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my name is chelsea and i am a non-binary gender black gurl. i use they/them pronouns. i've met my white people quota so go away.  - i am a person! (@popca)
White people @popca

*white people

Bitterbitchclubpresident sofsocialgood @popca



93-year-old Betty Reid Soskin is the oldest ranger on active duty in the U.S. National Park Service, and she has no plans to retire anytime soon. Reid Soskin is rarely seen in public without her ranger uniform. “Because when I’m on the streets or on an escalator or elevator, I am making every little girl of color aware of a career choice she may not have known she had,” she said. “That’s important.”

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Likemistlikesteam rudegyalchina @popca






Has there been a time on set or when you received a script and you’re like, “I am not doing this. This goes against everything I stand for, I am not doing this.” And do you not do it or do you have to be convinced to do it? (x)

And this is why HTGAWM is so well written.

He listened and he changed it to fit her cultural needs. There was a cultural difference and instead of him still trying to make it unrealistic… he made it realistic. Because she’s right, younger black people can’t just be slapping the older generation and don’t think there will be any consequences.

This is why black representation and other poc rep matters in shows. Get more black writers .

this whole post is gold + the comments

Thecoalitionmag im very sensitive in the @popca


I’m very sensitive in the morning. So I avoid listening to the wrong song, or watching or reading something  depressing. My mornings are pretty controlled; I know what I’m going to listen to, and it’s either about comedy or something about plants or nature. I like going to bed that way too, with some lighthearted humor, and I wake up hopefully carrying that feeling over.

I try to make mornings matter. I try not to sleep in, I try to give myself time to wake up properly and stay in bed and just lay awake. How you introduce yourself to that day can have a domino effect on the way day that goes for you and the people around you. And when you put efforts into your morning and your body and taking care of yourself, it’s almost like extra value added throughout the day——not just for your body but for your mind, too.

This room is super bright, so I wake up very early, because I’m sensitive to light. I wake immediately when I feel the warmth on my face. Once I wake I drink water, because I realize how dehydrated my body is from sleeping. Water wakes my system up. Then I’ll try to stretch. I like to dance, so I’ll move to something ambient, something without words, soundscapes like this keyboardist named d’Eon or this Indian flute player Hari Prasad’s The Elements——Wind.

Then I’ll burn some incense. I grew up with myrrh being burned in the house, so I love that smell, but sometimes it can be too nostalgic. I like to burn Nag Champa because it’s the same smell as a lot of the bookstores I go to. It feels very clean and light and it’s not too heavy, like some of the myrrh and frankincense can be. I also have this cannabis infused lotion that I’ll put in the middle of my forehead close to the pineal gland. It’s just soothing. My mornings end by 10:00, just by the double-digits of the time.

Ruqayyah Alzona for Adult Mag’s Mornings After series 

Softbutchesofnote audre lorde canoeing in @popca


Audre Lorde canoeing in Berlin/wearing an Emma Goldman t-shirt. 

Avjogia avan jogia vogue italy @popca


Avan Jogia - Vogue Italy

Spookylangsettte scream bc this speaks to me on @popca


scream bc this speaks to me on another level

Fanaxleey im gonna die @popca


I’m gonna die .

Hemelbeestje hey yay i still dont know @popca


Hey!! Yay!! I still don’t know what a Black Friday is or a Cyber Monday? But Society6 does and they’re currently offering free worldwide shipping + a buy more, save more sale! (more % off with the more you spend!) Starts at 12:00 am PT! Check it out! These are some of my faves from my shop!

