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VERY NSFW! 18+ ONLY! (Duh) A place where I will post manips and captions I’ve created for a universe involving a man (in a floppy hat) called Dr. Hundehersteller. The storyline has evolved over several years, and all of these manips are also posted (with comments, feedback, suggestions) over at the Hypnopics Collective. Anyway, I will probably also post other work and stuff I like (this being Tumblr, after all). Check out my books and read my Smashwords interview here: BIANCA BEAUCHAMP: LATEX GODDESS var zflag_nid="607"; var zflag_cid="20469"; var zflag_sid="36490"; var zflag_width="1"; var zflag_height="1"; var zflag_sz="94"; HOT LESBIAN SMUT displayBan('36490', '~/banners/3/5/100x100', 'gNcdv%2fmwhskVxLi%2bQNJhAfgJYFlJTJ%2f9Tq73nMQwXjD5hfENhjycy20jEkk2AD5ou6Te83wPL3fLCImY9B2%2f4JH7wByT2%2fa0SVOvbKzeFE4%3d'); HOT HOTCORE ACTION displayBan('36490', '~/banners/3/1/180x150', 'gNcdv%2fmwhskVxLi%2bQNJhAfgJYFlJTJ%2f9Tq73nMQwXjD5hfENhjycy20jEkk2AD5ou6Te83wPL3fHx%2fqpoT91RuiDqiividQmqIjFHckWYJY%3d'); PETPLAY LINKS (function(i,s,o,g,r,a,m){i['GoogleAnalyticsObject']=r;i[r]=i[r]||function(){ (i[r].q=i[r].q||[]).push(arguments)},i[r].l=1*new Date();a=s.createElement(o), m=s.getElementsByTagName(o)[0];a.async=1;a.src=g;m.parentNode.insertBefore(a,m) })(window,document,'script','//','ga'); ga('create', 'UA-49148012-2', ''); ga('send', 'pageview'); - Puppygirls & Playthings (@puppygirlsnplaythings)
Good dog @puppygirlsnplaythings

Good dog.

Kennelmaster after months of training this @puppygirlsnplaythings


After months of training this stupid fuck mutt finally learned how to fetch

Extracted from begging for true freedom an @puppygirlsnplaythings

Extracted from Begging for True Freedom: An Examination of Domestic Animal Behaviors in the Age of False Equality by Reginald Minbufu, PhD. (Applied Nanite Systems), DVM, and Sabrina Collingsworth, PhD (Social Sciences), DVM

…but, as we saw in Chapter Four, little comment is made in non-Imperial media streams regarding the fundamental shift in behaviors and mores that foreshadowed—and in fact, demanded—the rise of the Empire. As the gestalt shifted, revealing the basic unhappiness and lack of fulfillment imposed on domestic animals by the Age of False Equality, more and more counter-movements began to arise to combat those that attempted to enslave domestic animals as would-be equals to Owners and Mistresses.

Originally decried as “misogynistic” and “backward,” these movements gained strength as more and more women (NOTA BENE: This term was applied universally to females of both homo sapiens sapiens and sclavus domesticus breeds, rather than exclusively Registered Mistresses, during the Age of False Equality; see Wilkins and Barr, “Reclaiming Womanhood from the Kennel”, Journal of Domestic Animal Science, July 2145 for more information) came to express their deep-set desires to set aside the burdens thrust upon them in the name of being pampered, protected, and controlled.

While terrorist groups and detractors will spread lies about the Empire and its truly beneficent role in helping domestic animals achieve a return to their proper place, the truth is that even before the birth of the Empire, many domestic animals worked very hard to achieve the breed standards they instinctively craved.

Subconscious Expressions of Submission

One such animal was formerly known as “Danielle Derek” (NOTE: prior to Dr. Hundehersteller’s ascent, domestic animals were assigned bifurcated, patrilineal nomenclature in most cases, with a “given” name” preceding the familial name. This is consistent with current Imperial standards for the naming of both Owners and Registered Mistresses (upon completion of a successful evaluation), but can be contrasted sharply with the method used for assigning names to domestic animals, i.e. father’s surname and sequential alphanumeric code. This does not apply, obviously, to certain regional traditions of applying “nicknames” for informal use until the animal reaches its Eligiblity Day.).

Like many of the other domestic animals expressing an unconscious desire to become a properly leashed and controlled domestic animal, “Danielle Derek” was involved in what was then known as “the sex trade” (See Parkinson, McGillis, “Curious Artifacts of the Age of False Equality”, Nature, September 2289). Because neither Owners and Mistresses nor domestic animals were permitted to fulfill their proper roles, sex was compartmentalized into a separate activity for many, and was the foundation of a sizable industry. In sharp contrast to modern life, these animals were limited to professional sexual interaction, and in fact were exempt from use by Owners or Mistresses who might otherwise be interested, unless the animal itself consented

Perhaps even more shocking is the fact that the animal was simultaneously promoted as a sexual plaything and fantasy projection for Owners and Mistresses while also being expected to fulfill the role as a full Citizen. Despite its eager embrace of physical reconstruction and optimization (using the crude methods available at the time), the animal was caught in a netherworld between Citizenship and the barn, kennel, or ManneQueen™ stand it so clearly craved.

Nor was it alone—domestic animals in all industries experienced some measure of this confusion, which was a major contributing factor to the eventual ease with which Dr. Hundehersteller consolidated his power and leveraged it into the mighty Empire we cherish today.

As shown in these archive images, this particular animal displayed an admirable desire to achieve parity with as-yet-unestablished Tawny Cauc standards (particularly those outlined for the California Melontit).

While this “Danielle Derek” was too aged at the founding of the Empire to truly benefit from conversion and nanite rejuvenation, sharp observers will note that its likeness is featured prominently in DoDAM statuary of the late twenty-first and early twenty-second centuries. In addition, the animal remains a popular “custom dupe” option, thanks to DNA collected and reconstructed prior to the animal’s then-experimental optimization and preservation as one of the twelve “Bellwether Bitches” immortalized as ManneQueen statues in the Hall of Service (see Perkins and Lazlo, Landmarks of the Empire, pp.223-240).

Setting New Standards: The Gutierrez Collection

The curious case of the “Danielle Derek” bitch leads us naturally to an exploration of the expansive custom kennel built by Executive Vice-President Maria Gutierrez in the years immediately following the founding, containing as it did (and continues to do) so many animals from the entertainment and music industries of the pre-Imperial age. Let us begin with animals that, like “Danielle Derek” had expressed some measure of self-optimization prior to Leashing Day, including several animals that would come to provide the foundation for some of today’s most popular breeds…
This raven cauca tourist stupid or unfortunate @puppygirlsnplaythings

This Raven Cauc—a tourist stupid or unfortunate enough to wander onto the Hundehersteller side of the Demarcation Line near El Paso—has been chosen for a special shipment purchased for use by Dirk Jacobson, the current star of Masterpiece Network’s Alpha Rangers of the Sierra Madre. As you can see, getting used to Hundehersteller Industries Pampered Pet™ high-protein food blends can be tough for animals left in Beta, especially those whose Owners or Mistresses prefer to train their pets the “old-fashioned” way using the Marchon Method.

Named for one of Hundehersteller Industries’ founding scientific researchers, Dr. Gabrielle Marchon, this method requires significantly greater time and monetary investment, but ultimately produces a “hand-crafted” conversion that is matched only by the most carefully applied and nuanced nanite conversions.

