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Art photographer from Portland, Oregon. All images here are mine except for a few reblogs. Some are NSFW. I follow from my other Tumblr, richburroughsphoto. - RICH BURROUGHS (@richburroughs)
Iphone shot of sophia @richburroughs

iPhone shot of Sophia

Jess @richburroughs


This is from our shoot at the Ace Hotel last September. I was missing working with Jess yesterday, we’ve shot twice together now and it feels like we’re due for a third. She’s a really smart, funny, beautiful woman. She’s also extremely professional and hard working.

Anyone with experience shooting nudes knows that tight clothing can leave lines on the model’s skin that can take a while to disappear. One of the worst things is to see a model walk in the room wearing a pair of tight jeans. Even bras and panties can leave lines. Jess showed up to this shoot wearing a pair of sweats with nothing underneath, really the best way to handle the line problem. Off the sweats came and we got right to shooting.

It’s such a little thing but it’s also really important. We were near the tail end of the day’s natural light when she arrived, so the fact that we were able to get working right away meant more time with the remaining window light. This was one of the last few shots we took before I broke out the speedlight, and we might not have gotten it if she wasn’t such a pro.

Photographers notice the models who do things right.

Oldie of Jess. I was just thinking about her today. Amazing model.

Theendis nigh the magical makings of @richburroughs


The magical makings of @richburroughs and Feryn.

Iphone shots of justice @richburroughs

iPhone shots of Justice

So i did a thing here are 4 of my polaroid images @richburroughs

So I did a thing. Here are 4 of my Polaroid images sized for use as a custom face on the Apple Watch. I recently bought one and was screwing around with the custom photo/album faces and it’s pretty cool.

Put these on your iPhone in a folder that you sync with your watch and they should be available there to use. You have to be on watchOS 2 to use this feature.

Models are Katie, Tiffany, Radeo and Bree.

Ive started shooting some 35mm film with contax @richburroughs

I’ve started shooting some 35mm film with Contax point and shoots. This was my first shoot doing that and it was a lot of fun.

Hailey richburroughs @richburroughs

Hailey / richburroughs

Hailey richburroughs @richburroughs

Hailey / richburroughs

Things you see in my vsco cam app the modern @richburroughs

Things you see in my VSCO Cam app. The modern contact sheet.

Iphone shots of hailey @richburroughs

iPhone shots of Hailey

Richburroughs iphone shots of sydney ladd @richburroughs


iPhone shots of Sydney Ladd

Sydney Ladd / Rich Burroughs

Lauren @richburroughs


You’re the greatest, Rich!


Lauren WK / Rich Burroughs

Lauren is really extraordinary. We’re hopefully shooting again in January.

I was just talking today with someone about how awesome Lauren is and then I saw this one someone else’s blog.

Hopefully we will get to shoot more someday.

Hemlock richburroughs @richburroughs

Hemlock / richburroughs

Peggysueaside shot by rich burroughs portland @richburroughs


Shot by Rich Burroughs, Portland, 2014

Stephanie sun richburroughs @richburroughs

Stephanie Sun / richburroughs

Tiffany hirth option model and media @richburroughs

Tiffany Hirth - Option Model and Media

Maryjanemclain richburroughs iphone shot of @richburroughs

maryjanemclain / richburroughs

iPhone shot of Maryjane. We had our second shoot last weekend and it was great. She’s lovely and very fun to work with.

Nevaeh shower 3 @richburroughs


I posted this image over two years ago. It just got reblogged and is getting some notes. Yay for someone looking that far back at my blog. I think this is actually the only legit shower shoot I’ve ever done, and with a Holga even.

Rebecca @richburroughs


Rebecca Gatta / Rich Burroughs

Impossible Project PX 70 Color Protection film

Maryjanemclain richburroughs maryjane is @richburroughs

maryjanemclain / richburroughs

Maryjane is easily one of the most stunning models I’ve worked with. We’re shooting more soon.

Richburroughs iphone shots of mistu by rich @richburroughs


iPhone shots of Mistu by Rich Burroughs

Richburroughs porcelain rich burroughs i @richburroughs


Porcelain / Rich Burroughs

I waited probably close to three years to shoot with this gorgeous woman. It was not a let down.

