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Evilgringo terremoto in the pillory @predicamentbondage


Terremoto in the Pillory

Evilgringo terremoto gets the strappado @predicamentbondage


Terremoto gets the strappado treatment and both Carolina and Juliana are quick to begin alternating tormenting their victim and seducing her as well.  Carolina’s slightly dirty bare feet are on display as she kneels down to lavish kisses on Terremoto, who alternates between standing on the balls of her feet and tiptoes.  Though not terribly flexible, the girls manage to pull Terremoto’s hands high behind her, causing her to wrench her shoulders.  As always, plenty of emphasis on the ladies’ pretty bare feet.

Homemade bondage just a little unnatural but i @predicamentbondage


Just a little unnatural, but I liked the ropework (and she’s sexy and has nice feet!) 

Homemade bondage position 9 squat hands @predicamentbondage


Position #9:   “Squat”. Hands behind head (laced or not), squatting, on her tiptoe.
An humiliating posture (the slave has her pussy, ass and tits fully exposed), hard to mantain a long time.
Tongue out is a nice addition. :)

Evilgringo terremoto is put in handcuff @predicamentbondage


Terremoto is put in Handcuff Suspension - she is put in the predicament of having to stand high on tiptoes or letting her body weight cause the steel handcuffs to bite into her wrists.