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Real Men Real Life @realmenreallife

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Male Photography by John Edward Fink - Real Men Real Life (@realmenreallife)
Shooting divine dad paul adams in the berkshires @realmenreallife

Shooting divine dad Paul Adams in the Berkshires!

Say hello to the very sweet and handsome daddy @realmenreallife

Say hello to the very sweet, and handsome daddy, Jeffrey!

Hardened clay hey people head on over @realmenreallife

Hardened Clay! (Hey people, head on over to where my pal Clay is Beefcake of the Week this week. Give him the thumbs-up for all his hard work!  :)

Todd one of the sexiest most handsome men i have @realmenreallife

Todd: one of the sexiest, most handsome men I have ever laid eyes on.

Rick one incredibly sharp looking man @realmenreallife

Rick: one incredibly sharp-looking man!

Shooting john in palm springs what an incredibly @realmenreallife

Shooting John in Palm Springs… What an incredibly fun day!!

And then this happened @realmenreallife

And then this happened.

Hot handsome muscle bear david @realmenreallife

Hot, handsome muscle-bear David!  :)

Doug and mike @realmenreallife

Doug and Mike

Kakman denverdaddydawg 112114 anchors @realmenreallife



11.21.14   Anchors away


There is more Nathan coming.

Incredibly handsome joss nude in vancouver @realmenreallife

Incredibly handsome Joss… nude in Vancouver!

A day with dominic on a nude beach @realmenreallife

A day with Dominic on a nude beach.

New friend new muse clay bear @realmenreallife

New friend, new muse: Clay Bear.

Penisbetweenus right before my first photo @realmenreallife


Right before my first photo shoot with the talented, sweet and handsome photographer, John Fink of Real Men Real Life.

Awwwww sweet, handsome, sexy Clay!! Muah!

Joe handsome handsome handsome @realmenreallife

Joe. Handsome, handsome, handsome!

Dan nude and at attention @realmenreallife

Dan, nude, and at attention.

Sexy and playful fritz @realmenreallife

Sexy and playful Fritz!

Jim in and out of his clothes @realmenreallife

Jim, in and out of his clothes.

Dan one of the sexiest men i have ever laid eyes @realmenreallife

Dan: one of the sexiest men I have ever laid eyes on.

Bart @realmenreallife


Mike @realmenreallife


A red white blue i can feel good about today @realmenreallife

A red, white & blue I can feel good about today.

Greg nick kiss @realmenreallife

Greg & Nick kiss.

Doug nude in a sauna @realmenreallife

Doug, nude in a sauna.

Adorable young muscle bear jim @realmenreallife

Adorable young muscle bear Jim.  :)

Craig at the atlanta eagle pool table @realmenreallife

Craig at the Atlanta Eagle pool table.

The cub and a cabin up in the mountains @realmenreallife

The Cub, and a cabin up in the mountains.

Say hello to bart @realmenreallife

Say hello to Bart!  :)