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VERY NSFW! 18+ ONLY! (Duh) A place where I will post manips and captions I’ve created for a universe involving a man (in a floppy hat) called Dr. Hundehersteller. The storyline has evolved over several years, and all of these manips are also posted (with comments, feedback, suggestions) over at the Hypnopics Collective. Anyway, I will probably also post other work and stuff I like (this being Tumblr, after all). View my Amazon author page and get Petgirl Tales for your Kindle HERE: Check out my books and read my Smashwords interview here: BIANCA BEAUCHAMP: LATEX GODDESS var zflag_nid="607"; var zflag_cid="20469"; var zflag_sid="36490"; var zflag_width="1"; var zflag_height="1"; var zflag_sz="94"; displayBan('36490', '~/banners/3/5/100x100', 'gNcdv%2fmwhskVxLi%2bQNJhAfgJYFlJTJ%2f9Tq73nMQwXjD5hfENhjycy20jEkk2AD5ou6Te83wPL3fLCImY9B2%2f4JH7wByT2%2fa0SVOvbKzeFE4%3d'); displayBan('36490', '~/banners/3/1/180x150', 'gNcdv%2fmwhskVxLi%2bQNJhAfgJYFlJTJ%2f9Tq73nMQwXjD5hfENhjycy20jEkk2AD5ou6Te83wPL3fHx%2fqpoT91RuiDqiividQmqIjFHckWYJY%3d'); (function(i,s,o,g,r,a,m){i['GoogleAnalyticsObject']=r;i[r]=i[r]||function(){ (i[r].q=i[r].q||[]).push(arguments)},i[r].l=1*new Date();a=s.createElement(o), m=s.getElementsByTagName(o)[0];a.async=1;a.src=g;m.parentNode.insertBefore(a,m) })(window,document,'script','//','ga'); ga('create', 'UA-49148012-2', ''); ga('send', 'pageview'); - Puppygirls & Playthings (@puppygirlsnplaythings)
Maria here with a quick reminder for the @puppygirlsnplaythings

Maria here, with a quick reminder for the customer-citizens of the Empire: 

When training a new pet, remember that the belt makes a better leash than it does a lash. There’s no need to harm your animal if you can show it you are in charge from the beginning, and want to provide it with the boundaries, control, and love it craves. 

I’ve owned several animals in my time, both in the fictional fantasy world of the Hundehersteller Universe and the real world where we all are so very lucky to live and play. And every single one of my pets has been firmly, but lovingly, taught their place. I’ve never been the sort to endorse unthinking cruelty to one’s fucktoys and pets, anymore than I’d endorse unthinking cruelty to any animal. Like all animals, they trust us as Mistresses (or Owners), and violating that trust is an expression of violence, not power. 

Owning a domestic animal is a privilege as well as a right, and the Owner or Mistress who mistreats their animals on a whim is more of a beast than any creature that might be found at their feet.

OK, back to the systematic subjugation of domestic animals around the world. ;)


Controlandsurrender she remained on all fours @puppygirlsnplaythings


She remained on all fours, transfixed and frozen in place.  Unable to move, unable to do anything but stay in the position he’d placed her in.  She screamed inside her mind as he touched her, teased her… knowing he would take her in any way he wished, and she would be unable to do anything to stop him.

Fantasytransformations controlandsurrender @puppygirlsnplaythings



Maybe once upon a time she was intelligent and independent. 

If she was, she couldn’t really remember what that was like.

It was so much easier to be her Master’s dumb little plaything.. a living doll that he could use however he wished.

Czar donovan im like the bestest tennis @puppygirlsnplaythings


“I’m, like, the bestest tennis player in the world. I totally know how to play with balls.”

Maddie Wimbeldon had been the number one women’s tennis player in the world. In truth, she’d been the best in the world, out of men and women. But that was before the laws were passed. The laws that forbade women who weren’t bimbos to have self-respect. The laws that forbade women to vote, read, or even think. Maddie, a vocal feminist, had opposed the laws. 

That was why she was a target for ‘assassassination’ the term used to describe the assassination of a woman’s non-bimbo identity. Maddie Wimbeldon had been killed. Destroyed. She was taken to a re-education camp, subjected to endless hypnosis and edging, until her former identity was gone. Then, the reprogramming began. They filled the empty space that had once been Maddie’s mind with thoughts of sex and subservience. 

To show the whole world that it was pointless to fight the laws, Dee Dee went on national television. She showed the whole world her new self, one that didn’t hit balls anymore but instead sucked on them. And she showed the whole world. She got down on her knees in front of the Prime Minister, and gave him a handjob while sucking on his testes. Then, he sprayed cum all over her. After that, the broadcast went on for hours and hours, with all of the top tennis players in the world getting a chance to use Dee Dee in whatever degrading ways they wanted. 

The event was a success. Opposition to the laws from men died. Many women lost the will to fight. Sure there were still freedom fighters, but they were mere embers from a once roaring fire.

Of course, that one battle had not won the war. So Dee Dee went on tours and made videos to support the laws. And she always opened with the same line, one she thought was, like, super smart and sexy and stuff. “I’m, like, the bestest tennis player in the world. I totally know how to play with balls and stuff.”

Yazzers captions the facility had pinpointed @puppygirlsnplaythings


The facility had pinpointed the location of Tom’s brain where his reality altering powers came from.  They knew he was too unstable to be allowed to have so much power. It needed to be cut out. Unfortunately, when the surgeon walked in, she had no idea that her assistant hadn’t fully put him under.  

Within seconds her hair cascaded down her back into long blonde waves and her once-natural tits exploded out of her top.  Her medical degrees vanished as she got dumber and dumber.  Memory of sitting through any college course were replaced with memories of tanning beds, doing her nails, and reading gossip magazines.  She was no longer a brain surgeon, she was just a nurse…no, she was the secretary, wait…this is her boyfriend!  She needs to help him escape.

But, first, his cock got hard so she needed to be a good girl and let him jerk off on her dumb bimbo lips.  She may be really stupid and horny, but she still has a job to do.

Bimbosanddolls once youre in the game its so @puppygirlsnplaythings


Once you’re in the game, it’s so hard to get out. The high you get as you watch someone begin to change to your every whim. I’ve transformed CEOs into big-titted dolls that were little more than office decor. I’ve turned over-achieving college girls into sex-crazed sluts that could barely spell their own name. Nothing can compare to the thrill you get from it. 

But, eventually, you grow up a bit and come to realize that you’re ruining other peoples’ lives for your own personal enjoyment. I mean, sure, the girls end up loving what they become, I always made sure of that,… but you can’t help but feel a little bad for them.

It had been 6 months since I last “changed” a girl. I can’t begin to tell you how hard it was. When you have this kind of power, it almost feels like a waste to not use it. Your first reaction is always to want to turn the bitch on the subway into a bubbly bimbo as if it was some kind of fucked-up social service. Nonetheless, I was committed to getting out of this. I was managing to resist the urges and continued on my way like any other human being.

My life changed when I met Emily. She was absolutely breath-taking. If love at first sight is really a thing, I experienced it when I saw her. She was sitting on a park bench and reading a book. Thanks to my Masters in English Lit., I was familiar with the author so I tried to use it as a way to strike up a conversation. 

She was polite, but I could tell she wasn’t interested in chatting with me. Still, I couldn’t bring myself to walk away. When I asked if she’d like to go out for coffee or something, she immediately shot me down. She claimed that she had just got out of a tough relationship and “wasn’t looking for anything right now”. I knew there was no point in continuing, but I knew I just had to have her. 

In my sudden desperation, I entered into her mind and made her more suggestible. Within seconds, she agreed to a date. I felt guilty for what I had done, but I told myself that would be the only thing I’d do to her. She just needed a chance to get to know me. 

And that’s exactly what happened. Our first date was fantastic. She showed up in this stunning little black dress. Everything was perfect. We just clicked. The best part about it all was that I didn’t need to change anything about it or manipulate her mind in any way; this was all happening organically. From that point on, I swore to never use these “powers” again. 


And I didn’t. At least, not until I finally gathered the courage to tell Emily about them. I told her everything; when I first discovered what I could do, how I used it, how she made me finally give it up for good. I was terrified that she would leave me. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I knew I would deserve it too. 

To my surprise, however, she wasn’t upset at all. In fact, it was quite the opposite. She begged me to tell her more about my various conquests, what would happen to the girls and so on. She was completely fascinated. I told her everything and could see the excitement in her eyes. Then, she turned my whole world on its head and asked me to use my abilities on her. 

I tried to talk her out of it. I told her I didn’t want to change her; that I loved her how she was. I lied and said I didn’t know how it might affect her. Despite my efforts, she begged and begged. She said I could change her back right after. That it would be “just a quickie”. I knew, however, that we were about to go down a very slippery slope.

She already had a decent sized chest, certainly more than a handful, but she insisted I make them bigger. She said she wanted “big, fake pornstar boobs”. I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t thought about Emily having tits like that, so I knew exactly what she meant. But fantasizing and actually doing it are two very different things. All the effort I had put into getting out of this stuff, into trying to be a normal person, was about to be thrown away. Not only was I back in the game, but now I had a partner.

After much hesitation, I gave in to my demons and inflated her tits to her desired proportions. I watched as she lost herself in complete ecstasy and her ample breasts swelled and strained against her top. I saw the brief moment of awe as she realized what I had done to her. I wanted to say something, to apologize and change her back, but she pounced on me in a sudden burst of lust and arousal and we fucked like never before.

Since then, Emily’s gotten a bit addicted to my abilities. And, like the fiend that I am, I indulge her every request. The love of my life has allowed me to shape her into the girl of my wildest fantasies. She spends most of her time as Emmi-slut now. And she couldn’t possibly dream of reading the book she had when I first saw her, or any book, for that matter. But she loves being my brainless little sex addict and that’s all that matters anymore.

Good dog @puppygirlsnplaythings

Good dog!

The look of bliss this particular domestic @puppygirlsnplaythings

The look of bliss. This particular domestic animal, freshly captured and in need of a few upgrades, nevertheless knows that while its head may be empty and its will erased, its life, like its mouth, is now filled with purpose.

