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ProggyBear (''')(''') @proggybear

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Average, everyday, British musical bear with a skewed sense of humor, a melodic/artistic turn of phrase, and a raging hard on! Heh heh. - ProggyBear (''')(''') (@proggybear)
Want @proggybear


Rectaltemp the ginger bear man that ass is @proggybear


The Ginger Bear Man.

That ass is absolutely perfect.

Ohhh id love to breed this hot guy too @proggybear

Ohhh…I’d love to breed this hot guy too.

Mmmm thats it assume the position big guy @proggybear

Mmmm…that’s it - assume the position, big guy!

Awwwww tony gimme @proggybear


Fucking beautiful @proggybear

Fucking beautiful!

Lick @proggybear


Yay frank you hot fucker @proggybear

Yay, Frank, you hot fucker!

Robrobbyrob50 your cousin would drop his shorts @proggybear


…your cousin would drop his shorts, just to tease you, when you were a boy…

Sean kirk is such a hot cub damn id wreck @proggybear

“Sean”/Kirk is such a hot cub. Damn, I’d wreck that ass, given the chance.

Fuck yeah @proggybear

Fuck yeah!

Topbear81 i want this pic is all over tumblr @proggybear


I want

This pic is all over Tumblr. It’s easy to see why…WOOF!

As87bear getting dirty before i get clean @proggybear


Getting dirty before I get clean

Grrr…very sexy guy!

Wow woof @proggybear



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