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VERY NSFW! 18+ ONLY! (Duh) A place where I will post manips and captions I’ve created for a universe involving a man (in a floppy hat) called Dr. Hundehersteller. The storyline has evolved over several years, and all of these manips are also posted (with comments, feedback, suggestions) over at the Hypnopics Collective. Anyway, I will probably also post other work and stuff I like (this being Tumblr, after all). Check out my books and read my Smashwords interview here: BIANCA BEAUCHAMP: LATEX GODDESS var zflag_nid="607"; var zflag_cid="20469"; var zflag_sid="36490"; var zflag_width="1"; var zflag_height="1"; var zflag_sz="94"; HOT LESBIAN SMUT displayBan('36490', '~/banners/3/5/100x100', 'gNcdv%2fmwhskVxLi%2bQNJhAfgJYFlJTJ%2f9Tq73nMQwXjD5hfENhjycy20jEkk2AD5ou6Te83wPL3fLCImY9B2%2f4JH7wByT2%2fa0SVOvbKzeFE4%3d'); HOT HOTCORE ACTION displayBan('36490', '~/banners/3/1/180x150', 'gNcdv%2fmwhskVxLi%2bQNJhAfgJYFlJTJ%2f9Tq73nMQwXjD5hfENhjycy20jEkk2AD5ou6Te83wPL3fHx%2fqpoT91RuiDqiividQmqIjFHckWYJY%3d'); PETPLAY LINKS (function(i,s,o,g,r,a,m){i['GoogleAnalyticsObject']=r;i[r]=i[r]||function(){ (i[r].q=i[r].q||[]).push(arguments)},i[r].l=1*new Date();a=s.createElement(o), m=s.getElementsByTagName(o)[0];a.async=1;a.src=g;m.parentNode.insertBefore(a,m) })(window,document,'script','//','ga'); ga('create', 'UA-49148012-2', ''); ga('send', 'pageview'); - Puppygirls & Playthings (@puppygirlsnplaythings)
A teacher a politician a police officer perhaps @puppygirlsnplaythings

A teacher? A politician? A police officer? Perhaps a tourist, separated from her tour group long enough to attract the attention of a passing Acquisition Agent?

She could’ve been any, or all, of these things. Or none of them. The drugs were making everything hazy. She wanted to care about that. It seemed important. But it was so much easier just to let herself be stripped and leashed. To let herself be fed and watered from the same bowls the other wom..wo..bitches used. 

And now. Whatever she was before, this is her life now. Leashed, naked, and waiting for the man who’d bought her on a whim from the shop window of La Chienne Obeissante to return with the Living Latex™, BimboMaxx™, and other nanite upgrades that will make her new role in life a permanent one.

The voices in her head are much quieter now. She thinks she’s going to like being a fuckmutt. It’s always been her dream.

Hasn’t it?

Bevsi got bored and made this gay comic in @puppygirlsnplaythings


got bored and made this gay comic

In addition to being a Registered Mistress, I am a rank sentimentalist. (But don’t tell anyone.)

Ok bimbos show me what youve got whoever does @puppygirlsnplaythings

“OK, bimbos, show me what you’ve got. Whoever does the best job gets to work the pole this week, instead of the kennel or the fuckdoll room.”

Sexymis0gyny good dog @puppygirlsnplaythings


Good dog

Submission all those rainbows must be leaking out @puppygirlsnplaythings


all those rainbows must be leaking out of her head

Submission leaked footage from @puppygirlsnplaythings


LEAKED- footage from Hunderhersteller’s offshore prototype testing facility

Good dog @puppygirlsnplaythings

Good dog!

Did you know that august 26th is both national @puppygirlsnplaythings

Did you know that August 26th is both “National Dog Day” AND “Women’s Equality Day” in the USA?

While the Empire hasn’t maintained very many traditions taken from The Age of False Equality, one we HAVE held onto this proud tradition. We firmly believe in the fundamental equality of all domestic animals, regardless of breed, skills, or customizations.

Hundehersteller Industries: Because every bitch looks better on a leash!™

Life goals for your fucktoys and pets @puppygirlsnplaythings

Life goals for your fucktoys and pets.

Just because they cant read doesnt mean you @puppygirlsnplaythings

Just because they can’t read doesn’t mean you shouldn’t label your toys.