For domestic animals raised within the empire @puppygirlsnplaythings

For domestic animals raised within the Empire, Eligibility Day is a joyous occasion. There is perhaps no feeling more thrilling than the elation that fills a newly purchased pet or plaything when their collar is placed around their neck and sealed by nanites.

Some lucky pets are permitted to perform this act themselves, driven as they are both to show their own eagerness to assume their proper place, and to provide a good example for strays and other domestic animals who have not yet embraced the power and purpose of their true nature.

Expansionworld amy anderrson boob job over the @puppygirlsnplaythings


Amy anderrson boob job over the years -  bimbofied

Another domestic animal that’s done a fine job over the years of optimizing itself for maximum appeal and docility. The adjustment of its coat from Tawny Cauc to Raven Cauc was especially welcome, given the natural coloring of the animal itself.

It was disappointing to learn that its current Owner allowed it to reduce the size of its truly magnificent rack recently, but I remain confident that the pressures of competition from other up-and-coming fucktoys, as well as the animal’s utter unsuitability for any occupation OTHER than “fuckpet” will soon lead to a return to proper form and adherence to breed standards for a BimboSlut of this breed.

Good dog @puppygirlsnplaythings

Good dog.

Iwanttobeafirefly its very simple @puppygirlsnplaythings


It’s very simple.

Puppy girls guess whos home @puppygirlsnplaythings


Guess who’s home!?

Evilqueen1969 the rules state that you must @puppygirlsnplaythings


“The rules state that you must beg my collar. There are no rules about how I am to convince you.”

Ariane st a i made my new release on @puppygirlsnplaythings


I  made my new release on with quite a big photoset of 181 photos including a few self portrait. I’m sure this asian looking lingerie will turn you on!

Tattooed, enhanced, and self-optimized for maximum appeal? Good.

Tattooed, enhanced, and self-optimized for maximum appeal and properly collared? Much better.

This particular animal has done an amazing job of optimizing itself since its debut. While it’s always been attractive and aware about its true purpose as a pet that’s built to look good and please its betters, it really is a spectacular example of what’s possible when a domestic animal embraces its proper place in the world. With every enlargement, tattoo, and facial surgery, it gets closer and closer to removing any trace of doubt that it is not only ready for, but eager to embrace, the Leash Laws. 

Take note, aspiring bimbos and fuckpets.

Training your property fetch is sometimes @puppygirlsnplaythings


Fetch is sometimes played with a stick, but bitches should learn to fetch dick.

Getting a treat every time she gives up the dildo re-enforces how fun it can be.  If she’s playful and doesn’t want to let go - as some pups do - make sure to cram it into her head until she needs to pull back.  If she wants to keep it in her mouth, she’ll need to learn what that really means. 

If she’s an enthusiastic pet, now is a good time to exhaust her by fetching a few more times than she might be able to handle. 

After a long fetch session and then a solid meal, she’ll sleep.  Dreaming of running over the grass, chasing cock, and all the kinds of treats she gets when letting it wag around in her mouth.  The mix of face-fucking and sweet, candy snacks tossed around like a jumble in her head.

You may notice your pup twitching in her cage - legs pulsing and mouth open, lapping and snatching at some imagined target.   This is not only normal, but an excellent sign of progress.

Training your property learning to fetch the @puppygirlsnplaythings


Learning to fetch the paper or the mail is a more advanced bit of behavioral conditioning.  You have to condition the time of day it arrives, the task of getting the paper, what to do when the bitch has it in her mouth.

That’s a lot for a stupid animal to handle.  And left to her own, there might be all kinds of distractions.  But it’s good to instill duties like this, it challenges them and tests their progress. 

It can lead to situations like this.  A pup of the right disposition will eagerly await what pops through the hole, ready from the earliest possible moment. A temperament that could easily be warped for public service.

Her days of lovingly leaving lipstick on the front page will lead to that pretty makeup being washed off by load after load of cum at one of the town’s public glory holes. Reduced to an eager hole, accepting whatever the outside world has to offer through the hole.

Breaking in the new fuckmutt as the bitchmaker @puppygirlsnplaythings

Breaking in the new Fuckmutt as the BitchMaker™ takes control.

A quick note on jenny poussin this perky tawny @puppygirlsnplaythings

A quick note on Jenny Poussin:

This perky Tawny Cauc is one of the friendliest, realest models working today. I’ve had the good fortune to talk with her on numerous occasions, and she’s always been a delight. She’s even agreed to let me use some of her images for the cover of an upcoming book set in the Hundehersteller universe (which is VERY exciting indeed). 

Her official page—a gallery of her work on Deviant Art—is phenomenal, and I hope we continue to see this bimbo produce high-quality fetish work (and additional self-optimization) for years to come. The community, and her fan base, are very lucky to have Jenny.


Braindraintime thanks to soulblazer12 for the @puppygirlsnplaythings


Thanks to @soulblazer12 for the text.

This is why living latex is so essential @puppygirlsnplaythings

This is why Living Latex™ is so essential. Dragging an animal through the streets like this—even a newly acquired stray!—is inexcusably cruel. Not only are you risking long-term damage to the animal, lowering resale value, but you’re violating a number of Leash Laws.

Remember, G.O.O.D. D.O.G.S. and the rest of the Leash Laws are not just there to ensure domestic harmony. They are a comprehensive set of rules and regulations designed to ensure the humane and loving treatment of domestic animals even as they are guided to their proper place as fuckpets, toys, and servants. 

If you see animal cruelty, speak up! Call 1-888-LEASHED and dial extension 17, or send a NeuroBlast via greylink to keyword ANIMALCRUELTY on the HoloNet.

Be careful what you wish for manip by maria ok @puppygirlsnplaythings


OK, seriously, last reblog. 

What happens in a world where Hundehersteller Industries has taken the reins of the entertainment industry? Much better plotlines! Like this one, featuring everyone’s favorite Latin Brindle, Tetona!

Gloria gets upset that “Yay” (Jay) treats the dog better than he treats her. So he promises to be more fair…with very exciting results for everyone except his new dog.

Its never too early in the conversion process to @puppygirlsnplaythings

It’s never too early in the conversion process to teach your new dog some useful tricks.

Display model manip by maria one last blast from @puppygirlsnplaythings

DISPLAY MODEL (Manip by Maria)

One last blast from the past. I was very pleased to see Heidi Montag go through such extensive self-optimization, and very disappointed when she allowed her Owner to talk her into toning it down. Fortunately, her improvements can be restored—and preserved indefinitely—thanks to a handy, affordable ManneQueen™ bolt from Hundehersteller Industries!

Ask for it by name!

Kennelmaster arf @puppygirlsnplaythings



Hold that pose and private collection manips by @puppygirlsnplaythings


A couple more throwback reblogs. I just wrote a chapter about a haughty girl who gets turned into a fuckdoll for my latest book, so ManneQueens are on my mind today. I’m especially proud of the work on Veronika Zemanova, who has certainly been on my Wish List for as long as I’ve had one, but of course Marie-Claude Bourbonnais gets top marks as well.

Best of all, they look as good in the bed as they do on the stand. That’s Hundehersteller quality!

Eternal beauty manip by maria another reblog of @puppygirlsnplaythings


Another reblog of an old favorite. Marie-Claude Bourbonnais is my favorite Tawny Cauc, and she shows up in quite a lot of my work. Here we see her as an unsuspecting housewife whose curiosity leads to some pretty dire consequences…and a new life in the shop window.

Pet names manip by maria a reblog of a photo i @puppygirlsnplaythings

PET NAMES (Manip by Maria)

A reblog of a photo I did a few years ago. This was before the introduction of Living Latex™ as a standard upgrade for fuckmutts, but I think the image and the story hold up pretty well.


Bimbonicolette dreamingdarkly modern @puppygirlsnplaythings



Modern Education

yay! i was reading this and wishing it was me….and it was!!

Excerpted from out of africa origins of the @puppygirlsnplaythings

Excerpted from Out of Africa: Origins of the African Marquis Breed and Sub-Breeds by Steven Mfune, DVM

“Historians have used an ocean of ink writing about the origin of the Tawny Cauc breed within the self-optimizing populations of Pre-Imperial America, but we would be remiss if we did not acknowledge the efforts made by animals from other breeds in establishing the standard and supremely desirable traits found in their descendants today. 

One of the most visible in the early twenty-first century was an African Marquis known (at the time), as “Nicki Minaj”. This particular animal was ideally situated to promote the sassy sensuality of the breed, with self-enhanced curves and an attitude that paid lip service to the then-popular philosophy of “feminism” (See Thompson & Vagoda, Poison: Ideological Artifacts from the Age of False Equality, New Chicago, Julianos Press, 2145.) while nevertheless reinforcing the physical and mental changes (increased sexual desire, physical optimization, submission masked by token objection/resistance) that paved the way for G.O.O.D. D.O.G.S. and the rest of the Leash Laws. 

The passage of the Leash Laws found this particular animal at the top of its career (NOTE FOR IMMIGRANTS AND STUDENTS: Domestic Animals were formerly classified as citizens during the Age of False Equality, and could often be found employed in a variety of industries, including entertainment), and the substantial bidding war for ownership in the wake of its capture during the now famous “Celebri-bitch Round-Up” set records at the time.

Sold to its former label and rechristened “Cocoa,” this magnificent specimen went on to provide invaluable data for Hundehersteller Scientists developing breed standards in the early days of the Empire, and remained a popular performer in a variety of entertainment media until its eventual conversion to a display piece via permanent ManneQueen™ bolt and sale to the Museum of Domestic Veterinary History in Washington, D.C. circa 2278.”

Dearestdummies public service announcement @puppygirlsnplaythings



Dangers in the Home

Never. Never. Never give your girl a mentally stimulating toy. This is how home accidents happen and marriages are ruined. A plush stuffed animal is much safer and more soothing as her entertainment. If your girl needs brighter colors for stimulation, and has fidgety hands, then supply her with a variety of make-up compacts. A Rubik’s Cube can twist and expand her perception, leading to toxic outcomes like feminism and death. She will be much safer and happier unlocking the mysteries of eye shadow.

Fakeboobsworld olga loera @puppygirlsnplaythings


Olga Loera

Two reasons why Mexico Lindo y Querido will always be in my heart.

Candyhousebimbos ladies this is the way @puppygirlsnplaythings


Ladies, this is the way, embrace the bimbo inside of you and become a plastic fuckdoll …. Men will love you for it.

