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Puffy Nipples @puffynips

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Nipples. I like 'em puffy!   I use Stock Menulet, a stock ticker Mac users can love. Lately I've been drinking Manic Monday wine . - Puffy Nipples (@puffynips)
Lupulaoi boing lupulaoi could there be a @puffynips



@lupulaoi Could there be a more perfect nipple? Doubt it.

Jjfmatsu it is hard to even see this nipple on @puffynips

@jjfmatsu It is hard to even /see/ this nipple on the background of her huge breast! But I think it is a puffie.

Theladycheeky yes please trysex @puffynips


yes please!


Melc does she count love her nips in any case @puffynips

@melc Does she count? Love her nips in any case!

M n mj wow that one got me very erotic two @puffynips

@m-n-mj Wow, that one got me! Very erotic, two lovely pussies and two puffy nips!

M n mj shaved pussy and puffy nips yum @puffynips

@m-n-mj Shaved pussy and puffy nips. Yum!

Jjfmatsu theres a lot going on here but dont @puffynips

@jjfmatsu There’s a lot going on here. But don’t miss that perfect puffy nipple in the background!

Fashionnude rianne ten haken goes nude for the @puffynips


Rianne ten Haken goes nude for the Winter issue of A Perfect Guide magazine. Lensed by Anthony Maule and styled by Vanessa Coyle

Eagerlicker it is amazing this womans puffy @puffynips

@eagerlicker It is amazing: this woman’s puffy nipple is the highlight of this image! Perfectly centered, both physically and psychologically.

Melc you dont often see puffy nipples on an @puffynips

@melc You don’t often see puffy nipples on an Asian girl!

Eagle eye view blowjob well not that eagle but anyway @puffynips

@kaitlintakesamerica How lovely to look past one’s cock to the puffy nipples beyond.

Hotnakedpeople remarkable bodies with puffy @puffynips

@hotnakedpeople Remarkable bodies with puffy nipples.

Parkinglotcarnival god she makes me hard @puffynips

@parkinglotcarnival God, she makes me hard. Those are some awesome, stand up, honest-to-goodness great nipples.

Jjfmatsu yowza @puffynips

@jjfmatsu Yowza!

Yousohot nicely shaped breasts @puffynips

@yousohot Nicely-shaped breasts.

Fablesofthedestruction mariana almeida terry @puffynips


Mariana Almeida @ Terry Richardson Photoshoot (2012)

@fashionnude Nice girl! It is frustrating, her right nip looks puffy and the other not so much. Guess I would need to taste to know for sure.

Femaleshapes this nipples are small but still @puffynips

@femaleshapes This nipples are small but, still, puffy. Do redheads have the best puffs?

Dailyporno this is an old photo and im not @puffynips

@dailyporno This is an old photo and I’m not surprised it has survived the ages. It is so raw, sexual, and powerful, from her bulging labia to her puffy nipples. She almost looks pregnant, in fact. Strong and beautiful, she seems capable of anything.

M n mj what a woman @puffynips

@m-n-mj What a woman!

Sexybookworms she got it comin and goin @puffynips


She got it comin and goin.

Anuglybeauty mikedowsoncom dailyporno @puffynips


@dailyporno Looking at these breasts just makes me ACHE. Wow.

Thehottesthere killer nips on a killer girl @puffynips

@thehottesthere Killer nips on a killer girl! Puffy? I guess not. Let’s call them “prominent”.

Dailyporno lands what a hot picture those are @puffynips

@dailyporno Lands, what a hot picture. Those are some serious breasts you’ve got there.

Melc thats a great nipple in its own way @puffynips

@melc That’s a great nipple, in its own way!

Melc great nipples thanks for those @puffynips

@melc GREAT nipples. Thanks for those!

Dailyporno my heart just leapt perfect puffy @puffynips

@dailyporno My heart just leapt. Perfect puffy nipples. What a girl!

Jjfmatsu it isnt just the puffy nipples i love @puffynips

@jjfmatsu It isn’t just the puffy nipples I love here, it’s the whole breast *shape*. Oh, that upturned shape is so rare and precious.

Melc ahhhhhshe blows my mind lovely puffy @puffynips

@melc Ahhhhh…she blows my mind. Lovely puffy nipples. She almost looks pregnant, too, which I’m really into.

Dailyporno its a good day to be alive sunlight @puffynips

@dailyporno It’s a good day to be alive! Sunlight and puffy nipples are just about all I need…

Cotonblanc cotonblanc deactivated20150422 gq @puffynips



GQ featuring Emily Sandberg
photography guzman

Fashion Images de Mode Nº5 (2000)

@dailyporno What a strange photo. Intriguing nipples, anyway.

