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Welcome to Wet Ass Dreams Central!! This is Pink-Tight Heaven, where it is all about Bottoms, perfect asses & the best Porn and Pornstars! Any Top's dream come true! If you see anything you´d like me to remove please drop me a line! ENJOY! - PUSH MY BOTTOMS (@pushmybottoms)
Colby melvins assets @pushmybottoms

Colby Melvin’s Assets

And this is how a power bottom does squats boy @pushmybottoms

And THIS is how a power bottom does squats, boy.

Delicious made easy @pushmybottoms

Delicious made easy!

You like bg btts and cannot lie @pushmybottoms

You like b_g b_tts and cannot lie

Gingerstrap my boyfriend wont be home for a @pushmybottoms


“My boyfriend won’t be home for a few hours. You sure you don’t want to have some fun?”

That marvelous piece of ASS is Anthony Romero’s

Gingerstrap helped your boyfriend move we got @pushmybottoms


“Helped your boyfriend move. We got a little distracted.”

Tris is how you push your bottoms to the limit @pushmybottoms

Tris is how you push Your bottoms to the limit

Inchargedad fuck me daddy make me know i @pushmybottoms


fuck me Daddy, make me know I belong to you

Mundodoshomens jockswiththickcocks active @pushmybottoms



ACTIVE Gay Porn Blog! >>jockswiththickcocks<<



Tyler Sweet #teampowerbottom

Weekly obsession steven d aka perfect blonde @pushmybottoms

Weekly Obsession: Steven D aka Perfect blonde Ambition

Gayosiris haus o ass waytoowoe what are you @pushmybottoms



What are you looking at? My ass or my smile?

What a silly question. Your ass of course!

Inchargedad fucking your boy in front of a @pushmybottoms


fucking your boy in front of a mirror can be very entertaining.

I need that tee now @pushmybottoms



Lets have some ass this monday morning @pushmybottoms

Lets have some ass this Monday morning

Morning we open from 9 to 5 @pushmybottoms

Morning! We Open from 9 to 5 :)

Thats how you own asspotlight @pushmybottoms

Thats How you Own ASSpotlight

Delicious made easy wwwpushmybottomstumblrcom @pushmybottoms

Delicious made easy

The amazing julian serrano @pushmybottoms

The Amazing Julian Serrano @ 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Take one for the team @pushmybottoms

Take one for the team

Analroyale myaddicktion ass my favorite @pushmybottoms



Ass, my favorite meal



Purrrrple ass undies perfection @pushmybottoms

Purrrrple Ass undies Perfection

Fraternityrow fraternity row jock itch @pushmybottoms


Fraternity Row | Jock Itch

I wonder where he keeps that bat…

Myaddicktion some guys call him a slut for @pushmybottoms


Some guys call him a slut for fucking everyone in town, me I call him the love of my life and take every opportunity  to appreciate and taste his handiwork. Some guys want their man all to themselves, I guess I respect that but don’t get it. My husbands ass is way to good to be tied down to one guy, I want to share it with the world, and taste the creamy results!

Gayosiris haus o ass ashley cain gif by @pushmybottoms


Ashley Cain | GIF by boipvssy

Wiggle Wiggle

Hairy and delicious wwwpushmybottomstumblrcom @pushmybottoms

Hairy and delicious

The fantasstic darius ferdynand @pushmybottoms

The fantASStic Darius Ferdynand

Bonermakers i could see how one would be @pushmybottoms


I could see how one would be addicted to this.

Them phat n perfect wwwpushmybottomstumblrcom @pushmybottoms

Them phat n perfect

Ilovehisass homotography veselin doknic by @pushmybottoms



Veselin Doknic by Wong Sim


The Judges:

9…..9.5…… 9.5…..9.5…..9.5 –> 9.5

Mundodoshomens diego sans jimmy fanz men @pushmybottoms


Diego Sans & Jimmy Fanz ©MEN 3/13

Brentwalker092 uh yah freal dude @pushmybottoms


“…uh yah, f’real dude…” :)

Bonermakers id get into bed with this dude @pushmybottoms


I’d get into bed with this dude.

Bottoms up!