Not just men will love you for it, my dumb little domestic animals. This particular Chocolate Cauc reminds me quite a lot of my ex, who slipped the leash but nevertheless holds a special place in the heart of her former Mistress.

Sara didnt really like working at the club the @puppygirlsnplaythings

Sara didn’t really like working at the club. The uniforms were too skimpy, even for waitresses like her, and living in a border town meant the citizens of the Empire—especially the men—who wandered in on occasion treated her as barely human at best. All because she’d followed her boyfriend North to “pursue his dream.” Well, he’d found it, all right. And he’d moved to the States, leaving her behind. Which was just as well, since she’d discovered she loved women far more than men.

She supposed she should be grateful. She had a job, and she was saving every penny for a ticket back home to Acapulco. Her girlfriend, Ana, was going to come with her. We’ll get out of this town, baby, Ana always said, and go far away. Somewhere the Empire can’t touch us. Just you and me.

Ordinarily, she had her guard up all the time. No woman who lived in a border town lasted long if they didn’t. But she’d worked a double shift for too many nights in a row, and so she hadn’t heard the man come up behind her as she wearily smoked her cigarette and checked her messages in the alley behind the club.

The man hadn’t done anything to her. Not really. He’d simply come up behind her at the club and slipped the collar around her slender neck. The simplest thing. She should’ve been able to laugh it off, jerk the pink and black collar off and tell him to look elsewhere to satisfy his kinks.

Instead, she’d felt a massive jolt of energy run through her, from head to feet, and the next thing she knew, she was crawling beside him. She knew he was talking to her, but his words didn’t seem to make sense. It was just low, comforting noise, occasionally punctuated by a word she could grasp. Words like suck. Fuck. Dog. Bitch. Come. Follow. 




She should’ve felt self-conscious, crawling into her own club next to the man. But it was getting hard to think. She watched her manager come over and talk to the man. Their low male voices were thick with amusement as they gestured and laughed. Sara tried to focus, but it was hard. Her tongue slipped from her mouth, a thin line of drool running down her chin as she began to pant.

The Men talked a long time. Sara felt herself slipping into a pink fog, and couldn’t seem to find her way out…

Eventually, The Short Man (my manager, that’s my manager, a hazy part of her mind insisted) handed a leash to THE OWNER, who said something else and then attached it to the dog’s collar. The dog was happy. She felt better, knowing THE OWNER had her secured. A few strays were making noises at her now, but The Short Man shooed them away. One was angry, and had to be dragged away. The dog hoped the stray would find her own OWNER so she could be happy.

THE OWNER said something, and suddenly the dog knew her name was Scraps. Scraps wagged her ass happily. She was happy to have a name. Panting contentedly, she settled in next to THE OWNER as he sat down at his table. Maybe, thought Scraps as the last of her human mind faded away, she’d get a nice bone after dinner.

Submission so my husband and i recently @puppygirlsnplaythings


So, my husband and I recently completed our move into the Customer States and hare settling in quite well.  While taking the household bimbo for a walk, though, I ran into these two helpful girls.  My question is, did I encounter the Empire’s answer to K9 units, or is it more likely that some Owner let their costumed girls wander around for a while?

Either way, they had dildos instead of nightsticks and I honestly thought that was a nice touch to the costumes.

Hello there! Thanks for writing.

Domestic Animals wearing Living Latex™ uniforms in this configuration were likely from the PR division. K9 Units, strictly speaking, are configured as FuckMutts, although the term is used occasionally as a blanket term for all domestic animals in use by Imperial Law Enforcement.

We’re always pleased to hear that visitors to the Empire had a positive experience! We hope you’ll visit again soon.

Have a powerful day,

Maria Gutierrez
Executive Vice-President
Hundehersteller Industries

Enigmamre destiny loved her wedding dress so @puppygirlsnplaythings


Destiny loved her wedding dress so much. She couldn’t wait to wear it for her husband to be. What a disaster the other dress she picked out would have been. It was so frumpy and boring. And her new tits wouldn’t have fit in them at all. Her fiance would have been so disappointed.

But thankfully he took over all of the wedding planning duties. All she had to do was listen to the various bits of wedding music over and over. That made her feel so happy and horny. But her husband to be was so smart. Telling her that it’s bad luck to masturbate or orgasm three months before the wedding. She was so lucky to have such a smart fiance.

Mollypops23 mysterywriteher worship me like @puppygirlsnplaythings



Worship me like you’re a fresh convert and I’m your god. Worship that cock like it could destroy you and bring fulfillment to your life, to your soul, to your insides. Because you know it could do all those things. Start with a nice, slow tongue bath and then we’ll go from there. Mmmm. Good little slut.

The adoration and subservience here is soooo hot!

Good dog.

Mollypops23 the blankness of those eyes is @puppygirlsnplaythings


The blankness of those eyes is fantastic!

Kittensluts are fun but they do tend to play with @puppygirlsnplaythings

Kittensluts are fun, but they do tend to play with their toys until they break.

Wendy couldnt believe it her best friend @puppygirlsnplaythings

Wendy couldn’t believe it. Her best friend, Sharon, had offered her a place to hide out when the Leash Laws passed in her state, promising Wendy a safe haven to wait while she figured out a way to get her to safety. 

But when she’d arrived, after dodging constant Hundehersteller patrols and roving bands of men looking for easy additions to their own kennels and collections, Wendy was shocked to find Sharon had already begun building a collection of her own.

She’d tried to run, but the dart gun at Sharon’s side was much faster than an exhausted, travel-weary woman on foot. The last thing she’d heard before losing consciousness was “Well, well, well. Looks like my favorite Chocolate Cauc has come for a little visit.”

When she awoke, it was to find herself being led across a field toward one of Sharon’s barns. Whinnies and neighs drifted toward her on the breeze as she passed a field of heavy-titted women on all fours, mooing and chewing cud as they wandered through the flowers in the sun. 

Sharon was talking, she realized. 

“But of course I could never do that to you, Wobbles. You might’ve been a tease, but you were nowhere near as bad as Tiffany and her idiot friends. So now the stuck-up model and her friends are eating slop in my pigpen, and you’re going to be a very pretty show pony. Isn’t that nice?”

Wendy shook her head, her jaw aching. “MMMPH!” 

Sharon looked back, frowning. “Oh, quiet down, Wobbles. I told you, I’ll take the gag out when you’re ready. And that won’t be until we’ve gotten you all the way back to the stables for a few more upgrades.” She smiled wistfully. “Trust me, by the time we’re finished, you’ll be happier than you’ve ever been. No more bothersome thinking, or painful memories of pretending to be anything but my pretty pony. Won’t that be wonderful?”

Wendy shook her head again, tears springing to her eyes. Sharon stopped in the middle of the field and pulled her captive close. 

“Of course, I could give you a few different upgrades. Maybe leave you in Beta and give you a shot of BoviMaxx™. Let you wander around the field in the sun all day, remembering your old life even as you act like the dumb cowslut you’ve become. My farmhands are always happy to see a new cowslut. I hear they even put a little extra cum in the feed trough of their favorites. Is that what you want? You want to make milk for my little dairy? Turning you into Whoppers is as easy as turning you into Wobbles, you know.” Sharon’s voice was full of suppressed anger, but her eyes were bright with amusement.

Wendy blinked and shook her head violently. If she played along, maybe Sharon would relax her grip for a second. If she could just talk to her, make her see… 

“That’s what I thought. Come on, Wobbles. And don’t bother making any escape plans. The boys are all armed with dart rifles, and if they  shoot you, it’s off to the pig pen with Tiffany and those other cunts. But If you’re a good girl, I’ll let you pick your Living Latex™ color. Oh, we’re going to have such fun!”

She jerked the leash, and Wendy staggered along behind her, head hung low as she accepted her new place in the world.

Surviveuntildawn cut the ending revise the @puppygirlsnplaythings


Cut the ending. Revise the script. The man of her dreams is a girl.

Tranced2blank mrimpulse ca hypno thursday @puppygirlsnplaythings



Hypno-Thursday focus on….bimbofication!

Any day really…all week….every month….for a year…and a lifetime. Bliss

Englishbondage decoration more value as an @puppygirlsnplaythings


Decoration. More value as an object than anything else.

Bimbosanddolls thesympatheticdevil you ok @puppygirlsnplaythings



>You ok there Officer Sambuca?

“I was going…I was going to arrest you…”

>Now why on earth would you want to arrest me?

“Unauthorized…unauthorized use of reality warping technology. So hard to think. Must remember…I’m not…I’m not…”

>Now why in the multiverse would I warp reality Officer Sambuca? This is the best of all possible worlds, protected by the Bimbo Police who protect us all from getting too horny!

“I’m not…not a bimbo cop…have to remember…”

>Oh, don’t be so modest Officer Sambuca! Of course Rae you’re a Bimbo Cop! You’re the most decorated Bimbo Cop in the multiverse! You were awarded Bronze Dildo last year for going above and beyond the call of duty last year. Surly you remember.

“I…I remember?”

>Of course you remember Officer Sambuca. That’s what happened in the only reality that matters. You would forget receiving the Bronze Dildo anymore than you would forget the Bimbo Cop’s Motto, would you?

“The Motto…I remember the Bimbo Cop’s Motto…I must remember the Bimbo Cop’s Motto…”

>And what was the motto you swore to uphold Officer Sambuca?

“To serve…to serve and protect…to serve and protect while I serve the erect! I solemnly swear to serve and protect while I serve the erect! I’m a Bimbo Cop!  I solemnly swear to serve and protect while I serve the erect! <giggle>”

>I’m so glad you’re here Officer Sambuca! Look what I’ve have in my pants!

“<gasp> OMG! That’s a big one! It’s a good thing I was in the neighborhood! Drop your pants, Citizen! I’m going to do my duty! ”

Love this story. Very fun.

Mollypops23 at the intake center each new @puppygirlsnplaythings


At the Intake Center, each new product is cleaned, inspected, and marked for repurposing.

Some, like item 385RS pictured above, arrive with special requests.

Though the buyer’s primary is that of a pain slave, he notes that her impressive physical stature would make for a fine bimbo slut.

The item will be injected with a speciality formula, allowing the owner a remote trigger of sorts, choosing to switch the slave in and out of “bimbo mode.”

