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Hello, my name is Rebecca and I am a Brooklyn-based illustrator and comic artist personal tumblr / instagram / portfolio / twitter PRINTS ZINES PDFS - Rebecca Mock Illustrates (@rebeccamock)
Sunday comics monthly edit loftcom i did a @rebeccamock

Sunday Comics - Monthly Edit

I did a series of 6 summery .gif illustrations for The Loft, all of which you can see here! 

Tacoma fullbright game informer august cover @rebeccamock

TACOMA, Fullbright>> Game Informer August cover

TACOMA is the upcoming new game by Fullbright, the indie game developer behind Gone Home (if I was going to make a video game, it would be just like Gone Home). Fullbright asked me to paint this cover spread for them and their promotion with Game Informer. This will also be a wallpaper, poster, and general promo image for the game! The image features Amy, the main character, designed by Emily Caroll in collab with the Fullbright team. And I pulled all the environment details from the gorgeous teaser trailer. I was really inspired by the game concept and Amy’s design, and Fullbright were so supportive and fun to work with!

Keep your eye on this game! Join me in the Amy Ferrier fan club! Touch the cover of Game Informer for me! 

Bar tab selected works i have been doing a fair @rebeccamock

Bar Tab
selected works

I have been doing a fair few Bar Tab illustrations in the past year–Bar Tab is a column in the New Yorker that reviews bars around the city. I like these assignments for their simplicity, plus I really enjoy painting shiny still-life type scenes. Thanks AD Deanna Donegan!
From top to bottom: 
Play Lounge
Porsena Extra Bar
Holiday Cocktail Lounge

Tsutaya electrics store futako tamagawa grand @rebeccamock

Electrics Store, Futako Tamagawa (grand opening)

I had an interesting opportunity to create a series of images for this new (or revamped) branch of the Tsutaya Electrics store located outside Tokyo, Japan. I was asked to illustrate different scenes around the Futako Tamagawa area, from the main streets to the park along the river, and maybe animate parts of them. These are only some of the full series. This project had a really fast turnaround but I’m quite happy with the final product, considering. It was so cool to see photos of my work decorating part of the store–which is huge, and super gorgeous, my work is only a small part! I don’t know how long they’ll be on display, but if you happen to be nearby that part of the world, maybe check them out and enjoy browsing in this cool place! 

Sansas lemon cakes game of thrones catchdrogon @rebeccamock

Sansa’s Lemon Cakes
Game of Thrones #catchdrogon twitter promotion

I was commissioned by the official Game of Thrones twitter to create some graphics to help promote the premiere of season 5 tonight. I had to create a gif based around Sansa Stark’s favorite food, lemon cakes. There’s a particular scene in season 4, with Sansa still reeling from the news that her mother and brother have been murdered, when she refuses a plate of lemon cakes. Sansa’s lemon cakes are symbolic of the life she dreamed of having–they’re a great luxury, and a symbol of the refined, idyllic life of a court lady. Later they are a comfort to her, a small joy as she becomes more and more isolated. Sansa retreats into her own head, and her lemon cakes–and her hopes–are left behind. 
I had to kind of guess what lemon cakes in King’s Landing looked like–there aren’t really any clear shots of them, but i knew they were unique to the region. I eventually used info from this video and this photo

A mission of mercy for the ny times opinionator @rebeccamock

A Mission of Mercy
for the NY Times Opinionator blog

This is a quick sequential .gif piece I did for a haunting essay. The story is about a baby born with complications, and surrounding complications of immigration–told from the perspective of the physician caring for him.

Transportation capital new york magazine i did the @rebeccamock

Capital New York Magazine

I did the cover for this month’s issue of Capital Magazine. I know very well how trying to commute on the subway after a blizzard is…a challenge. I used a local Brooklyn subway station for reference, and got a chance to draw figures into the piece, which I don’t often get to do outside of my comics. Thanks AD Peter Lettre!

Dog good omens radio play for bbc radio 4 im a @rebeccamock

Good Omens radio play for BBC Radio 4

I’m a fan of plenty of BBC productions, and I love Good Omens, so being asked to work on some promo art for this radio play was a dream come true. You can listen to the show on the BBC website—it’s quite enjoyable to hear Peter Serafinowicz and Mark Heap flirt with each other. Here’s the hellhound, Dog, who we meet in episode 2.

This hellhound was modeled after Evan Dahm’s dog Billy. Billy is the best.

Jensineeckwall a small fashion painting for the @rebeccamock


A small fashion painting for the very lovely Rebecca Mock, for an illustrators’ gift exchange.

Shorts inspired by this outfit by Virginia Burlina

Jensine painted this for me and I DIED OF HAPPINESS! Thank you Jensine!
Nordstrom gif by rebeccamock the second of @rebeccamock


Gif by rebeccamock

The second of the two .gifs I made for Nordstrom’s Silver Box ad campaign. A festive, flickering still-life painting. Cheers.

