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You will find never-ending Rizzoli and Isles, Rizzles, Sasha Alexander, and Angie Harmon posts here. You can ask me anything, I don't bite, but I might lick your face. - Rizzlebarry (@rizzlebarry)
Comedic delusions being a rich white man in @rizzlebarry


Being a rich white man in this country.

I just took the survey this was my answer for the @rizzlebarry

I just took the survey. This was my answer for the last question. While I don’t believe a difference can necessarily be made, I still think it’s important for my opinion to be heard.

Anyway, I bet some of you might agree with me. :)

Its the beginning of the end unless we step it @rizzlebarry

It’s the beginning of the end unless we STEP IT UP!



Rizzlebarry rizzlesotp rizzlebarry whos @rizzlebarry




Who’s ready for some more Jane and Maura?

Can we please reblog this every Tuesgay??

As you wish. Happy Tuesgay to you all.

I’m actually going to watch this week! Yay.

Rizzles challenge week one challenge most @rizzlebarry

Rizzles Challenge: Week One

  • Challenge: Most Inspiring Moment
  • Jane Rizzoli’s acceptance speech
  • Entrant: Rizzlebarry
Au jane is having some trouble seeing what is @rizzlebarry

AU-Jane is having some trouble seeing what is right in front of her.

Reblogging this to make up for the imbalance of @rizzlebarry

Reblogging this to make up for the imbalance of Angie/Jane and Sasha/Maura hair porn appreciation.

Rizzlesotp rizzlebarry whos ready for some @rizzlebarry



Who’s ready for some more Jane and Maura?

Can we please reblog this every Tuesgay??

As you wish. Happy Tuesgay to you all.

Jane are you sure well be able to see the perp @rizzlebarry

Jane: Are you sure we’ll be able to see the perp from here?

Maura: Of course! I can see into your apartment just fine from about this distance…



How do you think theyll react @rizzlebarry

“How do you think they’ll react?”

Between 3x6 and 4x1 jane has gotten more @rizzlebarry

Between 3x6 and 4x1, Jane has gotten more accustomed to Maura’s dirty talk (or more intrigued).

Youre gonna feel much better when you get in @rizzlebarry

You’re gonna feel much better when you get in shape, okay?

Maura being adorable jane i hate how much i @rizzlebarry

Maura: *Being adorable*
Jane: I hate how much I love you.

Seems like just yesterday cant wait to see what @rizzlebarry

Seems like just yesterday… Can’t wait to see what she’s got for us tonight!

Here4rizzles stop for a second this inspired @rizzlebarry



This inspired me to make a harmon flail video (with the shake music altered), so I’ll need everyone who wants to be included to make a few second video of them doing the “flail”, upload it on youtube and send me the link as fanmail or contact me through my ask and we can settle it.
As soon as I have enough videos, I’ll compile it all nicely and we can even send it to Angie.

Please spread the message. (reblog, tell friends etc)

The tag “harmon flail video” will be used for anything related!
Also, thanks to the person who made this post originally!

Ha ha! What a cute idea. I’ll help you out by rebloggin’ this. :)

Shallow seas we sail myopicfacination i am @rizzlebarry



I am finding this incredibly sexy right now.

Excuse you

Holy forearms. *drools*

Rizzlesisreality thisisdoctorisles @rizzlebarry















Rule #01 of the tumblr Rizzles fandom: IF YOU SEE THIS YOU MUST REBLOG THIS!


Dear lord.

i will never ever get over this

Rizzles everywhere!

Well holy moly it’s back

Can’t unsee it now, or ever

Good God. Thank you for this gif.

Reblogging if only for the reason it is fucking hot.

Yah, this needs to be on my blog…

Maura should have diabetes from the ridiculously @rizzlebarry

Maura should have diabetes from the ridiculously sweet way Jane gazes at her.

The question have you ever been jealous of a @rizzlebarry

The question, “Have you ever been jealous of a cheeseburger?” seems silly at first, but….

Hippiechix jane hi ma what do you want @rizzlebarry


Jane: Hi, Ma. What do you want?

Angela: Have you asked her yet?

Jane: No, I haven’t. I told you I’ll ask her later.

Angela: Ask her now, Janie. She’ll say yes.

Jane: I’m not gonna ask her now. Wait…where are you?


Jane: Ma! I can see you behind the counter. Really?

Angela: Jane Clementine Rizzoli! Ask Maura on a date.

Maura: Hello Angela….I can hear you. Ask me Jane.

Jane: Dr. Isles….will you..

Maura:Yes, I would love you go on a date with you.

The only time i hate sashas hair is when it gets @rizzlebarry

The only time I hate Sasha’s hair is when it gets in the way of my view of the Rack of God.

