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Hey Shane @redclouds

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Yow there , Im Shane :D from the Philippines and 16 y/o. I love reading Manga speacially " Naruto " and also listening to Pop , Heavy Metal , Post-hardcore musics. I am also a member of Alpha Kappa rho International Humanitarian Service Fraternity here in the Philippines. & I really love sharing my thoughts and somethings that I really want & thats all. - Hey Shane (@redclouds)
Who can relate with this @redclouds

Who can relate with this ?

Ronne radke is better than craig mabbit why @redclouds

Ronne Radke is better than Craig Mabbit !!


- Its just so simple because Ronnie Radke is the one who made the EscapeTheFate famous and He is also the Founder of EscapeTheFate. His skills of performing in stage is so amazing and also his wonderful voice. Unlike Craig Mabbit , He just try to be Ronnie Radke.

My best example is when Craig Mabbit is performing in the stage and when He swinging the mic. And when Craig Mabbit singing Ronnie Radke’s songs and He changing the original tone of the song because He can’t sings Ronnie Radke’s songs because of the HighNote of voice of Ronnie Radke.

My best example is when Craig Sing the Song “ The Situations ”.

Well its just only my opinion. But for meRonnie Radke is better than Craig Mabbit. And also EscapeTheFate is better with Ronnie Radke than Craig.

Rofl so cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute @redclouds

ROFL ~ so cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute !

5 solid underground vocalists mark kjwan @redclouds


  1. MarkĀ  ( Kjwan )
  2. Jamir ( Slapshock )
  3. Greg ( Greyhoundz )
  4. Gabby ( Urbandub )
  5. Miggy ( Chicosci )

– Iba talaga ang dating kapag nagsama ang mga Vocalist lalo na sa Underground pero kung sana nandyan si “ Ian Tayao ” ( former vocalist of Queso ) na Vocalist ng Wilabaliw

Ewan ko nalang !!

The two one of a kind vocalist from the east and @redclouds

The Two , One of a kind Vocalist from the East and from the West.

Ronnie Radke from U.S and a former vocalist of “ Escape the Fate ” but his now the vocalist of his new band called “ Falling in Reverse ”.

Miggy Chavez from PH. vocalist of the band called “ Chicosci ”.

* They have the same skills with the way they Sing and the way they move on the stage. And some of Ronnie’s Filipino Fans called Miggy Chavez “ The Ronnie Radke of the Philippines ” because they have more similarities just the Fashion , the Hair-Do.

And I can say that Im one of those Filipino called Miggy as the “ Ronnie Radke ” of the Philippines.

But im sad to say the Ronnie Radke is in Jail now and i have some source that Ronnie will be Free on this coming November. So for those people who loves Ronnie! Lets wait for him and wait for his new composed songs with his new band.

Falling in Reverse

This is the actual sunrise of the sun in the peak @redclouds

This is the actual sunrise of the sun in the peak of Mt.Pulag in Baguio the part of Northern Luzon which climbed by a Guy wearing a “ Alpha Kappa Rho ” Shirt and raising his two hands signing for “ LOVE ” which is also the sign of his Fraternity.

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