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a vehicle for sharing my naughty pictures since I no longer can on my main website, thanks to's new policy. Formore info about me, and my porn career and my other services, check out my main website: * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * ... - Rusty McMann (@rustymcmann)
Uknakedmen logan moore andro maas @rustymcmann

UKNakedMen:   Logan Moore & Andro Maas

Hairy raw sling gang bang part 1 @rustymcmann

Hairy & Raw: Sling Gang Bang Part 1

Bear films tate taylor rock hunter steve @rustymcmann

Bear Films: Tate Taylor, Rock Hunter, Steve Sommers, and Skott Locke - Part 1

Breed me raw luke harrington and aarin asker @rustymcmann

Breed Me Raw: Luke Harrington and Aarin Asker

Bareback that hole sean duran and alex mason @rustymcmann

Bareback That Hole: Sean Duran and Alex Mason

Boy86 89 daddy you want me @rustymcmann


Daddy you want me?😘🍆

Bad daddies calling all bad dads if youd like @rustymcmann


Calling all bad dads! If you’d like to be featured on Bad Daddies, send in a pic or vid and show off to over 15,000 followers. Or feel free to shoot a message and say hello! Let’s see what you’ve got!

Scofflawscallawag2 leo sucks off isaac @rustymcmann


Leo sucks off Isaac

World of men marc angelo and sam wyze @rustymcmann

World of Men: Marc Angelo and Sam Wyze

Alphamales working with wood with antonio @rustymcmann

Alphamales: Working with Wood with  Antonio Miracle and Jason Domino

Breed me raw luke harrington and john bedford @rustymcmann

Breed Me Raw: Luke Harrington and John Bedford

Monstercub you otter know @rustymcmann

MonsterCub: You Otter Know

Monstercub you otter know @rustymcmann

MonsterCub:  You Otter Know

Bulldog pit big bare dick with craig daniel @rustymcmann

Bulldog Pit: Big Bare Dick with  Craig Daniel Sergi Rodriguez

Breed me raw luke harrington and russ magnus @rustymcmann

Breed Me Raw: Luke Harrington and Russ Magnus

Niccorious86 yeah my fav position and those @rustymcmann


Yeah!!! My fav position! And those soles… can’t stop watching!

Nushx newdz @rustymcmann


newdz :)

Craigjcalhoun spotlights 60 body @rustymcmann


spotlights #60

body - hughhunter

photography & Photoshop - Craig

This image can be seen un-watermarked in my book spotlights available for purchase here.

Rustymcmann eat your heart out rock hudson @rustymcmann


eat your heart out Rock Hudson!


Poochmcgeexxx from my new photo series hot @rustymcmann


From my new photo series, Hot Tuxedo Daddy @rustymcmann

Jtoddsf bear tum 31 fuck me @rustymcmann




Fuck me

Poochmcgeexxx @rustymcmann


Rustymcmann and here i am again @rustymcmann


and here I am again!!

Rustymcmann lanz n me fuckin it up @rustymcmann


Lanz n me, fuckin it up!

Venfield8 designer dick ralph lauren 2015 v @rustymcmann


Designer Dick, Ralph Lauren,  2015  V E N F I E L D 8

Yum @rustymcmann


Scofflawscallawag2 rim your beau @rustymcmann


Rim your beau

Satyrdavewarren the infection spreads @rustymcmann


The infection spreads throughout his body.

Allbearmagazine an all bear must have @rustymcmann


An ALL BEAR must have

Scofflawscallawag2 gorgeous latino dick @rustymcmann


Gorgeous Latino dick

Beardburnme drying off by kittenbear on @rustymcmann


“Drying off ☀️” by @kitten_bear on Instagram

And here i am again @rustymcmann

and here I am again!!

Blntr25 i love coming across myself @rustymcmann



I love coming across myself online!!