Jamila2k16 im jamila im a 24 year old mixed @popca


I’m Jamila. I’m a 24 year old mixed race trans woman living in the UK.
A lot has happened in my life recently. After over two decades of denial and repression I starting coming out a couple of weeks ago. A week ago today I started hormone replacement therapy. I’m waiting for an appointment at a gender identity clinic but by first appointment won’t be for over a year.
Today I dropped out of university. I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder a few years ago and I haven’t been well enough to study effectively the last few months. I also can’t deal with transitioning in a university environment.
I can’t afford to stay in the city I’ve been studying in. I’m in ~£2000 of debt and I need to start saving money to cover medical aspects of my transition. A week from now I need to leave my campus accommodation. I can’t afford to rent at the moment, I have no savings and can’t afford a deposit. I’m going to be moving back to my hometown to live my Dad. I’m lucky that my parents have been supportive of my plans but I need to make a plan to leave.
Before I initially moved away from my hometown I was attacked. A group of men rushed me, calling me a faggot and knocking me to the ground. When I was on the ground they kicked me in the head.
I found out a few months ago that one of the men who attacked me is still in my hometown. It’s a small town and he lives a couple of roads away from me. I cut ties with most people I knew when I was younger so I’m anticipating several months of not leaving the house. I definitely do not feel safe presenting how I want to in my hometown. I’m making plans to move within the next year but it’s going to take a long time for me to be able to afford to get out.
I’m currently on 100mg of spiro and 2mg of oestradiol daily. I have enough for the next two months at my current dose but my dose will increase to 4mg of oestradiol.
Oestradiol: £24.58 a month
Spiro: £13.98 a month
Finasteride: £14.99 a month
Total: £53.55 a month
I’ve applied for funding to cover the cost of laser hair removal. I have dark coarse facial hair and I have previously had a thick beard. If I don’t receive funding I’m going to have to find some way to pay for it myself. It’s likely to cost close to £1000.
I receive around £200 a month and my next payment will be in around a week. This month I’ll need to pay £160 to cover the cost of terminating my housing contract. I’ll hopefully be eligible for disability related benefits but it’s not a certainty.
My life is not in immediate danger, I will have somewhere to sleep and I should be able to eat, but the longer I am in this situation and the longer it takes me to access transition-related healthcare the more my mental health is likely to deteriorate.
I’m not asking for donations from anyone who can’t afford to. I’m definitely not asking for donations if it means you don’t donate as a result to someone who urgently needs housing, medical care or food. If, though, you have lots of money and you don’t know what to do with it, it would really improve my quality of life over the next year. It’s not likely to happen but I’m basically looking for a rich benefactor. Please reblog so all your rich friends. My paypal email is:
Also, I’m probably going to be pretty lonely over the next year. If anyone wants to hang out on skype (espescially other trans women) and stuff that would be cool. People are welcome to message me.
Thank you xoxo

Crybabydyke make this mess the new copypasta @popca


make this mess the new copypasta


Chongaspice hey you guys so i filmed this @popca


Hey you guys so I filmed this makeup tutorial and uploaded on YouTube today !! Here is the link

Fuckyoufee blacksmith14 @popca






I just need somebody to make this for me. 



Lactose intolerant but will HAPPILY die eating this cake

Life’s a beautiful thing

Themulattokat insert nayyirah waheed or warsan @popca


~insert nayyirah waheed or warsan shire poems here~ 🌿☁️

Aquestforpeace jamieblak chocolate x roses @popca



Chocolate x Roses (Redux) | photo by jamieblak
Model: @kingkesia
IG: @jamieblak
SC: jamieblak

Gorgeous. And I can’t get over this lipstick right now.

Tous les memes tous les memes flaunt magazine @popca


Flaunt magazine – summer camp theme

Fuckrashida relatable @popca



Past few days been so sad and tired also i have @popca

past few days. been so sad and tired. also i have managed to chip off all that nail polish as of today. my hands always have to be moving or playing with something because it calms me down or focuses me so this is always fun fun fun 

Nyleantm american airlines did not have @popca


American Airlines did not have subtitles for their movies. There were not options at all. The flight was seven hours. Naturally, I felt frustrated especially when we are approaching into year 2016. 

I decided to tweet to American Airlines and apparently they did not consider a solution and went with an audist* reply instead.

I tweeted to them again asking for an apology, sensitivity (re)training, and a solution asap.

*Audist = discrimination or prejudice against individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing. (via Nyle DiMarco’s Facebook)

Wtfplus fatladystyleco dress giveaway for @popca




Reblog this for a chance to win - I will give away 1 dress for every 200 notes this post gets ** ASSUMING THE KICKSTARTER FUNDS **. I will select the winner using a random number generator. All you have to do is reblog - though I would also love it if you told me what color/print you like the best!

Thank you! xox

LISTEN UP ! all you have to do is reblog this post for a chance to enter to win an awesome dress from an up-and-coming plus size clothing company.

Hologramsss themarinestarringjohncena this @popca



This dude looks like one of Donald Duck’s nephews.

why does his forehead have an extra face

Lordeinc new face halima by the talented @popca


New face Halima by the talented London-based photographer Chantelle Gomez 

La negra barbuda model invisiblefemmeofcolor @popca


Model: @invisiblefemmeofcolor

Designer/Photographer: @la-negra-barbuda

Do not remove caption. They/them pronouns only.




