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Everything Bear here! We are two Dutch Bears and have always loved, Bears, Men with red hair and Men with tats. This is our way to celebrate them from a Bears point of view! Enjoy your stay on our new Tumblr page. Come back often and tell a friend. Thank you. Disclaimer: All items featured on here, unless otherwise noted, are copyrighted to their respective owners. We make NO claims as to the sexual orientation of any person pictured and claims no credit for any images featured on this site. All images were found via non-pay sites on the internet and are considered free to use. If you own the rights to any of the images and/or words found here, and do not wish them to appear on this site, please leave a message here. - Bears, Reds and Tats (@reds-n-tats)
Bearflavoured happy bearfriday everyone @reds-n-tats


Happy #bearfriday everyone! 

Bearflavoured on a beautiful sunny day in @reds-n-tats


On a beautiful sunny day in London

Onfire40 why not tumblr why not lol @reds-n-tats


Why not, Tumblr. Why not lol

Suloom un trio muy sexy @reds-n-tats


Un trio muy sexy!!

Fhabhotdamncobs w f warning not the @reds-n-tats


W♂♂F     (WARNING!   Not the place for “Pretty Boys” or their fans)

Fhabhotdamncobs mascular miles executive @reds-n-tats



MILES - Executive Suite 2015 | 7

On his recent trip to London, my very dear friend Miles and I were able to make time for a quick shoot at his hotel. Location shoots are always a bit tricky, but Miles is so incredibly photogenic and natural, this was a breeze… Just wish we had had more time…

W♂♂F     (WARNING!   Not the place for “Pretty Boys” or their fans)

Joshthebullpup stuffed tight also full frontal @reds-n-tats


Stuffed tight. Also full frontal for that one curious anon

Joshthebullpup beach day collecting water @reds-n-tats


beach day collecting water samples for micro bio. had to break out the swimsuits, though it was kind of odd that people stared as i took pictures of myself on the beach, let alone taking water from the ocean and putting it in bags

Realmenreallife hiking with john @reds-n-tats


Hiking with John!

Danielvonbatman good morning @reds-n-tats


Good morning!

Danielmcbatman i was feeling sad and gross @reds-n-tats


I was feeling sad and gross today so I took some nudes ‘cause that usually cheers me up.

Orainrete hdr reblog 348 @reds-n-tats


Hdr reblog 348


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