Finchdown some shots by rich burroughs on @richburroughs


Some shots by Rich Burroughs on Impossible Project’s latest color film. 

Check out Rich’s work here, here, and here.

Richburroughs kacy dawn rich burroughs kacy @richburroughs


Kacy Dawn / Rich Burroughs

Kacy is so pretty and I was blown away by the way the tones of the film captured her tattoos. I love these images.

I briefly considered switching my blog to be work safe so I didn’t have to worry about not appearing in search results. But then I wouldn’t be able to post images like this.

Apneatic photo by rich burroughs @richburroughs


photo by Rich Burroughs

Maryjanemclain richburroughs edited a bunch of @richburroughs

maryjanemclain / richburroughs

Edited a bunch of images of Maryjane tonight. She killed it in our shoot, there are so many images I love.

Maryjanemclain richburroughs she is amazing @richburroughs

maryjanemclain / richburroughs

She is amazing. Shooting again soon.

Richburroughs aella by rich burroughs @richburroughs


Aella by Rich Burroughs

Richburroughs wow so notes @richburroughs


Wow. So notes.

Mitsufetish richburroughs this girl she is @richburroughs

mitsufetish / richburroughs

This girl.

She is so beautiful and such a cool person.

Logicrovers richburroughs more of the @richburroughs

logicrovers / richburroughs

More of the Polaroids of Radeo that I edited last night. She is fantastic. We are hopefully shooting again soon.

Verronicaisdivine photo by rich burroughs @richburroughs


Photo by: Rich Burroughs
Model: Verronica

Logicrovers richburroughs this image of radeo @richburroughs

logicrovers / richburroughs

This image of Radeo is from one of our shoots in 2013, but this is the first time I’ve posted it anywhere. I was looking through the images tonight and edited some more. We had so many good ones that I didn’t get them all on the first pass. She is fantastic.

Richburroughs iphone shots of sydney ladd @richburroughs


iPhone shots of Sydney Ladd

Sydney Ladd / Rich Burroughs

Alysha richburroughs back from 2012 i really @richburroughs

alysha / richburroughs

Back from 2012. I really hope to shoot with her again this year.

Necklace from Demimonde Studio in Portland.

Image of lauren wk from back in 2012 i miss @richburroughs

Image of Lauren WK from back in 2012. I miss shooting this expired Polaroid Image Softtone film. I shot it for about a year and a half and got a lot of images I still love.

Detroitpink by rich burroughs @richburroughs


By Rich Burroughs

Its sydneys birthday i really love the images @richburroughs

It’s Sydney’s birthday :) I really love the images from our shoot, it was one of my favorites of the year.

sydneyladdd / richburroughs

Richburroughs aella by rich burroughs @richburroughs


Aella by Rich Burroughs

Ohthumbelina rich burroughs @richburroughs


Rich Burroughs

That girl radeo logicrovers richburroughs @richburroughs

That girl Radeo.

logicrovers / richburroughs

Had another shoot with radeo on sunday it was so @richburroughs

Had another shoot with Radeo on Sunday. It was so great to see her again. Here are some iPhone photos I took of her. P.S. My wall is dirty.

logicrovers / richburroughs

Sydneyladdd richburroughs iphone shot of @richburroughs



iPhone shot of Sydney from today, she’s on Instagram here:

Sydney Ladd / Rich Burroughs

Miss this


Nettie @richburroughs


Nettie Harris / Rich Burroughs

Digital shot of Nettie from 12/10/11. It’s hard to believe it’s been a year already.

Verronicaisdivine richburroughs i think ive @richburroughs

verronicaisdivine / richburroughs

I think I’ve shot with Verronica more times than any other model. She’s relaxed, fun, and super easy to work with. And gorgeous.

Peyoteseed rich burroughs @richburroughs


Rich Burroughs

Amber arrigotti rich burroughs @richburroughs

Amber Arrigotti / Rich Burroughs

Peyoteseed took these today with rich burroughs @richburroughs


Took these today with Rich Burroughs