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The Properly Leashed Male @properlyleashed-m

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- The Properly Leashed Male (@properlyleashed-m)
Femdomgames tie a leash around his balls sit @properlyleashed-m


Tie a leash around his balls, sit on a rolling chair and have him pull you around the house. For extra fun make a track. If he can make it around it within a certain time, he wins an orgasm

Nycrubberstudio the excellent mme sade on @properlyleashed-m


The excellent Mme Sade (on the right, for those who don’t know her).  Formerly headmistress at Rapture. Now a New York indie.

Cherishmyslave submission from slave slave @properlyleashed-m


Submission from slave: ‘Slave, you will crawl behind me on your cock leash. You will greet my friend properly and then you will stay on all fours at the foot of that low bed and use your tongue on her. I will be holding this leash behind you and if I detect my friend is unhappy with your performance, I will jerk your junk off. Understand me?“

Makes me proud that slave is learning it’s place and my expectations.