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With the imminent demise of mad men and our new @pritheworld

With the imminent demise of “Mad Men” and our new piece on the seemingly “pro-women” state of India’s traditionally sexist advertising scene, I can’t help but wonder if anything has really, truly progressed for women when it comes to the ad industry’s proclivity to throw us under the patriarchal bus.

I’m not so sure.

Between last month’s Beach Body scandal, last year’s “a woman’s nature is to be a total helpless crybaby” water adverts in Thailand and the constant modern day barrage of skin whitening products aimed at women worldwide, the sexism of our quotidian lives is still very much manifested and reinforced by these tone deaf ‘mad men.’

In countries like India, as Chhavi reports, things seem to changing. Rather than heinous TV ads that assume a woman is the one in charge of laundry, companies are starting to ask viewers if it’s time to “share the load” with men.

Great. All well and good. As much as this progress is welcome, however, I have to ask — what’s the real reason for the change of heart?

Ad companies are just trying to make money. So, it’s tough to swallow that all of a sudden these notoriously sexist vehicles are aboard the feminism train. Like Chanel’s “feminist protest catwalk” stunt at last year’s Paris Fashion week, or the barrage of girl power ads hawked at Superbowl viewers this year—it’s tough to decipher between genuine support and appropriation for financial gain. These acts of “empowertisement” can ring exploitative and hollow.


Take a look above at some of the ads new and old that have made us (read: me) the angriest, then check out PRI The World reporter Chhavi Sachdev’s take on the feminist-ing of Indian ads. Do you think this feminist ads trend is genuine? Have we really progressed?

— Isis Madrid, social media journalist “Across Women’s Lives

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Journalist donatella lorch sent us some photos she @pritheworld

Journalist Donatella Lorch sent us some photos she shot from her neighborhood in Kathmandu. This is the Bungadyah Temple, home to the Red God the Rato Machhendranath. The first image is from Jean-Pierre Dalbéra (Flickr/Creative Commons) in 2013. That’s followed by Donatella’s photos after the earthquake this week. Here’s what Donatella wrote just after the earthquake.

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Sometimes a word is used so much, you forget where it came from. Take the word “thug,” we’ve been hearing it a lot in relation to the unrest in Baltimore. But I guarantee you’ll be surprised to hear where it actually comes from. Megan Garber traced the word’s origins for a story in The Atlantic. Here’s a clip from our interview with Megan.

Cat island isnt the only furry land mass drawing @pritheworld

Cat island isn’t the only furry land mass drawing Japanese tourists. 


Cuddly Rabbit Island in Japan has something of a sinister past

Just an hour and half from Hiroshima lies the tiny island of Okunojima, probably better known as Rabbit Island. The island is populated by bunnies and tourists feeding those bunnies — but if you look closely you can see remnants of the island’s past.

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Red Sox opening day: so close, yet so far. #BOSnow

By the numbers minorities buy a lot of movie @pritheworld

By the numbers, minorities buy a lot of movie tickets. But they aren’t being represented on screen.

Islandstoriesuncovering the lost names and @pritheworld


Uncovering the lost names and stories of people buried in New York’s Hart Island cemetery

Up to a million poor and unknown New Yorkers have been laid to rest at Hart Island, where the city buries them in mass graves. The site is largely off-limits to the public, but a group called the Hart Island Project is trying to resurrect the stories of the dead with a new online museum.

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She’s seen warfare. Been kidnapped. Interviewed victims of rape and helped an Afghan woman in labor get to a hospital. Photographed a dying boy with her own son growing inside her womb. She tells the stories behind these photographs.

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Snowbound kids in the US: How long have you been out of school? Here’s some perspective. (New graphic updated with Ebola numbers.)

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You think the snow in the US is bad? Let’s get some perspective.

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Molly Crabapple, a New York-based writer and illustrator, has created a series of illustrations for Vanity Fair showing street scenes of Mosul, Iraq.

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Photographer Jodi Hilton visited a Syrian refugee camp last fall. And she came across something unexpected: beauty. Kurdish women there have facial tattoos, also known as “deq.”

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After our story about the linguistic shift from “um” to “uh,” listeners shared how they fill pauses in their own languages. 

Book title haiku of the day @pritheworld

Book Title Haiku of the Day.

Greek voters said enough to years of punishing @pritheworld

Greek voters said “enough” to years of punishing economic austerity measures Sunday, electing Alexis Tsipras and his left-wing, anti-austerity Syriza party. Given Greek attitudes toward its own work-ethic and standing compared to other European Union nations, perhaps this outcome should not have been surprising. 

European attitudes toward Greece, however, may suggest a difficult road ahead for the new Athens government in getting a better deal from its European allies.

Tbt to our website in april 1999 below this @pritheworld

#TBT to our website in April 1999. Below this image it says “Welcome to The World Online." 

Book title haiku of the day @pritheworld

Book Title Haiku-of-the-Day.

A selection of cartoons by indias rk laxman @pritheworld

A selection of cartoons by India’s R.K. Laxman. Reprinted with special thanks and permission from Dr. Dharmendra Bhandari, author of R.K. Laxman: The Uncommon Man: Collection of works from 1948 to 2008.

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Host Marco Werman and food critic Steve Dolinsky take a culinary tour of Boston. First stop: Vietnamese Banh Mi sandwich from Ba Le restaurant in Dorchester, MA. Check out our site for more selections.

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Get ready. Food writer Steve Dolinsky, producer Clark Boyd and host Marco Werman take you on a culinary tour of Boston on today’s show! 

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A selection of cartoons about the US-Cuba rapprochement from around the globe, including three Cuban cartoonists in exile.

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Shaggy dogs, sexy sharks, boozy birds — it’s the top animal stories of 2014.

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Kosovo can’t get recognition from the United Nations, so it’s gone for digital recognition from the likes of Facebook and Google. But while it’s mostly been a success, some Kosovars aren’t sure that digital legitimacy amounts to much.

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We’ve met a hacker and a digital activist. Now, Part Three of our #SafeMode series: The Leaker.

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After “Meryem” covered the Gezi Park protests 22 hours a day, she’s having trouble keeping up the pace of digital activism. The 28 year old Turkish activist answers your questions about activism online and through social media on our Facebook page.

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New Wars, New Warriors — a new series that examines how technology is changing the meaning of security.

Book title haiku of the day @pritheworld

Book title haiku of the day.