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VERY NSFW! 18+ ONLY! (Duh) A place where I will post manips and captions I’ve created for a universe involving a man (in a floppy hat) called Dr. Hundehersteller. The storyline has evolved over several years, and all of these manips are also posted (with comments, feedback, suggestions) over at the Hypnopics Collective. Anyway, I will probably also post other work and stuff I like (this being Tumblr, after all). Check out my books and read my Smashwords interview here: BIANCA BEAUCHAMP: LATEX GODDESS var zflag_nid="607"; var zflag_cid="20469"; var zflag_sid="36490"; var zflag_width="1"; var zflag_height="1"; var zflag_sz="94"; HOT LESBIAN SMUT displayBan('36490', '~/banners/3/5/100x100', 'gNcdv%2fmwhskVxLi%2bQNJhAfgJYFlJTJ%2f9Tq73nMQwXjD5hfENhjycy20jEkk2AD5ou6Te83wPL3fLCImY9B2%2f4JH7wByT2%2fa0SVOvbKzeFE4%3d'); HOT HOTCORE ACTION displayBan('36490', '~/banners/3/1/180x150', 'gNcdv%2fmwhskVxLi%2bQNJhAfgJYFlJTJ%2f9Tq73nMQwXjD5hfENhjycy20jEkk2AD5ou6Te83wPL3fHx%2fqpoT91RuiDqiividQmqIjFHckWYJY%3d'); PETPLAY LINKS (function(i,s,o,g,r,a,m){i['GoogleAnalyticsObject']=r;i[r]=i[r]||function(){ (i[r].q=i[r].q||[]).push(arguments)},i[r].l=1*new Date();a=s.createElement(o), m=s.getElementsByTagName(o)[0];a.async=1;a.src=g;m.parentNode.insertBefore(a,m) })(window,document,'script','//','ga'); ga('create', 'UA-49148012-2', ''); ga('send', 'pageview'); - Puppygirls & Playthings (@puppygirlsnplaythings)
Hello oh my god dana its me erin you @puppygirlsnplaythings


“Oh, my God! Dana! it’s me, Erin! You have to help me!”

“Erin? Wha…how? You’re…you’re dead! We saw the crash on the news!”

“No! Dana, listen, I only have a few minutes before they come back. Craig hired these guys…”

“Craig? Your ex? Erin, he’s dead, too. Listen, I don’t know who this is, but you’d better…”

“DANA! I swear, it’s me! Listen to me! Do you remember that thing we saw behind the counselor’s shed in summer camp, the year we were twelve?”


“Oh, my God. It’s really you! But how? I went to your FUNERAL, Erin!”

“I know! Craig, he’s not dead, he’s here, in this place. He owns it! We’re…well, I don’t know where we are, but it’s not in Canada. All these women are scattered all over this huge estate, and they’re…I think I’m in the Empire, Dana. There’s some dumb bimbo here with me right now, too dumb to do more than play with her tits and masturbate with the TV remote while she waits for “Masta Creggy”.

“Erin, we have to get you out of there!”

“I don’t know how long I can hold out, Dana. I only got to the phone because Craig was careless and left a window cracked. I had to climb through the window to his office from the outside. He had me in some kind of enclosure, like a dog run, and the women there, Dana…they’re dogs. Or close to it. They look like fucked-up bimbos, but they just bark and drool and wag and chew and beg. Their eyes…*shudder* Craig said he wanted me to get a good look at my future. You’ve GOT to get me out of here, Dana. I’m so scared!”

“Listen to me, sweetheart. Try to find out where you are, and…”


“What the fuck is this? How the hell did you get in here, you dumb cunt?”

“Craig! Please! Stop this, you have to let me…”

“Gimme that phone! I KNEW I should’ve given you the master injection as soon as the boys dropped you off.”


“Erin? Erin, can you hear me? ERIN!”

“Well, well. If it isn’t Erin’s fucking cunt of a best friend.”

“Cr…Craig? Craig, what have you done? Let me speak to Erin!”

“Heh. I’m afraid Erin can’t come to the phone now. Or ever. Oooh! Look that those eyes roll back in her head! And those TITS! I knew my special blend would do a number on her, but this is impressive.”