How many times have i told you jane maura @rizzlebarry

“How many times have I told you, Jane,” Maura frowned, “I can be fired for using Commonwealth lab equipment for my own personal-“

“It’s nothing we haven’t done before, Maura.” Jane returned in an immature tone.

“We should have just waited until we got home!” Maura insisted edgily, looking around the room nervously.

“It’s fine.” Jane insisted with confidence. She rolled her eyes at Maura and added, “We can’t change what we’ve already done anyway, so just relax.”

Jane’s disregard for her feelings was starting to make Maura angry. “You always do this! You never listen to me! I just would like you to listen to me once instead of completely ignoring everything I say and doing whatever you please like a-“

“Maura! You are seriously losing sight of what’s import-“

“Please listen to me when I’m talking to you, Jane!” Maura interrupted loudly.

“Nagging you mean?” Jane snapped, causing an indignant look to flash across Maura’s face.

“I suggest that you think twice before calling me that,” the doctor threatened darkly.

“Before calling you what?” Jane stepped closer and challenged.

“A nag… Detective!” Maura asserted, leaning forward to make herself very clear.

Jane was sick of Maura’s incessant nagging. She was in the middle of formulating something snarky to say in return when she glanced down at the small object that she forgot she was holding in her hand. As the other woman took a breath to continue her lecture she looked up at her and quietly murmured, “Maura, it’s positive.”

Maura’s annoyance instantly transformed into shock as she gasped and clapped a hand over her mouth. Her eyes darted from Jane’s face to the small plastic test in her hand and back again. Their argument immediately vanished into thin air.

Tears began to form in Jane’s smiling eyes and she looked into Maura’s. They both stood frozen in disbelief.

Before either of the women could react to the wonderful news, Jane tactlessly blurted, “Hey! That’s probably why you’ve been so cranky!”

She received a sharp punch in the arm before being enveloped in a powerful embrace. Their shock was now morphing into joy. Jane beamed and tossed the pregnancy test onto a nearby table so she could use both hands to hold her now pregnant wife.



Wardrobe malfunction during an interviewplayed it @rizzlebarry

Wardrobe Malfunction during an interview–played it off adorably. Reason #513 I love Angie Harmon.  X

Nekojco sashaalexander1 nekojco @rizzlebarry








Jane Rizzoli being a cheeky little devil. Her sass puts all others to shame.


Oh so it’s not just me that thinks that this is completely … punishable…  ;)

Oh not at all!  It’s not just you.  Jane behaves like a bratty bottom!

I bet there is someone who can do a oneshot fic for each of the gifs (Yes, that is a DARE)


Yep… or people can pick a gif and do oneshots and then we vote on the best? 

Holy crap I love this fandom!!!

Rizzlebarry one of my favorite jane moments @rizzlebarry


One of my favorite Jane moments:

Instinctively reaching for her gun when running into Melody Patterson, ex-Korsak numero uno.

She is protective of everyone important in her life…

It’s just usually her Maura.

I forgot about this post. I think this scene speaks VOLUMES for Angie’s great acting.

Even after all of the horrible beards predictable @rizzlebarry

Even after all of the horrible beards, predictable crime plots, and blatant continuity errors, THIS is still the most disappointing scene in the series to me.

Well we know which one of them would win in a @rizzlebarry

Well… We know which one of them would win in a round of “The Penis Game”.

Morerizzlesplease rizzlebarry detective jane @rizzlebarry



Detective Jane “Really” Rizzoli

really really really great post

HAHA! It took me a really really really embarrassingly long time to get that…

Dear angie please stop love me @rizzlebarry

Dear Angie. Please stop. Love, me.

She puts up with it because she loves you jane @rizzlebarry

She puts up with it because she loves you, Jane.

If janes reaction to mauras adorableness is not @rizzlebarry

If Jane’s reaction to Maura’s adorableness is not pure love, I don’t know anything in life.

Drredrose highfives4thelowlives @rizzlebarry




I miss Dr. Maura Isles. Counting down the days.

Baby baby baby

“why is the one where she tells Jane she looks sexy after they switch clothes not included? I feel slighted by this.”


I miss dr maura isles counting down the days @rizzlebarry

I miss Dr. Maura Isles. Counting down the days.

Jobethdalloway shallow seas we sail @rizzlebarry




I think it already happened and you just don’t know it, Babe.



Hmmm…. Why does this look so familiar?

OH YEAH. (Déjà vu…Painful Déjà vu)

Jane would you like to join me in my bed tonight @rizzlebarry

“Jane, would you like to join me in my bed tonight for some ‘meditating’?”

Lucy lawless as the gross honey badgerette of new @rizzlebarry

Lucy Lawless as The Gross Honey Badgerette of New Zealand