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Hi my name is rina and im new to tumblr and i @prettyassgirls

hi my name is Rina and I’m new to tumblr and I barely have any followers so i was wondering if maybe you could submit me and help me start off? :) my pictures have floated around tumblr but people were stealing my pictures off of my twitter and instagram and posting them because i didn’t have a tumblr.I would really appreciate it if you helped me out. Thank you :)

Classifieduniquetumblrcom istagram vkatherina @prettyassgirls
Istagram: vkatherina

Left httptherealxhertumblrcom @prettyassgirls

left -  - @theRealxHer

Right - 

So them pearly whites girl @prettyassgirls

So them pearly whites, girl ;)

My friend @prettyassgirls

my friend (:

Instagram chelseaalanaa @prettyassgirls

Instagram: ChelseaAlanaa

Cryscriscrystaltumblrcom @prettyassgirls

Cryscriscrystaltumblrcom @prettyassgirls

Excluswavetumblrcom @prettyassgirls

Kristina elise stoned immaculatelytumblrcom @prettyassgirls
kristina elise []
Kassikardashiantumblrcom @prettyassgirls

My beautiful friend ashley follow @prettyassgirls

my beautiful friend Ashley! follow for credit ^_^

Rose ortiz phiaflyytumblrcom @prettyassgirls

Rose Ortiz

Kait br0wntumblrcom @prettyassgirls

Idesiresuccess @prettyassgirls


Slowlylovingtumblrcom @prettyassgirls


Sirrell 3 @prettyassgirls

sirrell <3 

Lowkeystormtumblrcom @prettyassgirls

Ahhmazinglyclassytumblrcom @prettyassgirls

Follow me on twitter hailmaary @prettyassgirls

follow me on twitter, @HailMaary :)

Ashradatumblrcom @prettyassgirls

Follow follow 3 verifiedfametumblrcom @prettyassgirls

Follow Follow <3 

Its my life my story @prettyassgirls

Its my Life & my Story ♥

I follow @prettyassgirls

I Follow:)

Idesiresuccess @prettyassgirls


Zarozamantumblrcom @prettyassgirls

Httplivelaughloveraeraetumblrcom @prettyassgirls

Cheetahlicious cousins. ;)

Jenna marie28tumblrcom @prettyassgirls