“CRAIG! I’m calling the State Department! You won’t get away with this!”

“You stupid bitch. I already have! Say bye-bye to the nice lady, CumDump.”

*pant, pant* “ARF! ARF! ARF! ARF!”

“E…Erin? No, Erin, please, baby, you have to-”


While i personally prefer to configure my ginger @puppygirlsnplaythings

While I personally prefer to configure my Ginger Cauc animals with BitchMaker to create FuckMutts, I’m not averse to a well-converted Whorse. The sometimes fiery temperament of the breed gives it pep, and its natural curves and endurance lend it aesthetic and practical value.

This particular animal was converted with BimboMaxx™ and PrancingPony™, and configured for the FireMane Roan sub-breed. Normally used in teams for personal conveyance, this breed is a bipedal mod that is somewhat unusual in that the Living Latex configuration retains the forehooves, rather than binding those limbs and applying nanite reduction to their mass. This allows the animal some limited manipulation options, and therefore allows for additional maneuvers during dressage, including a French technique known as “Rampant,” where in the animal positions its forehooves to hold a small pennant bearing the sigil of its Owner or Mistress while performing a choreographed step.

Note as well the lack of the optional tail in this animal; it has been removed to allow for more direct control during cart and trap pulling via PhalloDex™. The tail is replaced when the animal is stored in its stall, and may remain in use during intercourse or breeding at the discretion of the animal’s Owner or Mistress.

A good reminder for all domestic animals @puppygirlsnplaythings

A good reminder for all domestic animals.

Sensualhumiliation the doll is being exhibited @puppygirlsnplaythings


The doll is being exhibited to be sold…

Ha ha tammys so small shut up stacy your @puppygirlsnplaythings

“Ha-ha! Tammy’s so small!”

“Shut up, Stacy! Your udders are flabby as old tires already, and you’re not even in the stall yet!”

“Whatever, tiny tits. I’ll bet Bobby choose ME to be his CowSlut, not you. You’ll probably have to be some dumb old FuckMutt.”

“Yeah, you’re gonna be fetchin’ the paper instead of gettin’ fucked and milked all day.”

“Fuck you, Cindy! You look more like a PigSlut. Hope you enjoy eating scraps and sleeping in the mud, porky! I hear Bobby’s ranch hands like ‘em nice and fat like you.”

“GIRLS! GIRLS! That’s enough. I didn’t spend my nephew’s coin to hear a lot of backbiting from ignorant pets. I know you’re all excited to hear what young Master Robert has chosen for you, but this sort of behavior is unseemly, even among domestic animals. Imagine, wasting your final moments of speech on such nonsense. Back when I was taking my Registered Mistress certification, we’d have turned the lot of you into blowjob dispensers and left you at a truck stop. If I have to come back in here again, I’m going to have to inject you all with Immobiliz-Her™ and let Master Robert have you all converted into ManneQueens for the shop.”

“Sorry, Mistress Watanabe.”

“That’s better. Now clear those dim little brains of yours and think about how lucky you are to be purchased by a local family. Many of your littermates were snatched up by that new Malaysian conglomerate and will probably spend their lives as mine ponies, hauling ore and living on cum and kicks. You just think about that. While you still can, that is.”

“Yes, Mistress Watanabe.”

Jessie please immmph shhh you dont call @puppygirlsnplaythings

“Jessie, please, I…MMMPH!”

“Shhh. You don’t call me by name any longer. You don’t get to use my name. In fact, very soon, you won’t even be talking. But until then, you can call me ‘Mistress.’” 

“Ut? Ah oan unnastah…”

“I know you don’t. But you see, the whole time you and your cheerleader friends were wasting your school years trying to find a nice guy from a rich family to buy up your Eligibility Day contract, I was working hard. Getting scholarships. Taking my Registered Mistresses classes, day after day, week after week. Learning all sorts of useful things. Like how to put nanites into wine. Which is why you not only won’t fight me, you can’t.”

“Re-ih-uh Mi-ess? Je-ee, no! Le ee oooh!”