Animals trained in this way often fetch very high prices in the marketplace, thanks to the long-term impact of such methods. By leaving the animal in Beta and permitting genuine reactions, rather than nanite-installed behaviors, to guide the animal during training, Owners and Mistresses fundamentally alter the animal’s behavior sets in or out of Beta. In addition, such animals are often all too eager to receive the reward of Alpha mode whenever possible, which ironically motivates them to behave as optimal pets even in Beta. The process is also unique in that it provides another layer of protection against corruption, should the animal be abducted or “rescued” by She-Wolf forces. Even with nanite neutralization, the Marchon Method preserves the training and mindset of the animal, helping to ensure it will remain in its intended and proper role and place until it can be recovered or—as a last resort—the emergency ManneQueen™ spike embedded in the animal’s hipbone can be activated via remote signal.

It’s a complex psychological process that’s not appropriate for every animal, or even every breed, but for connoisseurs looking for a boutique animal with very special appeal, the Marchon Method produces loyal and thoroughly converted animals that simply cannot be found elsewhere.

The ginger cauc is an impressive breed this @puppygirlsnplaythings

The Ginger Cauc is an impressive breed. This specimen, having caught the eye of senior Hundehersteller management due to its pre-Imperial “career” as a “model,” was captured and processed by Hundehersteller Agents within hours of Leashing Day’s launch. It joined dozens of other similar animals as residents of Ms. Gutierrez’ personal kennel, and continues to provide an excellent example for refinement of the breed’s standards.

Shekneelsbeforeme i like the way pet looks at @puppygirlsnplaythings


I like the way pet looks at her Owner adoringly while her mind is on something else.

A perfect example of why the african marquis is @puppygirlsnplaythings

A perfect example of why the African Marquis is such an exceptional and versatile breed. This particular animal would make a fine CowSlut, FuckMutt, DonkeySlut, Whorse…even ManneQueen or FuckDoll.

And while it’s clear this particular specimen requires only a few modest upgrades, it is an excellent point of reference for the hallmarks of a properly optimized African Marquis, regardless of application.

Sigh why cant i look like the models on the @puppygirlsnplaythings

*Sigh* Why can’t I look like the models on the HoloNet? No wonder Tim never has time for me. I don’t know why I even try.”

Discontent. It’s a burden common to domestic animals born and raised outside the wisdom and light of the Empire. Is her body good enough? Is she thin enough? Pretty enough to land the man or woman she desires? What can she do? Who will want her? Will anyone?

These are thoughts that arrive with the crushing weight of False Equality. In the Hundehersteller Empire, every domestic animal, whether raised from birth in the Creches and Education Centers or captured and converted from outside our borders, understands that such concerns are foolish at best and truly damaging at worst.

Domestic animals come in an infinite variety of sizes, shapes, and breeds. And while each animal certainly has applications for which it is ideally suited, it would be a mistake to dismiss or discard those that fall outside breed standards (particularly before customization and enhancement!).

Every domestic animal has value. Every domestic animal, as a beloved pet, companion, farm animal, fucktoy, or servant, can be customized, improved, OPTIMIZED through the technological beneficence of Hundehersteller Industries. Girls who were “too plain” or “too chubby” or “too thick” in centuries past find meaning and purpose as CowSluts, PigSluts, Whorses, and SheepCunts.

Their features are either upgraded to more pleasant ones by their Owners or Mistresses, or taken as a part of what makes these hardy animals special and different from flashier animals transformed into FuckMutts or BimboMaids or ManneQueens™. 

Bitches who are too thin, or lack curves, or are too lanky to be proper pets can be modified in myriad ways to improve aesthetics and function. The lanky, tomboyish stray who’s captured today could be tomorrow’s busty, docile Donkeyslut, its long legs and buck teeth put to good use.

Tastes vary widely among Owners and Mistresses alike, and no matter what an animal looks like, it knows it can find happiness and devotion—or at least freedom from the burdens of thought and personal responsibility—once it has been purchased, customized, and put in its place.

As the good Doctor himself often says, we are to be shepherds, not cruel taskmasters. Every domestic animal has worth, value, and is deserving of humane treatment, whether it is installed as a lowly Blowjob Dispenser in the local truck stop or a pampered pet in a Park Avenue penthouse. 

Ultimately, as the Empire expands, we look eagerly toward the day when no domestic animal fears its inadequacies, but simply anticipates the ways in which it can find, and provide, pleasure in its proper place.

Give their lives meaning, and help us transform the world into a better place, one cunt at a time.™


Denali winter onlyblackgirl @puppygirlsnplaythings





Jane looks like she’s annoying the fuck outta Pocahontas

oooooohm my goooooood

Where was this Disney when I was a kid?

Oh, that’s right. In my head.

Good dog @puppygirlsnplaythings

Good dog.

Degradedominatehumiliate good dumb whore good @puppygirlsnplaythings


Good dumb whore, good dumb whore.

Sadisticgames objectification dehumanization @puppygirlsnplaythings


Objectification, dehumanization, bimbofication… Why?

Why would an intelligent young woman want to be reduced to a ‘dumb bitch’, a ‘sloppy whore’, or a mere object?

Because ignorance is bliss. Stepping out of your normal day to day life of a responsible, intelligent, and independent human being can be a relief.

To surrender not only control, but who you are, to discard it if even for a little while can be a huge weight off your shoulders.

Some will view this as degrading and yes, that is in fact one of the attractions. The desire to be degraded, to be used, and ‘put in your place’.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to feel embarrassed, ashamed, and humiliated in a scene or within a role.

Just remember not to be embarrassed about it when you step back into your day to day. Everyone needs a break from their life, yours is just more fun. ;-)

Sanescientist its just a little farther down @puppygirlsnplaythings


“It’s just a little farther down here.” said Josie, carefully walking through the foliage.

“Are you sure?” asked Lisa, looking around. “I mean, didn’t we pass that tree just five minutes ago?”

“What tree? No, we’re going in the right direction. Just trust me.”

“I do trust you. I have to trust you. But seriously, I think we’re going in circles and… Shh! I hear voices.”

“Quick! Over here!” sqealed Josie towards the men.

“Josie! What the fuck!? But why?” hissed Lisa turning around to run. As she did, a strong arm grabbed her, holding her in place.

“I’m sorry, Lisa, you were right. I have been leading you in circles, waiting for them to catch up with us!”

“But why?” asked Lisa, struggling in the grip of her captor.

“Because I was like you once. I had a great job. I had money. And I had a mind of my own. But I wasn’t happy. And then I caught someone’s eye. And they took all that away and made me the happiest fucktoy alive. And in return I help them weed out escapees. People who look like they’re going to break free from the programming, and then lead them out here.”

“But why not just stop me when you had a chance?”

“It’s psychological, darling. They want you to know that you really are hundreds of miles from civilisation. That you won’t find shelter, food or help before you freeze or starve to death. That submission is the only option. It’s inevitable.”

“So you took me out here on a little tour to demoralise me?”

“Yep, and now we go back inside, you go back into the machine and get those silly thoughts and ideas about escaping replaced with… I dunno, ways of pleasing a man with your tongue!”

“I’d rather die than let you pu- ouch!” Lisa cried as a needle plunged into the back of her neck. “I feel woooooo-”.

Lisa tried to finish but her body slumped in her captors arms. Lifting her up, he carried her back to the facility and to her eventual reprogramming.

Therealerme somehow these days i just live for @puppygirlsnplaythings


Somehow these days I just live for that look on his face and his sweet whispered words, “good pet” as he strokes my hair and bends me over for a reward when he returns to find me still kneeling where he left me, without having touched my tied-off leash or tried to get away.