Blewthischance literally sits in bed and does @popca


*literally sits in bed and does absolutely the fuck nothing like I don’t have a paper due in a few hours*

Prinnay you can never draw too many merms @popca


You can never draw too many merms

Notpregnantjusteatinggood @popca



Meagan hood didi is spiffy certified thot @popca







Finally did my hair, took me forever but I got them done, lovin it 😊😊


That’s good right? Lol

yes omg

Thank you boo 😘


Takingbackourculture reverseracist what does @popca



what does this mean

Your ears need to be in the squad.

- Jess


Deep dark fears an anonymous fear submitted to @popca


An anonymous fear submitted to deep dark fears. Thanks! The new Deep Dark Fears book is available now, with fifty unpublished comics and fifty favorites! You can find it at Amazon, B&N, IndieBound, iBooks, Google Books, your local bookstore, and wherever books are sold!


Meredithmeri meredithmeri chocolateist @popca




Black, fat hottie on the way to steal yo girl 💋😘

If you’re wondering where your girl went …

That one time I fell in love with myself.

Reaperneeshy thebigblackwolfe hoodoodyke @popca






LMAO why me 😟

Who sent you this.




is this the same nasty motherfucker who made vagina yogurt

Stylelikeu i am getting away so that i can be @popca


“I am getting away so that I can be lost.” - Armina

Neatbook devin hentz photographed by shanita @popca


Devin Hentz photographed by Shanita Sims for NEATBook, ‘Maneater’ 

Afrodiaspores naomis scalloped threading by @popca


“Naomi’s scalloped threading,” by Emily Stein, 2015.

Tomboybklyn deep cherry red lipshello fall @popca


deep cherry red lips…hello fall

Meagan hood be blackstar mangoestho @popca





she might aswell of rolled her eyes lmao

b/c nicki was alive and witnessed when jlo was fuckin wit black ppl and then abandoned us to roll with mr. worldwide creepy uncle ass pitbull and also release “booty” with iggy azalea. 

Lol…don’t forget playing dark-skinned white girls lol with white guy love interests in rom coms

and said nigga in i’m real remix

Mayakern hey all my cute and nerdy skirts are @popca


hey, all! my cute and nerdy skirts are currently in at a limited stock just in time for the holidays!

they are a soft and stretchy polyester/spandex blend and can fit up to a 40″ waist!

skirts are $35 each. all proceeds from my store help make monster pop! (and all my other projects) possible!

more information in my store!

Ja ll janaecamri come back from the dead @popca



“Come back from the dead
You left my, my heart here”

this is art

Trcunning rudegyalchina afro natives @popca



Afro Natives

Two of the individuals in this image have been identified. The woman on the left back row in front of the window is Sarah Cisco Sullivan. She was the Sachem of the Hassanamisco Band of Nipmuc Indians (now known as the Nipmuc Nation) during most of the 20th century. Her father, Chief Cisco, is standing to the left of her wearing a plains-style headdress which many men wore back then.

Interlude holiday cripple punk im worth @popca


Cripple punk

- I’m worth it. My accessibility needs are worth it. My other needs are worth it. My comfort is worth it. My body is worth it.

Hoodoodyke fruitsoftheape100 @popca




Be about those Benjamins and win cash everyday on Yahoo Daily Fantasy.

On iOS? Get the app.
On Android? Get the app.

What Tge You Foking Talking Abot



Throughkaleidscopeeyes because its thursday @popca


Because its Thursday, 

& the first pic was taken over a year ago, the second was taken last week ♻️

Freakyfauna photographs by jd okhai @popca


Photographs by J.D. Okhai Ojeikere.

Found here and here.

Archgynoid he who mars the skin of gods @popca






A Grandmother’s Essentials

It always baffles me how we all had the same childhood

Fuckin spot on but how

The Dominican Standard of Living

Black Great Grandma/Old Auntie’s house aesthetic 


Walidahimarisha yearwithouttamir @popca


#YearWithoutTamir #JusticeForTamirRace #RestInLoveTamir #BlackLivesMatter

Shadesofblackness willy cartier photographed by @popca


Willy Cartier photographed by Franck Glenisson at the Parisian atelier of artist Jack Servoz, and styled by Mickael Carpin, for the latest issue of Out magazine.

Artbyjervae a family portrait they wanted to @popca


A Family portrait. They wanted to be the characters from The Wiz.

Varsityqueerleadercaptain still not over this @popca


still not over this
will never be over this tbh

Bloodymami zanemalicks tfw you decide to be @popca



tfw you decide to be the night sky for halloween 



Hoodoodyke goblindogs flower gentlemaid @popca


@goblindogs Flower gentlemaid.