Of course, before it goes out for delivery, the item will undergo a mandatory week of life simulation training. This is to lessen the shock once in the hands of its new owner.

It will be humiliated, degraded, and ultimately, broken into the property it was meant to be.

Now, let us continue to the Brain Blender lab…

This is one of the best sets ever done by @puppygirlsnplaythings

This is one of the best sets ever done by @marcusravenmanips. A great combination of humiliation, mind control, and subjugation.

Slavetrash beautiful collar good dog @puppygirlsnplaythings


beautiful collar

Good dog.

Jack hated traveling to the more resistant sectors @puppygirlsnplaythings

Jack hated traveling to the more resistant sectors of Europe, especially when he didn’t have time to find a kennel for Goldie. But he was in charge of sales for the Western European marketplace, and that meant he sometimes had to travel for a big pitch to the bigwigs who couldn’t be bothered to deal on the HoloNet like a normal person.

So, when the occasion arose, he’d reconfigure Goldie’s Living Latex™ as “suitable attire for a woman” (Jack was always amused to see that term applied to anyone other than a Registered Mistress. These backwater countries sure had some strange notions!), have her boarded in the Domestic Animal section of the plane, and prepare for a week or so of questions, remarks, and the occasional scandalized gasps from provincials. The COLLAR treaties of 2287 required domestic animals to be “dressed” when traveling in certain countries outside the Empire, but of course they couldn’t force poor dumb animals like CowSluts or FuckMutts or SheepWhores to walk on two legs like they were people or something. 

The compromise, then, was the ridiculous sight of a domestic animal dressed in mimicry of borderline acceptable clothing for the female “citizens” (i.e., strays) of the nations affected by the COLLAR treaties. It struck Jack as a huge waste of time, particularly since he had to leave Goldie leashed to the rail outside many establishments, and had to put up with a seemingly endless stream of idiotic She-Wolf sympathizers who somehow thought talking to his stupid dog would make her into one of them. They’d yammer and try to give Goldie pamphlets and greylinks for the HoloNet, and Goldie would lick their hands, or sniff their crotches, or, as she wearied of their blathering, snap at one or two of them, growling. 

Eventually, they all gave up, and Goldie would be left in peace to wait for her Master to finish his sales call. He always bought her extra BitchBites when they got back from trips like these…travel, especially to unenlightened countries, was very taxing, even for animals.

It made little difference to Goldie, of course. She’d been in Alpha for so long that putting her back into Beta would’ve only confused her, overwhelming the poor dumb bitch with images of a life she didn’t really remember living anymore. Whether properly sleeved or “dressed” for requirements of countries outside the Empire, she was simply her Master’s dog.

Julie still wasnt sure what had happened shed @puppygirlsnplaythings

Julie still wasn’t sure what had happened. She’d been in her living room, trying to decide whether the reporter on the news was telling the truth or playing some terrible joke, when her neighbor James kicked open the door and walked in.

Julie had screamed, naturally, taken aback by the sight of her muscular neighbor forcing his way into her house without warning. “James, what the hell are you doing? Did you see the news? What the hell is Leashing Day? I thought the president was going to veto those Leash Law things? But the newscaster said…”

He’d completely ignored her, slipping his hand into his pocket as he quickly crossed the room and pushed her backward, knocking her into the bathroom. “Things might get messy, might as well make cleanup easy, right bitch?” he’d laughed, a strange light in his eyes. “I’ve been waiting a LONG time for this, cunt. I see you and your friends, watching me. Teasing me while you’re sunbathing, or foolin’ around in that little garden you have out back. But the teasin’s over now, ain’t it?” 

Julie looked up at him from the bathroom floor, dazed. “James, I don’t understand. Please, won’t you just…?”

He held the collar up, then, letting it catch the light. The black stones glittered, their shadowy depths seeming to contain an eldritch green glow. “Know what this is? It’s a BimboMaster™ collar. I bought it as soon as I heard Hundehersteller Industries was petitioning in the state capital to add California to the Company States.”

Julie skittered back against the sink, her blood suddenly cold. “James, no. You can’t seriously think you can just…bust in here and…and…”

“And take what’s mine? Oh, I think I can, bitch. You see, it’s Leashing Day, and the governor’s declared it open season on strays.” He reached down and grabbed her shoulder, shoving her back against the sink, then wrapped the collar around her neck. The segments, crawling with energy, almost seemed to slither around her neck like a metallic snake, closing seamlessly.

Julie screamed and reached up to tug at the cold metal, but just then a massive jolt of pinkish-green energy flooded through her, blotting out her senses. When it receded, her body was spasming on the floor: her waist narrowing; her ass and tits ballooning; her honey-gold hair fading to a bleach-blonde tangle as her makeup grew thick and cheap. 

James stood over her, slowly undressing as he watched the collar do its work. His new bimbo gurgled through her new cocksucking lips, her swollen tits popping out of the top that would never be able to contain them again. Julie’s eyes grew dim and hazy with lust, her hands—the nails having grown long and fake, tinted to match her slutty eyeshadow—creeping toward her suddenly sopping sex. 

“What a dumb bimbo cunt,” said James, laughing. “Sit up, bitch.” He watched as Julie struggled up to her knees, looking up at him in dim confusion. “Don’t worry, Julie. The collar’s effects only last as long as you’re wearing it. But you can’t take it off, and I don’t think I’ll have a reason to for a very, very long time—at least until we get you upgraded permanently, that is.”

He looked her over. “By the way, your new name is Juggsy. It’s much more appropriate, don’t you think? Not that you’ll be doing much of that.”

Trapped inside her mind, Julie ranted and screamed, horrified by the changes that had come over her body. She tried to push James away, to get to her feet, to call for help, but it was as though she’d been reduced to a passenger within the curvy prison of her own body. She tried to beg him to take it off—if he’d just take it off, she could leave, make a run to Mexico like her friends Sally and Tina had—but it was useless. Even in her disconnected and distant state, it was hard to keep her attention on her plight instead of James’ rapidly hardening cock. 

Her perfect lips parted, and she felt her hands push her newly huge, and incredibly sensitive, tits together. “Master wanna fuck Juggsy’s titties?” she cooed, licking her lips. 

Without even bothering to answer, James stepped forward and drove his cock between her funbags. Another wave of pleasure overwhelmed her dwindling mind, and soon Julie was but a distant voice, babbling inaudibly in the pink fog that filled Juggsy’s otherwise empty noggin. 

Very nice this particular animal reminds me of @puppygirlsnplaythings

Very nice. This particular animal reminds me of Muffy. Prior to her…improvements, that is. Something about the hair and the defiant set of her jaw, perhaps.

Don’t know who Muffy is? You can find out how she came to be everyone’s favorite little fuckhound in my books! Check out Teacher’s Pet, Witching Hour, and Making Muffy to find out more!

Submission smile for the camera snap @puppygirlsnplaythings


“Smile for the camera!”


Bridget had been a resistance fighter, a good one. She had even managed to rescue a few women from a small Hundeherstellar lab located in northern Minnesota. But that victory was short lived, the two women they “rescued” turned out to be traps. They had already been brainwashed by Dr. Hundehersteller’s scientists and infiltrated their resistance unit in order to have them captured on a mission.

“How could I have been too stupid, I should have known it was too easy” thought Bridget to herself after she and almost her entire unit had been captured. Their rescue slaves had promised to lead them to a secret lab located just a few miles south of the Canadian border. Like lambs to the slaughter they went. Trusting these women and their supposed valuable information.

Bridget had put up a good fight, but she was no match for the all-male squad of men that that took her and her team down in less then 2 minutes. There were only 5 Hundeherstellar henchmen waiting for them in the ambush but that was more than enough to capture all 8 of them.

Bridget had felt her stomach twist into disgust as she watched the 2 girls who had betrayed them get down on their knees to blow the squad of men. It was even more disheartening to learn the 2 girls weren’t even under mind control of any kind. They just believed that Dr. Hundeherstellar vision for the world was inevitable and wanted to help speed up the process any way possible.

Bridget was immediately separated from her unit and she had to watch behind glass as they were all turned into slobbering fuckmutts, pigs, cows and other assortments right before her eyes. Her team was put into Alpha mode instantly. Bridget begged her captors not to share their same fate.

Her captors had no love for her. She had been disrupting important company and political work for years. She was small potatoes in the grand scheme of things but still she was a thorn in their side. They wanted to make sure she suffered and that her legacy would be destroyed.

Promising Bridget her freedom in exchange for valuable information on sleeper cell agents of the resistance located in North Dakota and Minnesota it took only 36 hours of non-stop gangbangs to get Bridget to agree to their terms. Broken she told them everything she knew and within hours all of the sleeper cell agents under her care were captured and processed. 

Sickened at herself, she was then forced to take photos that Hundeherstellar Industries would use for propaganda to show how futile the resistance movement was. They put her in a mockery of a military uniform and paraded her around in pictures. They forced her to do TV interviews where she denounced the resistance and praised Dr. Hundeherstellar and his great works. They even had her read one of his books on how to properly train fuckmutts on a live internet stream that was watched by millions. 

 When it was over Bridget was brought back to her cell where she was informed that she would not be released. Screaming and crying she begged them to then put her in Alpha mode so she wouldn’t live with the shame of what she had just done. But Bridget was not going to get that kind of mercy. She needed to be punished. There was more work to do with her….


Sanescientist you cant get away with this @puppygirlsnplaythings


“You can’t get away with this. You won’t.” Gloria spat, as her friends advanced on the dicks in front of them.

“Can’t?! Won’t?! Look at them! The only thing that want to ‘get away with’ is our dicks inside them.”

“Sandra? Amy? Girls! Stop!” she cried, but they didn’t seem to hear, or care, and a second later, their throat were filled with cock, choking themselves on their meaty prizes. She wanted to reach behind her head and pull the chip out of her skull but her hands were stuck fast in place.

“See! Look at your best friend! She’s so happy right now. Isn’t that right, Amy?”

The brunette bobbing up and down on his cock nodded enthusiastically.

To his left, Sandra was deepthroating her boyfriend, playing with her tits at the same time.

