ them pronouns)

You are so handsome


always reblog when your bestfriend comes on your dash .

Myriadsubtletiess blackout for all my beautiful @popca


BlackOut for all my beautiful black people who love dying their hair pastel + funky colors

Celebritiesofcolor viola davis poses in the @popca


Viola Davis poses in the press room at the 67th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards at Microsoft Theater on September 20, 2015 in Los Angeles, California.

Accras sisterhood @popca



Dailydot the only thing that separates women of @popca


“The only thing that separates women of color from anyone else is opportunity" 

— Viola Davis, accepting her Emmy for Lead Actress in a Drama for How to Get Away With Murder

Celebritiesofcolor uzo aduba accepts the award @popca


Uzo Aduba accepts the award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series during the 67th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards

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Mary J. Blige
When me and my girls @tarajiphenson & @kerrywashington get together, you know we’re gonna talk about music. Here’s Chapter 1. Apple Music


Celebritiesofcolor taraji p henson attends the @popca


Taraji P. Henson attends the 67th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards at Microsoft Theater on September 20, 2015

Celebritiesofcolor laverne cox attends the 67th @popca


Laverne Cox attends the 67th Emmy Awards at Microsoft Theater on September 20, 2015 in Los Angeles, California.

Cinniie me is a walking garden @popca


me: is a walking garden 

Ladyfabulous celebritiesofcolor retta @popca



Retta attends the 67th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards at Microsoft Theater on September 20, 2015 in Los Angeles, California.

Such a good colour

Rubertkazinsky actress dascha polanco attends @popca


Actress Dascha Polanco attends the 67th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards at Microsoft Theater on September 20, 2015 in Los Angeles, California.

Thelyonsempire september 20 taraji p henson @popca


SEPTEMBER, 20 | Taraji P. Henson attends the 67th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards at Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles