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a vehicle for sharing my naughty pictures since I no longer can on my main website, thanks to's new policy. Formore info about me, and my porn career and my other services, check out my main website: * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * ... - Rusty McMann (@rustymcmann)
Mou5elee more my drawngs on my @rustymcmann


💡more my drawngs on my Tumblr:

Pitfurholebeard joy to the world @rustymcmann


Joy to the world!

Indianbears probably the only dedicated indian @rustymcmann


Probably the only dedicated INDIAN BEAR blog in Tumblr:

Alwaysbeenstocky when flesh amplifies the @rustymcmann


When flesh amplifies the concept of infinite…

Day yum @rustymcmann


Elwueonquedibuja vanadinita pb5clvo43 @rustymcmann


Vanadinita  ( Pb5Cl(VO4)3 )

Nombrado así por la diosa escandinaba de la belleza “Vanadis”. Está asociado a la ambrosía,  bebida de los dioses  hecha a base del hongo alucinógeno amanita.

“Precious and fragile things
Need special handling”
—–Depeche Mode_____

Do we think i could pull this off @rustymcmann

Do we think I could pull this off?

Spenceromg spork tastefullyoffensive @rustymcmann




Notes from Management [ardentleprechaun]

how hasnt shane been fired yet??

shane u fuckin go buddy

I heart Shane!

Love this guy @rustymcmann

Love this guy

Warriorsofmightandmagic bacchus by @rustymcmann


bacchus by

Bareback that hole sean duran and lukas cipriani @rustymcmann

Bareback That Hole: Sean Duran and Lukas Cipriani

Breed me raw luke harrington and travis saint @rustymcmann

Breed Me Raw: Luke Harrington and Travis Saint

Tkybear 豆絞り 乳首も大きめの豆絞り 感じるんだろう乳首 @rustymcmann





Omg yes please @rustymcmann

OMG yes please!!

For those who like masculine feet in sheer socks @rustymcmann

for those who like masculine feet in sheer socks… here you go!!

Now streaming at kinkvideocom @rustymcmann

now streaming at

Diacruz fuck yasss @rustymcmann


Fuck yasss!

Redneck417 fun with my bros @rustymcmann



Breed me raw tyler reed and damien brooks @rustymcmann

Breed Me Raw: Tyler Reed and Damien Brooks

Hairy raw quadruple trouble with tate @rustymcmann

Hairy & Raw:  quadruple trouble with  Tate Taylor, Rock Hunter, Steve Sommers, and Skott Locke

Bearfilms a 3 way with guy english joe @rustymcmann

BearFilms:  a 3-way with  Guy English, Joe Hardness, and the impossibly sexy  Marc Angelo

Truckee free male foot pics every day at @rustymcmann


Free male foot pics every day at!

Geekkybear surprise its a furry butt @rustymcmann


SURPRISE! It’s a furry butt! 😬

Funkytoons funkytoon 091 ditos populares @rustymcmann


FunkyToon 091 - Ditos Populares

anybody wanna offer an English translation?

Unckut a big brown banana src @rustymcmann




© Rights of Original Photographer Mr. Big Banana.

Dadsboysbears lots of dads boys bears musclebears @rustymcmann

dadsboysbears: Lots of Dads Boys Bears Musclebears Redheads Black Men (all over 18)

Follow me at Dads Boys Bears Reds Blacks.

A few more from parolee violation with lanz adams @rustymcmann

a few more from PAROLEE VIOLATION, with Lanz Adams and yours truly, streaming at 

Lanz adams gettin personal with my cock and balls @rustymcmann

Lanz Adams gettin personal with my cock and balls in PAROLEE VIOLATION from

the fuck of my career

Flasherdudenyc dont try to sneak in late cause @rustymcmann


Don’t try to sneak in late cause dad will wait up

Monstercub new release at @rustymcmann



starring Rusty McMann and Lanz Adams

Hey there buddy,

Many have wondered why Lanz has an ankle monitor. Well, we aren’t going to tell you why, but we are going to show you what he goes through when he deals with his Parole Officer.

Rusty McMann is all business when he stops by Lanz’s house for a random drug test. Lanz is surprised, does the best he can to comply with Rusty’s demands. Lanz has trouble pissing into the cup. Instead his dick starts to get hard and Rusty takes notice. Rusty offers Lanz an ultimatum and tells him he has to be strip searched for contraband. Lanz reluctantly complies and Rusty begins to rough up Lanz and munch on his ass. Lanz takes Rusty’s pink pierced daddy dick into his mouth and sucks his way to freedom. After rimming each other, Rusty gets Lanz up against the wall and starts to pound his ass and tear up his hole. Lanz loves every second of it, and you will too!