“And now you’ve seen first hand what my invention can do, I’m going activate you. Don’t worry, I won’t make you cock dumb like the other two. You’ll have just enough obedience to comply, but still with a little spunk. But if you resist, I’ll put the setting up to 9, and you’ll be just as single-minded as these two. And remember, play nice!”

“What?! No! I… I won’t. You can’t click…”

Gloria’s perspective shifted suddenly and within the blink of an eye, she found the situation completely different. Now, she was with her fellow slaves, who were happily obeying their commands given by the controller, her boyfriend.

He was talking to her now and her attention now focussed completely on Him. He was telling her what to do and, although she could feel herself frown and shake her head in disgust at the idea of going down on Him, she found the idea of doing anything else but completely inconceivable.

A smile crept across her face and she nodded, crawling up to His dick, cupping His balls gently in her hand as Amy continued to gag. After another second, she released to breathe, leaving a trail of thick, sticky saliva. Gloria immediately sucked it up and dove down immediately, feeling a wonderful rush from obeying, mixed with the disgust of giving in.

It made her wetter than she wanted to admit.

Sanescientist agent rose sterlings pussy @puppygirlsnplaythings


Agent Rose Sterling’s pussy clenched and spasmed uncontrollably as her captor empited his balls over her face and tits.

She tried to feel anything but grateful for what he’d done to her mind and body, but she couldn’t bring herself to. The brainwashing had burrowed so deep that it was almost impossible for her to distinguish to between her core personality and that of rosedoll, the implanted part of her mind that control of her body.

It had been many months since her capture and reprogramming, and the agency had probably written her off by now but she never gave up hope that she would be rescued.

But still, she obeyed her captor’s commands with a simple ‘yes, Master’ or ‘no, Master’ and slowly, her mind adapted, becoming a willing participant in her own enslavement, looking forward to the sessions where she would be used, or overseeing the brainwashing of her other agents. She couldn’t be sure if she’d given up their cover, or rosiedoll had.

It didn’t matter anymore.

All that mattered now was that her Master was pleased.

Such eagerness is admirable although the animal @puppygirlsnplaythings

Such eagerness is admirable, although the animal should be properly sleeved to prevent it from confusing its forepaws with human hands.

Good dog @puppygirlsnplaythings

Good dog.

Cant have your whorse getting spooked and running @puppygirlsnplaythings

Can’t have your Whorse getting spooked and running off in the middle of the night. That cart’s not gonna pull itself!

Bursting bras empty eyes that is the way to @puppygirlsnplaythings

Bursting bras, empty eyes. That is the way to optimize! 

Sinfulsyllables ya know that guy who tried to @puppygirlsnplaythings


Ya know that guy who tried to prove how insane the bible’s rules are by strictly living by all of them for a year? Or that chick who responded to an Imam that said “earthquakes are caused by promiscuous dress,” by organizing a national “show your boobs” day to see if there were any earthquakes? Well that first guy got a book deal, and that woman went on tours all over the country talking about her experiment. Lyndsay wanted a piece of that action. 

She started “I’m back in the kitchen, what now?” A blog where she attempted to demonstrate how stupid traditional gender roles are by strictly adhering to them for a year. She left her job, and dedicated herself entirely to her “womanly duties.” Cooking, cleaning, shopping, making herself pretty for her husband, and so on. She blogged about what she did each day, how it went, and any problems she and her husband were facing because of it. The plan was for the blog to document her sitting around doing nothing, tensions between her and her husband, and a general breakdown of domestic harmony. Unfortunately for Lyndsay’s book deal plans, it didn’t really work out that way.

Almost immediately, her plan backfired by producing positive results. All the extra focus she gave to cooking and cleaning meant she and her husband were eating much better, and living in a much more comfortable environment. She noticed her husband was much more energetic now that he was getting a full breakfast with a lovely packed lunch each day. Within six months his boss would notice as well. Lyndsay wasn’t quite sure how to frame his promotion on her blog.

The original plan was for her to respond with faked enthusiasm anytime her husband made advances on her. And with all the extra attention she gave to looking pretty every morning, he couldn’t keep his hands off her. But far from being annoyed by it, Lyndsay found she adored all the extra attention. She had expected sex to become an uncomfortable chore during this year, but knowing he was getting everything he wanted from her was the biggest turnon she’d ever experienced.

Plus, like a proper lady, she’d sworn off masturbation for the extent of the project, and locked all her vibrators away. And like a proper man, she had made sure her husband knew not to be too concerned about her needs. But instead of being frustrated, Lyndsay found her frequent denial of gratification just meant she couldn’t stop thinking about the next time he’d screw her.

The the first few weeks of the blog only one thing was failing the way she wanted it to: corporal punishment. It had been difficult to convince her husband to participate, but Lyndsay had been adamant. It had once been a husband’s right to discipline his wife, and she needed him to embrace that if the project was going to work. Even after he agreed to participate, he clearly lacked enthusiasm. Lyndsay had to begin interviewing him weekly to determine what during the previous week he felt violated his authority as ‘head of the household.’ She’d then assign him punishments to give her, usually followed by a scolding that he wasn’t doing it right. Lyndsay delighted in writing about the strain this whole debacle was putting on their relationship, and tried to downplay the failures of the rest of the project.

Unfortunately, after about three weeks, something snapped in Lyndsay’s husband. After she chided him for ruining her experiment by being too gentle with her, he shouted at her to be quiet. Grabbed a fist full of her hair, bent her over the couch, and walloped her behind good and red.

As the first few blows fell, Lyndsay felt a rush of triumph. But as repeated blows cracked against her behind, something happened inside her. It felt…right. She’d never realized how strong her husband was before. How commanding, how powerful. She felt ashamed of the way she’d belittled him.

When the spanking was over the two locked gazes with one another. Something had changed inside both of them. This was the way it was supposed to be.

As the tone of Lyndsay’s blog began to change, the only thing she had left to complain about was how much time she had on her hands during the day. After all the cooking and cleaning was done, there wasn’t much else for her to do. It made her wonder why she hadn’t given her husband a child by now. 

After four months, Lyndsay announced on her blog that she was pregnant, and changed the blog’s title to “I’m back in the kitchen, and you should be too!”

Cfada paladin00ssi case 20150501 sol @puppygirlsnplaythings



Case 20150501 SOL   Template: (withheld)

Barbi… no, her name was Barbara… wasn’t it? That was not important right now. What was important was pink. No, she meant, what was important was all the changes she saw in herself. 

First of all… pink. So much pink. It was so pretty, but… it was like it was affecting her… her… her thinking thingie… her brain! Yeah. her brain. 

Her eyes were huge, and beautiful, and so blue! They looked so pretty against the pink. Whatever color they were before (what was it? Brown? Yellow? She could not pink… er, think about it clearly.) But whatever it was, this was better.

Her lips… her pink, puffy, pillowy, perfect lips. She tried to close them, but this was the way lips were meant to be, so she moved on.

Her skin was perfect. Smooth, unwrinkled, unblemished. It looked so… plastic? Why did she quiver so deliciously when she thought that? And why did it make her feel so hot to think that her eyebrows may be tattooed on?

She caught sight of the hands on her shoulders and their adorable nails! So cute, so pink… Her eyes followed the smooth pink arm to her ginormous pink boobies and she felt so jealous… until she glanced down and saw her own mouth-watering melons, and nothing below them.

She finally looked up to the face of the blonde behind her and gasped! “M…Mama?”

“Yes, Kitten?” The gorgeous young girl replied.

“What happened to you?”

“Whatever do you mean, sugah?”

“You look so young, and sexy, and… and hot!”

“Why thank you darling, but you are too.”

“Mama… am I supposed to be this young? Aren’t I, like, forty-eight?”

Her sexy, early twenty mama laughed. “Baby doll, how could you possibly be that old when you just turned twenty a few weeks ago?”

“What mama? Mama, something is wrong. I don’t look like this. I am not this hot or fuckable, or horny, or… pink. So pink.” Barbi looked in the mirror more. Her eyes were soooo big, they were almost hypnotic.”

“Shhh… it’s OK my little fuckbunny. It’s OK. You remember Mr. Adams, right? Your husband? He just wanted to make us better and more fun, so he paid these nice people to make us both all pretty and sexy. Isn’t that sweet of him?”

Barbi thought about her husband, and how sweet and wonderful he was. For some reason, she remembered that she used to think he was fat and boring, but she saw now that he was powerful, and smart, and masterful. She shuddered as her little cunny twinged. 

She needed to see him, she needed to see him now! Her mama would understand- in fact, she thought her mama might want to see him too.

this works really well. I think the poser work is excellent. If only i had more time to practice because I’d love to be able to make pics like this

Cfada source wannabeyourfuckpig @puppygirlsnplaythings


source: wannabeyourfuckpig

Greedy dogs are always panting for another treat @puppygirlsnplaythings

Greedy dogs are always panting for another treat.

Clairedelunacy my army of hench ladies would @puppygirlsnplaythings


My army of Hench-Ladies would like to remind you all that, since 1790, October 30th has been known as “Mischief Night” in the U.S. and U.K. So if you haven’t got your, uh, pumpkins* yet—or your fancy costume—now’s the time! 

And remember, the houses that hand out pennies or toothbrushes get TP’d. That goes double for anyone handing out pamphlets.

*Pumpkins. Heh.

One of the finest specimens of the african marquis @puppygirlsnplaythings

One of the finest specimens of the African Marquis breed, the domestic animal once known as “Tyra Banks” was captured, upgraded, and converted for personal use in the collection of Dr. Julius Canem, chief researcher for the West Coast arm of Hundehersteller Industries’ Experimental Enhancements unit in the early twenty-first century.

Known best after its capture for its multiple appearances as the “co-host” of Registered Mistress and TV Star Kristina Yronwood on “America’s Next Top Animal,” the perky and rambunctious “Titzy” (as renamed by its owner) remained a prominent figure in popular culture for many decades following the end of the Age of False Equality. Converted to a ManneQueen™ for exhibit and preservation in 2245, this attractive animal can now be seen as part of the Smithsonian’s “Famous Fuckpets of the Fallen Age” exhibit in the Imperial History Wing.


Good dog @puppygirlsnplaythings

Good dog.

Super dummy manip by maria with @puppygirlsnplaythings

SUPER DUMMY (Manip by Maria):

With Supergirl premiering this week, it’s the perfect time to repost this manip from 2013, detailing the fate of silly superheroines who try to take on Dr. H.