Good dog @puppygirlsnplaythings

Good dog.

This particular chestnut cauc wasnt on my radar @puppygirlsnplaythings

This particular Chestnut Cauc wasn’t on my radar until recently. She’s similar in build to that paragon of pneumatic perfection, Jordan Carver, but obviously comes from a much younger litter. Perfect for BimboMaid, Sexretary, or CowSlut applications, although I wouldn’t be opposed to adding her to my kennel.


Thats right bitches on the plane and back to @puppygirlsnplaythings

“That’s right, bitches. On the plane and back to the States. Stupid fuckmutts, thinking you could slip the leash without paying your Exemption fees. The Owner whose car you stole was thinking about pressing charges against the Academy that raised you ungrateful cunts, but they convinced him to take his settlement in trade.

So enjoy the flight, my little doggies. You’re in for some exciting customizations when we get home. In fact, I’ll bet that by the time your new Owner’s done, you won’t ever want to run away again. 

Not that you’ll have the choice.”

Twisted and tamed i swear to god if you tangle @puppygirlsnplaythings


I swear to God, if you tangle up your leashes again…

Pornazzi good morning art by rino99 this is @puppygirlsnplaythings


Good morning
art by Rino99

This is absolutely adorable. 

Fapreserve septum and nipple rings should be @puppygirlsnplaythings


septum and nipple rings should be mandatory

I don’t know that I’d make them mandatory, per se. But they do enhance the aesthetic appeal of the animal. Septums are perfect for CowSluts of all breeds, but I’d probably avoid piercing their nipples just to avoid issues with milking—particularly for CowSluts with multi-nipple nanite customizations. But for FuckMutts, PigSluts, and other animal conversions, one or both of these piercings will only improve the appearance of the animal, and help reinforce its status and encourage compliance (for animals left in Beta).

Well since you asked so nicely @puppygirlsnplaythings

Well, since you asked so nicely…

Dapperdaddyworld ownedbymydaddy like a little @puppygirlsnplaythings



Like a little doggy with the biggest, juicy bone, not knowing where to start, desperate to taste every single inch…marking it with my slobber and drool… I’m Daddy’s lucky little doggy :D (and jesus Christ this looks JUST LIKE DADDY’S) dapperdaddyworld

Daddy’s little doggy brings back a rather funny memory little…remember the effete little pooch prancing ? ‘) 

Deskman608 my beautiful blonde cow is always @puppygirlsnplaythings


My beautiful blonde cow is always naked and on all fours enjoying having her udders pumped.

Mollypops23 the second that she looked into his @puppygirlsnplaythings


The second that she looked into his eyes, she had lost.

She’d been so close, microseconds away from completing the phone call, from yelling for help. He’d stopped her though, slamming the phone down into the receiver. Kari had turned to look, and when their eyes met, it was all over.

She was instantly overwhelmed by his hypnotic powers, her mind simply turning to mush within seconds. Now her eyes only saw blankness. She made no attempt to resist anymore, she simply obeyed her Master’s commands.

Kari was gone.

All that remained was blank, mindless, fuck doll.

Dont be a quitter and end up in a public kennel @puppygirlsnplaythings

Don’t be a quitter and end up in a public kennel like this Tawny Cauc. Maximize your potential and make your Owner or Mistress as happy as you can with BimboMaxx™ upgrades from Hundehersteller Industries!

Does anyone out there in the empire know what @puppygirlsnplaythings

Does anyone out there in the Empire know what happened to this particular Latin Brindle bitch—Ana Rica? She slipped the leash and “retired” from modeling a couple years back, vanishing without a trace—and the pool of potential CowSluts and ManneQueens has been poorer for it.

Possessive daddy back to the line pet @puppygirlsnplaythings


Back to the line, pet.


It’s important to give your animals plenty of time to socialize with other pets. They’ll be happier, healthier, and easier to train.

Your domestic animal whether in fuckmutt @puppygirlsnplaythings

Your domestic animal, whether in FuckMutt, BimboSlut, CowSlut, or ManneQueen mode, is built to please. Filling its empty head with anything—or everything—you desire is your right as an Owner or Mistress.

