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River of Constant Change

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I'm Chris in Toronto and I'm 52 and married and this is my personal Tumblr blog of relatively random and eclectic thoughts, likes and re-blogged postings related to my varied interests, hobbies, passions, personality and professional work, ie: Progressive/ Passionate Music - History - Science Fiction - Fantasy - Art - Photography - Sensuality - Sexuality - Beautiful Women (with tasteful nudity) -- and whatever else catches my eye or sparks my interest. My main musical passions include: Neil Young, Klaus Schulze, Genesis (+ solo Steve Hackett, Peter Gabriel, Anthony Phillips), Pink Floyd, Tangerine Dream, Kate Bush, Renaissance... Musical and other special interest postings are well tagged, so feel free to tag search by adding: '/tagged/search+terms' to my blog URL. The title of my blog comes from a favorite song by Genesis, "Firth of Fifth," that captures the central theme of my life, history and the nature of Tumblr blogging: "The sands of time were eroded by The river of constant change" Followers Count as of May 26, 2015: 5.587 This blog launched in November 2011, so there's quite a large Archive to explore of 130,000 + postings. While this blog gets sexy, I reserve the more explicit expression and exploration of my erotic interests and desires to my "other" blogs: Adults only there, needless to say.

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