Sensualhumiliation my new dog not that it @puppygirlsnplaythings


My new dog…

Not that it can read, but labeling does make things simpler for anyone viewing your new pet.

Its hotinstagramgirls world hot instagram girl @puppygirlsnplaythings


Hot Instagram Girl Jaqueline-Maree Summers


Instagram is swiftly becoming less of a “social media app” and more of a “Catalog of Self-Optimizing Bimbos Eventually Available for Purchase and Customization.” Looks like a good purchase for Hundehersteller Industries…

Hypnoswriter i slipped deeper into the complex @puppygirlsnplaythings


I slipped deeper into the complex, using the keycard that I had ‘borrowed’ from the spa attendant. The cover identity had worked and got me access to the first level of the spa. Posing as the wife of a wealthy and influential member of Parliament had been the perfect cover as those were the sorts of people that the organization seemed to target. A space at the spa was quickly found for Lady Emily Chesterfold that had not been there when I had tried to get in as myself.

The door clicked shut behind me, and I once more wished that I could be skulking about in my typical agent’s gear. The swimming costume was fine for a dip in the pool, and better for laying in the sun afterwards, but it did not offer the protection, pockets or camouflage that the black leather suit gave me.

Around another corner I went, moving quietly in bare feet. A number of high powered women, or the wives of high powered men, had come to the spa in recent months only to emerge changed. There was no definitive proof, hence the one woman infiltration as oppose to a squad of Royal Marines, but we had begun to suspect some sort of mental influence.

Yes. Mind control.

It sounds batshit crazy right? But as we learn more about the mind, so do scientists learn how to better control them. This can be beneficial for weight loss and breaking other bad habits but in the wrong hands can lead to something far more sinister.

The sound of two men approaching caused me to duck into a darkened room, shutting the door quietly behind me. Through the door I could hear their footsteps approach, then stop outside the door. The sound of a bolt being turned surprised me, and then the lights came on.

Along the back wall was a mirror, but it didn’t take much to guess that it was a two way mirror. Speakers hidden around the room sprang to life, a male voice with a German accent spoke, “Ah Agent Cumswell, I am glad you could make it. Oh don’t be surprised we know exactly who you are.”

I scanned the room for potential exits, and weapons. The glass seemed the best avenue for escape so I grabbed a chair that was near one wall and lifted it, throwing it at the mirror. It rebounded and landed on the floor without so much as cracking the glass.

The voice seemed pleased, “Very enthusiastic. Good Girl. Keep fighting, this is so much more fun when you resist. Your boss fought too. Oh we had the record of her time at our spa removed from our files, so that she could send us her most capable agents. One by one we’re taking over your nation’s intelligence organizations. But don’t worry about that now Agent Cumswell, you just need to relax.”

I grabbed the chair again, this time trying a wall, hoping to find weakened dry wall that would give way. As I swung it like a cudgel the lights in the room changed to a soft orange glow that seemed to move in patterns. I swung again as music started, and again. New Age music, the sort that they sell in coffee shops and overpriced organic grocers. The lights continued to move in patterns, the orange turning green, then red, then blue, then white.

Each swing of the chair weakened me, tired me out. I knew that but I had to do something. I wasn’t about to go down without a fight. My arms were starting to burn as I finally set the chair on the ground and walked towards the mirror glaring at myself as I tried to look past the reflection to those watching from the other side.

Now not focused on fighting my way out I could hear voices in the music. Suggestions. Commands. 





Good Girl.






Good Girl.



They repeated, the order changing and sometimes new words appearing. I felt their effect starting on me. My body relaxing as I started to stand less defiantly and took on a more calm and placid stance. In the mirror I watched in horror as my face went blank, and the fight drained from me.

And then the horror at having submitted faded, and I happily embraced my new role of slave.

Sanescientist and next on the tour we have @puppygirlsnplaythings


“And next on the tour, we have… Nikki. Nikki has been with us for a couple of weeks now undergoing the usual work - IQ reduction, breast enhancement and implementing a few of her owners kinks and fetishes.”

“Why is she staring ahead like that? Is that normal?”

“Oh, Nikki’s just in a standby state. She’s not being reprogrammed and has no actions to perform for either us or her owner, so she’ll just stay like that until we give her something to do, she needs to relieve herself or eat.”

“What about sleep?”

“Well, she’s effectively asleep right now, albeit in a more heightened state of awareness. She will still respond to commands. Observe… Nikki, cum.”

The woman’s eyes shut and her pelvis began to thrust hard against the soft mattress as a high-pitched squeaking voice began to moan uncontrollably.

After a few seconds, the noise subsided.

“Oh, yes, her owner wanted her vocal chords modifying. Her vocal range is now on a much narrower, higher pitch than before. Anyway… Shall we move on? Next up, we have Natasha…

Enigmamre amy had always been aggressive being @puppygirlsnplaythings


Amy had always been aggressive. Being a tiny woman always put her at a disadvantage when dealing with men. So she cultivated a loud, aggressive personality. She wanted to out men the men around her. Which brought her to my attention. After her third sexual harassment complaint, I required her to take a special, company mandated course off site.

When she arrived for the seminar, she was in a room with a number of other women, waiting for it to start. When we strapped her into the machine, she still had the look of confusion on her face from when we filled the room with knockout gas. But it didn’t take long for her to wake up and start struggling. She struggled for a dozen hours while we kept up a steady stream of subliminal messages.

The message telling her that tiny girls are men’s playthings. That being pretty and submissive was all they could be. We could see her struggling become less each time we checked in on her. By the end of the first night she was docile but her mind still worked. Some men like pretty and passive. But I tend to think if that if you’re gonna turn a woman into a bimbo, you should go all of the way.

And so we did. A week of deep hypnosis to make sure she fully fit my specifications. She went from having an accounting degree to struggling to make change. Her love of art and the opera channeled into a love of reality TV produced by E! and simple little pop stars. Her need to always be right became an understanding that I was always right. The joy she found in winning became the joy in pleasing me.

She has a good life now. I keep her in pretty clothing and unlike many bimbos she’s allowed to orgasm freely. And I left a little bit of that rebellious stubbornness in her. Mostly so she could earn the spankings I want to give her.

Look into the camera mutt show your hubbie what @puppygirlsnplaythings

“Look into the camera, mutt. Show your hubbie what it means to cross the Hundehersteller Border Patrol.”

Julia regarded scott suspiciously whats that @puppygirlsnplaythings

Julia regarded Scott suspiciously. “What’s that?” she asked, looking down at the pink pill in her boyfriend’s hand.

“It’s…a surprise. A little something a friend recommended. It’s supposed to make sex, like, mind-blowing.” He smiled, dropping it into her hand. 

“Is it safe? I hear a bunch of weird stuff is coming across the border from the Empire these days. I heard there was some kind of crazy outbreak in St. Lupo. Remember? The paper said more than a hundred women went nuts, acting like…well, acting in all sorts of crazy ways. Tammi Robinson told me her cousin Kathy passed her on all fours, mooing and dripping milk. Like a cow! And a bunch of girls were barking, and oinking, and…most of them ended up disappearing before the cops could even…”

“Shh, shh, Julia. Come on! That’s crazy talk. Do you think I’d ever give you anything illegal? This is just a new party drug. It’s called “Sobaka.” Keith got it from one of those new Russian guys working over at the warehouse.” Scott held up another pill, this one a pale blue. “See? I’m gonna take it too. I guess the kind for guys is like, Super Viagra.” He grinned and popped the pill in his mouth, swallowing. 

“Sobaka? Weird. But I guess, if it’s not from the Empire…” She swallowed the pill and pulled Scott closer for a kiss.


“Oh, God, Julia, this fucking drug is amazing! Your cunt is so tight. And I feel…God, I’ve never felt this good, ever. I feel like I could fuck you for days!”

Julia was panting harshly, her hips rolling as she rode him with unbridled ferocity. He gripped her tight ass, pulling her down onto his raging cock, holding her there for a moment before she growled and wriggled free, resuming her rocking.

“Jules? Babe?” What’s up?” 

“I…no…I can’t…A…Ah…” she panted, frowning. Her face was contorted in confusion and a bit of fear, but as Scott’s cock slammed into her for the hundredth time, her expression relaxed into pure lust. 

“Aaa…arrf! ARF! ARF! ARROOOOoooOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!” she howled, mounting her Owner’s cock with renewed vigor.

Scott blinked, then grinned. Sergei hadn’t been bullshitting him about the Soviet knockoff market after all. 

Gripping his new bitch’s round ass, Scott began to hammer her more aggressively, already making plans for additional upgrades—starting with giving his former girlfriend a decent set of tits.

Drooling onto the bed, eyes crossed with lust and her mind dwindling in a pinkish-green cloud of increasingly canine obedience and eagerness to please, Julia had just enough time to wish she’d listened to Tammi…whoever that was.

Enigmamre kari was so eager to show off her new @puppygirlsnplaythings


Kari was so eager to show off her new skills to her husband. All of those pole dancing and stripping classes. She just wanted to make up for being such a terrible wife. She couldn’t believe she had been ready to divorce him. Scoffing at the idea that a marriage counselor could even help them.

But the marriage counselor had individual sessions. The first time Candice put her under hypnosis so she’d explain what her real reasons were for wanting a divorce. When she woke up, she told her it has been a special, double long session but as a marriage counselor she understood all of the reasons she had for wanting a divorce.

Candice explained that Kari had built up a delusion that her work was important. That her career was on a meteoric rise. And that her perceived success would bring respect from her husband. But really her work was simply leaving her deeply unfilled, upset and making her feel like an impostor. And that these feelings were making Kari lash out.

Kari agreed, her brain feeling foggy and confused. But she understood she desperately loved her husband. And that she had been a terrible wife. She took the helpful marriage guidance files and loaded them onto her phone to listen to while her husband’s session was conducted. Those tapes were very helpful in making her understand what a horrible shrew she was. When Mark came out, she leap up and hugged him and gave him a deep kiss.

He looked flushed and his lips tasted funny but she didn’t mind. It must have just been him expressing all of his justified anger at her. She swore she’d be a better wife and when they got home, she promptly quit her job. The next few days were spent with her listening to her files, and being the wife her husband wanted. Keeping the house clean. Taking care of her appearance. But her husband refused to touch her.