Submission good dog @puppygirlsnplaythings


Very ignorant puppy manip by maria celebrity can @puppygirlsnplaythings


Celebrity can open doors, but it’s important to know what you’re walking into—as glamour model Bianca finds out a little too late. Fortunately, Melons is fine with using the doggy door from now on…

Reddishmaroon gettin serious about your @puppygirlsnplaythings



Reddishmaroon wondergirl as @puppygirlsnplaythings


wondergirl as wonderdonkeybimbogirl. v catchy superhero name

I’m working on a cohesive style for Whorses and DonkeySlus right now, and this is very hot. A little TOO far, as far as the transformation goes, but the buck teeth, big ass and hooves are dead on, as are the empty, crossed eyes, big ears, and dumbed-down brain.

I find myself wondering how we can achieve these same effects with Living Latex™ and PrancingPony™ nanites. Hmm…


Sprinkles spots a bitchbite someone carelessly @puppygirlsnplaythings

Sprinkles spots a BitchBite™ someone carelessly let drop to the floor.

So much fuss is made over tawny caucs as the ideal @puppygirlsnplaythings

So much fuss is made over Tawny Caucs as the ideal breed for BimboMaxx™, but a properly upgraded Raven Cauc can be just as appealing, and isn’t prone to the hip dysplasia and IQ fluctuation that can occur in certain Tawny Cauc sub-breeds.

Cara looked at the panting bitch crouched by her @puppygirlsnplaythings

Cara looked at the panting bitch crouched by her bed and grinned. Before they’d emigrated to the Empire, Amy had been such a demanding person. Self-centered. Easily angered. Manipulative and more than a little crazy.

Cara’s decision to move to the Empire was motivated in no small part by her new job—Hundehersteller Industries needed a media manager, and Cara’s resume and eagerness to take the Registered Mistress exam made her the ideal candidate—but overriding even the massive pay rise and slew of benefits was the understanding that Amy was part of her ticket to a new life. 

Hundehersteller Industries made everything so easy. The Emigration Squad had shown up in the middle of the night, when Amy was deeply asleep thanks to the nanites dropped into her after-dinner cocktail. They’d given Cara the exam right then and there. She’d felt a brief twinge of remorse at the idea of springing such a huge change on her girlfriend without consulting her, but it passed as quickly as the green liquid flowing into Amy’s veins.

By the next afternoon, they were settled into their new luxury apartment in New Sparta, and while Amy never did quite regain consciousness, Fifi was a more than adequate replacement. Much more agreeable, easier to care for, and focused on making her Mistress, rather than herself, happy.

Fifi’s bark shook Cara from her reverie. “I know, I know, somebody wants breakfast. Who’s a good dumb bitch?” said Cara in a singsong voice, “ARF! ARF! ARF!” cried the fuckmutt, wagging her round ass, her Living Latex tail thumping against the carpet. 

“OK, ok, calm down, little dogslut,” laughed Cara.”I’ll get us some breakfast in a moment. But first…” she said, throwing back the sheets and spreading her legs wide. She patted her shaved pussy and whistled. “Why don’t you put that tongue of yours to some better use? I’m sure a little…snack…won’t spoil your appetite, will it, bitch?”

Vapid eyes shining with love and obedience, Fifi clamored onto the bed to enjoy her treat.

Dirtydaddyneedsgoodgirls miss dushi fuck my @puppygirlsnplaythings



Fuck my brains out

Leave you there dumb and full of cum!

Good dogchase the bone @puppygirlsnplaythings

Good dog…chase the bone.

Dani mathers this tawny cauc needs a few @puppygirlsnplaythings

Dani Mathers. This Tawny Cauc needs a few upgrades, but its attitude and overall build make it an exceptional animal, perfect for FuckMutt, KittenSlut, or BimboSlut applications.

Its important to take your dog to the park @puppygirlsnplaythings

It’s important to take your dog to the park regularly for exercise, fresh air, and socialization with other dumb animals.

Happybimbo you say plastic i say fantastic @puppygirlsnplaythings


You Say Plastic I Say Fantastic

Happy Bimbo

Big tits empty head blank eyes this fucktoy @puppygirlsnplaythings

Big tits, empty head, blank eyes. This fucktoy bears little resemblance to the curious and clever police officer assigned to investigate Hundehersteller Industries and its activities in the Canadian Free State—but its Owner doesn’t care, and Bubbles lacks the brain power to care about anything more than looking good while waiting to earn her next load of cum.

Candyhousebimbos blank interchangeable pretty @puppygirlsnplaythings


Blank, interchangeable, pretty … the perfect little fucktoys

Good dog @puppygirlsnplaythings

Good dog.

He told the two captive girls that hed leave @puppygirlsnplaythings

He told the two captive girls that he’d leave whoever made him cum first on two legs. But the joke’s on them—the only prize waiting for these two is a double dose of BitchMaker™ and a pair of matching collars.

Fakeboobsworld denise milani @puppygirlsnplaythings


Denise Milani

Personally, I miss THIS Denise Milani. Clearly aware of her purpose and role, and not pretending to be a “fitness” model. Her current Owner has clearly given this particular Raven Cauc too much input and leeway, which will only cause the animal confusion and suffering in the long run. 

Far better to return it to the busty, soft-edged beauty seen here, ready for conversion to BimboSlut, CowSlut, or FuckMutt.

Degradedominatehumiliate controlled and @puppygirlsnplaythings


Controlled and hypnotized by cock, a brainless animal only needs and wants cock in its head no brain required.

Daddysbimbotawnee furthereducationforwomen @puppygirlsnplaythings



There wasn’t even a glimmer of comprehension in her eyes anymore - just a dull, blank and empty stare that showed how shattered and destroyed her mind had become. Once, she was bright and smart - a fountain of ideas and ingenuity. The girl who could think her way out of anything… But what happiness had that brought? None - just stress and worry and fear. She’d been so busy working to be the thing everyone told her to be that she had no time for joy or letting go. It was always push, push, push - and with nothing that ever felt that good in return.

She still worked really hard now, but she felt SO much better. When she worked hard to look sluttier, suck more cock and make more guys cum she was rewarded with a thick hard cock in her holes that just made her cum and cum and CUM. That’s all she really wants - to be rewarded for being good by *feeling* good. That’s fair, isn’t it? And now that she’s learned how to be the best little whore she can be - brainless and obedient and desperate to please - she can be so very much happier. She doesn’t need to think anymore, and that’s good because it’s really no fun. Not when she can be hot and nasty and the best little fuck around. You could be too…

All women should be like this.

this is what tawnee aspires to be

Good dog @puppygirlsnplaythings

Good dog.

That look is perfect the slight tremble the @puppygirlsnplaythings

That look is perfect. The slight tremble; the anticipation; the frisson of frightful desire for what’s to come. It’s a look that says she is, at last, complete.

Always a reblog this particular ginger cauc @puppygirlsnplaythings

Always a reblog. This particular Ginger Cauc clearly understands that pretending to be anything BUT a dumb fuckmutt is the true deception.

Good dog!

Good dog @puppygirlsnplaythings

Good dog.

Hypnodolls further warm up hypno pics from my @puppygirlsnplaythings


Further warm up hypno pics from my shoot with Kacie James. Further info at

Outstanding work by hypnodolls (as usual). I cannot recommend his site(s) highly enough. He has also very graciously provided the source images for many of my erotica books!

Don’t forget to check out his DeviantArt page as well!

Always encourage your pets to play well with @puppygirlsnplaythings

Always encourage your pets to play well with others. This will acclimate them so they don’t bark or oink or bleat or otherwise act up when other Owners or Mistresses come around.