“I said be quiet, bitch. All those years of you uppity bitches making my life hell, mocking me, poking and prodding and teasing and taunting when the Overseers and the Educunts weren’t looking. But things are different now, Samantha. Or is it Sprinkles? Yes. I think Sprinkles will be the perfect name for a dumb, drooling doggy eager to eat my wet pussy.”

“MMMPH! Ah orr-ee! Peeth! Doa oo is!”

“Too little, too late, cunt. By now your daddy’s done signing all the paperwork, and I’ve got a collar and leash ready and waiting in the next room, along with a few…upgrades…I bought with my scholarship money. And you’re just the first! I’m going for extra credit on my Registered Mistress certification. Imagine, the first Mistress in a decade to convert a whole cheer squad. They’ll probably put a plaque with my name on it up in the trophy case.”

“Noooooo! Peeeeeth! Ah orr-ee! Ah orr-ee!”

*laughing* “You’re not sorry. Not yet. But you will be, my little bitch. 

You will be.”

Deliciae delectae bdsmafterthoughts now you @puppygirlsnplaythings



“Now you know who’s in charge.”

Female animals devotionaltraining @puppygirlsnplaythings






I had liked my new short hair, but my boyfriend told me he thought I looked better with my hair grown out. So I grew it out. 

I liked staying in with a good book, but my boyfriend wanted us to be more physically active. So I started going to the gym.

I had always tried to be more about the au naturale look, but my fiance thought I should try to look my best for the wedding. So I started dying my hair and went tanning. 

I thought the wedding dress fit fine, but my fiance said that it’d look amazing if I filled out the top a bit more. So I got implants.

I was fine with having sex only once every week or two, but my husband said that wasn’t enough. So I started putting out more.

I had wanted to continue on with my career, but my husband said that he could provide for the both of us. So I quit and became a full-time housewife. 

I thought, but my master said I had done enough of that. So I stopped.

I was an independent woman once, but my master told me to be a bimbo. So, like, I did.



I’m not looking for a bimbo like this but I enjoy hearing stories of obedience. This was very hot, not because of what she did but because of how she obeyed. 

Giggle, indeed.

Devotional Training: Showing obedience.


Themasterslavetrainer welcome home master @puppygirlsnplaythings


“Welcome home, Master.”

“Hello, Tittany. Was there something I should know in today’s mail?”

“Yes Master. Your ‘Slave Training Weekly’ came. Master is on the front page again.”

“Of course I am. I’m the only fucking slave trainer that does his job right. Do you remember how you came ot interview me for it, Tittany?”

“Tittany is sorry, Master. She has forgotten everything before serving Master.”

“Of course you have, Tittany. Do you want Master to remind you what happened?”

“Yes please, Master. TIttany loves hearing Master’s training stories.”

“Then get the fuck here and give Me a blowjob.”

“Yes Master. Tittany will give Master a nice, long blowjob.”

“Of course you will. Anyway, you were a silly whore called… Something. Jenny, I think. You were asked by STW to do an interview with Me about My training methods. Rather than telling you about it - and thus risking someone else using them - I gave you a cute little drug I developed that made your mind go blank and you forgot who you were and why you where here.”

“That sounds funny Master.”

“Oh, it was. You started screaming in horrible pain and agony while all your useless memories were washed away and replaced with more useful ones, like how to properly serve your Master. Once done, I dressed you up as a slutty little maid and had you obediently start serving Me.”

“Tittany is grateful for getting the chance to serve Master.”

“Of course you are, Tittany. I contacted STW after that and explained that you had ended up in an accident while I was showing you around. They apologized for the inconvience and promised not to send someone to interview me again. As for your boyfriend… Last I heard, he got a slave to make up for it. Your sister, I think it was. Not that I care.”

“Tittany does not remember having a sister so she does not care either, Master.”

“Of course you don’t. But you know what the best part is, Tittany?”

“That’s that, Master?”

“The drug can’t be reversed. You’re gonna spend the rest of your life serving as My cute slave maid. Isn’t that just lovely?”

“Yes Master. Tittany is grateful that serving Master is something she is capable of. Tittany hopes that Master is pleased with her.”

“Of course I am, but I’m starting to think that maybe I should get another little fucktoy to help you out. Your so called ‘best friend’ would be nice to have.”

