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VERY NSFW! 18+ ONLY! (Duh) A place where I will post manips and captions I’ve created for a universe involving a man (in a floppy hat) called Dr. Hundehersteller. The storyline has evolved over several years, and all of these manips are also posted (with comments, feedback, suggestions) over at the Hypnopics Collective. Anyway, I will probably also post other work and stuff I like (this being Tumblr, after all). Check out my books and read my Smashwords interview here: BIANCA BEAUCHAMP: LATEX GODDESS var zflag_nid="607"; var zflag_cid="20469"; var zflag_sid="36490"; var zflag_width="1"; var zflag_height="1"; var zflag_sz="94"; HOT LESBIAN SMUT displayBan('36490', '~/banners/3/5/100x100', 'gNcdv%2fmwhskVxLi%2bQNJhAfgJYFlJTJ%2f9Tq73nMQwXjD5hfENhjycy20jEkk2AD5ou6Te83wPL3fLCImY9B2%2f4JH7wByT2%2fa0SVOvbKzeFE4%3d'); HOT HOTCORE ACTION displayBan('36490', '~/banners/3/1/180x150', 'gNcdv%2fmwhskVxLi%2bQNJhAfgJYFlJTJ%2f9Tq73nMQwXjD5hfENhjycy20jEkk2AD5ou6Te83wPL3fHx%2fqpoT91RuiDqiividQmqIjFHckWYJY%3d'); PETPLAY LINKS (function(i,s,o,g,r,a,m){i['GoogleAnalyticsObject']=r;i[r]=i[r]||function(){ (i[r].q=i[r].q||[]).push(arguments)},i[r].l=1*new Date();a=s.createElement(o), m=s.getElementsByTagName(o)[0];a.async=1;a.src=g;m.parentNode.insertBefore(a,m) })(window,document,'script','//','ga'); ga('create', 'UA-49148012-2', ''); ga('send', 'pageview'); - Puppygirls & Playthings (@puppygirlsnplaythings)
Heavy tats heavy tits empty head the perfect @puppygirlsnplaythings

Heavy tats, heavy tits, empty head. The perfect fucktoy is possible with a little customization and a healthy dose of BimboMaxx™ from Hundehersteller Industries.


Dumb as fuck

She knows what she is @puppygirlsnplaythings

She knows what she is.

Theres so much good raw material in this cunt @puppygirlsnplaythings

There’s so much good raw material in this cunt. With the help of extensive self-upgrades, she’s really taken a huge step toward achieving her true purpose: becoming a plaything that lives to provide pleasure for its betters.


Ariane Saint Amour

Masterofmindbodyandsoul roughdirtysex she is @puppygirlsnplaythings



She is a bitch, so let her do the dog’s work.

So hot.

Good dog @puppygirlsnplaythings

Good dog.

Not just men i certainly enjoy that expression on @puppygirlsnplaythings

Not just men. I certainly enjoy that expression on the face of one of my pets when they call me “Mistress.”


This girl looks so dumb, confused, and totally helpless you can’t help but want to pick her up like a little kitten and take care of her.  This is the kind of expression other girls will tell you looks stupid, but men will secretly love. 

Dogs just cant resist a bone mollypops23 @puppygirlsnplaythings

Dogs just can’t resist a bone.



Get it, slut! Get the cock! Show Master how badly you want to please him and swallow his hot cum!

She’s been trained very well!

Mollypops23 oooh dad i like that one jim @puppygirlsnplaythings


“Oooh, Dad, I like that one!”

Jim grinned, his son had made a worthy selection for his 18th birthday gift.

The salesperson tapped his tablet and the woman suddenly unfroze and stumbled to the ground. For a split second, her eyes widened in terror and she opened her mouth to scream.


Her mouth snapped shut as the store employee secured a collar around her neck, seemingly causing her eyes to go blank. The employee turned to Jim.

“Ok, Control Collar is locked in. After about twenty days the effects will become permanent. Until then, do not remove it under any circumstance.”

