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Russian curvy models, plus size beauty @russianfamouscurves

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I collect here cuves from Russia , if u have something to submit me , i will be glad! - Russian curvy models, plus size beauty (@russianfamouscurves)
Katalinagorskikh russian plus size model @russianfamouscurves


Russian plus size model Katalina Gorskikh

Ilyafedorov dubrovnik is a beautiful old town @russianfamouscurves


Dubrovnik is a beautiful old town on the Adriatic coast, quite famous especially after many scenes of the Game of Thrones were filmed there.
Of course we could not miss the opportunity for a photoshoot while staying there :)
Model: Natalia Fedorova, dress and photography: Ilya Fedorov (the dress was actually made of a sari)

Svetlanakashirova beauty effloresces @russianfamouscurves


Beauty effloresces imperceptibly. We can not say where it begins and can not behold the moment it vanishes. We can only perceive it in the very single moment and be grateful for this transcendent chance.

by daymarewalker

Anna bernadina @russianfamouscurves

Anna Bernadina

Svetlanakashirova just a backstage shot @russianfamouscurves


Just a backstage shot ) sometimes a great picture comes from the side you are not expecting )

Russian plus model anna krylova @russianfamouscurves

Russian plus model Anna Krylova

Zerkalova alisa my venus kris kazaryan photo @russianfamouscurves


my Venus Kris Kazaryan 

photo by Alisa Zerkalova

Katyazharkova лето солнце и вода навсегда мои @russianfamouscurves


Лето, солнце и вода навсегда мои друзья :) #modellife #summer #smile

Cassandra von katz @russianfamouscurves

Cassandra von Katz

Cassandra von katz @russianfamouscurves

Cassandra von Katz

Gulzhan tikhomirova @russianfamouscurves

Gulzhan Tikhomirova

Angelina ivanova @russianfamouscurves

Angelina Ivanova

Curvyvictoriia curvesinbikinis @russianfamouscurves


#curvesinbikinis #30dayschallenge #30daychallenge

Svetlana kashirova @russianfamouscurves

Svetlana Kashirova

Zerkalova alisa my new photoshoot by my friend @russianfamouscurves


My new photoshoot by my friend & photographer Alex.

Curvy sport model Julia Levitskaya 

Russian plussize model dilyara larina @russianfamouscurves

Russian plussize model Dilyara Larina

Zerkalova alisa model plus size kris kazaryan @russianfamouscurves


Model Plus Size Kris Kazaryan by Alisa Zerkalova

Zerkalova alisa plus size photo project by @russianfamouscurves


Plus size photo project by Alisa Zerkalova (  “LOVE YOUR BODY, GIRLS!”  Models : polina-efremova & Kristina Kazaryan. Mua: Natali Chernohvostova