Glamorousladies stephanie beatriz is @popca


Stephanie Beatriz is photographed for The Wrap on October 30, 2015 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Corina Marie Howell/Contour by Getty Images)

Zebablah tryna stay positive by being cute @popca


Tryna stay positive by being cute

56blogscrazy realest episode of chopped ever @popca


Realest episode of chopped ever

chef lauren was & still is about that life

Onlyblackgirl smidgetz she looks so good @popca



She looks so GOOD

look at mother

This episode oh my god @popca

this episode oh my god

Cydbee stone lipstick chestnut lipliner @popca


Stone Lipstick & Chestnut Lipliner

Blackgirlsrpretty2 instagram fcaserxo @popca


instagram @fcaserxo 

Awkwardpandalalala criticallyill @popca





If you are like me, you are low income. It doesn’t matter why, but you are and sometimes you need things to prevent your quality of life from dipping too much. Like a decent pair of eyeglasses.

Zenni Optical was brought to my attention by one of the residents at the clinic I interned at. The staff is remarkably skilled and it was my privilege to be able to work with them for 300 hours. Anyway, they serve many low-income folks and, instead of them sending them to their optician to look at frames, they recommended taking the up to date prescription and plugging it in at Zenni to get a good pair.

What you need

  • Your eyeglasses prescription. Get it however:

Dig it up from your paperwork

Call the last place that did your exam and pick it up

Pay for a new eye exam, decline fitting, and take the paper

  • Your pupillary distance

This is likely on your script somewhere. Look for “PD” and the number behind it. Otherwise, try this.

Here’s what you do:

Make an account at Zenni.

Plug in your prescription. I won’t go into the details of why and how scripts are written the way they are and how cool it is. Just plug in the values exactly as you see them. OD (ocular dexter) is the right eye and OS (ocular sinister) is the left. Sphere, cylinder, and axis for each. 

It should look like this: 

Now shop for some glasses and order. 

Cheapest pair is about $7. Shipping is a flat $4.95 no matter how many pairs you order. Sales are often so, sometimes, shipping is free.

You can also order prescription sunglasses! Just make to order a regular pair in whatever frame, import the prescription you plugged in, and choose Add Standard Lens Tint. 

I recently order my sunglasses because my eyes are going to boil out of their sockets. Took about a week. Came with a lens wipe cloth, PD ruler, and a case. Lenses are accurate and the frame doesn’t feel cheap or unbalanced. 


saving this for later

Lots of people I know order from zenni and they get wickedly cute glasses for cheap. It’s awesome.

zenni is amazing

Bored work @popca

bored @ work. 

Moca juliana huxtable photographed by myles @popca


Juliana Huxtable photographed by Myles Pettengill at MOCA Step and Repeat

Wavesoftware i hate this @popca


i hate this!

Aw my nana tbh @popca

aw @ my nana tbh

Altersociety if anyone wants to help me pay for @popca


if anyone wants to help me pay for my hormone prescriptions, my paypal donation fund is still active

i’m about to run out in a couple of weeks and it usually takes longer than that to get a reup sent to my house

while i just started a new job, it’ll take me awhile before i make enough money to pay for my hormones on my own, and there’s also no guarantee that i’ll still have this job next week, so please if you can and if you want, anything helps


paypal email:

Omg its so early for me i am so tired im gonna @popca

omg it’s so early for me i am so tired i’m gonna go get a coffee now 

Continentcreative aluad deng anei for bon bon @popca


Aluad Deng Anei  for Bon Bon Magazine by Javier Lovera

Superheroesincolor monstress 2015 image @popca


Monstress (2015)  //  Image Comics

“Steampunk meets Kaiju in this original fantasy epic for mature readers, as young Maika risks everything to control her psychic link with a monster of tremendous power, placing her in the center of a devastating war between human and otherworldly forces. ”

Story: Marjorie Liu , art: Sana Takeda

Get it now here

[ Follow SuperheroesInColor on facebook / instagram / href=""twitter / href=""tumblr ]

this is an intense ass comic

Glitteringspark gina rodriguez for cosmopolitan @popca


gina rodriguez for cosmopolitan for latinas, winter 2015

Ajbshade millionartistsmovement minneapolis @popca


#millionartistsmovement #minneapolis #BlackLivesMatter #JusticeForJamar #JamesAndPlymouth (at Minneapolis Police - 4th Precinct)