A properly upgraded bimboslut knows how to please @puppygirlsnplaythings

A properly upgraded BimboSlut knows how to please her Owner or Mistress.

Shed always been a beauty and because she was @puppygirlsnplaythings

She’d always been a beauty. And, because she was in a scientific field, she’d always worn glasses, rather than contacts, to give herself a bit more intellectual authority.

None of that mattered when the Leash Laws were enacted, of course. She’d foolishly thrown her lot in with She-Wolf, and when the cell was captured just four weeks into the so-called Freefemme Revolution, the glasses did little to discourage her captors from processing her into a fuckmutt alongside her equally ignorant and willful kennelmates.

“Please, I can help, I’m a scientist. I want to…to…help the Hundehersteller cause,” she’d pleaded as the man in the Acquisition Squad jump suit stood over her, smirking. 

“Oh, I’ve no doubt you’ll be doing a fine job of that, cunt. A pretty Ginger Cauc like you will be a welcome addition to the morale unit. You’ll be on the front lines, keeping our lads and lassies in grey happy as they fight the good fight against your hateful and treasonous littermates.” 

He’d paused. “But first, let’s just get rid of these silly things,” he said, snatching the glasses from her face and crushing them under his boot. “The nanites will fix any problems with yer peepers, for sure, but to be honest I think it’s ridiculous to put any sort of people clothes on an animal. Gives them the wrong idea.” He jerked the leash, pulling her onto her hands and knees at his feet. A few stray slivers of plastic jabbed her in the knee as she peered up at him blearily.

“A scientist. Lord, the notions you cunts get when you’re left to your own ninny-headed devices. Now then, let’s finish your upgrades, little bitch. We’ll see if you’re smart enough to learn a few new tricks.”

Sobbing quietly, she crawled after him into the processing bay.

Deliciae delectae petgirltrainer fine art @puppygirlsnplaythings



Fine art from the petgirltrainer archives.

Naked, collared, leashed, obedient. Keeping an animal in its place is best for everyone. Never let her forget where she belongs.

Unrelentingdesire drink up now i cant leave @puppygirlsnplaythings


drink up now, I can’t leave it on all day.

Ive always thought this tawny cauc would make an @puppygirlsnplaythings

I’ve always thought this Tawny Cauc would make an excellent fuckmutt, but as time passes, I’m coming around to the notion that it belongs in a CowSlut Cottage instead.

Either way, all fours is where it belongs.

Good dog @puppygirlsnplaythings

Good dog.

Good dog @puppygirlsnplaythings

Good dog.

Mollypops23 violent rape fantasies after @puppygirlsnplaythings



After being broken, raped, and trained for weeks, each rapetoy is given its chance to test for a collar.

It must pass its examinations in perfect postures, complete submission, mindless obedience, sexual servitude, tolerance of pain, and ability to please. If the examiners find it worthy, they will put it to the final test themselves in a live practical exercise. Only then can it earn a collar, be branded a slave, and be put into service.

Those who fail become the test dolls for my new, inventive, and extremely dangerous methods of torture. Most of them don’t last very long.

I just love how instantly and obediently she complies with his commands, presenting herself for her audience without a thought of her own wants/needs. Then that final shot, her eyes devoid of emotion, the only thing in her life now is serving and obeying.

Properly upgrading your domestic animal @puppygirlsnplaythings

Properly upgrading your domestic animal, particularly those kept in Bimbo, Sexretary, or MaidSlut modes, will help ensure a lifetime of aesthetic and functional value.

Good dog @puppygirlsnplaythings

Good dog.

Hurry tina i think clark knows about us about @puppygirlsnplaythings

“Hurry, Tina! I think Clark knows about us. About She-Wolf. About everything! We have to get out of here!”

”Relax, Julie baby. Just give me the keys and we’ll be gone before he even gets back from his meeting. Hundehersteller Industries is going to be in serious trouble when we deliver these files to…”

And then, a cloud of black. Then white. Then pretty sparkly pink!

It all seemed so silly, now. Arguing over the key to some dumb car. But that was before, when they still had those boring old names.

Tina and Julie? Titz and Jiggles were MUCH better names for a pair of stupid bimbos like them. 