-Hunter Scott, The Monster Cub

Venfield8 essence masculine ad 6 desert gold @rustymcmann


Essence Masculine Ad # 6, Desert Gold  2015  V E N F I E L D 8

Butch dixon viktor rom mario dura @rustymcmann

Butch Dixon:   Viktor Rom & Mario Dura

Uk naked men jeffrey parker solo @rustymcmann

UK Naked Men:  Jeffrey Parker solo

Cumming tomorrow on monstercubcom parolee @rustymcmann

cumming tomorrow on  Parolee Violation with Rusty McMann (that’s me!!) and Lanz Gallegos

Bareback biker sex from hairy raw bear steven @rustymcmann

Bareback Biker Sex from Hairy & Raw: Bear Steven and Ricky Rick, Part 1

Bearfilms michael romero and dakotah porter @rustymcmann

BearFilms:   Michael Romero and Dakotah Porter - Ranch

Adorably fuckable or fuckably adorable i dont @rustymcmann

adorably fuckable or fuckably adorable?  I don’t care as long as #bearfilms lets me know when it’s my turn to show him some daddy lovin!!!

BearFilms:  AJ Pup

Now that is a party @rustymcmann

now THAT is a party!!

Lycub fucking want this man @rustymcmann


Fucking want this man.

Mrbiggest but i love you @rustymcmann



Bareback that hole rocco steele and alessio @rustymcmann

Bareback That Hole: Rocco Steele and Alessio Romero

Breed me raw tyler reed and chip young @rustymcmann

Breed Me Raw: Tyler Reed and Chip Young

Red hot latinos daddy dominik king and rodrigo @rustymcmann

Red Hot Latinos: Daddy Dominik King and Rodrigo Costa

French lads latino hunk gael gocova takes his @rustymcmann

FRENCH Lads:  Latino Hunk Gael Gocova Takes His Man

Good clean fun at bear beach in sitges spain @rustymcmann

good clean fun at Bear Beach in Sitges, Spain!

Ausbushguy nice balls @rustymcmann


Nice Balls

Truckee free male foot pics every day at @rustymcmann


Free male foot pics every day at!

Charger1222tumblrcom @rustymcmann



Logan gets a rim job

Monstercubcom tidal wave tag team @rustymcmann   Tidal Wave Tag Team

Stockydudescom evan connors growlr hookup @rustymcmann   Evan & Connor’s Growlr Hookup

I do get fucked every once in a while @rustymcmann

I do get fucked every *once in a while…

Bearfilms joe hardness and marc angelo in toys @rustymcmann

BearFilms:  Joe Hardness and Marc Angelo in “toys for tots”

Achillesheelart this in my face stat @rustymcmann


This. In my face. Stat.

Bearfilms amir badri photos by rene @rustymcmann

BearFilms:   Amir Badri - Photos by Rene

Bearfilms matthieu angel and yes id @rustymcmann

BearFilms:   Matthieu Angel

and YES!!  I’d love to do a scene with him and his hair ass, thanks for asking

Stocky dudes flip fucking friends @rustymcmann

Stocky Dudes: Flip Fucking Friends  

Monster cub fantasy fuck @rustymcmann

Monster Cub:   Fan(tasy) Fuck

Breed me raw luke harrington and shay michaels @rustymcmann

Breed Me Raw: Luke Harrington and Shay Michaels

Bareback that hole alex mason and lukas cipriani @rustymcmann

Bareback That Hole: Alex Mason and Lukas Cipriani

Venfield8 neroli portofino mr ford can you @rustymcmann


Neroli Portofino ( Mr Ford can you hear me?), 2015   V E N F I E L D 8

just… yes!

Httpbiggggggggggggtumblrcom @rustymcmann


I want to lick all of that!

Rawfuck younger dude bent over by muscle hunk @rustymcmann

RawFuck:   Younger Dude Bent Over By Muscle Hunk

French lads two big beefy blokes fuck out a load @rustymcmann

French Lads:  Two Big Beefy Blokes Fuck Out A Load

Bear beach sitges spain @rustymcmann

Bear Beach, Sitges Spain

Stocky dudes angel north and marco cross raw @rustymcmann

Stocky Dudes:   Angel North and Marco Cross - RAW

Stockydudescom craig cruz serviced @rustymcmann   Craig Cruz Serviced

World of men reinaldo miranda and daniel canela @rustymcmann

World of Men: Reinaldo Miranda and Daniel Canela