“Tittany hopes that Master will be pleased with her as well.”

“Oh, I’m sure I will, Tittany. I’m sure I will.”

Latex leather boots mistress whip street fetish fashion @puppygirlsnplaythings

Identifying a Registered Mistress is easy within the confines of the Empire. In addition to the two-legged gait, Mistresses enjoy full citizenship and often possess very powerful personalities that remove any doubt in the viewer’s mind that She is a Citizen, and nobody’s pet or plaything.

Submission fuckpillows used to be named lacey of @puppygirlsnplaythings


FuckPillows used to be named Lacey, of course she didn’t remember that. No her mind had been scrubbed a long, long time ago. Her master had shown her kindness she did not deserve and never put her in beta mode. She had no memory of her pathetic life before. A life where she had dreams of leaving of her small Montana town for Canada. She was going to become a country singer and was going to travel the world. She was going to meet new people, try new things and maybe even fall in love.

When she was kidnapped from her job as a waitress her master made sure she was comfortable. She moved with him to his penthouse in New York, he was an investment banker and needed to travel quite a bit. Sometimes he would take her with him (on domestic flights of course.) She didn’t get to play a guitar but she did get to play his meat flute and sometimes he would ask her to sing to him while he violated her holes. He was always bringing guests over who would ravage her to no end and he often had a new position of degrading act for her to try. So actually, in just about every way all of FuckPillow’s dreams came true.

A truly happy ending.


Excellent work! 


Good dog @puppygirlsnplaythings

Good dog.

What are you writing let me out of here shut @puppygirlsnplaythings

“What are you writing? Let me OUT of here!”

“Shut it, silly girl. It’s just the activation phrase for your nanites. I just need a male voice - any male voice - to say it out loud, and you’ll become a melon-titted, empty-headed fuckmutt, barking and drooling and waggling your Living Latex tail. And once they let you out, while they’ll find they’ve got a new best friend—for life.”

“Please, Karen, I’m sorry! I didn’t even know you wanted that job! I’ll call in right now and resign! Just please…”


“Shhh, I said. I’m leaving now, Susan. You can yell for help if you like, but I think that might just make it easier for someone to find you and claim you. But if you’re very, very quiet, maybe nobody will find you, and you can figure out how to get free. But I doubt it. Delta-Omega-Gamma is a pretty popular frat, as I recall. Ooh! Maybe you’ll be their mascot!”

“You fucking bitch. When I get out of here, I’m going to…”


“Goodbye, Susan. See you down at the dog park. I’ll be sure to call you by name. Well, your new one.”


Excerpted from hundehersteller industries best @puppygirlsnplaythings

Excerpted from Hundehersteller Industries’ ‘Best of Breed’ annual report, a yearly summary of information on the various breeds of domestic animals within and outside the Empire. 

ASIAN IMPERIAL (continued from page 854)

…but it’s clear that, due to irregularities created by an inheritable nanite modification directly to the genome, the breed itself will require significant retooling in order to remain viable and to prevent additional instances of feral “overdosing” within certain populations. 

This retooling is scheduled to be completed by end of Q4., 24

In the interim, Hundehersteller Industries strongly recommends Owners and Mistresses who have purchased or otherwise acquired animals in the Cantonese Cockhound, Singapore Slut, or Peking Fuck sub-breeds have their animals screened for the irregularity before using any Hundehersteller Industries domination nanite product. Other Asian Imperial sub-breeds are NOT affected by the anomaly, and may be processed using standard conversion and customization options.

Temporary control implents, such as ManneQueen™ stands and BitchMaster™ collars, do not trigger the anomaly, and are considered safe. 

Screening is available at your local Department of Domestic Animal Management (DoDAM) office, or via home kit. Call 1-888-LEASHED for more information, or greylink to HUNDEHERSTELLER on the Holo-Net.