Ajbshade nocopzone shutitdown @popca


#NoCopZone #ShutItDown #BlackLivesMatter #JusticeForJamar #JamesAndPlymouth #minneapolis (at The Elks)

Fibonacciblue people marching jamesandplymouth @popca


People marching #JamesAndPlymouth #Justice4Jamar

Bookishboi blacklivesmatter refusing to be @popca


#blacklivesmatter refusing to be moved until the office that killed #justice4jamar is fired. Bring food, water, snacks, treats. Fourth Precinct

Jaredofmo the wiz live promo screenshots @popca


The Wiz Live promo screenshots

I was in durham north carolina this weekend it @popca

i was in durham, north carolina this weekend. it was a very Black & queer/trans space. i co-facilitated a workshop about the black diaspora in 2055 (top) and attended a lgbtq/queer/trans unconference time meeting/vent session/love space (bottom). i heard a lot of chants & songs. went to a workshop called black girls matter. went to a workshop on anti-blackness. it was all very emotional, draining, exhausting, amazing, Black Love, amazing, the worst, the best… i got triggered after a long day of pure exhaustion and talking about my gender, listening to other people be triggered, participating in a workshop that examined why people treat black girls like shit. and then i dissociated for many hours. cried a lot. felt like my face was so puffy from crying that it may never settle back down again. i also drank a lot of apple juice. probably about 5 cups of it this whole trip. and i hate apple juice. 

One of my favorite photo setsssssss @popca

one of my favorite photo setsssssss

Bapgeek2geekbap gayblackgeek fleshformula @popca






Your  exclusive first look at the cast of The Wiz Live!

The Wiz Live! features Uzo Aduba as Glinda, Queen Latifah as The Wiz, and Common as Bouncer, the Emerald City gatekeeper. 

i honestly cant wait for the cosplay

common looking like a fucking fly ass green lantern


I fucking SWOON


Mariahcareysource casualoutings eternally12 @popca


#casualoutings #eternally12 #cmonnnnnnnn!!!!!😂😂😂

Nickiminajcommission nicki minaj dressed in new @popca


Nicki Minaj dressed in new pieces from her Nicki Minaj Collection for Kmart

Vintagegal nina simone backstage at carnegie @popca


href="" title="Backstage at Carnegie Hall in New York City. January 1965. "Nina Simone backstage at Carnegie Hall, NYC,1965

Nezua nezua nezua hey everyone i dont @popca




🍂 Hey everyone. I don’t know that we can pull this off, but I’ve been trying everything else, and I have to try this. I have a day to come up with almost $400 or they will turn off the power and water. There is no law in my state against them doing this during the cold season to a house with a baby in it, as there is in some states. EWEB is heartless; you can cry to them on the phone and they’ll just sit there stony.

Some of you are worse off than me. But if you’re not, and if you can help, please send anything to . Or visit Akiko’s store and order something (just ask for anything you don’t see; we have a lot more photos to put up).

Thank you. 🌾

Reblogging with fixed storenvy link; the old one takes 10% of the money. PS: Thank you to Miriam for the $30 donation toward our goal! ⚡️🙌 😺 It means a lot.

Man, no matter how bitter I feel in life, I am always bowled over when people give of themselves to help me & mine. Especially when they have no real reason to. Mostly, I thank you for the kids who don’t even know what looms over us right now. You and your big heart rock. ✊

Mucho gratitude going out to M.M-B., C.M., K.H., & C.F. who have brought us almost halfway to the finish line. And much thanks to those 91 people who reblogged the original post, so new people could find this message. As I’ve said to some of you in private communications, you’ve done so much to alleviate the stress and worry that has been wracking my mind recently.

Here’s a foto of the ones you’re helping the most.


Thanks, too, for putting me in touch with compassion once more. It always does me so much good to remember how generous humans can be. Keeping an eye on the world, and oppression, it’s too easy to focus on the worst of us, at our worst moments.

Oh, and thanks for the order at Akiko’s store! You won’t be disappointed, trust me! ✨😸👌🌟

Accras adorable people @popca


Adorable people

Blue author elfyourmother just a heads up @popca



just a heads up y’all, i got the update from somebody and i poked around in my settings immediately to see if there was any way to restrict it and i found this

i have yet to test it but it sounds like this will basically make it so only people  you follow/mutuals can message you, so ppl worried about folks harassing them on burners are prolly gonna want to turn this on

this is under your blog settings (where the stuff about asks etc is)


Nondemure back at it @popca


back at it💆🏾💜