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The Properly Leashed Male @properlyleashed-m

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- The Properly Leashed Male (@properlyleashed-m)
Swindonsub1 bradoxl reblog wenn du eine ein @properlyleashed-m



Reblog wenn du eine ein männlicher Sub bist und Deine Domina sucht
(Ich habe sie gefunden / I’ve found her)

In need of Domina

Mistresschristie always this is a @properlyleashed-m


ALWAYS! This is a requirement!!

Coral korrupt rip @properlyleashed-m

Coral Korrupt - RIP

Takemycontrolplease marinabfotografie @properlyleashed-m



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Pornart Joyclub Photography
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Truly the sign of a happy relationship. I like to think his balls are collared all day and then first thing when he’s home his Mistress clips on the leash as always.

Exceptional. Definitely worthy of this repeat post.

Missmaepavlovia one of my favorite activities @properlyleashed-m


One of My favorite activities. I love when I’m torturing a cock and it’s uncontrollably oozing precum at the same time.

Femdomgames tie a leash around his balls sit @properlyleashed-m


Tie a leash around his balls, sit on a rolling chair and have him pull you around the house. For extra fun make a track. If he can make it around it within a certain time, he wins an orgasm

Nycrubberstudio the excellent mme sade on @properlyleashed-m


The excellent Mme Sade (on the right, for those who don’t know her).  Formerly headmistress at Rapture. Now a New York indie.