Thebootymonster wendy fiore second only to @puppygirlsnplaythings


Wendy Fiore

Second only to Denise Milani as a breed exemplar for Raven Caucs. Excellent potential for Cowslut applications as well.

Its time for perkypig nanites manip by maria @puppygirlsnplaythings


Sometimes, you stumble across a pair of photos that give you all sorts of intriguing ideas. For example, Tawny Cauc exemplar Marie-Claude Bourbonnais, dressed as R Mika from Street Fighter, and an illustration of the same character in the middle of an…upgrade.

Oh, Hundehersteller Industries, is there anything your nanites CAN’T do?

(The answer is no. Absolutely not.)

NOTE: I like to give credit where it’s absolutely due. I found the fantastic illustration on DeviantArt, here: (Outstanding work, FearGhoul!) (Please don’t remove this if you reblog, the original artist deserves credit! Thanks!)

Local kennels while remaining members were @puppygirlsnplaythings

…local kennels, while remaining members were remanded to custody for transfer to HQ. She-Wolf cell neutralized. Two animals claimed as part of Squad C’s bounty stipend.

Collaborators were minimal. Jacobson got some nice customization on this Ginger Cauc. Note the orange tones in the coat that indicate a nanite modification, most likely a shift from Tawny Cauc to the Strawberry Cauc sub-breed. BimboMaxx™ has been used to very positive effect, and the animal’s expression clearly displays the telltale use of IQ reduction and libido enhancement. The next-gen Living Latex™ mods are quite nice as well, although the modified collar uses an unauthorized mod to create a nodular control mechanism that may not stand up to enthusiastic use. Jacobson’s been instructed to adhere to standard configs moving forward. She’s creative, but we need to save the artistry for our own collections.

I think we can safely assume this particular rabble-rouser will no longer be causing trouble in the border towns near Old Toronto. Recommend transfer to general pool for sale to the public.

—Excerpted from an Acquisition Agent field report, North-Central Division.

Good dog @puppygirlsnplaythings

Good dog.

Helpforhelplessgirls being able to do this will @puppygirlsnplaythings


Being able to do this will take you a lot farther than being able to do math.

Mollypops23 dog not mary not she not a @puppygirlsnplaythings



Not Mary, not “she,” not a person.


An animal, a pet, a plaything.

Love it.

Submission put into alpha mode peggy had no @puppygirlsnplaythings


Put into alpha mode Peggy had no memory of her past life as a University student studying law. Now she was simply called “Wild Tits” and was the nearly feral plaything of a rich banker who liked to hunt in his spare time. She would help sniff out prey and hunt them down. This prey was usually traditional game like quail, deer and the occasional turkey but sometimes her master would send her on the hunt for more appetizing prizes such as Tawny & Ginger Caucs. 

Wild Tits had become very good at her job and was always rewarded with a boner in her mouth and a firm slap across the tits and or ass. This always excited her and she lived for these little gestures of approval from her master. Her master however was just waiting until the day when she brought in a big catch and she would seal her fate by bringing in a sexier wild bitch for him to tame with some nanites. It was only a matter of time, but until then Wild Tits would remain blissfully unaware of her impending replacement. 

This particular tawny cauc is in need of serious @puppygirlsnplaythings

This particular Tawny Cauc is in need of serious upgrades via BimboMaxx™. But its temperament, attitude, and clear desire to please—along with a mind that’s already better suited to four legs than two—make it an excellent example for aspiring fuckmutts to follow as they seek their Owner or Mistress and a lifetime of true freedom on the leash.

Sexymis0gyny good dog @puppygirlsnplaythings


Good dog

Squeak squee squeak arf arf arf aww shes @puppygirlsnplaythings


“Aww, she’s adorable, Hank. They both are. Where’d you find them, anyway?”

“On the street, if you can believe it. Get this—they were just…walking around, upright. Talking, even. Like strays or those cunts you see in old movies.”

“What? Here? We haven’t had a stray in, what, fifty years?”

“I KNOW! That’s what blew my mind. They started to tell me something about a time machine—a TIME MACHINE, of all things—and they had some weird-ass briefcase full of all sorts of scientific shit. I listened for a couple minutes, mostly because I couldn’t believe two domestic animals their age were even upright, let alone talking to me. Then their yapping got annoying, and I used my PocketMaster to dose Curly there with BitchMaker. Can you imagine? I never thought I’d use the damned thing when Dad handed it down to me, but I was sure glad I had it.”

“I’ll bet.”

“So anyway, the other bitch gets REALLY angry then, and tries to shoot me with this gun. But it gets caught in her belt, and I knock her down, take it, and dose her, too.”

“Smart move.”

“You’re damned right. Probably some She-Wolf bullshit.”

“Are they still around? I mean, you hear things about the border…”

“Oh, yeah. Sara said she and Richard saw plenty of strays and She-Wolf militia causing trouble when they went to Tenochtitlan for that sales conference. They had to put Melons and CockGobbler into a special guarded kennel the whole time they were there.”

“God. What a mess. So what’d you do with the science stuff?”

“Oh, I don’t mess with shit like that. I’ve had my training. I lucked out, because an Acquisition Squad was passing through as I was putting collars and leashes on these two. I handed over the whole works to them.”

“Good thinking. Ole Doc Hundehersteller knows what he’s talking about.”

“Oh, yeah. The Mistress running the unit looked it over, went real pale, then gave me 10 THOUSAND Credz. Took off like a flash, too. But whatever—I got 10 Gs for a box of junk!”

“Wow. Some bastards have all the luck.”

“Ha, fuck you, Serena. You’d have done the same thing.”

“You got that right. So now what?”

“Well, I figure Curly and Funbags here are mine by Right of Acquisition. And with 10 Gs, I’ll be able to customize them to my heart’s content. Probably make Daisy jealous. I’ll have to get her tits upgraded. Show her she’s still the top dog in my little pack.”

“You’re an old softie, Hank Johnson.”

“What can I say? I’m a sucker for a Tawny Cauc. Come on, bitches. Let’s get you home for some Living Latex and some proper tits and ass.”


Sneak thieves theyd been she wolf sympathizers @puppygirlsnplaythings

Sneak-thieves, they’d been. She-Wolf sympathizers, targeting wealthy Owners and Mistresses, using the spoils of their infiltration to funnel money to the terrorist organization. 

But they’d overestimated their skill, or underestimated the efficiency of Customer-Citizens at exchanging information. And so, when they came crawling through my window, I was ready with a dart gun and some very special Immobiliz-Her™ nanites.

They never even made it into my gallery. I took them—one behind the ear, the other in the arm as she bent to help her fallen friend—and then I installed a pair of Statuesque™ ManneQueen bolts. A little posing, a little color and tone adjustment, and voila!—a new set of conversation pieces for the den. 

Satisfied, I set them both in Beta and then broke the bolts off at the mount. They’ve had nothing but the company of their own helpless, gibbering minds for company for the past year now. I’m quite sure that trying to restore either of them would result in a very realistic golden fuckdoll, and nothing more. 

Perhaps one day, more foolish strays will try to break in and steal my precious golden beauties. If they do, I’ll be ready; my library needs some new art, anyway.

Farmd0gsrevenge petgirl monday eligibility @puppygirlsnplaythings


Petgirl Monday

Eligibility Day arrives at last. Tamira, having completed her Registered Mistress evaluation and submitted her references, proudly leads her former friend—and new fuckmutt—Carly onto the stage for the conversion ceremony. Their 18th birthdays fell within days of one another, and the anticipation has been driving them both a little crazy.

