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Sabrina Dacos @sabrina-dacos

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Hello, I'm Sabrina. I am the model and photographer of all the pictures you see in this blog. Follow me, reblog my work and ask me anything! You can also buy my book here: Keep it like a secret - Sabrina Dacos (@sabrina-dacos)
Bridge over troubled water @sabrina-dacos

Bridge over troubled water

So many amazing uses for aloe vera gel but @sabrina-dacos

So many amazing uses for Aloe Vera Gel   …

but this one is definitely the best! :)

Just me myself and eye @sabrina-dacos

Just me, myself and eye

Out of hibernation @sabrina-dacos

Out of hibernation

Lets roleplay @sabrina-dacos

Let’s roleplay!

Ive sprung a leek @sabrina-dacos

I’ve sprung a leek!

Mr cappadocia check your privilege feminists @sabrina-dacos



Just Feminist Things, pt. 2

We need more of these. Informative text posts are nice but visuals are better.