Then came their first couples session and Kari was in for a surprise. Their marriage counselor explained to Kari how dumb she was and just how bad a fuck she was. How Mark really needed a wife who could take care of his needs. And with that Candice got on her knees in front of Mark and fished out his big cock. Without a further word Candice deep throated Mark. Putting on a show for Kari.

Poor little Kari couldn’t help it. Seeing her man pleased by a real woman drove her wild. And those tapes had made her so horny for some reason. Kari reached under her skirt and started fingering herself. Her fingers moving in time with Candice’s head. But no matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t orgasm. She was virtually in tears as Mark grabbed Candice’s hair and shot his load all over her face.

Drooling as ropes of cum shot out. Kari had never let her husband do that to her. But that cum looked so good. And Candice was so sexy even before all of that yummy looking cum landed on her face. When Candice looked her in the eyes she just wanted to beg for release but she couldn’t.

“Now all of that repressed anger has screwed up your sex life. It’s made you a boring fuck who can’t orgasm. You won’t be allowed to orgasm until Mark forgives you. And you’ll have to earn that forgiveness.”

Mark’s big strong hands pushing her down onto the couch, Kari’s eyes lighting up as she hoped she’d earn forgiveness with her cunt. That having Mark’s big hard cock in it would be so good. She’d be a good little fuck. But seeing Candice moving over her, and Mark’s big cock impale their new marriage counselor brought tears of frustration to her eyes. Even as she masturbated furiously.

Seeing Candice scream over and over again as Mark used her cunt over and over again just reinforced what a horrible wife she had been. How her husband deserved a slut in bed. How he deserved a slut everywhere. How she needed bigger tits like Candice. How much her husband seemed to love Candice’s fake ones. How much Mark loved Candice’s big plump lips.

“You’ve been such a good girl. You’ve earned the right to be a dumb little bimbo again Candi.”

By the end of the week Candi had moved in with them. She was dumber now, dumber then Kari but Mark seemed to love that. So Kari tried to emulate her. Dressing like Candi. Doing the same pole dancing classes. Wearing the same clothing. Candi embraced her like a sister. Except when Mark was fucking her. Then she enjoyed telling Kari how she had never given Mark what he deserved. That turned on Kari so much then she could understand. Even as it ate away at her mind.

Now tonight Kari was going to dance for Mark and Candi. If she did a good job, Mark promised to fuck her and finally let her have an orgasm. Candi told her it would make Kari dumb like her. Kari just smiled and beamed. If being dumb was how she’d earn her husband’s cock then it was a small price to pay to be a good wife.

Mindbrokensluts it started at the bar erins @puppygirlsnplaythings


It started at the bar. Erin’s good friend Greg invited her out for a few drinks to catch up and she was happy to take him up on his invitation. Last time she heard he had broken up with his girlfriend and she figured maybe she would help him look for someone new.

When she actually met him in the bar there was something oddly different about him. It wasn’t his clothes or his appearance so much as just the way he carried himself. More confident if anything. Erin found it quite attractive really.

He bought her a drink and they chatted for some time. He told her about his break up and his promotion and what he watched on TV and all sorts of general chit chat whilst she listened contentedly. As she sat there sipping drink after drink of whatever it was they were serving she found her mouth watering. Not just watering but it felt so strange, like her tongue wouldn’t sit comfortably. Holding her jaw up was becoming a greater and greater strain and she had a building desire to just let it drop. Let her tongue hang out…

That was foolish of course. She would look like an idiot in front of Greg not to mention everyone else at the bar. She shifted uncomfortably in her seat and continued to drink the addictive nectar that filled her glass. She was starting to tune out of what Greg was saying at this point, not because it was boring but she was struggling to concentrate. More and more the words seemed to just not make sense to her, as if she simply wasn’t processing them anymore.

She did her best to regain focus and found it easy enough to understand individual words but not longer sentences. He was saying something about pets…collars…drinks…she was enjoying this drink. It tasted so good she wanted more and more and…

He asked her a question. She could tell because he was waiting for a response. She racked her brain for what he had said but nothing would come to her. Worse, she was beginning to feel a tingling in her panties. Her ass was wriggling and she just felt kind of uncomfortable sitting like this. She wanted to lie down or…kneel…she wasn’t sure why but that just sounded more appropriate somehow.

He repeated his question, smiling warmly.

“Are you feeling ok?”

She understood that. She was thankful as it was becoming scary how fuzzy her head was becoming. These drinks must contain a lot of alcohol and she clearly had too much. She opened her mouth to respond but her tongue fell out and she began panting like a dog. Confused she tried to think of what she was going to say. For some reason, she knew what she wanted to express-that she wasn’t actually feeling that well and maybe he should drive her home, but her brain didn’t seem capable of equating this to English. Words just wouldn’t form in her head or on her tongue which stuck out of her mouth so dumbly.

This was getting really stressful for her now. Greg was just smiling still but she was having an utter breakdown. Why couldn’t she talk? What was wrong with her head? Why did she feel so horny all of a sudden? She was inadvertently grinding against the chair as she tried to think. Tried to speak. Tried to do anything but hump and drool.

Eventually she desperately just forced sound out of her mouth. Anything so that he didn’t think she had completely lost it.

“Arf! Arf!”

What the fuck? That wasn’t the noise she expected. It felt so natural to bark like a dog but she knew she shouldn’t. She should talk like a human but no matter how hard she tried her little mouth simply yapped away like a pathetic, scared puppy.

“Arf! Arf! Aaaarf! A-a-Arf? Arf?!?”

It was no use and now several people were staring at her. She looked at Greg in fear as he he grinned at her. As she realised that he was responsible for this she felt so betrayed. How could her friend do this to her? How could he…

She noticed his crotch. There was a distinct and sizeable bulge in his pants and she felt herself growing even wetter as she gawked at his crotch, losing track of her thoughts. She was leaning forward, breathing heavily and drooling as she began to think about master’s juicy bone…

Something inside was screaming at her but she couldn’t quite understand it as she was far too horny and needy to know what was wrong. Master was so big and hard and she wanted to get fucked like a good mutt…the inside voice was louder now but it didn’t matter. Master ordered her to present and she fell to the floor from her stool, getting into all fours and raising her ass in the air. It was so right, being on all fours instead of one of those human seats. She wriggled her ass in front of him, the damp spot between her legs evident and the urge to be fucked doggy style now impossible to ignore she barked eagerly.

“Arf! Arf! Arf!”

If she were still capable of translating her thoughts into words she would have said something like ‘fuck me Master please!’ But instead she had just barked in front of the whole bar as Greg tore her dress off and pulled her sodden panties off her legs.

“Dumb mutts like you shouldn’t wear human clothes!”

Erin didn’t know what he said although she recognised the words ‘dumb’ and ‘mutt’. She was just glad to get out of those uncomfortable human clothes which were restrictive and weird. She felt much better exposed and ready to be fucked by Master who was behind her removing his pants. The customers were surprisingly calm about the whole situation but Greg knew that this kind of thing happened in front of them daily at this bar.

As he sunk his dick into her and she moaned and yapped mindlessly he decided upon a name for his new pet.

“You’re called Cummutt now, isn’t that a much better name you stupid bitch?”

“Oooohhh! Aaaaarf! Arf! Ooooh!”

Satisfied with the response he filled her with load after load of hot, sticky cum before pulling out and having her clean his dick with her eager tongue. She swallowed any and all cum she could milk from his still throbbing dick before giving a slobbery kiss to his dick and looking up at her pleased Master.

“Good girl.”

Her pussy quivered as an intense orgasmed overtook her, spreading throughout her entire body and coursing through her, eviscerating the tiny complaining voice which seemed so scared and pathetic now.

Later that evening he bought Cummutt a new collar with a pretty bell and she could do nothing but pant and hump the air as she listened to the jiggling of the bell, the dumb mutt being so easily amused now. She only snapped out of her daze when her master unzipped his pants and ordered her to suck his meaty bone which she was all too excited to do.

Good dog @puppygirlsnplaythings

Good dog.

Sometimes its fun just to spend a day at home as @puppygirlsnplaythings

Sometimes, it’s fun just to spend a day at home as a couple, playing with the dog.

Kennelmaster minski hermit of the apennines @puppygirlsnplaythings



Branding the pony.

Marking her like the animal that she is

Newly captured fuckmutts are often given a pair of @puppygirlsnplaythings

Newly captured fuckmutts are often given a pair of bones before conversion to help them understand their new, and proper, place. Good dogs!

Flycandy flycandytumblrcom zashia santiago @puppygirlsnplaythings

flycandy: | Zashia Santiago | Credit: @alex_nowhere

I don’t ordinarily go for a short coat on African Marquis pets, but this particular specimen has an appealing look. The choice of yellow Living Latex™ is a good one, as it contrasts nicely with the animal’s natural coloration. Still, its Owner or Mistress should take care to collar their pet, especially one left unattended like this one, or risk having to pay a recovery fee at the local shelter.

Another self optimizing tawny cauc excellent @puppygirlsnplaythings

Another self-optimizing Tawny Cauc. Excellent work. This particular animal has left no doubt to even casual observers of its desires—or its purpose.

Enigmamre she should be angry when she had @puppygirlsnplaythings


She should be angry. When she had been Amanda, she had been such a promising Ph.D candidate. Just about to defend her thesis on room temperature superconductors. Years of hard work and she had been assured not only would her thesis defense be trivial but that she should expect publication. It just seemed right to celebrate.

It was so flattering how Master had listened to her at the bar. She was such a mousy little thing then. So shy and timid. But he said he found her intelligence so appealing. The way he drew her out, coaxing her out of her shell had her swooning. His hands leading her out onto the dance floor. She blushed behind her glasses.

And the flirting. The flirting was like a drug to her. She was a Ph.D candidate but she still didn’t need anything more then a training bra. It would have been kindness to call her ass tight but flat would have been a better term. Until Master, she never had any male attention. A little booze, a little flirting and she followed him home eagerly.

Her first orgasm came from Master’s fingers, then his mouth brought her the second one and it felt so much better. Surrendering her virginity was trivial at that point. And the feeling of his hard cock was amazing. Her arms and legs wrapped around him, clinging to him as he started pounding her. Feeling so small and tiny in his arms.