AFRICAN MARQUIS (and associated sub-breeds)

Breed History: An Overview

It may seem incredible today, but prior to the rise of the Empire, animals in the African Marquis breed were, along with Owners and Mistresses who share their ancestry, struggling within a systematized culture of racism. The burden of False Equality exacerbated this struggle, as domestic animals of the breed were highly valued for their physical traits and attractiveness, as well as sources of entertainment. But Owners, and even the very few Mistresses, who chose to acknowledge this value were quickly chastised by both their own communities and the culture as a whole. The persecution and oppression of African-Imperial citizens is a black mark on the history of the former United States, and much of what was once called “The First World.” 

As history tells us, the rise of the Empire did much to eliminate racial strife among citizens. The long-awaited dismantlement of the old culture, including the insistence that domestic animals be forced to emulate their Owners and Mistresses, created an equalizing effect. Gone were petty notions of superiority based on race or place of birth; status could now be achieved by anyone willing to engage in (and be incentivized by!) government programs and contribute positively to the Empire’s expansion and security.

With 97% of the female population properly reclassified as domestic animals, new hierarchies and new opportunities developed. Breed standards were established, reviewed, refined. Technology made life easier, freeing every citizen from the grind of a “9 to 5″ (i.e., a “job”—see Volume VII of the Hundehersteller Annotated Library, Roles in the Age of False Equality, for more information). And, naturally, equal opportunity and security, as well as access to top-shelf health care for all citizens (and the animals they love!) did much to alleviate many of the social divides that had plagued humanity for so long.

All of these developments have contributed positively to an exceptional breed that has featured prominently in the expansion and improvement of the Empire, as well as the lives of its citizens.

The African Marquis Today

As a breed, the African Marquis displays admirable versatility. It originally was used primarily for CowSlut and Fuckmutt applications, but in the years since the collapse of False Equality and the rise of the Empire to global prominence, the breed has come to occupy an enviable popularity across all conversion methodologies, including KittyCunt, ManneQueen, and PigSlut applications.

Today, 300 years after the rise of Dr. Hundehersteller, it is especially significant to see how many Owners and Mistresses prefer to use this breed for BimboSlut, Sexretary, and BimboMaid conversions. Why? Because it speaks to the value of the animals based on their own merits and breed standards, rather than some arbitrary and racist antipathy.

It seems preposterous to a modern reader, but it took significant effort and nearly a century of breeding and stabilization before attitudes toward race and culture shifted throughout entirety of the Empire. The racist and ill-informed assumptions about the breed fell by the wayside, and these beautiful, pneumatic, hard-working animals have become an indespensible part of every farm, home, commercial enterprise, and—it goes almost without saying—the entertainment industry. 

Indeed, cultural and racial stereotypes that have vanished from society’s attitude as a whole seem to have undergone dramatic changes, appearing most often as humorous stereotypes lampooning the love some African Marquis owners have of “tricking out” their animals with outlandish customizations. African-Imperial Owners and Mistresses also tend to customize animals of this breed with more personal or cultural themes, including custom nanite tattoos, house or familial sigils, and assorted piercings and coat modifications.

Sturdy, spirited, and yet easy to train and customize with Hundehersteller nanites, the African Marquis is sure to remain a crowd-pleaser for centuries to come.

Breed Standards

Figure 18.1 Selected photos of BimboMaxx-injected African Marquis animals, taken from a sales catalog distributed to allies outside the Empire.

The African Marquis, like the Latin Brindle and Eastern European Cauc (see table 4BR for distinctions between master-level divisions for the Caucasion breeds), is categorized as a Work/Entertainment animal. As you can see in figure 18.2, standards for this breed include both strength and beauty, with an average measurement set consistent with the standards as established in 21by Dr. K. West, who was recruited at that time from the California division of Hundehersteller Industries’ Entertainment Consultancy. 

Special emphasis is placed on a pneumatic build, with strong, thick hindquarters and substantial breast development. Strength should be Class B or higher; for animals in commercial, industrial, or governmental use, Class A is required. 

For show animals, regardless of conversion method, coat, eye color, and nipple shade are acceptable within listed parameters.*

For animals raised within the Empire, attitude should be enthusiastic and eager to please. Some token defiance is expected with this breed prior to conversion, but this translates to a perky and faux-”naughty” temperament after conversion in 99% of animals. 