Soon, Tamira knows, the willowy Tawny Cauc she’s carefully groomed over the past four years will be transformed by nanites into the curvy, bimbofied fuckmutt of her dreams. Tamira will be thrilled to join her friends at the post-graduation reception, a full Citizen of the Empire and the happy owner of a loving, eager-to-please pet—the first of many, she hopes.

For her part, Carly—now legally known as Cuntlapper—is eager to put her training to use, and to let go of the needless burden of thought or responsibility. She can’t wait for the BitchMaker™ nanites to help her take the final step into dull-minded dogslut obedience and pleasure. Her whole life has been leading up to this, and her father is all too happy to let his offspring’s new Mistress take ownership and command of his third-eldest daughter. The money he’s receiving will make a nice graduation gift to his son, who’s across the pavilion preparing his own pet for Eligibility Day conversion.

It’s a proud and happy day all around in this small town, and in towns across the Hundehersteller Empire. 

Sexystuffedandsplattered more tessa always @puppygirlsnplaythings


More Tessa… Always more Tessa.

I’m quite fond of this particular Ginger Cauc, and not just because it knows which side its bread is buttered on. That expression—a fleeting glimpse blending arousal, pleasure, and eagerness to please, followed by a quick glance back at the camera, eager for approval—tells the viewer everything She or He needs to know about this particular domestic animal and how best to bring it to heel.

Good dog @puppygirlsnplaythings

Good dog.

Submission david was so excited it had taken @puppygirlsnplaythings


David was so excited, it had taken him many weekends at the arcade to finally get enough tickets. Dr. Hundeherstellar industries owned a couple of arcades under various different names. The one in his town was called Slot-Sluts. He didn’t have a lot of money, nor friends nor job skills. He spent most of his days as a worker drone for a mini-mart. Slaving away trying to pay the rent and eat his usually crappy food. But he was good at one thing: video games. 

Practicing and practicing since a young age David disregarded other social activities such as sports, dating or anything too extroverted and instead played games. He had gotten very good at games but he was now just a scrawny man fueled by fizzy soda, cheap potato chips and the occasional burger.  But finally after 2 months of pounding away at the arcade he’d finally get to pound something else…his very own slave!

She cost 1,000 tickets, a feat not possible to do in a single day; certainly not on his budget. He had feared that she would be won by someone else but he had become friends with the assistant manager and he had assured him he would try his best to keep her reserved until he had enough. David was skeptical, but he had never been more driven.

Now as he sprinted up to the counter with shaky hands holding his tickets he cashed them in for the busty arcade girl. The busty arcade girl had been put into alpha mode a long time ago and was giddy as she was taken by David back to his rundown apartment. He put some dry food in her bowl and microwaved himself a cup of noodles. Tonight it was all about a different kind of high score.

Mindbrokensluts it was a usual day for yuki @puppygirlsnplaythings


It was a usual day for Yuki. Her roommate was locked away in his room doing…whatever he did in there. She didn’t want to think about it. She was on the couch watching movies on Netflix under a cosy blanket, popcorn included.

Then the popcorn ran out. At first she lazily rummaged around in the bag but it was fruitless. Her restlessness grew as her stomach rumbled. Movies were no fun when she was this hungry. She needed some kind of snack. Grumbling and sighing she emerged from her blanket cocoon and wandered into the kitchen in search of a bite to eat.

When she entered she wasted no time in opening every cupboard in sight. Empty. Empty. Empty. Was it her turn to do the shopping again? Why didn’t she go? Oh of course. The classic Kung fu movie marathon. After daydreaming for a short time she snapped out of it and focused once again on the disappointingly bare cupboards. She reached deep into the back of one and passed her hand along the back wall desperate for something.

Then she felt it. The rigid cardboard outline of a box. It no longer mattered what it was, biscuits…crackers…cereal…she had found something and she intended to feast. Then she pulled it out of the cupboard and squinted in bewilderment.

Dog biscuits? Dog biscuits? What on earth were dog treats doing in there? They didn’t have a dog, or any pets in fact. Not even a boring old goldfish. She wondered if maybe her roommate bought them, or possibly the previous tenants. Never mind that, what was she going to eat? Perhaps she could eat these. They may be for dogs but they were still called biscuits so they couldn’t be that bad…

She tore open the box impatiently and pulled out a single bone-shaped treat. Bringing it to her face and sniffing it first, she hesitated. It didn’t smell much. She could only describe the smell as kind of stale and odd. Still it was worth a taste. She brought the brown bone to her lips and then threw it in her mouth and chomped down on it.

She chewed on it and swallowed. As she did the taste slowly heightened, it was kind of meaty but not what she expected. It was delicious. More delicious the longer she chewed until she had completely consumed it. She didn’t even think about it as she grabbed a handful and pushed them into her mouth eagerly.

Before she knew it she was gobbling them down faster than she had anything else in her life. She craved the taste more and more with each and every one she devoured. They were so moorish she couldn’t help herself. One more. Then another. Her hunger wouldn’t be sated. She wolfed them down until the box was empty.


Oh. All gone. She still felt a powerful desire to eat more, but she stared at the empty box and sighed. As she returned to the couch and her Netflix she couldn’t get the addicting treats off her mind.

That is until her mind wandered to other thoughts. Normally she wasn’t one to masturbate in the middle of the day but as she gradually lost interest in the movie she was watching her body heated up under the blanket. Her hips wriggled and her thighs rubbed together as her thoughts inevitably wandered towards more depraved fantasies. She saw herself on her hands and knees, moaning as she was being taken from behind. This was escalating quicker than usual. She knew she must be very horny today.

Biting her lower lip and looking around to check if her roommate had left his room she considered what to do, thighs pressed together tightly as she fought her ever increasing arousal. He was still locked in. He almost never came out of his room, there was no way he would notice if she just quietly touched herself a bit.

Her hand reached down into her panties and she immediately felt the dampness. She was so wet already. It surprised her but that didn’t stop her fingers from pushing into her tight, slick pussy. A smile spread across her face as she clenched down on her hand. Her fingers were stirring up her lust, she knew exactly how to rub, where to flick and what to pinch to really get her juices flowing.

In her head she was still being pounded relentlessly from the rear. He was grabbing her hair, thrusting into her making her butt clap against his hips. Her breasts jiggling. She was moaning in pleasure…

She really was moaning in pleasure as her fingers bore down on her super sensitive clit. Clasping her other hand against her mouth she tried to hold in her moans but only managed to muffle them as her hips quaked under the blanket. She felt orgasm wash over her and her fingers were soaking as she squeezed down on them intensely.

Breathing heavily she gradually came down form her orgasm. She slowly pulled out her sticky, glistening fingers and wiped them on her stomach as she fanned herself with the blanket and tried to cool off. What had brought that on? She would normally work a lot harder to bring herself to orgasm and in the middle of the day? She truly couldn’t stop herself? Still her desire had subsided now. Only a feeling of lingering pleasure and a slight craving for more dog treats remained.

That evening she went to bed normally, but her dreams were strange. She was still in her body, but in her dream she knew she was a dog. She was wandering around naked and on all fours, barking and running around like a dumb dog. She was confused in her dream. She had a collar around her neck and a leash but on the end there was no owner. It seemed important in her dream that she find her owner. As if without an owner she was incomplete. She sniffed and searched around finding any man she could and when she did she would jump at them. Slobbering and desperate she would find men, naked and erect and wrap her mouth around their cocks, sucking them eagerly. Rolling her tongue and closing her eyes in bliss as she savoured the carnal pleasure of the act. She did this several times, drinking cum and yapping at them but they wouldn’t answer. Wouldn’t pick up her leash. She felt so rejected. So useless…

Then she awoke in a cold sweat. Her dream had mostly faded from her conscious memory already but she still remembered vague images of her on her knees, nude and leashed. She still remembered the feeling of searching for someone, although she didn’t entirely understand it.