His warm breath whispering into her ear. “When I cum in you, it’s going to drain away all of that beautiful intelligence. The nanites in my system will flood yours and reshape you according to my whim. Beautiful breasts, silken hair, flawless skin and all of that intelligence gone.” Her eyes going wide as Master’s words pushed her into the most powerful orgasm of her life.
The expected tears and pleading were met with screams of pleasure and need.

She clung to him as he emptied his balls into her. Never realizing a man could cum so much as she looked up into his eyes. She should have been angry. All of her potential was going to be taken away. No PhD. No Nobel prize. No recognition.

“Thank you….”

It didn’t take long before she started feeling the changes. Feeling her skin tingle. The blemishes going away. Her chest growing as she looked down in wonder. A little surprised as she feels her brain going fuzzy, trying for a moment to do some calculus in her head only to giggle.

“e isn’t a number!” Looking up at her new Master who nodded his head in approval. The link between the nanties feeding his will into her brain. Telling her how important it is to please him. How being pretty is the most important thing for her. How only Master can decide when she should orgasm. But leaving her memories intact.

She should have been angry. But she remembered how unhappy she was at being the girl no one looked at. But now she had a master to please. And now she is happy.

Kajkelli she can sniff out potato chips from @puppygirlsnplaythings


she can sniff out potato chips from quite a distance.  Score: 8

Mollypops23 2kinkie a well behaved fuck pet @puppygirlsnplaythings



A well behaved fuck-pet, every so often will be awarded with two bones to play with.

Loving loving the bone here!

Bimbosanddolls suckitbimbo lizzi is that @puppygirlsnplaythings



“Lizzi, is that you?”

“No, I’m afraid you have me mistaken for someone else.”

“No, no, wait. I’m sure it’s you. Except your dress is too long and you’re not showing anywhere near enough cleavage.”

“Look, I’m not whichever floozy you have me confused with. My name is Elizabeth Montesquieu and if you don’t stop this right away, I’ll get my husband and we’ll have you removed from the party. Frankly, I don’t even know how you got in here.”

“Actually I’m an old friend of your husband’s, though I haven’t seem him for a few years. Not since I… helped him with something. Though it looks like he managed to make a mess of that.”

“You’ll have to discuss that with him. Now, if you’ll excuse me…”


“Whoa… Like, where am I?”

“Don’t speak, Lizzi. Just follow me. We’ll go somewhere more private.“

“Now take a seat and tell me what’s going on.”

“Uhmm… It’s, like, hard to explain, but I’ve been, like, stuck inside dumb, boring Elizabeth’s head for, like, years.”

“Hmmm. I see. Do you remember how it started?”

“I don’t know. It’s, like, super hard to think. I’m just so horny! It’s been, like, FOREVER since I’ve been fucked really good and hard! Master tried it, but then Elizabeth got, like, super mad and stuff. And I haven’t had a cock in my mouth since before stupid Elizabeth took over! It’s like I don’t even remember the yummy taste of cum. I miss it, like, so much!”

“Please, try to concentrate. I need to find out what went wrong, so we can get you back to your happy self. Then you and Master can happy again and you can get all the cum a slut like you need. Wouldn’t you like that, Lizzi?”

“Oh, yes, oh yes! Uhm, let me think… Oh yeah! It started when I was trying to suck Master’s cock, but for some reason he kept telling me no. Something about there being company or something. Then he told me to act like Elizabeth again, until he said the magic word. But he never did. It was, like, sooo frustrating seeing Master struggle with it, like he couldn’t remember it or something. And all the while stupid, boring Elizabeth was in charge and she wouldn’t fuck him or anything. Which was, like, super silly because I could feel how horny she was all the time and how much she wanted to just be fucked hard, but for some silly reason she wouldn’t do it. Something about it not being ‘proper’ or ‘decent’ or ‘right’, which is, like, super silly, because if it feels good and it makes both you happy and it makes Master happy, why not do it, right?”

“Of course. You’re such a good girl, Lizzi. It makes me sad that you haven’t had any fun for such a long time. Now, I’ll tell your hus–, I mean your Master, the trigger word again and then you can go back to having fun with him. Doesn’t that sound good?”

“Oh, yes it does! Oh, you’re so kind, Mister! Is there, like, any way I can thank you..?”

“Well, I suppose he can wait a little longer. Why don’t we start with a blowjob and then we’ll see where we end up?”

“Yaaay! I’m, like, so glad I get to be a happy slut again!”

This is a really fun story from SiB. It feels like a nice little twist on the typical bimbofication story. Solid work!

Followsmokey she didnt know which was turning @puppygirlsnplaythings


She didn’t know which was turning her on more … how empty her friend now was, or that soon he would empty her out and take her too.

Im pleased to see how this ginger cauc has @puppygirlsnplaythings

I’m pleased to see how this Ginger Cauc has improved itself even without the Leash Laws. A little initiative goes a long way, and as domestic animals become more and more accustomed to this level of self-optimization, the passage of G.O.O.D. D.O.G.S. and the rest of the Leash Laws will prove far easier than would’ve been possible in less enlightened times.

Good dog @puppygirlsnplaythings

Good dog.

Sitting alone in the dark living room todd @puppygirlsnplaythings

Sitting alone in the dark living room, Todd stared. He’d watched the video dozens of times since he’d returned home. And every time, as the face of his fiancee came into view, her full lips latching eagerly onto the cock of her captor, he’d searched her expression for some sign of defiance, of anger or resistance.

He found none. 

Instead, her blue eyes—once so full of life, windows into a mind full of clever conversation and exciting ideas and all sorts of plans for their future—simply tilted toward the camera with canine acceptance. Here, said her expression, was her proper place. Here was where a stupid dog such as she belonged.

As her captor patted her cheek affectionately, in the manner of a generous Owner caressing a well-loved mutt, Todd knew his fiancee was lost. 

It was stupid, really. Visiting the States. But it was all the rage in their social group. Everyone wanted to say they’d walked free in the Empire, the better to share their horror at the state of life for women in Hundehersteller’s domain. 

The visit had been titillating. Connie even bought a few of the more innocuous, temporary nanite products as souvenirs; something they could play with when they were safely home.

Then, on their last day, they’d seen the woman.

All they’d done was try to help a girl who was clearly in distress. Screaming about being taken from a tour group.

A man had been dragging her into the bushes, for Christ’s sake!

But the police had sided with the man, not his victim (who’d become strangely serene and dull-eyed after she’d been injected with whatever the man had in his syringe, sinking into a crouch next to him). And they’d told Todd and Connie they’d have to pay a fee for “Interfering with a Citizen’s Acquisition.” 

Todd had, of course, refused to pay the ridiculous fee. As soon as the cop was out of sight, he’d torn up the ticket and tossed it into the bin. Connie had even gone so far as to flip the cop the bird as they drove away.

They returned home and spent an uneventful weekend together. Then Monday came, and his fiancee had failed to show up for work. Connie’s car was found at a roadside stop, still running, her purse and phone and keys sitting on the seat. 

The video had arrived the next day, with a brief note attached; two lines, written in dark Hundehersteller green. 

“Pay the fees you owe us for violating our laws, and the bitch won’t be returned to you. Failure to pay within three days will result in her public return—with a few additional upgrades.”

They’d been thoughtful enough to attach a bone-shaped name tag, made of hammered gold. It was only when he saw the diamond set into the bubblegum-pink “o” of “CockSlurper” that he realized they’d turned her engagement ring into this…this…atrocity.

Choking back a sob, he took out his checkbook. If he hurried, he could get to the courier before his new “friends” decided to make good on their promise. 

Sophie daizell setting an excellent example for @puppygirlsnplaythings

Sophie Daizell, setting an excellent example for Tawny Caucs everywhere.

Mollypops23 slavehub shes not a person so @puppygirlsnplaythings



She’s not a person, so it’s important that she doesn’t behave like one

The “pig” concept is one that i’m not fully on board with, but am definitely semi interested it. I’m not totally sure why, but I think it’s that I think of being a pig as more degrading than a dog. Dogs are “man’s best friend,” pigs are just livestock, there’s something about the added degradation that I enjoy.

Also, I grew up on a pig farm.

@Mollypops23′s ambivalence regarding PigSluts notwithstanding, converting your domestic animal in this way is a fantastic way to provide additional humiliation (if left in Beta), or perhaps provide a cautionary tale for other cunts you own who may appreciate their current form a bit more if told they could become a rutting fuckpig, gorging on scraps and cum. It seems the owner of this particular PigSlut has tried to implement both PerkyPig™ and BitchMaster™ nanite mods simultaneously, which is certainly appealing, but I think ultimately detracts from the soft and curvy appeal of a fully-converted pigslut (which also does away with the need for the crude prosthetic snout, the nanites providing such modifications to the animal itself in a proper PerkyPig conversion).

Training ones dog can be a time consuming and @puppygirlsnplaythings

Training one’s dog can be a time-consuming and occasionally stressful endeavour, but ultimately the rewards are worth all the bother.

So i made a thing to promote the books did you @puppygirlsnplaythings

So, I made a thing to promote the books. Did you know there’s a Hallowe’en book coming THIS WEEK? 


Hotariel caged and ready for market @puppygirlsnplaythings


caged and ready for market

No matter the breed or customization all dogs @puppygirlsnplaythings

No matter the breed or customization, all dogs love a bone.

Teaching your dogs to share a treat can be @puppygirlsnplaythings

Teaching your dogs to share a treat can be difficult, but is worth the time and trouble, especially if one of your pets happens to be a little…slow. 

(I have to break the fourth wall to comment on that Tawny Cauc’s face. What is that? Is she happy? Hungry?  Holding in a snart?)

Sit pretty shadow pant pant arf pant @puppygirlsnplaythings

”Sit pretty, Shadow!”

*pant, pant* ARF! *pant, pant*

”Good dog!”

While this particular fuckmutt is a bit more slender than the breed standard for the African Marquis, it is perfectly consistent with the Black Pearl sub-breed, which is favored for its lean aesthetics, dark coat, and high energy, as well as very high docility. These traits, combined with the relative rarity of the sub-breed, make these animals especially popular for use in FuckMutt brothels and private collections.