For strays, imports, and criminal animals, it is recommended that a full mindwipe be used to reset the animal to Alpha, and nanite conversion therapy be employed to create an appropriate temperament in the resultant CowSlut, FuckMutt, PigSlut, or KittyCunt. Feral instances of this breed have been known to respond poorly to Beta in certain instances, and display anomalous resistance and/or misbehavior unless proper conversion and customization methods are employed. 

NOTE: Members of this breed with former status as She-Wolf operatives (or as participants in any seditious, terrorist, or anti-government activity) are to be processed ONLY by DoDAM agents, using official DoDAM equipment. Anyone purchasing such an animal agrees to activate its failsafe and render it a ManneQueen Type-C (permanent conversion) and contact authorities should it display erratic behavior of any kind.

Customization Options

Compatible with all Hundehersteller Industries domination nanite products, the African Marquis is a versatile and useful breed for Owners and Mistresses of all stripes. 

The chart below lists in detail the configuration options available for this breed throughout 24, including optional installation of upgrades such as the MasterPiece 3000™ system. 

(Continued on Page 862)

*Figure 18.2 offers standard configuration and measurements, including acceptable eye, coat, and nipple colors, for show animals. Animals of this breed falling outside the standard may still qualify for special show status with the purchase and application of ShowMaster customization nanites from Hundehersteller Industries.

Always feed your pets some warm milk before bed to @puppygirlsnplaythings

Always feed your pets some warm milk before bed to help them sleep.

Ill never be your dog i wont let you make me @puppygirlsnplaythings

“I’ll NEVER be your dog. I won’t let you make me into some mindless pet!” 

“Oh, there are worse things, bitch.”

And he’d shown her, then, just how much worse it could be for a stray in the Empire. He took her to the back room of a nearby warehouse, where a cunt had been bolted, mindwiped, and turned into a Blowjob Dispenser. She no longer remembered being human, let alone being the supervisor of the same men who used her every coffee break and lunchtime. But the men did, and they took great pleasure in giving their appliance its daily load of nutrition.

When they left, the bitch at his feet was quietly shuddering, tears in her eyes. 

“Got something to say, cunt?”

“P…please, Master, make me your dog. I’ll be a good bitch. Please take away my mind and make me your fuckmutt.”

He smiled, ruffling her hair. 

“I thought you’d say that.”

Coffee no go in muggy giggle thats because @puppygirlsnplaythings

“Coffee no go in muggy!” *giggle*

“That’s because you’ve forgotten to open the lid. And also to put coffee in the carafe.”

*giggle* “Like, huh?”

*sigh* I might’ve overdone it on the BimboMaxx™. But at least she’s not asking about a promotion anymore. 

“Never mind, FunBags. Follow me, and we’ll see about my coffee…and your cream.”


Yes, it’s a little awkward, having to teach one’s simpering, brainless Sexretary how to operate a simple coffee carafe every single morning, but it’s a small price to pay considering her exceptional work ethic under your desk. 

I love the new ottoman thanks darling its @puppygirlsnplaythings

“I love the new ottoman.”

“Thanks, darling, it’s imported. I don’t generally repurpose Tawny Caucs as furniture, but this one was a steal. Turns out it was some sort of terrorist, if you can imagine. Going on and on about overthrowing the Empire, freeing the domestic animals, that sort of thing.”

“Honestly. I see these things on the Holo-Net all the time, and I always think, “What would they do with freedom? They’re helpless without us. Not to mention they’d be terribly sad without someone to serve. It’s animal cruelty, is what it is, trying to drag them into some barbarian state for delusion programming.”

“Precisely. At any rate, they’d already squeezed all the data or whatever out of this one when I found it down at the auction house—you know I’m a fiend for those flash sales!—and so I added a ManneQueen™ bolt, a lovely fabric cover, and called it good. Tommy and Dean even loaded it up and dropped it off for me.”

“Oh, they’re such dears. Were there any more at the auction house, do you think? I’ve need of a pair of tables in my salon, and you know I’m hosting the dog and pony show Sunday.”

"I should imagine. You know the good Doctor tends to scoop them up by the dozen. Honestly, I don’t know why these She-Wolf types bother. It’s like they want to get caught, but their pride gets in the way. But then again, who can truly understand the mind of an animal?”


Close Photo