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ProggyBear (''')(''') @proggybear

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Average, everyday, British musical bear with a skewed sense of humor, a melodic/artistic turn of phrase, and a raging hard on! Heh heh. - ProggyBear (''')(''') (@proggybear)
Jaw dropping hotness @proggybear

Jaw-dropping hotness!

Such a hot guy @proggybear

Such a hot guy

Shayachorn woof growl grrrrr yepi @proggybear


Woof!!  Growl &  Grrrrr!!!

Yep…I definitely WOULD!

Known as seamus clover on bearfilms this cub @proggybear

Known as “Seamus Clover” on BearFilms, this cub not only has the looks but is a great guy too.

Grizzlyjock89 yay finally home time to @proggybear


Yay finally home time to snoooze!!!!

Very sexy guy. And that’s a killer smile too.

Bearmyrkr so yeah another nude slightly older @proggybear


So yeah, another nude slightly older one this time, only because i’ve seen a bit of fat shaming tonight, it’s not the nicest to see other people unable to be themselves soley because they’ve got a bit of weight on their bones. 

This could be attention seeking i guess. it’s not. and ok there’s a air of voyeurism sometimes when i post nudes. I myself enjoy seeing full body nudes indeed without hard ons. But it’s more of a solidarity post to all the chubby men and indeed woman out there. There’s no reason i can think off that should make you want to cover yourself up. even with dadbod2015 in full swing, seems like the people out for body perfection are doubling efforts to quell any fire that burns brighter for bigger dudes and lasses. Maybe because they’ve spent so many hours sculpting there torso in some validation to themselves, only to find that one of the most natural compulsion, to find love or admiration no longer applies to them because it’s actually not what someone wants. 

These people claim a better lifestyle, but there’s no balance in 24/7 gym bunnies. I don’t want to worry about what i eat, how much exercise i get. why? because i’ve got far to much on my plate already to worry whats on the outside, i don’t actually care. You can pull and point at bits, tell me my willy is small and buried or i’ve got big man boobs, i don’t care. cause my willy ain’t small you’ve not seen me hard. tell that to the lock jaw sexual partners have had, or the people i’ve fucked who miscalculated their ability to take me. All you’ve done is vindicated my own doubt about myself. I DON’T CARE

There’s people out there, stuck unable to love themselves, thats just heartbreaking to me. to be in that position to dislike something so much they’re unable to show it off. gloat about it, it’s a good feeling. People have been fat shamed, ostracised and victimised for nothing more than a cheap thrill and some false satisfaction. You forget in our history weight was a sign of wealth. you could actually afford to eat and eat well and provide for your family. It’s still the case. 

Ok i wasn’t always like this, half my early teen years were basically a battle of ill fitting clothes and changing room drama, thats what puberty is. just instructions to hate yourself more. But now it’s more of a battle between Chinese and Indian food. I don’t have the energy to hate my body, i already hate my mind. and if that means i post nudes until we all just deal with fact people come in all sizes then i’ll bare the brunt of insults if you’ve got them, i’ll get laughed at for my cock size. It doesn’t offend or bother me. I get a thrill from being nude. You can ask if i get sex looking like this, cause i most likely get more then you ever could. You can ask if i can see my own dick over that belly. If that means you stop hating on some kid growing up trying to make sense of him/herself then give me all you’ve got. 

Funny it always comes down to sex in the end. The basic drive to have sex. How big the tool you use is. Nothing more. Nothing Less. 

Subtleaddict feeling body positive today ive @proggybear


feeling body positive today. I’ve never posted anything like this and I probably never will again so enjoy?

Looking this good, you should DEFINITELY post similar pics in future!

Possibly one of the hottest guys ive ever seen @proggybear

Possibly one of the hottest guys I’ve ever seen.

Beauties on their bellies @proggybear

Beauties on their Bellies

Always nice to see @proggybear

Always nice to see.

Great body great smile great cock n @proggybear

Great body, great smile, great cock ‘n’ balls…GRRR!

Mmmmmoh yes very nice @proggybear

Mmmmm….oh, yes - VERY nice!

Woof @proggybear


Pure masculine hotness @proggybear

Pure masculine hotness

Craftycub about as tan and naked as i get @proggybear


About as tan (and naked) as I get.

Hot damn…reblogging this was a very easy decision - “woof!” doesn’t do justice to this stunning looking guy.

Beautiful @proggybear


Cutie @proggybear


Want really want @proggybear

Want. REALLY want!

Drool @proggybear


Chubbyaddiction buzzbearza repost @proggybear




Everytime a pleasure to look at…

Mmmm…Johan is just super hot!

Coloradocattleman i would shower with that and @proggybear


I would shower with that and come out more dirty than when we got in

Why bike riding can be good for you @proggybear

Why bike riding can be good for you…

Awww phil you sexy fucker @proggybear

Awww, Phil, you sexy fucker!

Mmmmmsexy guy @proggybear

Mmmmm…sexy guy.

Ohhhhi so want this guy @proggybear

Ohhhh…I so want this guy!

Hungjohn42 very hot man wow @proggybear


very hot man


Barebearx thebigbearcave more just because @proggybear



more just because

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One of the hottest guys on Tumblr in my humble opinion.

If i ever met this guy in person hed have a very @proggybear

If I ever met this guy in person, he’d have a VERY satisfied grin on his face…*LICK*