Manlybeautyuniverse marcio by yoga bear @rustymcmann


Marcio     by Yoga Bear Studio

Alphamales giant dicked workmen @rustymcmann

Alphamales: Giant Dicked Workmen

Pete54me maleathleteirthdaysuits iago @rustymcmann



Iago Bouzon (soccer) born 16 March 1983


Bareback that hole sean duran and jackson @rustymcmann

Bareback That Hole: Sean Duran and Jackson Fillmore

Thebearfilms very sexy wannamodelwed @rustymcmann


very sexy! #wannamodelwed

Dchooidoodles throwback week was cleaning out @rustymcmann


Throwback week – Was cleaning out my archives and came across a few old doodles and thought to share it out to Tumblr.

I’m still hoping to be a Chooi man when I grow up…

The look on his face @rustymcmann

the look on his face…

Monstercub continuing with introducing you guys @rustymcmann


Continuing with introducing you guys to the studs of the 2016 Calendar.

Mr. February, Axel Brandt of Texas. Axel is a sexy beefy country boy with a punk rock edge to him. He is lots of fun to party with and he’s a straight up man’s man with a no bullshit demeanor.

If you like Axel and guys like him, you will want to preorder the 2016 MonsterCub Calendar. It’s easy and is a great way to keep track of your week. They also make great gifts for your bear buddies. Preorder yours now, the first 25 customers will receive autographed calendars. Use the link below!…/

Eat your heart out rock hudson @rustymcmann

eat your heart out Rock Hudson!

Cowboy realness @rustymcmann

cowboy realness

Craigjcalhoun switch materials white dress @rustymcmann



materials - white dress shirts

photography - Steve Greiner

body, sewing & Photoshop - Craig

I made this in 1997 (the photo shoot took place in 1998) while getting my MFA at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. I got the title from the song Switch by Siouxsie and The Banshees. In 1998 while still at SAIC I did a performance piece that involved me trying on and dancing around in some of my reconstructed clothing. While flailing about in this piece to the aforementioned Banshees song I pulled the right sleeve down so I could whip myself (“Watch the muscles twitch for a brand new switch.” to quote the song). It was during this act of self-flagellation that I whacked my balls really hard. I had never done that before (and hadn’t intended on doing so btw), but it felt quite good so I was pleasantly surprised. Oh, the things we learn by accident. LOL


Scofflawscallawag2 as far as i know there are @rustymcmann


As far as I know, there are only a handful of pics of this guy floating around in cyberspace.  Shame, because he is hot as fuckall

Thebearfilms what happens when you catch your @rustymcmann


What happens when you catch your best friend in bed with your son? Watch and see!! 

Breed me raw gabriel fisk and aarin asker @rustymcmann

Breed Me Raw: Gabriel Fisk and Aarin Asker

Red hot latinos dennys and douglas torres @rustymcmann

Red Hot Latinos: Dennys and Douglas Torres

Craigjcalhoun undressing 40 bodies eric @rustymcmann


un/dressing #40

bodies - Eric

reconstructed shirt, video, photography & Photoshop - Craig

01/21/06 - ?

Monstercub starting today i will be @rustymcmann


Starting today, I will be introducing you guys to some of the hot bears, cubs, and otters who I’ve chosen to be on the 2016 calendar.

Preorder your calendars now! The first 25 customers will have their calendars signed by myself and my other local studs.

Follow this link, it’s easy…/

Mr. January is yours truly, Hunter Scott. Grew up in South Carolina, moved to Florida in 2011. What some don’t realize is that I’m not only one of the regular models, I’m also the owner and editor. I wanted to create a website that included education, humor, inspiration, and hot porn to bring the bear community closer together.

Fairwarningmen daniel marvin and pedro andreas @rustymcmann


Daniel Marvin and Pedro Andreas

Craigjcalhoun posing 1222 bodies photography @rustymcmann


posing #1222

bodies, photography & Photoshop - Craig

05/30/07 - 10/20/15