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Randomly Erotic @randomlyerotic

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I'm a straight guy in my mid-30s... just using this page as a release for all my sexual desires. I'm always horny and LOVE to have messages in my ask box.... OR... feel free to email me at I can also be found chatting on Chatropolis from time to time. - Randomly Erotic (@randomlyerotic)
Dumbsluttyangel my vacant fuckpuppy eyes are @randomlyerotic


my vacant fuckpuppy eyes are just begging : “please smack my fucking stupid face for wating that tasty delicious cum that didnt get into my throat but sprayed on my neck and cheeks and boobies…smack my face, make me cry, maybe that will get your cock hard again Sir, and you will fuck my silly face again till my lips and trhoat are raw and cum right inside my sttomach holding your cock in my throat whiel you cum…to feed your dumb bimbo slut..if she cant swallow it herself…:”