Nordstrom gif by rebeccamock i made two @rebeccamock


Gif by @rebeccamock

I made two special .gifs for Nordstrom this holiday season, both featuring their silver gift box. Here’s the first one–wait for it!–gift-wrapping party with your cat.

End of the year sale through december 5th i @rebeccamock

End-of-the-year sale! Through December 5th >>

I have dropped the prices of all the prints on my INPRNT shop, plus INPRNT is offering FREE SHIPPING through December 1st. If you were considering buying any prints from me (which would be really nice, thanks in advance), this weekend is the time. Check out my store to see all my prints. 

The old woman excerpt a short sci fi comic @rebeccamock

The Old Woman (excerpt)

a short sci fi comic about emotionally distant sisters Ruth and Casey, and snowmobiles and time loops. It will be part of a longer story, depending on how well this first zine sells (!!)

I’ll have this at Locust Moon Festival this Saturday, along with my other zines and some prints. Please come out and see the show, it’s gonna be good!

This week ill be a guest judge along with victo @rebeccamock

This week I’ll be a guest judge (along with Victo Ngai) for an exhibition of the SUPER talented students at Ringling. Also I’ll be road-testing some new .gif demos and using my terrible college portfolio to give undergrads hope.

Post spx recap very good photo stolen from spx @rebeccamock

Post-SPX Recap (very good photo stolen from SPX tumblr >:])
SPX was infamous, humbling, and legendary this year. So much talent and energy, from the first-timers to the amazing people who’ve been tabling for years and who are my heroes. 
Working in comics/illustration, in relative isolation, it’s easy to lose sight of my motivation. “Who cares? Why try?” my bitter inner-voices whisper. So it is incredibly validating to be able to show pride in my work. THANK YOU everyone who came by our table to say hello. <3 Main regret, not walking around more! My tablemates Annie and Tim were a dream. I was really nervous before our panel, but everyone was so sweet and chill my jitters melted away! Hope to see many of you again next month at Locust Moon Festival.

If you are interested in buying a print of mine, my InPrnt shop is having a week-long sale–FREE SHIPPING worldwide!! These are gallery-quality giclée art prints on 100% cotton rag archival paper, printed with archival inks.

Available from me at spx table b9 high quality @rebeccamock

Available from me at SPX, table B9:

  • High quality color prints, 8x10", 11x16" and 13x19"
  • Solid Sight –SPX special!
  • Four Points - Sneak Peeks
  • Hana Doki Kira

I’ve turned Solid Sight 3D into a digital PDF, since the 3D pictures work a lot better on a monitor than printed. When you buy Solid Sight Analog, you will receive a pair of 3D glasses and a digital 3D version, emailed right to you. :) A couple weeks after SPX the digital version will go up for sale online. 

Im going to be at spx ill be at table b9 with @rebeccamock

I’m going to be at SPX! I’ll be at Table B9 with friends and co-conspirators Annie Stoll and Tim Ferrara and we’ll be selling our comic anthology Hana Doki Kira! I’ll also have some luscious 13x19 prints, a Solid Sight two-for-one zine special, and a sneak peek of my upcoming GN Four Points. Stay tuned for a merchendise preview!!

edit: Also! I’ll be a part of the Making Art For The Internet panel along with Sam Alden, Blaise Larmee and Emily Carrol!!!! It’s on Sunday from 3pm to 4pm. 

Hana Doki Kira will also be available from other artists at the show: Alice Meichi Li at Table B8, Carey Pietsch at Table E12BMegan Brennan at Table A11, and Kris Mukai at Table A12. Visit us all for signatures!

The clipper a small quick painting i made @rebeccamock

The Clipper

A small, quick painting I made originally as part of a series for SPX. A bunch of stuff came up in recent weeks, so…. it looks like this finished print is all there is of that series. But exciting things are in store for the future!
I’ve been doing a lot of research on tall ships lately. If you want to learn more about maritime topics or my upcoming GN Four Points, come find me at SPX. :)

The aftershocks mediumcom i was asked to create @rebeccamock

The Aftershocks

I was asked to create a .gif of a house interior during an earthquake. The article chronicles the controversial aftermath of the devastating quake that happened in L'Aquila, Italy in 2009. I wanted to capture the movement of the “tremors” before the full-on earthquake, although this tremor is infinite, never resolving.
This image and the all the animation was made in Photoshop. thanks AD Erich Nagler!

5 cool ways to use business cards in evernote @rebeccamock

“5 Cool Ways to Use Business Cards in Evernote”
for PCWorld, AD Liz Fiorentino

This was a fun assignment–I wanted to animate some library card catalog drawers stuffed with notes, to show how Evernote organizes stacks of info based around a business card. The animation can only be seen on the “enhanced” tablet edition of the magazine, but you can see the still version here