It was just a good thing that their Owner had found them in that garage and helped them understand. They probably wouldn’t have made it all the way to that Mexico place (wherever that was!) anyway. Like their super sexy Owner said, dumb girls like them needed a strong Master to keep them out of trouble.

Now all they had to fight over was who got to suck Clarkie’s cock first each morning; but they usually didn’t squabble too much, because there was always plenty of hot cum to go around. 

Msladyelegant lillsiss caucasianzoo the @puppygirlsnplaythings




The holidaying women jeer at the shameless nakedness of the blonde cart horse as it comes to a halt after a trot.

Seems to Me they’re hailing a taxi.

Dord not darknight1977 fiskshentaiarchiv @puppygirlsnplaythings




“Lisa clearly had something different in mind, when she applied as a stable girl.”

But Farmer Johnson knew just by looking her over what task your wife was best suited for. Your kids missed having Mom around the house, but the milk checks every week in the mail were nice…

she might have thought ‘hired hand’  

‘Hired tits’ would be more accurate.  Good news is, Johnson pays by the pound of butter fat.

Submission mind helping us put the word out @puppygirlsnplaythings


Mind helping us put the word out?  The stupid bitch slipped her leash again…

Its nice to see an african marquis with custom @puppygirlsnplaythings

It’s nice to see an African Marquis with custom ear modifications, although it’s clear its Owner or Mistress is one of those weirdos who believes in dressing your pet in people clothes. A collar and leash, along with some Living Latex sleeves and a tail, and this bitch will be ready for walkies.

For some animals life on the leash requires a @puppygirlsnplaythings

For some animals, life on the leash requires a significant attitude adjustment, costing you time, money, and effort. But with Hundehersteller Industries’ BitchMaker™ nanites and BitchMaster™ line of domination collars, Owners and Mistresses can turn even the bitchiest stray or acquisition into an eager and obedient fuckmutt.

Accept no substitutes! Ask for only Hundehersteller Industries domination products at your local Chienne Obeissante, Perritas, or Witching Hour today! 

HUNDEHERSTELLER INDUSTRIES: Because every bitch looks better on a leash!™

Hucowtraining femilkmaiden all the hormones @puppygirlsnplaythings



All the hormones are making this cow’s udders come in nicely, don’t you think? <33anna

Absolutely! Hucow is finding it more comfortable on all fours now that her udders have become so full and heavy

I saw this on mollypops23s tumblog and thought @puppygirlsnplaythings

I saw this on mollypops23‘s Tumblog, and thought it would be a good visual reference for those of you who’ve asked me about the “Boxes” Dr. Hundehersteller uses on his limo in Making Muffy.

This is a little different from the units that pull his limo, but like this trailer, each limo unit is self-contained and holds a fuckmutt in place. The primary difference in that, with the limo, each fuckmutt is being fucked with automatic robotic dildos in its ass and cunt, while its programming allows it to adjust course and speed while navigating according to the GPS and the good Doctor’s own input. The doctor selects only the choicest strays and terrorist captives for these units, and leaves them in Beta with a vid file of their own capture and transformation, as well as that of those they’re forced to betray, playing on an endless loop. 

Kinda like a sleigh pulled by eight tiny reindeer, except Dr. H has eight bimbofied fuckmutts from She-Wolf, and gives out toys to adults rather than children.

Submission roy had left his wife amanda to marry @puppygirlsnplaythings


Roy had left his wife Amanda to marry Celeste. He had grown tired of Amanda, his high school sweetheart had lost her blonde locks and had become fat, lazy and nagging. When he married his mistress Celeste who was years younger than him he figured he’d have a nice amount of time before her body failed her. He was wrong.

Celeste aged faster than Amanda and was such a pain to deal with. Turns out all the things that he liked about her as a mistress vanished as soon as they were married. He had lost half his stuff in the divorce to Amanda and now Celeste turned out to be an even worse deal.

One day after suffering for over 6 months with his new wife his step-daughter Sophia came home from college. He had only met Sophia a few times, she had pretty eyes and a decent enough face but was flat as a board and way too into books for any man to really take her seriously. But maybe…he could change that….

