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Former Brooklyn girl lovin' all things SASSY.... Pinups, vintage, glam, anything fun & frilly, eye-catching, ROCKIN' and ultra-girly with the right touch of sassiness. HELL YEAH... For Kick-Ass vintage check it out: (My main... - SimplySassy (@retrogirly)
Gameraboy barbara darrow in the monster that @retrogirly


Barbara Darrow in The Monster That Challenged the World (1957)

Retrogirly sophia loren @retrogirly


Sophia Loren

Typist @retrogirly


Gmgallery chorus girls for the prodigal 1955 @retrogirly


Chorus girls for The Prodigal (1955)

In ascending order on the left: Marjorie May, Patrizia Magurno, Alice Arzoumanian, Nancy Chudacoff and Bobbie White.

In descending order on the right: Barbara White, Vera Francis, Jeanette Miller, Aen-Ling Chow and Marion Ross.

Bottom center: Jolene Bufkin (left) and Sheela Fenton.

Joan collins @retrogirly

Joan Collins

Rosanna schiaffino @retrogirly

Rosanna Schiaffino

Elvis lover @retrogirly

Elvis lover

Historicaltimes three women keep cool during a @retrogirly


Three women keep cool during a heat wave by moving a park bench into the water in Central Park, New York. September 1961.

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Vintagecharmingbeauties 1950s amateurs in @retrogirly


1950s Amateurs In Curlers.