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Pretty Girls Pissing

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ADULT CONTENT - NSFW BLOG. AGES 18+ ONLY!!! Please refer to me as "A". (: My blog is for adult enjoyment purposes and nothing more! I do not believe in female humiliation so don't even bring it up! This is a fun blog, let's keep it that way! I've had a piss obsession since I was a kid and no way to express it. This is a blog I've made in anonymity so I can get rid of my piss porn urges. I offer advice and hope you enjoy watching people piss as much as I do. (: I'm a young pansexual girl who isn't single, but is too afraid to ask her boyfriend to pee on her. Personally, I don't think I ever will, but sometimes fantasizing gets me off more then actually doing things. ;) NONE of these pictures are mine unless stated otherwise! ENJOY!

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