Dailyporno funnyshe seems to have one puffy and @puffynips

@dailyporno Funny…she seems to have one puffy and one non-puffy nipple!

M n mj she is too good to be true what fabulous @puffynips

@m-n-mj She is too good to be true! What fabulous nipples.

Themoondoor cook me in your spoon thank you @puffynips


cook me in your spoon

thank you lacy (2009)

lubitel 166b

scanned negative processed in unicolor press kit powder

medium format


@dailyporno Nice older nipples, still puffy.

M n mj wow shes amazing @puffynips

@m-n-mj Wow, she’s amazing.

Gasstation drew barrymore fashionnude is @puffynips


Drew Barrymore

@fashionnude Is this real? If so then those are some AWESOME nipples!

Melc what a crazy picture love those nipples @puffynips

@melc What a crazy picture! Love those nipples. But @melc, she isn’t Asian. What gives?

Melc its hard to see but those are puffy @puffynips

@melc It’s hard to see but those are puffy, alright!

Thehottesthere great nipples @puffynips

@thehottesthere Great nipples.

Eagerlicker wonderful nipples not puffy but @puffynips

@eagerlicker Wonderful nipples. Not puffy, but really wonderful just the same.

Prayfuckdie unf jjfmatsu those are some @puffynips



@jjfmatsu Those are some sweet nips!

Dailyporno i am speechless @puffynips

@dailyporno I am speechless.

Eagerlicker what a lovely monstrous woman just @puffynips

@eagerlicker What a lovely, monstrous woman. Just look at her. Magnificent.

Wandseringthetreets wandseringthetreets @puffynips



@wandseringthetreets Santa with puffy nips. Unbeatable Christmas present.

Sir2sassy see through in nawlins dailyporno @puffynips


See through in nawlins

@dailyporno Posted on the same grounds as the last one. She is fabulous.

Eagerlicker ok i admit i am sometimes attracted @puffynips

@eagerlicker OK, I admit I am sometimes attracted to a MILF. And *look* at those aereolae! Just look at them.

Art or porn not very puffy but still very hot @puffynips

@art-or-porn Not very puffy, but still very hot!

Dailyporno cant help it love those nipples @puffynips

@dailyporno Can’t help it. Love those nipples.

Thehottesthere hard to believe that there is such @puffynips

@thehottesthere HARD to believe that there is such beauty in the world. How fine.

Jjfmatsu ok these are off topic but damn they @puffynips

@jjfmatsu OK, these are off topic but DAMN they are hot.

M n mj yeah ive seen this picture before @puffynips

@m-n-mj Yeah, I’ve seen this picture before. She’s the best. Can’t imagine that anybody so beautiful can exist in this world.

Jjfmatsu perfection @puffynips

@jjfmatsu Perfection.

M n mj i prefer my nips darker and more @puffynips


I prefer my nips darker and more delineated but for her I’ll make an exception. Damn cute.

@m-n-mj Oh, yeah? Well, I prefer my nips EXACTLY LIKE THESE!

M n mj and boom goes the dynamite m n mj i @puffynips


And boom goes the dynamite.

@m-n-mj I don’t know what to say about this one. What a hot photo.

M n mj uh that is astounding @puffynips

@m-n-mj Uh, that is astounding.

Melc tumblr is coming up short on truly puffy @puffynips

@melc Tumblr is coming up short on truly puffy nipples these days. I’m getting by on scraps like this.

Melc the pussy in the foreground is interesting @puffynips

@melc The pussy in the foreground is interesting, but the nipples in the background are even better!

Eagerlicker great nipples @puffynips

@eagerlicker Great nipples!

Scarletsylphs not sure how to describe these @puffynips

@scarletsylphs Not sure how to describe these nipple. But I’m in favor!

Melc nice nips not puffy but still very nice @puffynips

@melc Nice nips! Not puffy, but still very nice.

Thehottesthere ok so these nips arent puffy @puffynips

@thehottesthere OK, so these nips aren’t puffy. But they are great!

Nude woman with snake salon de paris @puffynips

Nude - Woman with snake - (Salon de Paris), c.1928

@art-or-porn Yes, this meets my threshold for puffiness!

10cents oh god im in love @puffynips

@10cents Oh, God, I’m in love!

Pikks sweet tits selfshot @puffynips


sweet tits #selfshot

Janeminou check out those puffy nips on the left @puffynips

@janeminou Check out those puffy nips on the left!

Melc crazy looking girl with great nips @puffynips

@melc Crazy-looking girl with great nips!

Sexylittlethings this looks like the best time @puffynips


This looks like THE BEST time   <3

@sexylittlethings OK, this is completely off topic–but it really DOES look like the best time ever!

Dailyporno kitty lea @puffynips


Kitty Lea