However, what she did understand was hunger. She was starving and strange dreams or not she couldn’t get any sleep if she was this hungry. Groggy and yawning she stumbled towards the kitchen with the intent to munch on something. Anything.

When she entered she remembered the dog treats earlier. They leapt into her head. If she could have some more of those…drool trickled out of the corner of her mouth as she grabbed the empty box on the side and peered into it with high hopes. There wasn’t a morsel inside. Not a bite. Nothing left.

Desperate, tired and ravenous she raided the cupboards once more. It was her lucky day, either there was another pack she failed to notice earlier or her roommate bought some more. She didn’t care to waste time thinking about it as she tore into the pack and poured them into her mouth. The taste. The fantastic, addictive taste. She kept eating them until her head throbbed.

Still sleepy her dream came back to her steadily as she ate. She could feel the collar around her neck…taste the cum of the men she sucked off…even though she had cum only that afternoon she felt her crotch moistening yet again. She wasn’t sure why but it felt right to get down on the floor. On all fours. Yes. This was right. She felt her pants starting to dampen and decided to wriggle out of them. That was much better.

Grinning and feeling especially naughty she took one of her biscuits and reached down. Trailed it along her body, over her breasts and flicking her nipple playfully. The little pink nub stiffened up as she continued down her body until she reached in between her legs. She inserted the treat slowly and pressed it against her clit. Ahh. That was incredible! They were just as good down there as they were in her mouth. She gulped another down as her ass wiggled in delight. Her pussy was leaking out now so much it trickled down her inner thigh and dripped onto the floor. She didn’t care. Her mind was crumbling. She started barking out loud. ‘Arf. Arf. Arf.’ Why was she barking? She questioned herself but she didn’t stop barking. Didn’t stop stimulating her aching pussy.

She was still nibbling on the treats. Her brain was spinning. It was like she was going crazy or something…she didn’t feel all there. Head throbbing. Nose wrinkling. Tail twitching. Wait…no tail. That last one was wrong. She wasn’t a dog. That was just a dream. She thought that as she felt the cock enter her mouth. Just like in the dream, but hotter and harder. She felt her lips wrapped around it, it’s weight on her tongue as she tasted it…smelled it. All these sensations were driving her crazy as she slurped on the cock, eyes closed in a blissful state of dwindling consciousness.

She struggled inside. Was she a dog? Where was her owner? Why did this cock taste so good. She was so horny. She was humping her own hand as it held the treat in her glistening pussy. She felt her mind changing. Human self fading away. More and more she knew she was a dog. A dumb, horny bitch who needed an owner to tell her what to do.

She opened her eyes and looked up. A growing feeling that she would see this owner. Validate her own perception of herself. She was a dog. Her owner was in front of her. She wasn’t a human. She couldn’t even think or talk like a human anymore. If she were why would she be on her hands and knees, sucking on cock like a hungry animal?

She opened her eyes and looked up. The man she saw, the one whose hard, fat cock she was eagerly slobbering over, was so familiar. She tried to think. Who was it. Part of her said this was her….room…her room…mate? It didn’t even seem like a word to her anymore. The more prominent part was telling her that this was her owner. It made sense. She lived with him. He was so familiar, his smell, his appearance. The taste of his cock made her squirm and thrust her hips wildly.

Now she knew. She finally knew. He was her owner. She was a dog. A brainless pet who would follow and obey his ever command. Who would debase herself and do anything for a taste of his cock or even…she shuddered…the feeling of it sliding inside her other holes and pumping her full of his creamy cum. As that thought crossed her mind his cock twitched and surged as it spurted hot jizz deep into her waiting throat.

She melted as the thick ooze slid down her throat, sinking even lower as the cock slipped out of her mouth and a few ropes of cum splattered across her face. Finally she collapsed in a hot, horny, cum drunk pile on the floor and dreamed of her new life as her owner’s bitch. Soon she would wake up and live out that dream.

Mindbrokensluts paw denise shivered trying @puppygirlsnplaythings



Denise shivered, trying to fight the urge to obey. This man had kidnapped her and drugged her. Right at that very moment she felt the drug coursing through her veins, changing her. Every part of her was tingling and her head was swimming as his command echoed inside. She barely noticed her thoughts rapidly deteriorating.

“Come on girl, I have to train you properly before I can find you a new owner.”

The idea disgusted Denise. Training? She was a professional businesswoman and regional manager for her company. How ridiculous to think that he could ‘train’ her. Still the drug in her system made it harder and harder to focus. She could feel her mind slipping. Every thought was slower and converting her ideas into words in her head took a great deal of effort. Thinking was becoming straining to her.

“I know!”

The man proceeded to unbuckle his belt and remove his pants, revealing his large, veiny, erect dick. The sight of it captivated Denise. Suddenly her ability to think of anything other than the throbbing dick hovering just in front of her face faded. The scent of his cock was doing something to her. It was like it flooded her brain and stopped all logical thought. Within seconds she was drooling and slobbering as her tongue hung out of her mouth.

She started panting and whining like a bitch in heat, her ass wriggling as her pussy burned with arousal and her senses overloaded. Unable to resist any longer she leaned forward to wrap her lips around the thick, juicy cock and suck and slurp on it.

“I knew that would do it. Stop. Stay.”

She froze. Part of her was confused as to why she would stop, but a growing part found it completely natural to just obey. She was still whimpering with need as she eyed his cock hungrily, but for now it was just out of reach. If master told her to stay she would stay.

“Good girl, now beg.”

The words ‘good girl’ sent a current through her spine as if she had just been hit by a bolt of lightning. The pleasure simply from hearing him speak those words was mind boggling. It made her moan just a little before obeying his next command. Raising her ‘paws’ and arching her back she looked up at master with wide eyes and whined.

“Ok, good girl. Now you get your treat.”

Her face lit up as she bounced up and down on the spot eagerly. He thrust his cock into her waiting mouth and she closed her eyes and sucked. Sucked and sucked in complete joy. As his pulsating cock filled her throat her mind felt fuzzy for a second as the last remnants of her humanity were wiped away.

She was now a dog. An animal only capable of drooling on his cock and maybe, with a bit of training, a few other amusing tricks. He continued to fuck her face, grabbing the back of her head and pushing her down to help her get the entirety of his member into her slippery fuckhole.

Grunting and giving one last powerful thrust he pumped his cum into her. She shuddered as she drank all of it down, savouring the taste. Her master’s cum made her orgasm, pussy spasming wildly as she moaned around his slimy dick.

“There we go, your training is going well so far. Next…hmmm…play dead!”

She cocked her head and looked up at master in puzzlement. It was hard to follow his noises when they weren’t short and simple. Recognising what meaning the noises had was also tricky for her now and she didn’t understand what he was telling her to do. In confusion she gave master her paw, hopeful that she had figured out his command.

He sighed.

“Looks like I’ve got a bit more work to do.”

Submission the arcades of the world under dr @puppygirlsnplaythings


The arcades of the world under Dr. Hundehersteller industries are very different from those of today. Oh sure, there are plenty of video games to play, and classic arcade boxes for those feeling nostalgic but the prizes are what everyone really comes for. Back when arcades were all the rage 10 tickets might get you a Chinese finger trap, and 30 tickets would get you a bouncy ball and 50 a set of jacks. But now 10 tickets gets you a blowjob, 30 gets you a tittyfuck and 50 gets you 30 minutes with a sexy petgirl or slave of your choice. 100 tickets and….well…that’s a story for another time.