Jim nodded.

“Any direction you give the product will manifest permanently within a few days, so choose wisely. There’s no reset button. Any questions other than that, just call us.”

Jim beamed as his son led his new toy away by leash.

“Happy birthday son.”

Its not sure about the collar or the leash is @puppygirlsnplaythings

It’s not sure about the collar, or the leash. Is this where it belongs? Are these feelings of completion what it’s been craving for so long?

It’s not sure. But it will be.

Training your property a peaceful weekend @puppygirlsnplaythings


A peaceful weekend doesn’t mean you need to be alone.

Your pet just needs to be obedient.

Paws off dogs use their mouths @puppygirlsnplaythings

Paws off! Dogs use their mouths.

Nme33 walk that is how a bitch walks @puppygirlsnplaythings


walk? that is how a bitch walks.

Good dog @puppygirlsnplaythings

Good dog.

The relationship between a registered mistress and @puppygirlsnplaythings

The relationship between a Registered Mistress and her fuckmutt is more than just sex. It’s about companionship, care, and even love. Both parties get what they need and deserve, and together they share a life that’s better for having come together (no pun intended).



pet girls should always be in all fours in front of their mistress. It’s may be indoor or outdoor.

I love this. If any woman would like to task my GF, just let me know :)

Style is never an issue for a well dressed @puppygirlsnplaythings

Style is never an issue for a well-dressed Registered Mistress. Living Latex™ and other fine Hundehersteller Products ensure you always look your best while demanding the same from your fuckmutts, bimbosluts, and other pets. Visit your local Chienne Obeissante, Perritas, or Witching Hour locations today, and discover how Hundehersteller Industries can give you a look that not only demands respect, but deserves it.

Hundehersteller Industries—the global leader in domination, medical, and entertainment nanite technology.

More excellent work by mollypops23 mollypops23 @puppygirlsnplaythings

More excellent work by mollypops23.


Please, help Brandi.

Hers is a sad story, one that no animal should have to go through.

Brandi used to have a happier life; she had an owner that sheltered her, took care of her, and fed and fucked her regularly. It was the kind of life that any puppygirl dreams of, and Brandi couldn’t have been happier to serve and obey such a kind and thoughtful owner.

But then, tragedy struck.

Five months ago, criminals broke into Brandi’s home. They kidnapped her owner, leaving her devastated, frightened, and all alone.

Who knows how many days Brandi crawled around the streets and back alleys of the city, yearning to find her owner? When our pet rescue squad found her, she was dirty, weakened, and rail thin; a complete shell of her usual self.

Our care team took Brandi in, cleaned and fed her, and slowly but surely, restored her to full health. But now she sits in the store, day after day, waiting in her kennel, hoping that someone will have a big enough heart to adopt her and provide a home.

You can provide that home.

While Brandi’s story is a sad one, there are hundreds more just like it. Every day, more innocent strays like her are found in the streets and brought here. Some ran away from home, others had it taken from them, but they all are deserving of your love and care. Please, don’t let them suffer any more than they already have.

Look into Brandi’s eyes and search your heart. Don’t you want to be the one to say yes to her or one of her companions? Don’t you want to bring joy into a lonely animal’s life? You can make it happen, you only have to act.

So please, visit one of our shelters today. Only you can display the kindness and generosity needed to give animals like Brandi a chance. Only you can give them a home.

Words to live by pets mollypops23 such a @puppygirlsnplaythings

Words to live by, pets.


Such a beautiful picture. Dammit, even I feel contently submissive just looking at her. Unnnf, this is what it’s all about!

Submission glub glub glub drink up @puppygirlsnplaythings

SUBMISSION: Glub, glub, glub…drink up.

A submission from a fan its very cute and looks @puppygirlsnplaythings

A submission from a fan. It’s very cute, and looks a bit like the nanite tattoos we give fuckmutts who have also been dosed with BimboMaxx™.



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