Sophia had thought her new step-father was taking out her out to brunch. She was hoping to get to know him better, but it turns out it was all a sham to take her to secluded place where she was injected by a weird man with BimboMaxx™. Put immediately into alpha mode Sophia’s entire life; books read, friends made, dreams and aspirations were erased in the blink of an eye. Roy smiled to himself and decided he would divorce Celeste and take her daughter as his cut of the possessions. After all under Celeste’s care Sophia was a worthless female with no real valuable future, now she was living a fulfilled life. 

Sophia’s new body and attitude made her into the perfect wife and the best part was Roy could still sleep around with others and she not only tolerated it but encouraged it. When it was time for Sophia to go back to school Roy knew that learning would be pointless for her. The world was changing and soon there would be no such thing as women in higher education; it was his duty as a step-father to prepare Sophia for the impending reality. So when she went back to college Sophia helped Roy lure her sexy roommates into his clutches. Who needs a wife when you can have a harem?

Outside the empire domination nanites are hard to @puppygirlsnplaythings

Outside the Empire, domination nanites are hard to come by, but not impossibly so. In certain regions, entire villages save up to purchase BitchMaker™, BimboMaxx™, and BoviMaxx™ nanites.

Each year, they select a village woman who has committed a crime against the village, the elders, or her family, and choose whether she will be converted and sold, converted and given to the aggrieved party as compensation, or converted and used for the good of the entire village. 

Raised in a remote Azatlan village, near the ruins of what had been Mexico City in earlier centuries, Tatiana lived a happy, if hard life. But as she grew older, she also grew tired of working hard to contribute food and labor to the village. Her beauty made it easy to manipulate men and women alike, and by the time she reached her twenties, Tatiana was a thief.

A good thief, she was; fast, quiet, and dexterous. But her success made her too greedy. Eventually, her crimes were discovered when her family’s barn was found to contain far more tequila, gold, fabric and maize than even the village headmaster’s own stocks. 

Quickly convicted, she found herself bound in the village plaza, where for two weeks she was the plaything of the entire village, and the target of its frustration. By the end, the nanites that would wipe away her mind and turn her into a fat-titted CowSlut for the village herd would be a welcome escape. Justice would be served, and Tetona the CowSlut would provide those she’d wronged with milk and labor for years to come.

This is just adorable @puppygirlsnplaythings

This is just adorable. 

Distractedphysicsmajor how to test that those @puppygirlsnplaythings


How to test that those bimbo hypno mp3s are working on her.

Dasflutemk2 so much to enjoy about this @puppygirlsnplaythings


So much to enjoy about this picture. I wonder if she’s been committed to be made to realize she’s just a blow-up doll, or maybe to learn to enjoy being in a relationship with one as the closest substitute she’ll ever have to a real loving relationship with a person? Or maybe this is from her point of view and she’s now been so conditioned she sees her friends as blow-up dolls?

While not as curvaceous as other breeds many @puppygirlsnplaythings

While not as curvaceous as other breeds, many varieties of Asian Imperial are renowned for their prowess in the sensual and sexual arts, even without BitchMaker™ or other nanite enhancements.

From a promotional piece produced for the @puppygirlsnplaythings


Early methods of binding the limbs of domestic animals were problematic for several reasons, not the least of which was the potential for long-term nerve and tissue damage that could leave a treasured pet or expensive service animal maimed, disfigured, or even dead.

Thanks to Dr. Hundehersteller, and the rise of the Hundehersteller Empire in the 21st century, such crude methods were soon replaced by more advanced, nanite-based techniques that allowed for cellular-level modification. With CaniStep™, Living Latex™, and other proprietary technologies rolling out at the same time as the Leash Laws, domestic animals who had so recently been freed from the burden of False Equality no longer needed to fear a painful or unpleasant reformatting to suit their proper role in the world.

With modern techniques, it’s easy to modify your pet’s limbs, coat, and features to fit your needs, whether they’re personal or professional.

As we look back on nearly three centuries of peace, prosperity, and techno-sociological improvement, I encourage you to take a closer look at the myriad customization options to help Owners and Mistresses create happy, healthy pets, playthings, and work animals. Together, we can continue to create an environment that places maximum value on asset retention, cutting-edge veterinary science, and, of course, building a stronger Empire to improve the world and bring an end to the burden of False Equality in areas outside the light of Hundehersteller ideals.


Evelyn Lin-
©2012 lightworship
For Hustler’s Taboo Magazine-