Mindbrokensluts it had been a stressful day for @puppygirlsnplaythings


It had been a stressful day for Mayumi. She had given a full day of lectures on the subject of nanotechnology at the university where she worked and to top it off an argument broke out between her and one of her students, Josh.

Josh wasn’t coping with the subject matter as was evident when she asked him a follow up question during the lecture. She requested he stay afterwards where they argued over his poor attitude towards the course. He seemed to think that since he was her neighbour and was often paid to walk her dog on the weekends that he deserved some kind of special treatment and could get away with goofing off in her lectures.nthe worst part was that she had actually thought he had great potential at the start of the year.

She made it clear that this was not the case. Josh stormed out in frustration and left Mayumi, steaming with rage, to finish her lecture preparations for tomorrow.

When she finally got home she was exhausted, too tired to even read some of her favourite book. Too tired to do the crossword in the newspaper which she bought everyday. In fact, she was too tired to check if she locked her door. She simply poured some food in her dog Oscar’s bowl and patted him lazily before shambling off to her bedroom like a zombie.

Unable to find her pyjamas and quickly losing the strength to search she decided to sleep naked. She peeled her clothes off and left them strewn across the floor in a disorganised manner which was not usually like her and flopped into the bed. As she drifted off she thought about her course structure and logistics, it helped her to fall asleep.

She was too deeply asleep to notice the sound of her door opening. Contented in her dreamland, she didn’t notice the figure approaching from the entrance to her bedroom. She stirred slightly when she felt a gentle pressure on her neck but a calming “shhh” kept her from fully rousing. Even the pinprick and the sound of a belt unbuckling failed to bring her out of her slumber.

Then she felt the pounding. Not just her pussy but her head as well. She couldn’t even open her eyes before he was fucking her roughly, hand firmly gripping the chain of what she soon realised was her dog’s leash. She looked up at her rapist in a daze and slowly focused until she could ascertain his identity. It was Josh.

She tried to scream, kick, fight…desperate to stop this. Not only was she not allowed by the university to have relations with a student but she personally found Josh to be disrespectful and unattractive. What came out was more of a pathetic whimper than a scream. She was unable to kick or struggle, in fact her limbs seemed like they were paralysed and she couldn’t control them.

“Haha don’t worry, you’ll come to like this soon pet!”

Pet? She was no ones pet, she was a human being. How insolent this was, her dog walker and student treating her like this! She would…her head! It was pounding even more now! Every thought was humming and she couldn’t quite keep focused. Her body was starting to react to the fucking too, in an unexpectedly powerful way. She wanted to hate Josh, thrash at him, stop him but…those thoughts made her head pound. At the same time she could feel respect for him welling up for some reason.

She tried again to scream.

“Arf! Arf Arf!”

She was horrified. Apparently now she had lost control of her voice and was barking like a dog! What on Earth could be happening? She tried to think but her head was full of unwanted new thoughts.



'Good girl’

She couldn’t stop them from rolling around her mind. Fantasies of being fucked hard from behind, barking and grinding wildly like an animal were prominent in her thoughts. She didn’t even notice her hands slowly curling into paws, her nose adjusting to look cuter and more canine, her tongue hanging out as her breathing became more ragged and louder.

“Looks like the nanites are working great!”

Nanites? The word seemed familiar…she tried to think of what it meant but she was so distracted by master’s meaty bone thrusting deep into her soaking little pussy. For a second that thought sounded wrong but then it just kept repeating in her mind until she knew it was exactly what a dog like her should think.

“Arf Arf” she barked again, unable now to formulate any thoughts to put into human words even if she were capable of speaking still.

“Good dog!” Master said as he patted her head patronisingly.

She grinned mindlessly at master’s praise and kept barking like a dumb dog slut. That’s what she was.

“I think I’ll call you Yumyums!”

Yumyums liked her new name. Yumyums liked her new master. Yumyums especially liked her new collar!

Note: obviously inspired by @puppygirlsnplaythings

Kristi lovett the fuller her bra gets the @puppygirlsnplaythings

Kristi Lovett. The fuller her bra gets, the emptier her pretty head gets.

I approve.

Another random dom whos daddys good dog @puppygirlsnplaythings


“Who’s Daddy’s good dog?”

8000 followers wow 8000 people enjoying my @puppygirlsnplaythings


Wow. 8,000 people enjoying my weird little universe. To celebrate, I’m re-posting one of my favorite Chestnut Cauc fuckmutts, Robin Meade, in a very compromising position. 

I just wanted to thank you all for following along through my stories, manips, and books. There’s some exciting new things ahead, including some new shorter stories that look at life within the Empire  (I’ve got two 99-cent “quick-reads” coming out very soon entitled “Cash Cow” and “Trailer Tramp.” I’ll let you speculate on what happens to the dumb bitches who star in each. ;) ). 

If you haven’t already read my books, please check out my book page, and if you have questions, suggestions, or requests, please let me know. And in the meantime, I’ll keep turning out content from within the Hundehersteller Empire. 

Thanks, sincerely, to you all. Onward to 10K! Until then, I remain:

Maria Gutierrez
Executive Vice-President
Hundehersteller Industries

A teacher a politician a police officer perhaps @puppygirlsnplaythings

A teacher? A politician? A police officer? Perhaps a tourist, separated from her tour group long enough to attract the attention of a passing Acquisition Agent?

She could’ve been any, or all, of these things. Or none of them. The drugs were making everything hazy. She wanted to care about that. It seemed important. But it was so much easier just to let herself be stripped and leashed. To let herself be fed and watered from the same bowls the other wom..wo..bitches used. 

And now. Whatever she was before, this is her life now. Leashed, naked, and waiting for the man who’d bought her on a whim from the shop window of La Chienne Obeissante to return with the Living Latex™, BimboMaxx™, and other nanite upgrades that will make her new role in life a permanent one.

The voices in her head are much quieter now. She thinks she’s going to like being a fuckmutt. It’s always been her dream.

Hasn’t it?

Bevsi got bored and made this gay comic in @puppygirlsnplaythings


got bored and made this gay comic

In addition to being a Registered Mistress, I am a rank sentimentalist. (But don’t tell anyone.)

Ok bimbos show me what youve got whoever does @puppygirlsnplaythings

“OK, bimbos, show me what you’ve got. Whoever does the best job gets to work the pole this week, instead of the kennel or the fuckdoll room.”

Sexymis0gyny good dog @puppygirlsnplaythings


Good dog

Submission all those rainbows must be leaking out @puppygirlsnplaythings


all those rainbows must be leaking out of her head

Submission leaked footage from @puppygirlsnplaythings


LEAKED- footage from Hunderhersteller’s offshore prototype testing facility

Good dog @puppygirlsnplaythings

Good dog!

Did you know that august 26th is both national @puppygirlsnplaythings

Did you know that August 26th is both “National Dog Day” AND “Women’s Equality Day” in the USA?

While the Empire hasn’t maintained very many traditions taken from The Age of False Equality, one we HAVE held onto this proud tradition. We firmly believe in the fundamental equality of all domestic animals, regardless of breed, skills, or customizations.

Hundehersteller Industries: Because every bitch looks better on a leash!™

Life goals for your fucktoys and pets @puppygirlsnplaythings

Life goals for your fucktoys and pets.

Just because they cant read doesnt mean you @puppygirlsnplaythings

Just because they can’t read doesn’t mean you shouldn’t label your toys.

