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Art photographer from Portland, Oregon. All images here are mine except for a few reblogs. Some are NSFW. I follow from my other Tumblr, richburroughsphoto. - RICH BURROUGHS (@richburroughs)
So i did a thing here are 4 of my polaroid images @richburroughs

So I did a thing. Here are 4 of my Polaroid images sized for use as a custom face on the Apple Watch. I recently bought one and was screwing around with the custom photo/album faces and it’s pretty cool.

Put these on your iPhone in a folder that you sync with your watch and they should be available there to use. You have to be on watchOS 2 to use this feature.

Models are Katie, Tiffany, Radeo and Bree.

Ive started shooting some 35mm film with contax @richburroughs

I’ve started shooting some 35mm film with Contax point and shoots. This was my first shoot doing that and it was a lot of fun.

Hailey richburroughs @richburroughs

Hailey / richburroughs

Hailey richburroughs @richburroughs

Hailey / richburroughs

Things you see in my vsco cam app the modern @richburroughs

Things you see in my VSCO Cam app. The modern contact sheet.

Iphone shots of hailey @richburroughs

iPhone shots of Hailey

Richburroughs iphone shots of sydney ladd @richburroughs


iPhone shots of Sydney Ladd

Sydney Ladd / Rich Burroughs

Lauren @richburroughs


You’re the greatest, Rich!


Lauren WK / Rich Burroughs

Lauren is really extraordinary. We’re hopefully shooting again in January.

I was just talking today with someone about how awesome Lauren is and then I saw this one someone else’s blog.

Hopefully we will get to shoot more someday.

Hemlock richburroughs @richburroughs

Hemlock / richburroughs

Peggysueaside shot by rich burroughs portland @richburroughs


Shot by Rich Burroughs, Portland, 2014

Stephanie sun richburroughs @richburroughs

Stephanie Sun / richburroughs

Tiffany hirth option model and media @richburroughs

Tiffany Hirth - Option Model and Media

Maryjanemclain richburroughs iphone shot of @richburroughs

maryjanemclain / richburroughs

iPhone shot of Maryjane. We had our second shoot last weekend and it was great. She’s lovely and very fun to work with.

Nevaeh shower 3 @richburroughs


I posted this image over two years ago. It just got reblogged and is getting some notes. Yay for someone looking that far back at my blog. I think this is actually the only legit shower shoot I’ve ever done, and with a Holga even.

Rebecca @richburroughs


Rebecca Gatta / Rich Burroughs

Impossible Project PX 70 Color Protection film

Maryjanemclain richburroughs maryjane is @richburroughs

maryjanemclain / richburroughs

Maryjane is easily one of the most stunning models I’ve worked with. We’re shooting more soon.

Richburroughs iphone shots of mistu by rich @richburroughs


iPhone shots of Mistu by Rich Burroughs

Richburroughs porcelain rich burroughs i @richburroughs


Porcelain / Rich Burroughs

I waited probably close to three years to shoot with this gorgeous woman. It was not a let down.

Finchdown some shots by rich burroughs on @richburroughs


Some shots by Rich Burroughs on Impossible Project’s latest color film. 

Check out Rich’s work here, here, and here.

Richburroughs kacy dawn rich burroughs kacy @richburroughs


Kacy Dawn / Rich Burroughs

Kacy is so pretty and I was blown away by the way the tones of the film captured her tattoos. I love these images.

I briefly considered switching my blog to be work safe so I didn’t have to worry about not appearing in search results. But then I wouldn’t be able to post images like this.

Apneatic photo by rich burroughs @richburroughs


photo by Rich Burroughs

Maryjanemclain richburroughs edited a bunch of @richburroughs

maryjanemclain / richburroughs

Edited a bunch of images of Maryjane tonight. She killed it in our shoot, there are so many images I love.

Maryjanemclain richburroughs she is amazing @richburroughs

maryjanemclain / richburroughs

She is amazing. Shooting again soon.

Richburroughs aella by rich burroughs @richburroughs


Aella by Rich Burroughs

Richburroughs wow so notes @richburroughs


Wow. So notes.

Mitsufetish richburroughs this girl she is @richburroughs

mitsufetish / richburroughs

This girl.

She is so beautiful and such a cool person.

Logicrovers richburroughs more of the @richburroughs

logicrovers / richburroughs

More of the Polaroids of Radeo that I edited last night. She is fantastic. We are hopefully shooting again soon.

Verronicaisdivine photo by rich burroughs @richburroughs


Photo by: Rich Burroughs
Model: Verronica

Logicrovers richburroughs this image of radeo @richburroughs

logicrovers / richburroughs

This image of Radeo is from one of our shoots in 2013, but this is the first time I’ve posted it anywhere. I was looking through the images tonight and edited some more. We had so many good ones that I didn’t get them all on the first pass. She is fantastic.

Richburroughs iphone shots of sydney ladd @richburroughs


iPhone shots of Sydney Ladd

Sydney Ladd / Rich Burroughs

Alysha richburroughs back from 2012 i really @richburroughs

alysha / richburroughs

Back from 2012. I really hope to shoot with her again this year.

Necklace from Demimonde Studio in Portland.

Image of lauren wk from back in 2012 i miss @richburroughs

Image of Lauren WK from back in 2012. I miss shooting this expired Polaroid Image Softtone film. I shot it for about a year and a half and got a lot of images I still love.

Detroitpink by rich burroughs @richburroughs


By Rich Burroughs

Its sydneys birthday i really love the images @richburroughs

It’s Sydney’s birthday :) I really love the images from our shoot, it was one of my favorites of the year.

sydneyladdd / richburroughs

Richburroughs aella by rich burroughs @richburroughs


Aella by Rich Burroughs

Ohthumbelina rich burroughs @richburroughs


Rich Burroughs

That girl radeo logicrovers richburroughs @richburroughs

That girl Radeo.

logicrovers / richburroughs

Had another shoot with radeo on sunday it was so @richburroughs

Had another shoot with Radeo on Sunday. It was so great to see her again. Here are some iPhone photos I took of her. P.S. My wall is dirty.

logicrovers / richburroughs

Sydneyladdd richburroughs iphone shot of @richburroughs



iPhone shot of Sydney from today, she’s on Instagram here:

Sydney Ladd / Rich Burroughs

Miss this


Nettie @richburroughs


Nettie Harris / Rich Burroughs

Digital shot of Nettie from 12/10/11. It’s hard to believe it’s been a year already.

Verronicaisdivine richburroughs i think ive @richburroughs

verronicaisdivine / richburroughs

I think I’ve shot with Verronica more times than any other model. She’s relaxed, fun, and super easy to work with. And gorgeous.

Peyoteseed rich burroughs @richburroughs


Rich Burroughs

Amber arrigotti rich burroughs @richburroughs

Amber Arrigotti / Rich Burroughs

Peyoteseed took these today with rich burroughs @richburroughs


Took these today with Rich Burroughs

Downblackhill rich burroughs @richburroughs


Rich Burroughs

Stephanie @richburroughs


Iphone shot of sydney from today shes on @richburroughs

iPhone shot of Sydney from today, she’s on Instagram here:

Sydney Ladd / Rich Burroughs