Good dog @puppygirlsnplaythings

Good dog.

This particular chestnut cauc wasnt on my radar @puppygirlsnplaythings

This particular Chestnut Cauc wasn’t on my radar until recently. She’s similar in build to that paragon of pneumatic perfection, Jordan Carver, but obviously comes from a much younger litter. Perfect for BimboMaid, Sexretary, or CowSlut applications, although I wouldn’t be opposed to adding her to my kennel.


Thats right bitches on the plane and back to @puppygirlsnplaythings

“That’s right, bitches. On the plane and back to the States. Stupid fuckmutts, thinking you could slip the leash without paying your Exemption fees. The Owner whose car you stole was thinking about pressing charges against the Academy that raised you ungrateful cunts, but they convinced him to take his settlement in trade.

So enjoy the flight, my little doggies. You’re in for some exciting customizations when we get home. In fact, I’ll bet that by the time your new Owner’s done, you won’t ever want to run away again. 

Not that you’ll have the choice.”

Twisted and tamed i swear to god if you tangle @puppygirlsnplaythings


I swear to God, if you tangle up your leashes again…

Pornazzi good morning art by rino99 this is @puppygirlsnplaythings


Good morning
art by Rino99

This is absolutely adorable. 

Fapreserve septum and nipple rings should be @puppygirlsnplaythings


septum and nipple rings should be mandatory

I don’t know that I’d make them mandatory, per se. But they do enhance the aesthetic appeal of the animal. Septums are perfect for CowSluts of all breeds, but I’d probably avoid piercing their nipples just to avoid issues with milking—particularly for CowSluts with multi-nipple nanite customizations. But for FuckMutts, PigSluts, and other animal conversions, one or both of these piercings will only improve the appearance of the animal, and help reinforce its status and encourage compliance (for animals left in Beta).

Well since you asked so nicely @puppygirlsnplaythings

Well, since you asked so nicely…

Dapperdaddyworld ownedbymydaddy like a little @puppygirlsnplaythings



Like a little doggy with the biggest, juicy bone, not knowing where to start, desperate to taste every single inch…marking it with my slobber and drool… I’m Daddy’s lucky little doggy :D (and jesus Christ this looks JUST LIKE DADDY’S) dapperdaddyworld

Daddy’s little doggy brings back a rather funny memory little…remember the effete little pooch prancing ? ‘) 

Deskman608 my beautiful blonde cow is always @puppygirlsnplaythings


My beautiful blonde cow is always naked and on all fours enjoying having her udders pumped.

Mollypops23 the second that she looked into his @puppygirlsnplaythings


The second that she looked into his eyes, she had lost.

She’d been so close, microseconds away from completing the phone call, from yelling for help. He’d stopped her though, slamming the phone down into the receiver. Kari had turned to look, and when their eyes met, it was all over.

She was instantly overwhelmed by his hypnotic powers, her mind simply turning to mush within seconds. Now her eyes only saw blankness. She made no attempt to resist anymore, she simply obeyed her Master’s commands.

Kari was gone.

All that remained was blank, mindless, fuck doll.

Dont be a quitter and end up in a public kennel @puppygirlsnplaythings

Don’t be a quitter and end up in a public kennel like this Tawny Cauc. Maximize your potential and make your Owner or Mistress as happy as you can with BimboMaxx™ upgrades from Hundehersteller Industries!

Does anyone out there in the empire know what @puppygirlsnplaythings

Does anyone out there in the Empire know what happened to this particular Latin Brindle bitch—Ana Rica? She slipped the leash and “retired” from modeling a couple years back, vanishing without a trace—and the pool of potential CowSluts and ManneQueens has been poorer for it.

Possessive daddy back to the line pet @puppygirlsnplaythings


Back to the line, pet.


It’s important to give your animals plenty of time to socialize with other pets. They’ll be happier, healthier, and easier to train.

Your domestic animal whether in fuckmutt @puppygirlsnplaythings

Your domestic animal, whether in FuckMutt, BimboSlut, CowSlut, or ManneQueen mode, is built to please. Filling its empty head with anything—or everything—you desire is your right as an Owner or Mistress.

A properly upgraded bimboslut knows how to please @puppygirlsnplaythings

A properly upgraded BimboSlut knows how to please her Owner or Mistress.

Shed always been a beauty and because she was @puppygirlsnplaythings

She’d always been a beauty. And, because she was in a scientific field, she’d always worn glasses, rather than contacts, to give herself a bit more intellectual authority.

None of that mattered when the Leash Laws were enacted, of course. She’d foolishly thrown her lot in with She-Wolf, and when the cell was captured just four weeks into the so-called Freefemme Revolution, the glasses did little to discourage her captors from processing her into a fuckmutt alongside her equally ignorant and willful kennelmates.

“Please, I can help, I’m a scientist. I want to…to…help the Hundehersteller cause,” she’d pleaded as the man in the Acquisition Squad jump suit stood over her, smirking. 

“Oh, I’ve no doubt you’ll be doing a fine job of that, cunt. A pretty Ginger Cauc like you will be a welcome addition to the morale unit. You’ll be on the front lines, keeping our lads and lassies in grey happy as they fight the good fight against your hateful and treasonous littermates.” 

He’d paused. “But first, let’s just get rid of these silly things,” he said, snatching the glasses from her face and crushing them under his boot. “The nanites will fix any problems with yer peepers, for sure, but to be honest I think it’s ridiculous to put any sort of people clothes on an animal. Gives them the wrong idea.” He jerked the leash, pulling her onto her hands and knees at his feet. A few stray slivers of plastic jabbed her in the knee as she peered up at him blearily.

“A scientist. Lord, the notions you cunts get when you’re left to your own ninny-headed devices. Now then, let’s finish your upgrades, little bitch. We’ll see if you’re smart enough to learn a few new tricks.”

Sobbing quietly, she crawled after him into the processing bay.

Deliciae delectae petgirltrainer fine art @puppygirlsnplaythings



Fine art from the petgirltrainer archives.

Naked, collared, leashed, obedient. Keeping an animal in its place is best for everyone. Never let her forget where she belongs.

Unrelentingdesire drink up now i cant leave @puppygirlsnplaythings


drink up now, I can’t leave it on all day.

Ive always thought this tawny cauc would make an @puppygirlsnplaythings

I’ve always thought this Tawny Cauc would make an excellent fuckmutt, but as time passes, I’m coming around to the notion that it belongs in a CowSlut Cottage instead.

Either way, all fours is where it belongs.

Good dog @puppygirlsnplaythings

Good dog.

Good dog @puppygirlsnplaythings

Good dog.

Mollypops23 violent rape fantasies after @puppygirlsnplaythings



After being broken, raped, and trained for weeks, each rapetoy is given its chance to test for a collar.

It must pass its examinations in perfect postures, complete submission, mindless obedience, sexual servitude, tolerance of pain, and ability to please. If the examiners find it worthy, they will put it to the final test themselves in a live practical exercise. Only then can it earn a collar, be branded a slave, and be put into service.

Those who fail become the test dolls for my new, inventive, and extremely dangerous methods of torture. Most of them don’t last very long.

I just love how instantly and obediently she complies with his commands, presenting herself for her audience without a thought of her own wants/needs. Then that final shot, her eyes devoid of emotion, the only thing in her life now is serving and obeying.

Properly upgrading your domestic animal @puppygirlsnplaythings

Properly upgrading your domestic animal, particularly those kept in Bimbo, Sexretary, or MaidSlut modes, will help ensure a lifetime of aesthetic and functional value.

Good dog @puppygirlsnplaythings

Good dog.